Diversity rules

Of course. Standards are for White people. You can't expect coloreds to follow the same rules!? That would be so intolerant and racisss!

Diversity is Death

The Brits have the most finely tuned racism on the planet. They can distinguish between colored Muslims and colored Hindus. Of course, they should get more Muslims in the police force. The idea that those Muslims will help cover up crimes in their halaal communities is, of course, racisss!

Bigger problems than a virus

No matter how horrible things get in the West, it's going to be tough to beat this:

Turkmenistan has banned the use of the word 'coronavirus' and threatened to arrest people wearing face masks, a watchdog has said. Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders said anyone talking about the coronavirus is liable to be arrested by plainclothes police in the country.

A Turkmen radio station claims that special agents have been eavesdropping on people in buses and public places to find people talking about the contagion.

Pakistan has serious competition for the title of King of the Trash-can-istans.

Reporters Without Borders provided this bizarre update on April 2:

ERRATUM - A previous version of this article, posted on the RSF site on 31 March, unfortunately was based on an error. Contrary to what we initially reported, the term “coronavirus” was not as such censored in the Turkmen media. We apologize to our readers for this mistake, which was corrected as quickly as possible.

Life in a shithole

The price of stupidity can be very high:

In contrast to many other Muslim countries, Pakistani clerics and government officials have refused to close mosques attended by millions each week, where hugs and handshakes are common. [...]

“We don’t believe in coronavirus, we believe in Allah. Whatever happens, it happens from Allah,” said Altaf Khan, as worshippers wearing masks arrived for Friday prayers in the capital Islamabad.

That's the classic Muslim attitude -- utterly devoid of any personal responsibility. His elders can be dying next month thanks to his reckless behavior and he'll just shrug and say, "Allah willed it."

The curse of low-IQ Muslims

How stupid people can be extremely dangerous for the rest of society:

A group of Ontario imams and Islamic scholars are fighting an uphill battle to convince management at a handful of Toronto-area mosques to completely shutter their doors.


[...] the imam at Makki mosque in Brampton told CBC News that management at his mosque don't care "two cents" about the opinion of Canadian scholars. "They're taking their religious orders from scholars residing in New Delhi, India, not from reputable Canadian Imams," he said. [...]

"I've seen a video message with my own eyes from a cleric in New Delhi which who said that a Muslim is never impure and therefore it is impossible for a Muslim to impart an impurity to another Muslim," he said.

Yeah, only non-Muslims spread viruses. Muslims are totally pure. Just look at Iran.

What were they thinking?

Saudi police arrested a man for mocking religious rites after he had appeared in pictures prostrating to a woman, a police official said. [...]

The suspects are a Saudi man in his 30s and a Yemeni female resident in her 20s as well as another Yemeni woman who took the photos and uploaded them on social media, the official said, according to Saudi news portal Sabq.

These three imbeciles have no excuse. They were born in hell. They should know better to mock the one of the few things that could get them in jail or, worse, killed. Maybe in their follow up video, they could make fun of the Saudi royalty and then finish the trilogy by drawing Muhammad on a live feed.

Those crazy infidels!

Robert Spencer:

Amid all the controversy over where the coronavirus comes from (don’t you dare call it the “Chinese Virus,” a la “Spanish Flu,” that would be racist, and to be racist is worse than the virus itself) and what should be done about it, a Muslim cleric in Syracuse, NY., has found the key; thousands of people are being infected, many are dying, and America is teetering on the edge of economic collapse because American women are showing too much ankle.


"Closed" borders

Traitorous cunts are in charge in Sweden and Canada:

The UK had one of the strangest terrorist attacks a few years ago. These two Muslims were driving in a car. They stopped and stepped out. Then, they started stabbing people with a small knife. The police were on the scene and shot them dead.

In the future, Muslim terrorists who are not mildly retarded will simply have to bring a virus. Just one of them can murder thousands and bring the global economy to its knees. Globalism, open borders, and diversity are bringers of death. The Swedes and the Canadians need to wake up and, at a minimum, vote out their wicked political elite.

Life among the barbarians

The internationally condemned rite of female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced in at least 92 countries, according to a new study released Tuesday by three advocacy groups. Despite a decline in its prevalence in recent decades, there are still millions of girls around the world subjected to the painful and highly dangerous practice. [...]

The U.N. estimates that more than 200 million girls have undergone the ritual in 32 countries during recent decades, based on large-scale national surveys from those countries. The new study examined smaller national studies and indirect estimates to document the practice in an additional 60 countries.

One can't imagine the fear, shock, pain, and suffering of these girls. Some even die from the infections and blood loss.

Known as "female circumcision" in some countries, FGM ranges in severity from the partial or total removal of the clitoris to other harmful procedures such as pricking, piercing, incising and scraping the female genitalia. The ritual is performed as early as infancy to the teen years, often using crude implements such as scissors and without an anesthetic. [...]

Thirty-two mostly African nations have long been known as FGM hot spots. In addition, the study found FGM evidence in 31 Western countries, including the United States, where the ritual is practiced in immigrant communities and in 29 other countries where small-scale national studies and other evidence confirm the existence of the practice.

The West is going to see more of this savagery within its borders.


Shi’ite Iraqi Islamic scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi thought that the Wuhan Virus was divine and a tool by which God was smiting his enemies. He thought he would sit back as all of his beliefs were proven right as the virus swept across the lands of heathens. He thought he’d go untouched.

He thought wrong. [...] Now it’s being reported that Modarresi himself has contracted the virus.

God does have a sense of humor.

Those moderate Malaysians

Wanting to surprise her son on his 14th birthday, she travelled by coach from Singapore to Selangor to see him. When she got there, Ms Noridayu Zainuddin, 40, found her son Imann with a swollen face and running a high fever.

It's not Mr. Corona. It's a different virus:

Ms Noridayu said that when she arrived together with her mother, sister and her other son on Feb 27, the day before her son's birthday, she noticed that there was something wrong with Imann. "He looked very pale and was not his usual cheerful self. There was a large swelling on the left side of his face, and he was so quiet, as though he was afraid to say something." [...]

"The principal said that he did not even notice Imann was sick, and that to him everything was normal. He then quickly changed the topic and tried to evade my questions," she said.

The mother took her son to the hospital as soon as she learned that his Quran teacher had smashed his face with a slipper. 

"The doctor told me that we were lucky to arrive when we did. Any later, and there could have been damage to Imann's eyes and brain," the mother said.

The Wicked

VICTIMS of a warped social experiment in Germany where authorities deliberately placed troubled kids with paedophile foster parents are set to win compensation.

Between 1969 to 2003, these homeless boys aged between six and 14 were handed over to paedos — because it was thought the vulnerable kids might benefit from their attention.

Just like how European girls are benefiting from the attention of imported Muslims.

Vox Day:

Don't be surprised when similar projects in the USA and the UK are revealed. Adding P to the ever-growing sexual rights acronym has always been the end game of the human rights movement.

That's the core of the twisted logic of trans kids and gender surgery.

PAST: Kids are incapable of consent.

PRESENT: Kids have the right to mutilate their genitals.

FUTURE: Kids can decide to engage in sex with any partner.

She has to go back

Sweden already has plenty of traitors. They don't need to import more:

According to Feminist Initiative leader Farida al-Abani, Sweden needs a repetition of the 2015 migrant crisis, when 163,000 asylum seekers entered the Scandinavian country, challenging its welfare system.

Farida al-Abani was born in Libya. She is a political party leader in Sweden. She made a video in which she invites millions of migrants to Sweden. She spoke in Arabic, of course.

The video appears to be a reaction to national-conservative Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson, who recently distributed flyers on the Greek border informing migrants that “Sweden is full” and cannot provide them with money or housing. Al-Abani attempted to disprove this statement by calling the Sweden Democrats, Sweden's largest party, racists.

“Flights cost money and climate, and flyers also cost money and only reach a few. Luckily, I know Arabic and the fact that the web can reach millions. In short, I say 'A racist party spreads lies, don't listen to them, welcome here, we're not full”, al-Abani tweeted in a prelude to her video.

The road to war

The ISLAM party! Why would Belgium even allow this cancer to form?

They have to go back

In late 2019, Skurup Municipality in Sweden's southernmost province of Skåne adopted a ban on religious headwear, triggering a nationwide discussion on the role of Islam in Swedish society. [...]

In the debate, local centre-right Moderate Party politician Loubna Stensåker Göransson, who supports the ban, was pitted against local teacher Naouel Aissaoui, who has chosen to defy the ban. Despite both women being Muslims and immigrants, they turned out to have completely opposite positions regarding the hijab.

The poor Muslim hijabi couldn't handle the criticism and lashed out:

“Well, move away then if it annoys you. Move away from Skurup or from Sweden. That is my country, too,” Aissaoui replied, accusing her opponent of “pure racism”.

No, it's not your country. It's you who has to leave.

Retard Privilege II

I mentioned this story two days ago:

St. Louis resident Alicia Clarke says she feels as if she has been “failed by the system” and is now “not feeling safe,” and she has good reason to feel this way. After she was savagely beaten and stabbed by her neighbor, her attacker walked free. The court considered it decisive that he has an IQ of 49.

In totally unexpected news:

Alicia Clarke’s sister, Andrea Clarke Flatley, wrote on Facebook that the attacker gave his sister a broken nose, and that Alicia Clarke now also has “staples in her head and stitches to the puncture wound under her eye” as a result of the attack. Flatley noted that the attacker, whom she named as Hassan, “is a 15 year old refugee from Somalia who lives with his family. He is 6’ and approx 175lbs, much larger than my sister. He has broken into Alicia’s car 3 different times and broken into another neighbor’s house. The police were involved every single time and reported that nothing could be done since he was a minor. Surely this time would be different, though.”

The prosecutor who just happens to be a Muslim did nothing.

Flatley added: “The prosecutor sympathized with our frustration and explained that because he is a mentally handicapped, juvenile refugee, every safeguard available is to his benefit and to Alicia’s detriment. She went on to tell us, VERBATIM, that even if Alicia had been KILLED, the outcome would be the same and that this case would be dismissed.”

Of course, the MSM is completely ignoring the story. They're too busy writing their next big story about a White MAGA-hat-wearing high school student who gives a disapproving look to a colored Muslim guy while calling him a filthy sandnigger in his mind.

The Kiss of Death

This is one of the major problems of having a dumb but religiously fervent population: Not only is life tough, and often short, for the retards but the non-retards also have to pay the price:

Shocking footage has emerged of Iranians tempting fate by licking the doors and a burial mound at the Fatima Masumeh Shrine in Qom, the epicenter of the Islamic Republic’s COVID-19 outbreak. [...]

Pilgrims routinely kiss and lick religious shrines, including in Qom, which is considered a “place for healing,” according to the UK’s Daily Star.

The Saudis made the correct decision by suspending foreign travel into Mecca and Medina. Whereas, the Iranians can't be bothered to shut down their holy site in a city where hundreds of people are infected!

A Paki in Italy

The EU has porous borders. Imagine the chaos, one Muslim can cause in all of Europe if he was determined to spread the virus. Of course, there's also the baseline havoc caused by low intelligence and recklessness:

A young man of Pakistani origin residing in a municipality of Lomellina, in the Pavia area, tested positive for the Coronavirus and was asked to stay home for two weeks so as not to infect others.

According to Adnkronos, instead the foreigner ignored what should be common sense, and thought it well not to respect the quarantine.

What exactly did he do?

[...] he compounded the risk by making home deliveries of Chinese food.

Free Corona sauce with every order! Prego.

The End of Rape

Clown World gets crazier by the day.

Tonight, hordes of rapefugees approach a young woman in Finland. "This is my NO NO square," she screams as they take turns culturally enriching her. Join us next week for another episode of Clown World!

A Murder in Toronto

Evidence uncovered at the scene of a grisly murder Friday night in Scarborough prompted the Crown to prosecute the crime as a terrorist act.

Sources tell the Toronto Sun a note found under the body of 64-year-old Hang-Kam Annie Chiu — who was bludgeoned to death with a hammer near Sheppard Ave. E. and Markham Rd. — stated the accused, Saad Akhtar, 30, of Toronto, allegedly committed the murder for “terrorist reasons.”

Just another sad "Canadian" with mental issues.

Ban the burqa

A thief wearing a burqa and armed with a spray bottle made off with nearly $1 million worth of necklaces and watches from a Hudson Yards jeweler on Sunday, police sources said.

Yeah, the same thing happened last year in a store in Ontario. It's the perfect mask for ambitious thieves.

The suspect could not be identified because the head covering — typically worn by women in some Muslim cultures — concealed most of the man’s face, police sources said.

Dementia in Persia

The Mullahs are dumber than you can imagine:

The reports that we are receiving from cities around Iran suggest that the number of cases is actually much higher than the Iranian authorities are giving.

Unlike in Italy, Iranian officials are refusing to impose quarantines in areas affected by the outbreak. They say quarantines are old-fashioned and that they do not believe in them.

The Shia shrines in the cities of Qom and Mashhad are still open, despite Qom being a hotbed of the virus.

It's time for airlines to put Iran on the ban list.

Sick Europe

Wait, I thought that Islam is right about women?

A 35-year-old Muslim man in the commune of Cavaillon is facing trial after being accused of domestically abusing his wife and daughters who refused to wear an Islamic veil.

At least, he used a DIVERSITY! of tools:

The mother testified that to police that the 35-year-old had beaten both her and her daughters repeatedly with various weapons including belts, sticks, and electrical cables.

Of course, this enrichment is not limited to France.

A similar case also took place in Sweden in 2018, when a 19-year-old was charged with beating his 14-year-old sister with a baseball bat because she refused to wear the veil.

Another 2018 case in Germany involving the wearing of the Islamic headscarf turned deadly when a bogus Afghan asylum seeker murdered his German girlfriend because she refused to wear the garment and convert to Islam.

The full price of 1947

What I wrote on July 10, 2018:

When the Brits left India in 1947, the giant area was broken up into two separate countries: India and Pakistan. Why? Because the Muslims wanted their own nation! Now, 70 years later, the few Muslims in India have grown in numbers and power to demand ... their own nation!

The Hindus in India made a huge mistake in the late 1940s. They should have told every single Muslim in India: You've got your own country. So, please, fuck off.

Instead, the Muslims were appeased. They have already peeled off Pakistan (today, that would be Pakistan and Bangladesh) and now they want another slice of India. This is what happens when you try to appease evil. You condemn future generations to a bigger and bloodier conflict.

Recently, an Indian politician had the sense and the balls to agree with me:

An Indian minister known for fiery and inflammatory rhetoric has declared that India’s Muslims should have been shipped to Pakistan at the time of partition in 1947, arguing the move would have saved the country a lot of trouble. [...]

“It is the time to commit ourselves to the nation. Before 1947, [Muhammad Ali] Jinnah pushed for an Islamic nation. It was a big lapse by our ancestors that we're paying the price for,” Singh said.


Bending over for diversity

The current state of Netherlands:

The sketch in question depicts a bathing woman from behind, her derriere revealed in all its flesh and glory. It is also a drawing the Amsterdam-based Van Gogh Museum purchased last year at auction for the eye-widening price of $6 million.

Yet apparently even before acquiring the "Bather," part of a series Van Gogh is known to have especially admired, museum staff discussed the issue of whether it could or should be placed on view. Earlier this month, the Van Gogh Museum's new director, Emilie Gordenker, observed on Dutch national TV that while she is pleased the work is now hanging in the museum, she considers it important to address the question of "whether female nudes are appropriate for people of all cultures."

Muslim women walking around shrouded in garbage bags is not enough. Statues and paintings depicting nude women need to be covered as well.

Child rapists welcome

Sweden doesn't think that an immigrant who raped multiple children should be deported:

A 51-year-old Afghan man is sentenced for, among other things, rape against children to two years and five months in prison, but still does not have to be deported, according to Dagens Juridik.

In the UK, White people don't need to know the evil reality of Muslims:

The government is refusing to release official research on the characteristics of grooming gangs, claiming it is not in the “public interest”. [...]

It comes after The Independent revealed that almost 19,000 suspected child sexual exploitation victims were identified by local authorities in just one year, sparking renewed calls for prevention efforts.

The longer this goes on, the more blood, death, and carnage will result.

A Muslim in Michigan

A very special place in Hell is reserved for this piece of shit:

Mustafa is scheduled to be sentenced next week. He plead guilty on January 9, 2020 in Ingham County Circuit Court before Judge James Jamo.

"He had confessed that he had picked the dog up and then slammed it on the ground multiple times which then caused several compound fractures to the right-rear femur of the dog," Kyle Hanney, Lead Animal Control Officer said. [...]

Animal control investigators got involved when Mustafa's girlfriend brought the dog to the humane society in October.

"He was actually brought in by a family member at the time and additionally we were told that a few weeks prior he had also been beaten unconscious," Willson said.

His girlfriend told investigators Mustafa routinely beat Champ.

Here's the hideous response by the authorities:

He was charged with domestic violence shortly after the dog was taken to the humane society, but the Ingham County prosecutor's office dropped those charges. We're working to find out why.

Officers say the deal he cut with prosecutors calls for no jail time if he stays out of trouble.

Mainstream media not interested

How to create a shithole? Exhibit C:

Given the prevalent illiteracy in the country, it is not uncommon for many people in Pakistan to attribute serious diseases to the influences of forces beyond human control. And when 16 children of the same family in Nawabshah, Sindh suddenly became completely handicapped, with their limbs permanently twisted, the family’s elders thought it was a result of witchcraft and black magic.

In Pakistan, they blame witchcraft and magic. When their inbred progeny fail in the West, they'll blame racism and White Privilege.

Life is so short

Human rights don't exist in an Islamic society. Animals have it even worse:

Unknown gunmen shot ‘Asoman’ to death on Friday evening while she was hiking with Sahba Barakzai and her family in Dasht-e-Hawz mountains, an area 20 KM north of Herat city.

‘Asoman’ was the name of a 7-month old female Husky dog owned by Sahba Barakzai a female athlete and owner of a Karate club for girls in Herat city.

Sahba Barakzai truly loved her dog:

“I was googling the internet to understand the life of dogs, I was always thinking that 14 years for a dog life is so short and I did not know that I will lose mine only when she is 7 months old”, she said mourning.

Islam is so right about women

A Swedish court has sentenced an Iraqi asylum seeker to eight years in prison for honour crimes after he beat his daughter with a kebab spit, locked up his wife, and forced his daughters to wear Islamic veils.

The Muslim kept her wife locked up for ten years. Though, he wasn't a total barbarian. She had permission to take out the trash.

The oldest daughter was also forced to pretend to be handicapped in order for the father to collect social assistance, with the father refusing to allow a doctor’s examination to prove the supposed disability.

Physical abuse from the father was also prevalent toward the daughters and their mother, with punches kicks and beatings with a kebab skewer taking place. One beating was so brutal that the wife suffered a miscarriage.

So much culture.

Justice in Islam

A Hindu girl in Pakistan was kidnapped and forced to reject her faith. If that wasn't enough, she was married off to a Muslim twice her age.

On January 16, 2020, Mehak Kumari went missing from her house in Jacobabad, in Pakistan’s Sindh province. Her family says one Ali Raza Solangi kidnapped and converted her to Islam at the Dargah Amroot Sharif in Shikarpur and then married her. Mehak, also known as Nanki Kumari, is 15. Ali Raza, 28, they allege.

That was last month. Now, Islamic clerics in Pakistan are calling for her death:

Radical Islamists and clerics in Pakistan are up in arms against Hindu girl Mehak Kumari for retracting her previous statement in the court where she said that she had accepted Islam of her own free will.

The girl now says that she was forced to accept Islam causing a widespread furore among the Islamic fanatics who now are demanding death penalty for the minor girl for insulting Islam.

Fractured England

Another Muslim who couldn't handle rejection:

A scorned man who pushed a teenager off a fourth floor balcony after she rejected his advances has been found guilty grievous bodily harm.

Yusef Ali, 19, of Corry Drive, Lambeth, stabbed two men before pushing the 18-year-old victim from a luxury Southwark apartment last year when a party descended into chaos.

She landed on the hard floor below and suffered significant injuries including fractures to her neck and lower back.

Obviously, we need common sense building control.

Living under a rock

The chief of police in the Maldives has apologised after a bikini-clad British tourist screamed 'you're sexually assaulting me' as she was manhandled and arrested.

The relevant video from Maldives:

Some info about this lovely place:

Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution. Article 2 of the revised constitution says that the republic "is based on the principles of Islam." Article nine says that "a non-Muslim may not become a citizen"; Article ten says that "no law contrary to any principle of Islam can be applied".

This dumb woman prances around in a bikini in an Islamic country and then screams when the police want to cover up that sinful meat.

This is not that hard: Don't vacation in Islamic societies.

Those moderate Indonesians

An Indonesian woman who doctors say should receive psychiatric treatment was acquitted Wednesday of blasphemy charges for taking a dog into a mosque.

What's so hard about telling the woman to take her dog and leave? Nope, not good enough. The Muslims had to pressure the cops. A conviction would have meant five years in jail. Terrorists with AK-47s who rob banks don't spend that much time in jail in Europe!

Amnesty International said the case was "unfortunate and absurd."

Yup. Unfortunately, this is not unexpected because in Indonesia one can be thrown behind bars for complaining about noise.

In 2018, a court in Sumatra sentenced a woman who complained about the volume of a mosque's loudspeakers to 18 months in prison for blasphemy. She was released on parole in May.

Oh, the loud, blaring, out-of-sync azaan noises from various mosques woke you up at 3:15 a.m. and now you're complaining about it!?! You go to jail.

More cultural enrichment

Just a tiny minority of 3,000 "extremist" suspects.

Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer today said it is not possible to watch every extremist on UK streets because there are too many - as he backed plans to keep terrorists locked up for longer. [...]

He told the Evening Standard that he hoped bystanders would raise the alarm about suspicious conduct and remain vigilant at all times - adding that the threat of terrorism in the UK is 'not diminishing' following a third attack in three months.

Here's a stunning fact regarding Sudesh Amman:

A team of about 20 officers had been following him round the clock since his release from Belmarsh Prison a week earlier.

Later in the article, we get this lovely news:

There are 224 terrorists in prison in Britain, with most thought to be holding Islamist extremist views, according to the latest published figures to the end of September. As many as 50 terrorists could be freed from jail this year, figures suggest.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sadiq Khan's London

"A crazy man" was shot and killed in London:

Armed police have shot dead a suspected terrorist feared to be wearing a suicide vest after at least two people were stabbed during a machete rampage on a busy south London high street - three months after two were killed in London Bridge horror.

Strange that zero identification is provided about the guilty party. We get this amusing bit in the middle of the article:

'I heard two people got stabbed and apparently one man was shouting Allahu Akbar but people thought he was just a crazy man, so he got away. Apparently he had two rucksacks.'

The UK legal system is a cruel joke:

The man shot dead by police after he stabbed two people in London on Sunday left prison only days ago and had previously been noted by police as having a “fascination with dying in the name of terrorism”, it has emerged. [...]

Jailed aged 18 in December 2018, Amman had been released after serving part of his three year and four month sentence, but was deemed sufficiently high risk that he was under special monitoring by police.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people. What's the point of releasing a criminal early, only to then have him be followed by armed officers?