The kinder, gentler slavery

This paragraph was very poignant:

A poignant paradox of Islamic slavery is that the humanity of the various rules and customs that led to the freeing of slaves created a demand for new slaves that could only be supplied by war, forcing people into slavery or trading slaves.

Under Islamic law: 

Keeping Muslims as slaves = VERY BAD.

Keeping non-Muslims as slaves = TOTALLY COOL!

End result: Perpetual war against the non-Muslims. Poignant!

The war continues

The French bus driver who was brutally beaten by five youths has died:

A BUS driver has died after being attacked by passengers who refused to wear face masks. Philippe Monguillot, 59, was declared brain dead after being dragged out of his bus and savagely beaten. [...]

He leaves behind his wife Veronique and three daughters aged 18, 21 and 24. His wife, 52, said on Tuesday she felt like she was “living in a nightmare”.

Yes, you are. Your political elites opened the gates to let in millions of barbarians. The average person pays the ultimate price for their treachery.

No peace, even in death

The Daily Mail: Outrage as Muslim fanatics 'dig up three-day-old girl's body from cemetery and leave it beside a road because she was from a different sect'.

That title was enough for my correct guess: the girl was from an Ahmadi family.

Leaders of a minority Muslim group accused 'fanatics' of digging up a baby girl's body from her grave and dumping it by a roadside. The three-day-old girl was an Ahmadi Muslim and had only been buried for a few hours in a cemetery in Ghatura in the eastern district of Brahmanbaria in Bangladesh before being dug up.

Halaal virtue signaling

The Religion of Peace from Pakistan:

This is what passes for virtue in Islamic countries: showcasing your ruthlessness against the non-Muslims. These savages think that being cruel is cool.

Can you imagine the following in the West today: a mild mannered Christian father calmly records a video in which his kid promises to kill Muslims because of the construction of a mosque in their capital city? Unfortunately, it will come to that because the other side only understands force and power.

Those famous young people

A gang viciously beat up a bus driver in France:

On Sunday evening, July 5, around 7 p.m. in Bayonne, France, a gang of so-called “young people” boarded a bus without a ticket or coronavirus masks. After the driver, a 59-year-old father of three, asked them to vacate the bus, the gang violently punched and kicked him repeatedly, leaving him brain-dead. Several unnamed “youths”, who are known to the police, have been arrested in the assault.

We get an update from the police:

On the French Police Instructors Official Facebook Page the names of the attackers have been released: Mohamed C., Mohammed A., Moussa B. and Sélim Z.

I'm shocked!

Another day, another kidnapping

The terrible life of non-Muslims under Muslim rule:

Another 14-year-old Hindu girl has been abducted in Pakistan. According to an activist, Rahat Austin, working in Pakistan, the alleged abduction took place on 27th June in Saedabad, Hala Mitiari, of Sindh province Pakistan. In a video shared by the activist, the mother of the abducted girl was seen broken down with grief. She kept on saying that “It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country.”

Yes, it is.

Better dead than raycisss

A school trustee in Alberta, Canada wanted to keep a program that puts police officers in schools. She didn't follow the Narrative:

“My mind goes to the number of refugee students that come into our district that are from wartorn countries, that have never known school before arriving here,” Johner said via video conference. “All they’ve known is violence. When those students — sometimes — enter our schools, they can be violent there as well.

“And I feel that the safety of students is critically important, that other students feel safe as they go to their own schools. The officers act as a deterrent, they can respond quickly to de-escalate situations when needed,” she said.

You can guess what happened next.

On Wednesday afternoon, Johner announced her resignation, effective immediately.

That magical mosaic of multiculturalism

Cutting off the clitoris is just a part of their lovely culture:

The amount of women and girls in Germany who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) has increased to 68,000, the families minister announced Thursday. The increase, up 44% from the last estimated total calculated in 2017, was attributed to greater immigration from countries where FGM is more common.

No shit.

Diversity Down Under

The older generations virtue signal and children pay the price:

A Melbourne teenager is still too traumatised to return to school four weeks after she was beaten and had her head stomped on in a 'horrific' attack. The 13-year-old girl's father has spoken out about the May 19 schoolyard attack at St Francis Xavier College's Beaconsfield campus in the city's south-east outskirts, which has left his daughter fearing the teens will come after her again. [...]

'My daughter is too scared to go back to school now and she has been getting threats from the girls that they will go after her again,' he said. 'A lot of her hair was pulled out, she had severe bruising, a concussion and she's just not coping.'


Carabinieri police have staged a series of arrests after a young Pakistani man was stabbed near Milan last year, apparently in revenge for allegedly taking part in the gang rape of a girl.

The girl allegedly plotted the attack at the train station in the town of Novate Milanese on November 12, 2019 with her boyfriend and another friend.

The frequency of such events will increase as more and more naive natives painfully comprehend that the state is not serious about their safety.

Totally Haraam!

The Arizona Republic reported that the Arizona chapter of CAIR “filed a lawsuit Tuesday in U.S. District Court against Scottsdale Community College and one of its professors for teaching material that it says condemns Islam.”

You probably didn’t realize that it was illegal to condemn Islam in the United States. It clearly isn’t illegal to condemn Christianity or Judaism; it happens all the time, and those who do this are celebrated by all the elite classes and glitterati. But condemning Islam, well! That’s another matter altogether. Islamic law (Sharia) forbids criticism of Islam on pain of death, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been working for years at the United Nations to intimidate Western countries into adopting Sharia restrictions on speech in the guise of restrictions on “hate speech.”

CAIR’s lawsuit against SCC is of a piece with that initiative. The lawsuit asks that SCC and Damask “stop teaching the materials in question until they ‘do not have the primary effect of disapproving of Islam.’”

That's rich. They can't accuse Professor Nicholas Damask of teaching falsehoods. So, they go for the next best thing: this guy makes Islam look bad!

The Religion That Must Not Be Named

So, is it time to cancel Islam yet?

Reconquista in Scandinavia

In a recent government survey, only 20 percent of Norwegians said that immigration worked very or quite well. Up to 79 percent of Norwegians argued that the challenges of immigration are due to the inadequate efforts of immigrants themselves.

That's the problem with mass immigration. 40 years ago, Norway's immigrant population was 2%. It's difficult to take over entire towns and cities and enforce your own primitive and barbarian laws with those numbers. Soon, the immigrant population will exceed 20% in Norway. Many of them have no need to learn the language or follow the native customs since they can form their own communities. In fact, they think that it's the horrible, infidel Norwegians who should be embracing the laws of Islam. The least violent option is to send them back.

Merkel's Germany

It's always a good idea to threaten the Germans who are famous for their tolerant, compassionate, and merciful ways:

The Marxloh area has become a hub for Arab clan gangs in recent years. Last month, police faced down a mob of around 200 residents when attempting to arrest a local teen. After using tear gas and calling for reinforcements, it took 36 police to finally detain the youth who had hidden in a residential building.

A few days later the police got an email.

The newspaper published part of the email that read: “Duisburg-Marxloh is our district… We prohibit all unbelievers from entering our district. We will drive away or kill all police officers, journalists, and other unbelievers by force of arms. For us, only radical sharia applies.” “We have 2,000 AK-47 assault rifles from Turkey and Russia with enough ammunition. Allahu Akbar, kill all unbelievers,” the email stated.

This is not going to end well for the Muslims.

The Wife Slayer

He's definitely doing the jobs that Europeans won't do:

When his wife was discovered by the police in an apartment in downtown Dortmund, the officers soon assumed that she had been killed. The husband was arrested on the spot. Now terrifying further information about the suspected perpetrator’s past became known. [...]

In the meantime, it has become known that the Iraqi has apparently already committed another murder. The mother of four was his second wife. He is said to have killed his first wife in the Netherlands. There he was even in prison before he married the second wife.

Crooked average

The traitors in Sweden don't want the normies to see the full reality:

The Swedish government has been accused of removing test scores of foreign-born pupils and those with poor Swedish language skills to artificially boost the country’s PISA educational score.

The revelations claim that Sweden did not follow the rules of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which runs the PISA educational programme and that if they had, the country’s results would have been much lower than reported.

It's the same with crime statistics. If police don't bother with the paperwork, then the illegal activity didn't happen. Ta da! Low crime rates across Europe!

She has to go back

Muslims reading the tweet and nodding: that's a good Muslima!

Muslims looking at the photo in shock: Bud light!?! Totally haraam!

Moderate slavery

An SJW herd would make sure that Whites lose their career for saying nigger but the same mob would gladly welcome millions of Muslims who have no qualms about keeping dirty blacks as slaves in their ancestral homes. It's so surreal.

The Nefarious Narratives

Similar thing with Muslims. They can assault and even murder non-Muslims and the media barely mentions it and then a total hoax story about a pulled burqa (the horror!) gets front page coverage and outrage tweets (WHITE INFIDELS BAD!) from every corner of the world.

Diversity is Death

A teenage girl in Sweden paid the ultimate price:

A jilted ex-boyfriend is accused of decapitating his 17-year-old lover — then wrapping her head in tin foil as a twisted keepsake — because she dumped him, according to a new report.

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz has been charged in the murder of 17-year-old Wilma Andersson, who went missing in Uddevalla, Sweden, last November, the Daily Mail reported.

Useful infidels

Calling a black guy a nigger or a homosexual a faggot is a grave secular sin in the West today. Yet, the very same offended parties completely ignore open slavery and the death penalty for homosexuals in Islamic societies. In fact, for some of them, it's a lucrative gig:

Diversity is Death

This is the Muslim edition of Diversity is Death.

An Afghan murders his French sugar daddy:

The president of a pro-migrant association that delivered assistance to the homeless was found murdered at his home in Bretteville-en-Saire, east of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche), according to Actu.

Retired teacher and former director of Gonneville School, Jean Dussine, 63, was president of Itinérance, a group that helped vulnerable migrants. Dussine was found dead this morning at his home, believed to be beaten with an iron rod as he slept. Migrants, who Dussine was hosting, sounded the alarm when they found the educator’s dead body, according to Ouest France.

Since the brutal murder, a young twenty-year-old Afghan migrant, who Dussine had been housing, has been arrested and placed under local police custody.

Another story about an Afghan migrant but this time in Sweden:

A 20-year-old Afghan migrant is facing prosecution for allegedly raping a Swedish girl under the age of 15 whose family he had lodgings with.

The incident is said to have taken place during the night of April 13th earlier this year and involved the Afghan adult sexually abusing the young girl by performing various sexual acts on her over a period of around two hours.

One of the best ways to learn the glorious benefits of diversity is to have a Syrian refugee as a teacher in school:

According to classmates, a “teacher” with Syrian nationality from the Refugee Teachers Programme grabbed a pupil in the 6th grade by the neck and pressed him against the blackboard. The reason for this is said to have been that the student allegedly did not follow a command.

Surely, the Germans will react with the utmost consideration and mercy in the coming years. After all, they were superb role models in the previous century.

Those tolerant Muslims

Muslims enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization while gleefully starting fires to burn the whole tree down. This is why diversity is death.

Won't you feel sorry for these poor Muslims?

Garbage people shocked at getting garbage food:

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city would be delivering 500,000 free meals to Muslims during the month of Ramadan. [...]

Still, when Rima Begum opened the iftar meal she received from the city, she recoiled in disgust. Oozing from a sealed silver bag was a mush of corn, chicken and potatoes.

"It reminded me of how when I was a kid you would learn about astronaut food," Begum told Middle East Eye. "I wouldn't eat this; I wouldn't give this to my family," she said.

Two questions:

  1. When did it become the responsibility of the government to send food to the enemies of civilization Muslims?
  2. Was Rima really expecting good quality, nutritious food from assholes who made the food pyramid and created the most obese country on Earth?

The Halaal Dominion of Canada

The useful infidels go after a blasphemer:

A "disturbing, Islamphobic tweet" on the city of Brampton's decision to allow mosques to broadcast the call to prayer has prompted the Peel District School Board to remove one of its school council chairs and launch an investigation into comments it says are "never acceptable."

Ravi Hooda doesn't know that it's THE CURRENT YEAR!

"Our noise by-law originally passed in 1984 and only included an exemption for Church bells," Brampton mayor Patrick Brown said in a tweet. "It will now include all faiths within the permitted hours and decibel levels. The Muslim community can proceed with the sunset azan because it's 2020 [and] we treat all faiths equally."

"What's next? Separate lanes for camel & goat riders, allowing slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice, bylaw requiring all women to cover themselves from head to toe in tents to appease the piece fools for votes," replied a user by the name of Ravi Hooda.

Funny, his legitimate questions went unanswered. Anyway, the reaction was swift. He was removed from his local school board and then fired by his real estate company. His sorry grovelling didn't help:

Hooda said he removed his tweet and immediately put out another one apologizing "unconditionally," but that the action hasn't made much difference.

Never apologize!

There will be war

Shocking news from Denmark:

As many as 76 percent of immigrants and descendants from Muslim countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan and Somalia, think it should be illegal to criticize Islam, the study “Freedom of Speech in Denmark” from the Danish Ministry of Justice has found.

The over 800-page thick report was commissioned by former Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen in 2017 and took three years to compile.

For the sake of comparison, merely 18 percent of the Danish population aged 16 to 74 hold the same opinion.

The Danish Immigration Minister states the obvious.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that transplanting people from one culture to another is more difficult than one had imagined, he believes.

Yeah. Learn from your errors. Send the evil clowns back to their shitholes.

Those peaceful Pakis

This Muslim is just exploding with tolerance.

“Beheading is the only punishment for those who mock the Prophet Muhammad,” Ali Muhammad Khan tweeted this week in the Urdu language, UCA News reported Friday.

In his remarks, Mr. Khan was addressing reports that Ahmadis, members of an Islamic revival movement founded in Punjab, had been given representation on a newly established National Minorities Council in Pakistan. Among their beliefs, Ahmadis hold that Muhammad was not the last prophet.

“Separate the head from the body. Separate the head from the body. Allahu Akbar!” Khan wrote.

That last bit reads like lyrics from a Paki rap song.

Separate the head from the body!

Separate the head from the body!

[Video of heads rolling down a hill in a super peaceful manner.]

Allah Akbar!

[Cue bhangra dance.]

[Repeat times 10.]


"Edmonton Men"

A tip from a government of Northwest Territories employee led RCMP to arrest three Edmonton men for drug trafficking after the trio were denied entry into the territory Tuesday, according to police.

Edmonton men?

Police charged Mohammed Hamza Mahmood, 27, Ismail Hassan Farah, 24, and Farah Ahmed Aden, 23, with trafficking and possessing cocaine and cathinone along with obstructing a peace officer.

Ah, yes. Those are some famous Canadian surnames.

Diversity rules

Of course. Standards are for White people. You can't expect coloreds to follow the same rules!? That would be so intolerant and racisss!

Diversity is Death

The Brits have the most finely tuned racism on the planet. They can distinguish between colored Muslims and colored Hindus. Of course, they should get more Muslims in the police force. The idea that those Muslims will help cover up crimes in their halaal communities is, of course, racisss!

Bigger problems than a virus

No matter how horrible things get in the West, it's going to be tough to beat this:

Turkmenistan has banned the use of the word 'coronavirus' and threatened to arrest people wearing face masks, a watchdog has said. Paris-based group Reporters Without Borders said anyone talking about the coronavirus is liable to be arrested by plainclothes police in the country.

A Turkmen radio station claims that special agents have been eavesdropping on people in buses and public places to find people talking about the contagion.

Pakistan has serious competition for the title of King of the Trash-can-istans.

Reporters Without Borders provided this bizarre update on April 2:

ERRATUM - A previous version of this article, posted on the RSF site on 31 March, unfortunately was based on an error. Contrary to what we initially reported, the term “coronavirus” was not as such censored in the Turkmen media. We apologize to our readers for this mistake, which was corrected as quickly as possible.

Life in a shithole

The price of stupidity can be very high:

In contrast to many other Muslim countries, Pakistani clerics and government officials have refused to close mosques attended by millions each week, where hugs and handshakes are common. [...]

“We don’t believe in coronavirus, we believe in Allah. Whatever happens, it happens from Allah,” said Altaf Khan, as worshippers wearing masks arrived for Friday prayers in the capital Islamabad.

That's the classic Muslim attitude -- utterly devoid of any personal responsibility. His elders can be dying next month thanks to his reckless behavior and he'll just shrug and say, "Allah willed it."

The curse of low-IQ Muslims

How stupid people can be extremely dangerous for the rest of society:

A group of Ontario imams and Islamic scholars are fighting an uphill battle to convince management at a handful of Toronto-area mosques to completely shutter their doors.


[...] the imam at Makki mosque in Brampton told CBC News that management at his mosque don't care "two cents" about the opinion of Canadian scholars. "They're taking their religious orders from scholars residing in New Delhi, India, not from reputable Canadian Imams," he said. [...]

"I've seen a video message with my own eyes from a cleric in New Delhi which who said that a Muslim is never impure and therefore it is impossible for a Muslim to impart an impurity to another Muslim," he said.

Yeah, only non-Muslims spread viruses. Muslims are totally pure. Just look at Iran.

What were they thinking?

Saudi police arrested a man for mocking religious rites after he had appeared in pictures prostrating to a woman, a police official said. [...]

The suspects are a Saudi man in his 30s and a Yemeni female resident in her 20s as well as another Yemeni woman who took the photos and uploaded them on social media, the official said, according to Saudi news portal Sabq.

These three imbeciles have no excuse. They were born in hell. They should know better to mock the one of the few things that could get them in jail or, worse, killed. Maybe in their follow up video, they could make fun of the Saudi royalty and then finish the trilogy by drawing Muhammad on a live feed.

Those crazy infidels!

Robert Spencer:

Amid all the controversy over where the coronavirus comes from (don’t you dare call it the “Chinese Virus,” a la “Spanish Flu,” that would be racist, and to be racist is worse than the virus itself) and what should be done about it, a Muslim cleric in Syracuse, NY., has found the key; thousands of people are being infected, many are dying, and America is teetering on the edge of economic collapse because American women are showing too much ankle.


"Closed" borders

Traitorous cunts are in charge in Sweden and Canada:

The UK had one of the strangest terrorist attacks a few years ago. These two Muslims were driving in a car. They stopped and stepped out. Then, they started stabbing people with a small knife. The police were on the scene and shot them dead.

In the future, Muslim terrorists who are not mildly retarded will simply have to bring a virus. Just one of them can murder thousands and bring the global economy to its knees. Globalism, open borders, and diversity are bringers of death. The Swedes and the Canadians need to wake up and, at a minimum, vote out their wicked political elite.

Life among the barbarians

The internationally condemned rite of female genital mutilation (FGM) is practiced in at least 92 countries, according to a new study released Tuesday by three advocacy groups. Despite a decline in its prevalence in recent decades, there are still millions of girls around the world subjected to the painful and highly dangerous practice. [...]

The U.N. estimates that more than 200 million girls have undergone the ritual in 32 countries during recent decades, based on large-scale national surveys from those countries. The new study examined smaller national studies and indirect estimates to document the practice in an additional 60 countries.

One can't imagine the fear, shock, pain, and suffering of these girls. Some even die from the infections and blood loss.

Known as "female circumcision" in some countries, FGM ranges in severity from the partial or total removal of the clitoris to other harmful procedures such as pricking, piercing, incising and scraping the female genitalia. The ritual is performed as early as infancy to the teen years, often using crude implements such as scissors and without an anesthetic. [...]

Thirty-two mostly African nations have long been known as FGM hot spots. In addition, the study found FGM evidence in 31 Western countries, including the United States, where the ritual is practiced in immigrant communities and in 29 other countries where small-scale national studies and other evidence confirm the existence of the practice.

The West is going to see more of this savagery within its borders.


Shi’ite Iraqi Islamic scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi thought that the Wuhan Virus was divine and a tool by which God was smiting his enemies. He thought he would sit back as all of his beliefs were proven right as the virus swept across the lands of heathens. He thought he’d go untouched.

He thought wrong. [...] Now it’s being reported that Modarresi himself has contracted the virus.

God does have a sense of humor.

Those moderate Malaysians

Wanting to surprise her son on his 14th birthday, she travelled by coach from Singapore to Selangor to see him. When she got there, Ms Noridayu Zainuddin, 40, found her son Imann with a swollen face and running a high fever.

It's not Mr. Corona. It's a different virus:

Ms Noridayu said that when she arrived together with her mother, sister and her other son on Feb 27, the day before her son's birthday, she noticed that there was something wrong with Imann. "He looked very pale and was not his usual cheerful self. There was a large swelling on the left side of his face, and he was so quiet, as though he was afraid to say something." [...]

"The principal said that he did not even notice Imann was sick, and that to him everything was normal. He then quickly changed the topic and tried to evade my questions," she said.

The mother took her son to the hospital as soon as she learned that his Quran teacher had smashed his face with a slipper. 

"The doctor told me that we were lucky to arrive when we did. Any later, and there could have been damage to Imann's eyes and brain," the mother said.