Still not getting it

Austria is implementing new anti-terror laws:

Radical mosques will be closed: Changes in the Islamic Law will create a new legal basis for closing radical mosques more quickly and easily. Specifically, in the future, the Office of Cultural Affairs should react much faster – and in particularly serious cases even without being asked to stop – and close mosques.

Austria is trying to make a distinction between the VERY BAD, NO-GOOD RADICAL Islam and the COOL, SUPER PEACEFUL, FLUFFY BUNNIES Islam. Eventually, they'll understand that there's only one Islam.

Stressed zookeepers

Life at the French school where a teacher was murdered:

The newspaper accessed Paty's and the school's emails. Reading them, the life of a middle school on the outskirts of Paris emerges, traumatized by a story that everyone believed would soon be forgotten.

This small story says a lot:

On November 2, two weeks after the attack on Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, this teacher submits a questionnaire to the students. Three questions: "What happened on October 16?", "What did you understand about Macron's speech about Paty?" and "Are there any points you want to raise?".

A full third responds thus: "It is not normal to criticize Islam", "It was better when there was no freedom of expression" and "I see no reason to talk about all this".

Then, at the end of the email lesson, the professor asks (is he serious?): "Reassure me, will you behead me?". A student replies: “Don't worry. Not you…".

How comforting.

Another psycho Muslim

Nobody is safe in the West:

In June, Upper Austrian Instagram users raised the alarm: they discovered a video on which a sadistic animal torturer had a sheep bitten to death by his dog. Later he tortured another sheep – allegedly for the number of hits on Instagram. The culprit is a 24-year-old Syrian from Linz. [...] The Syrian, who is also said to have regularly beaten and tortured his dog, wanted to torture even more animals.

His friend recorded and uploaded multiple torture videos for sweet Internet points. Both are on trial. Unfortunately, the maximum penalty is only two years in prison.

Cowards throw a bone

The UN takes the first step in exporting Islamic blasphemy laws to the rest of the world:

Despite vehement opposition from the European Union and other western nations as well as India, the UN General Assembly on Wednesday adopted a Pakistan-Philippines sponsored resolution on promoting inter-religious and intercultural dialogue that underscored the need for respecting sacred religious symbols.

The entire Western bloc should have voted against it. They merely abstained. One has to be a fool to believe this halaal nonsense about "respect" or "intercultural dialogue". It all comes down to submission to Islam. At the moment, it's just a resolution. Soon, they'll want to impose fines. Then, jail terms. Eventually, beheadings for those who dare to speak up against their barbaric religion.

Not France

Generous Muslims

Pay protection money or we'll take all your stuff:

Memri TV has today posted a video testimony of ISIS terrorist Shifa Ali Bashir Muhammad who has revealed that ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organisation, had given the ‘option’ to the Christians of Mosul to pay Jiziya. When some of them had refused, their property was taken over by ISIS.

More like pay money or die! We get these small details later in the article:

Interestingly, it is pertinent to note here that ISIS had threatened to slaughter Christians of Mosul. Much like Kashmir, which is India’s only Muslim dominated state, ISIS too had given a choice to its Christians citizens – Convert, pay Jiziya or die. This ISIS terrorist has now revealed that the Christians, those who were not slaughtered, had left as they had refused to pay Jiziya.

And so it has been for fourteen hundred years.

Life in Western Europe

Neutral Switzerland is not immune from the persistent threat:

A Swiss woman grabbed a woman by the neck and wounded another in the neck with a serrated knife in a department store in the southern Swiss city of Lugano on Tuesday in what federal prosecutors called a suspected terror attack.

The article doesn't provide any meaningful details about the "Swiss" woman. Instead, we get this from the top Austrian:

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz condemned the attack on twitter. “I fully condemn today’s Islamist terrorist attack in Lugano. My thoughts are with the victims wishing them a full & swift recovery. We stand with Switzerland in these difficult hours. We’ll give a joint response to Islamist terrorism in Europe and defend our values,” Kurz said.

They have to go back

The Hungarian Anti-Terrorism Unit (TEK) isn't afraid:

"After the Vienna terrorist attack, TEK units immediately provided administrative assistance and worked with the police and the military to secure the border. The situation was unclear and it was assumed that there were several attackers, and it had to be ensured that fugitive terrorists could not escape across the border into Hungary," Spöttle said. "Fortunately, the threat in Hungary is not as high as in Austria, Germany or France, because we hardly have any immigrants from Islamic countries here."

How refreshing to see the truth. It's an ugly real-time experiment. Western Europe imports millions of psychotic Muslims whereas Eastern Europe holds the line. Only one side is getting enriched with death and carnage.

How to destroy a country

The Canadian economy has been devastated by the political response to the pandemic. Millions of people have lost their jobs. Shelter, food, electricity -- all of it is becoming more expensive. The Canadian government has decided to throw fuel on this fire by planning to import over a million immigrants in the next three years:

On October 30, Justin Trudeau’s government announced its plan “to support economic recovery through immigration”. The plan would increase immigration between 2021 to 2023 by more than 1.2 million immigrants to “compensate for the shortfall” of immigration due to the pandemic.

What will this accomplish:

  1. The out of control real estate market remains crazy. Banks and flippers are happy.
  2. Rents spike as supply is limited. More residents packed in tiny apartments.
  3. Downward pressure on wages as more cheap labor is available.
  4. Public transportation and traffic get worse.
  5. Cultural enrichment intensifies!

The teachers are learning

Teachers scared in Denmark:

Rotterdam police have arrested an 18-year-old young woman in connection with threats made against a teacher who had a satirical drawing about the Charlie Hebdo killings in France on his classroom notice board.

The teacher reportedly went into hiding after a photo of the drawing was picked up on social media, amid claims by a group of girls at the Emmauscollege that it featured Mohammed rather than a terrorist.

The teenager has been arrested for incitement, police said, because she had placed a message on social media which called on people to ‘commit crimes against the school and teacher’.

Muslims think that the murder of Paty, a French teacher, was justified:

The gesture of remembrance (minute of silence), which according to “Tagesspiegel” (TS) took place at several schools in the capital, was disturbed at the integrated secondary school in Reinickendorf by an eighth-grade Muslim student who stated that Paty had “got what he deserved . He should be executed. He had insulted the Prophet. "In response to the incident, which was promptly brought up in the college staff, four other teachers immediately reported the same thing, according to the headmaster's tenor:"Muslim students said this act was right, just no minute's silence for someone like that."

International terrorism

The rules of Islam will apply to you regardless of where you live:

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the world's leading Sunni Islamic institution, Ahmed El-Tayyeb expressed categorical rejection of the act of insulting Prophet Muhammad and vowed to sue perpetrators at international courts, Al-Azhar said in a statement.

The Grand Clown doesn't mention the exact punishment for this "crime".

Submit or die

The French are learning about Islam the hard way:

Police in France questioned four 10-year-olds who voiced support for the beheading of a schoolteacher and who said they would kill their own teacher if he lampooned Islam’s prophet [...]

On Monday, when French schools held a nationwide minute of silence to honor the slain teacher, Samuel Paty, the children voiced support for his killing last month near Paris, the spokeswoman said in a video statement Friday night.

They “justified the teacher’s assassination by arguing that it was forbidden to offend the prophet and adding that they would kill their teacher if he caricatured the prophet,” she said.

Surely, this is just a super tiny minority of extremists?

A study published on Thursday by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP), highlighted the increasing divide between the French general population and Muslims living in France.

The study’s most astonishing finding is that the majority of Muslims under the age of 25 (57 percent) believe Islamic law to be more important than French law in France – an increase of 10 percent since 2016.


The Vienna gunman Kujtim Fejzulai duped officials in a 2019 trial by saying he had been led astray by the 'wrong mosque' and had renounced his ISIS ideals.

Fejzulai, 20, was jailed in April 2019 because he wanted to travel to Syria to join ISIS but he was granted early release in December under juvenile law.

He was not deemed capable of carrying out an attack, according to a report.

A Muslim who planned to pick up weapons and slaughter innocent people did something truly shocking. He lied!

Despite facing between one and ten years imprisonment for membership in a criminal organisation and a terrorist organisation, he was given a reduced sentence of 22 months was granted early release from prison in December.

Belgium had a very similar case. A Muslim gets an AK-47, robs a currency exchange counter, gets into a gun fight, shoots an officer, and goes to jail, and then GETS RELEASED EARLY! He goes on to plan and bomb an airport terminal. It's the most lethal terrorist attack in Belgium since the Second World War.

Again, this is the most puzzling aspect:

Police thought he was not capable of planning an attack in Vienna, Klenk added.

This guy travelled and attempted to enter Syria to join ISIS. He wasn't a keyboard warrior. He took concrete steps. Yet, even after all that evidence and initiative, the police thought it was perfectly fine to release him eight years early from jail. Now, four people are dead.

Religion of Peace intensifies

Muslims got through the Gates of Vienna:

Gunmen opened fire on people enjoying a last evening out in Vienna before a coronavirus lockdown Monday in a terror attack that left at least two dead — including one of the attackers — and 15 wounded, authorities said.

"We are victims of a despicable terror attack in the federal capital that is still ongoing," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said hours after the gunfire erupted.

"One of the perpetrators was neutralized, but several perpetrators appear to still be on the loose," he said. "They seem to also, as far as we know, be very well equipped with automatic weapons. So they were very well prepared. It's definitely a terror attack."

Won't you feel sorry for all those Muslims who'll get dirty looks tomorrow?

Bad Feelings Matter

Peoples of the West should start trusting their instincts:

A security guard at the Manchester Arena said he had a “bad feeling” about suicide bomber Salman Abedi but did not approach the Islamic terrorist because he was afraid of being branded a racist if his suspicions were wrong.

Kyle Lawler, who was 18-years-old at the time of the Manchester Arena bombing, told police that he noticed Abedi was “fidgety and sweating” prior to the attack which killed 22 people and injured more than 800 others in May 2017.

Nobody called him a racist. That's what truly matters.

Even the police and the media, when reporting on Islamic terrorism, hesitate to call it what it is for fear of appearing racist.

It was only in July that The Times reported that Police in the UK may stop using the words “Islamic terrorism” and “jihadis” when discussing terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims who claim Islam as their motivation.

The move was proposed in order to prevent the public from forming a negative view of the Islamic religion. The reform was requested by a Muslim Police organisation that argued the official use of the terms are responsible for negative perceptions and stereotypes which perpetuated discrimination and Islamophobia.

Event: A Muslim slaughters dozens of infidels.

Reaction: Won't you feel sorry for the poor Muslims?

Hate is Good

Ah yes, that famous Scotsman, Mr. Humza Yousaf:

MSPs questioned Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf over the controversial legislation during an evidence session before the Holyrood Justice Committee for the first time today. The new proposed legislation will introduce a stirring-up of hate offence on characteristics including disability, sexual orientation and age. [...]

This latest admission from the justice secretary confirms what so many respondents to the consultation have warned – that as drafted, this Bill means free speech could be criminalised within the home with friends you’ve invited over for a dinner party, and that Mr Yousaf is perfectly comfortable with that.

Of course. Won't take long before this "stirring-up of hate offence" will be used against those who disagree with the mass importation of Muslims and other immigrants. Eventually, those who voice opposition to this law in their homes will be guilty of hate offence.

For a few euros

Do they follow the Religion That Must Not Be Named?

Two students were paid to identify a teacher to the man who beheaded him last Friday in an attack that shocked France, prosecutors have alleged. [...]

The students, aged 14 and 15, are alleged to have described Mr Paty, 47, to Anzorov and stayed with him for more than two hours outside the school until the teacher appeared, Mr Ricard said.

The pair, who cannot be named for legal reasons, are two of seven people the French authorities are seeking to prosecute over the brutal attack.

Another peaceful stabbing

A 20-year-old Syrian who stabbed one person to death and wounded another in Dresden was likely motivated by Islamic extremism, German prosecutors said on Wednesday.

The German police knew about this guy and let him roam free:

According to the Bild newspaper, that evidence was DNA traces found on the attack weapon, which police discovered not far from the scene of the October 4 crime. The paper said the suspect's DNA was already recorded in police databases and cited a prosecutor as saying that the man already had a police record.

The authorities said the suspect had an extensive criminal record, including charges of soliciting support for a foreign terrorist organization, and charges of bodily injury, and making threats.

Dirty crime

The magic dirt in Sweden is not so magical:

Mahmoud Addas, a newcomer from Syria who has made a career in the Center Party, has reacted to the Muslim terrorist execution of a teacher in France. But it is not just about the beheading but also the "dirty crime" of criticizing Islam, which is not claimed to be freedom of speech. The Center Party member, who sits on the district board for Jämtland, writes in both Swedish and Arabic - but the message is different. In Arabic, the politician also writes that the crime "deserves punishment".

Sadly, plenty of traitorous Swedes will go along with this.

The Murder of Samuel Paty

It's true that a tiny minority of Muslims commit lethal terrorist attacks. It's also true that a majority of Muslims support these murders when they feel that their gutter religion has been disrespected:

The father of a student and the head of an Islamist pro-Hamas group urged the killing of a French teacher who was beheaded for showing pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, France’s interior minister said Monday, adding that police had carried out dozens of raids in connection with the attack.

More details are coming out about the lead up to the murder:

French teacher Samuel Paty, who was brutally murdered near Paris on Friday, had his private details exposed on social media last week, after a parent complained he’d shown “naked man” cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in class.

The police in France has been busy over the past week:

Four school students are among 15 people who have been taken into custody in France following the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty, who showed controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to his pupils.

The other detainees include four family members of the killer, a father at the school and a known Islamist radical.

Packed with benefits!

When you go to the khalwas, your life is khallas:

A BBC News Arabic investigation has uncovered systemic child abuse inside Islamic schools in Sudan. There are nearly 30 000 Islamic schools, known as “khalwas” across Sudan.

The investigation, “The Schools that Chain Boys”, has found that boys as young as five-years-old are routinely chained, shackled and beaten by the “sheikhs”, or religious men in charge of the schools. The investigation also found evidence of sexual abuse.

The following reads like a Monty Python sketch:

When the BBC confronted the sheikh in charge of the boys’ khalwa he admitted that it was wrong to imprison the children but maintained that beating and shackling were “packed with benefits” and that “most khalwas use chaining, not just me.”

Muslims all over the world are going to make their voices heard over this horrible injustice that sullies the name of their super peaceful religion.

Just wait ... any minute now ...

Marching towards war

Show trials didn't end with the Soviets:

Multiple European Union states are breaking with post-war liberal conventions and openly imprisoning prominent political opponents and intellectuals for ideological crimes.

The ideas and words which go against the political elite are "violent".

Nikos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn’s General Secretary, was given 13 years for a RICO-style charge that alleged his patriotic Greek party, which until recently was the third most popular in the country, is a criminal organization.

Michaloliakos was not tied to any specific crime, but prosecutors used editions of his group’s magazine featuring articles about Germany during World War II from the 1980s and 90s to argue that their political ideas were a form of violence in and of themselves.

When the average person isn't even allowed to vote for the alternative to the current globalist politicians, then true violence is the only available option at the end.

Submit or die, infidels!

Their playbook has been the same for hundreds of years.

The following is going to happen all over Europe:

  • A Muslim kills a dog in a brutal fashion. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, dogs are considered dirty in Islam. You infidels should simply stop keeping dogs as pets. Otherwise, you're just provoking us to take these horrible actions. 
  • A Muslim beats up a guy who was transporting alcoholic beverages. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, alcohol is totally haraam in our religion. You infidels should simply stop consuming alcohol. Otherwise, we'll just have to crack a few skulls.
  • A Muslim beats up a non-Muslim woman in public. "Moderate" Muslim reaction: Hey, that woman was dressed up like a FILTHY WHORE. You could see her ankles! You infidel bitches should simply cover yourselves from head to toe. Otherwise, we'll continue to teach you a few lessons.

The West will have to learn again that the problem isn't the cartoons, dogs, alcohol or women not clad in garbage bags. The problem is their ignorance in thinking that Muslims won't try to turn their country into another halaal shithole.

The least violent option: send them back.

Halaal virtue signaling

Abdus Salam, the man on the poster, won a Nobel prize in physics. He died in the previous century. Still, even today, he must be punished for his crime -- he belonged to an Islamic sect that's considered problematic. Basically, he's a non-Muslim.

So, we get a collection of retarded pakis who spray paint his face and record the whole event. So brave.

Improved? They're incapable of improving. All they can do is burn down civilization. That way they don't feel so small and inferior. They can't even dream of building skyscrapers or manufacturing airplanes but they'll cheer when Muslims smash the two together.

A most valuable lesson

Just another day in multicultural France:

A teenager shouting Allahu Akbar has been shot dead by French police near Paris after allegedly beheading a school teacher with a knife in the street. [...]

A source told Le Parisien: ‘The victim had recently given a lesson to his students on freedom of expression and had shown the caricatures of Muhammad’. The murdered teacher was later identified as Samuel P.

Samuel should have paid more attention to history.

Three media-approved lessons from this event:

  1. Think of all the poor Muslims in France who'll get bad looks from the natives.
  2. France is in dire need of knife control.
  3. Speech is violence!

New depths of depravity

So many layers of brutal savagery in one story from, of course, Pakistan:

In a suspected case of honour killing, a nine-year-old boy shot dead his aunt after being told by his family to commit the crime in a village in Pakistan’s Punjab province, police said on Wednesday. The incident took place on Tuesday in Chak 104-SB village in Sargodha, some 200 km from Lahore. According to police, the boy was trained by his family to operate the weapon to kill his paternal aunt. The 30-year-old victim had married a man of her choice some 10 years ago against the will of her family. However, the family had later reconciled with the woman, they said.

These barbarians sacrificed a poor woman on the altar of honor. They shattered the life of a naive boy. This evil mindset doesn't vanish with geographical relocation. Soon, such atrocities will rise in numbers in the West.

Stealth Sharia

This sort of thing is likely happening in almost every European nation:

On Wednesday, October 8, Denmark summoned Tehran's ambassador to Copenhagen, Afsaneh Nadipour, over reports that the Iranian Embassy had allegedly contacted Iranian women living in the Scandinavian country and pressured them to accept divorce terms drawn up by local clergies and Mosque Imams.

The summons follows recent reports in Danish media about Muslim women being forced to accept divorce deals made by imams in Denmark. A contract made by one imam said that a woman, among other things, had to admit that if she remarried, she would lose the custody of her children, Associated Press reported.

Child rapists welcome

We'll see more and more stories about such Muslims in Western police forces:

A trial relating to the alleged non-recent sexual exploitation of children in Halifax has been delayed by a year. Amjad Hussain, also known as Amjad Ditta, is among 16 men charged in relation to the alleged abuse of three teenage girls in Halifax between 2006 and 2009.

The charges include rape, supplying drugs, trafficking, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and making threats to kill.

Also, I wonder how many Muslims were shielded from charges because this halaal cop ignored or buried the stories of domestic abuse and other crimes in Islamic neighborhoods for the sake of honor and a little baksheesh ...

Proud Muslims

The West is importing millions of Muslims who "think" like this:

Pakistani farmer Arshad Mehmood has been filled with pride since his son stabbed two people outside the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week, in the latest attack to expose the violent consequences of blasphemy allegations.

Zaheer Hassan Mehmood, who was born in Pakistan, has confessed to the attack, saying he was motivated by the magazine's recent republication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, which are proscribed in Islam.

"In my opinion, what he did was very good," Arshad told AFP.

Arshad Mehmood's family encouraged him and offered prayers before the attack.

[...] back in his rural village of Kothli Qazi in Punjab province, his family and neighbours are heralding him as a defender of the Islamic faith.

"The person who kills those who disrespect the prophet goes to heaven, and his whole family goes to heaven," Arshad said. "Because of this, I feel very good that my son did such a good deed."

The assailant's mother Rukhsana Begum added that her son had told the family about the attacks in advance, and had asked for their prayers.

Talk is cheap

Let's see how serious the Danes are about saving their nation:

As previous surveys have indicated, nearly four out of ten Danish Muslims would like to have the country’s laws at least partly based on Sharia law, and over 10 percent even said Denmark’s laws should be solely based on Sharia. [...]

[Prime Minister] Frederiksen issued a stern condemnation, stressing that Sharia “doesn’t belong in Denmark”.

“It is wrong. It is oppressive of women. It is not Danish. And it must never, ever become Danish”, Frederiksen wrote in a Facebook post.

Furthermore, Frederiksen pledged that the government will do “everything in its power to stop this”.

Okay, then. Tell the Muslims to go back and/or don't let immigrants and their progeny the right to vote for the next hundred years.


Just a few Muslims who totally forgot about the super peaceful nature of Islam.

French police arrested 29 people around the country on Tuesday in a vast operation to break a complex scheme financing Islamist extremists in Syria through the use of cryptocurrencies.

A statement from the anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office said search warrants are out for the two main figures in the scheme, French jihadis who have likely been in northwest Syria since 2013 and are suspected of creating “the architecture of this network of terrorism financing.”

Big hurt in stomach

I'm shocked to find out that Muslims don't give a fuck about the law in Denmark:

Remarry? Lose your kids. Move further than 130km? Lose your kids. These are just some of the requirements and limitations in place if a woman decides she wishes to get a divorce through the well-known imam Abu Bashar. [...]

Odense’s mayor, Peter Rahbæk Juel, was naturally shocked and distressed by the news. “It is psychological violence, carried out by means of Sharia Law. It’s unacceptable, and it hurts my stomach to read these things,” he said.

Oh, there will be a lot more stress in the future as Muslims will be assaulting Danes over pork, alcohol, and short skirts.

Diversity is Death

A French woman is introduced to the Religion of Peace:

In an interview with France Bleu Alsace radio, Elisabeth said she was walking home when one of the three men said: "Look at that whore in a skirt."

Two of the three men then held her while the third hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye, she told the station. The men then fled.

They could have broken her jaw or worse.

In a case in Germany, it was much worse:

Police in Marktredwitz in the east of Germany arrested a 17-year-old Iraqi male suspected of a violent attack the 92-year-old female pensioner who has succumbed to her injuries. As announced by the public prosecutor, the young man is in custody on suspicion of manslaughter, according to German police.

Deleting pesky girls

Iran goes in the opposite direction of the SJWs in the West:

A new version of the third-grade math textbook no longer features images of girls in school uniforms on the cover. Meanwhile, the schoolboys' image has been kept untouched on the cover of the newly-published textbook for the new Iranian academic year.

The previous version of the boom for the eight to nine-year-old students showed images of three boys playing along with two girls under a tree.

Education in Pakistan

If you can't memorize hundreds of pages of a foreign language, then it's culturally acceptable for you to be brutally assaulted:

The teacher, identified as Abdul Ghani, had given the victim a section of the Holy Quran to learn.

When the student didn’t do so, he beat him up with a rod and punched and kicked him. According to witnesses, the student kept screaming for help and asked Ghani to stop but he continued torturing him.

The parents don't care and the police won't help.

“We will only be able to take action if the boy’s family registers a complaint,” a police officer explained.

Another day in Germany

A volatile combination of evil and stupidity:

The young 19-year-old native, Ralf P. was lucky. An emergency operation saved his life. A complete stranger pushed a kitchen knife into his back in the streetcar without any previous argument. The perpetrator was a Pakistani known to the police. [...]

Regarding his motive, the Pakistani said that he wanted to injure or kill a randomly selected person in order to secure his continued stay in Germany. Then he would not be deported.

Stop bringing them

According to a video from the incident, "Laila" shouted, among other things, that the police were "dogs" and "pigs" and that they had "conspired" with the people who violated the Koran.

If you do not want Islam, why did you bring us here, you stray dogs? she also shouted, according to Samhällsnytt.

If you love Islam, then why did you leave your halaal shithole? Anyway, Swedes are learning the hard way that the nationalists among them were right all along.