Diversity implodes

It's Paki pandemonium!

A 'barbaric' street brawl between 'two feuding families' erupted after a week of bad blood sparked by a 'wedding argument'.

Savage punches were thrown and an elderly man put a youngster in a headlock in shocking footage from the daytime incident in Aston, Birmingham.

But fresh footage now shows young thugs were also armed with hammers, huge metal poles and baseball bats as they joined the 30-man melee on Prestbury Road at 5.30pm on Thursday.

Claw hammers, metal poles, batons, baseball bats -- seriously, where are the cricket bats!?

Rapefugee detonates

A Sudanese man murdered a White woman in England:

An asylum seeker who savagely murdered a 21-year-old woman in an 'explosive rage' after she refused to have sex with him has been jailed for life.

Karar Ali Karar stabbed Jodi Miller with a kitchen knife 15 times to the head and body after she rejected his repeated sexual advances at a flat in Leeds.

The 29-year-old Sudanese national carried out the drug-fuelled attack in front of a 15-year-old schoolboy and two other men on February 26.

Of course, this story won't get widespread coverage in the media.

Makes no sense

Babylon Bee:

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar reported Thursday they were bewildered that they got banned from Israel, a country they seem to believe shouldn't exist at all. [...]

Tlaib agreed, saying she wanted to ask Jews about the Holocaust so she could relax and get a "calming feeling" while she was there.

"It just doesn't make much sense for this country that shouldn't even exist to ban us," she said. "What have we ever said against them, besides suggesting they are terrorists who deserve to be pushed into the sea?"

That peaceful Jihad again

Obviously, Australia needs some common sense knife control:

A blood-soaked man screaming 'Allahu Akbar' has gone on a rampage with a butcher's knife through central Sydney - allegedly killing a 21-year-old woman inside a unit and stabbing another in the back at a nearby pub.

The dead woman was found inside a King Street apartment, allegedly with her throat slit, after the knifeman was subdued by heroic bystanders about 2pm using chairs and a milk crate in Wynyard Street after he attempted to stab multiple people. [...]

They do not believe the incident is terror-related, and said the alleged attacker did not have links to any terrorist organisations - despite witnesses reporting the attacker was muttering religious slogans including 'Allahu Akbar'. NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said however they found information on the man including a USB stick 'suggesting he had some ideologies related to terrorism'.

A preview of the future

The political elite can call up military men with machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition to protect their precious asses. But, you, dear peasant, can't even buy a handgun. Cultural enrichment awaits:

Can you feel the peace?

Issa Mohammed, a Jordanian claiming to be a Syrian, chops up a German with a Japanese sword. Such are the marvels of diversity!

A Jordanian asylum seeker who claimed to be Syrian hacked his former roommate to death in the street with a samurai sword, police say.

Issa Mohammed, 28, feared the victim named in German media as Wilhelm L., 36, had exposed him as a fake to the German authorities.

The former McDonald's worker was arrested after the horrific incident which took place on a residential road in Stuttgart, Germany.

At least, now, nobody else will try to expose him as a fake refugee.

The Burqa Burglars

The welfare payments weren't enough:

This is the extraordinary moment two women in full Muslim dress unpacked up to 20 items they allegedly tried to steal from an Asda and stuffed inside their robes.

The incident is believed to have happened at a supermarket in Dagenham, east London and was shared by thousands of people online today.

This comment was certainly predictable: No true Muslim would do that!

Trouble Down Under

This (844,800) is an insane level of immigration for a tiny population. In relative terms, this would be like if India took in 45 million immigrants in a year!

Australia's immigration rate has surged to a new record high with more than 115,000 permanent arrivals in just one month.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released new immigration figures on Thursday, hours after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called an election for May 18.

The overseas arrivals data showed 115,100 new people declared Australia as their new home in February, as annual immigration soared by a record 844,800.

Life in the modern city of the West: Cheap labor, lower wages, higher rents, traffic jams, spikes in theft, a few dead bodies now and then, and increasing hostility -- all thanks to this cultural enrichment that the young generation will have to reverse.

He has to go back

The rights of the victims are not considered:

A 30-year-old Somali asylum seeker who has racked up 18 convictions including drugs, firearms and theft offences could face deportation - but lawyers argue this is against his human rights.

The asylum seeker, identified only as MS, faces the threat of deportation after two previous judgements allowing him to stay in Britain were overturned by the Court of Appeal.

First mistake: Letting him in the country.

Second mistake: Not deporting him after his first criminal offense.

Not of "national importance"

Nothing to see here:

After receiving many questions on why Deutschlandfunk has not reported on the barbaric sword murder of a Kazakh father (36) in Stuttgart by a man originally believed to be a Syrian but might actually be Jordanian Palestinian (28) according to the tabloid Bild.

The state sponsored broadcaster released the following statement claiming the attack was not of national importance or societal significance unlike the case of a mother and her 8-year-old son being pushed in front of a train by an Eritrean in the same week in Frankfurt.

Rapefugees Welcome

A 21-year-old man from Afghanistan who needs an interpreter in Persian is now sentenced to two years and a two-month prison sentence since he raped a 13-year-old girl at Björkestas School in Nykvarn in May.

It gets worse:

They have concluded that there were no special reasons for expulsion on the grounds that he has lived in Sweden for five years and that he has a permanent residence permit, says prosecutor Emma Olsson to SVT Södertälje.

He'll likely be out in one year to rape young girls in Sweden again.

The bleeding edge of diversity

All thanks to Madam Merkel:

A Syrian migrant brutally killed a man with a sword during a broad daylight attack in Stuttgart, Germany.

The horrific incident was seen by numerous witnesses and began after the 28-year-old Syrian got into a heated argument with his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate.

A video of the incident shows the perpetrator ruthlessly plunging the sword into the victim as he lay on the ground. According to reports, the victim had his arm completely hacked off.

War is Coming

An African man pushed a German mother and her child in front of a high speed train. The mother survived but helplessly watched her eight-year-old son get murdered.

Vox Day:

I won't blame the Germans in the slightest when they start attacking both their own traitorous politicians as well as the migrants welcomed by them. And that's definitely "when", not "if". Nor will I fault that mother if she goes after every single CDU politician with a woodchipper. Their idiotic virtue-signaling has led directly to unthinkable horrors for the German nation.

Just looking at the history of the last one hundred years should be enough to convince any sane person that fucking with the Germans is a Very Bad Idea. Since most people are idiots, the whole world will relearn this lesson the hard way.

Diversity is Death Lottery

History is not going to be kind to the collection of clowns who approved this:

A man charged with joining the Islamic State (ISIS) as a sniper and firearms instructor originally came to the United States through the “Diversity Visa Lottery,” a program responsible for bringing more than half a million randomly chosen foreign nationals to the country in a single decade.

Vicious Brutality

The Internet is allowing the world to see the horrors of Muslims:

Social media users in Morocco expressed fury after a video emerged of a woman with large bruises on her body who described being beaten by her husband.

The woman's eyes appeared heavily swollen and she had deep purple bruises on her thigh and torso, as seen in a video posted on Facebook on July 7. It has since been viewed nearly 850,000 times.

The woman said her husband attacked her after she questioned his late return home. "I asked him, 'Why are you coming home late?' He answered, 'Why does it matter to you?' And he beat me," she explained in the video, filmed by a passer-by.

What was the response from the authorities?

The woman said she went to the police but was rebuffed. "They didn't even let me in," she said. "My husband also took the children from me."

No love for dogs

Who could have possibly predicted this?

An Ottawa off-leash dog park was found to have broken pieces of glass scattered near paths along the Rideau River.

Dog walkers fear someone is deliberately trying to harm dogs and their owners.

“Nobody thinks this is an accident,” said Dana McPhail. “There was 50, 60 people here yesterday everybody was upset and everybody was saying somebody doesn't want this dog park here; somebody wants to hurt dogs.”

Is there any place where I can bet on the, er, characteristics of the guilty party?

Rapefugees recognized

The price for Merkel's madness:

While police and other authorities have been hesitant to blame migrants for pool sex assaults, one German feminist magazine has published an article admitting most assaults are carried out by them.

No worries. We all know Germans are very efficient when dealing with minorities.

“Women are massively harassed by migrants. Swimming champions are abused. In addition, there is a high degree of violence and the lack of any respect! An outdoor swimming pool should be a place of recreation and not a place of horror!” president of the Federal Association of German Swimming Champions Peter Harzheim told the magazine. [...]

According to the police of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the majority of sex attacks in outdoor pools are said to occur, most perpetrators are “young men of North African, Arab, and Turkish origin”.

Death and taxes

A federal labour board has upheld the 2015 firing of a Canada Revenue Agency employee who worked next to the Calgary airport and wrote frequent Twitter and Facebook posts that “appeared to glorify the Boston Marathon terror bombing, celebrate the deaths of NATO military personnel, and cheer the downing of aircraft.”

It's nice of the Canadian government to care about the feelings of this monster.

The ruling, handed down May 16 but published online Friday, took the unusual step of anonymizing the man’s name after adjudicator Bryan Gray determined the former employee, who practices Islam and immigrated from Afghanistan in 1999, had already experienced racism in his day-to-day life.

Maybe, sane people have legitimate reasons for disliking halaal assholes?

A Very Special Darwin Award

Before President Trump’s tweetstorm in which he encouraged Omar to go back and fix her own country, Somali-Canadian journalist Hodan Nalayeh was trying to do precisely that.

Nalayeh returned to the country of her birth to tell “uplifting” stories about Somalia, according to the Washington Post.

Hodan Nalayeh tweeted about the beauty of Somalia:

What is the cost of lies? Very high:

During a video tour on her YouTube channel of the town of Kismayo, Nalayeh said she was hopeful the area could be rebuilt and revived, “Because this place is beautiful!”

On Friday last week, Nalayeh was killed in that very same town when al-Shabab militants stormed the Asasey Hotel in Kismayo.

Oh, you must have a heart of stone to not laugh at that!

Not at all British

We can't have Muslim bitches getting out of control:

Nyla Khan, a 30-year-old British woman who was born and raised in Scotland, has recently revealed how about 13 years ago she was forced to marry her cousin in Pakistan because her family thought she was getting "out of control".

During an interview with BBC Scotland, Nyla revealed that even though she knew from a young age that she was “promised” to marry her cousin, back then she felt stunned when her family went through with that scheme as they were “paranoid” about her possibly becoming "too Western".

Instead of talking to her, the family used marriage as punishment. Remember that under Islamic law, husbands are fully allowed to beat "disobedient" wives.

Injustice by design

The wickedness of the Islamic mindset is clear from this news story:

According to statistics obtained by Express News from across Punjab, 234 cases of honor killing were reported in the province of which six were withdrawn. As many as 400 out of 439 suspects involved in the 228 cases were arrested, but only 2% of the accused were convicted. A police source said that the main reason for this abysmally low rate of conviction is that the aggrieved party tends to reconcile with the suspects and the matter never ends up in court.

This is completely alien to the meaning of justice in a Western society as the government prosecutes murderers. However, in the Islamic world, one can slaughter a woman and then simply pay off the relatives for "forgiveness".

Once there is reconciliation, the complainants do not testify against the accused and, therefore, getting a conviction becomes difficult, if not impossible. He said that in cases of honor killing, the ratio of arrests is more than 90%, but the option to reconcile means that the culprits go largely unpunished.

What does it say about the values of Muslims when 49 out of 50 murderers get zero punishment? What does it say about the Western political elite who've opened the gates for these creatures? What does it say about a billion Muslims who're silent about these events?

Vile. Traitorous. Evil.

The Religion That Must Not Be Named

[...] her boyfriend was out walking the dog, named Leah, on Tuesday afternoon when he was robbed by the man.

“Leah yapped and he kicked her in the head so hard that she flew into the air. Then he went after her and kicked her again”, says the heart broken dog owner Rubi.

The dog later died of its injuries – a broken neck and a skull fracture, in an animal clinic. A taxi driver had then refused to let the dying animal into his car.

The monsters go after the innocents.

The robber is described as an approximately 180 cm tall, dark-skinned man with short hair and a beard.

Those colored youths

Lifeguards across Switzerland are routinely threatened and abused by migrant-background youths, according to the president of the country’s lifeguard association. [...]

“Unfortunately we find that those bathers who are out of favour with women are often young people and men with a migrant background. They are not used to women giving instructions,” he added.

Vice-president of the Swiss Badmeister Association Sibylle Rykart added that she had been the victim of attacks including threats and had been spat on. “It did not exist before. This disrespect is a sign of the times,” she noted.

Spat on today, sex-slave tomorrow.

Those stupid Jews!

Muslims assault Jews:

A newly-published report from a leading Norwegian university on antisemitic violence in Europe has concluded that in six of the seven countries it surveyed, “individuals with backgrounds from Muslim countries stand out among perpetrators of antisemitic violence in Western Europe.”

Of course. Jew-hatred is at the core of Islam. Numerous Islamic countries don't even allow Israelis to enter their borders. The Jews who supported the importation of millions of Muslims into Europe are the dumbest people on the planet. They opened the gates to their own butchers.

Again, this shows how immigration is deadly for a nation. The Jews clamor for open borders in the false belief that multiculturalism and diversity will be beneficial for them. If they had read a few pages of history, then they would realize just how moronic that is. The continued assaults on them by the "New Europeans" prove that they're utter idiots. It also shows the natives that the Jews -- the earlier immigrants -- are not good for their country.

They have to go back

Rape threats, beating with clubs, throwing rocks. The last year’s ordeal for the neighbours in a small vicinity of Grums, Sweden, is more and more turning into a nightmare. A child gang consisting of 8-12 year old migrants puts the neighbourhood in such a fear that Swedish children no longer go outside and play.

The Swedish children are paying for the ridiculous virtue signalling of their parents.

Mothers Kajsa and Malin live in the neighbourhood. “They have thrown rocks, beated kids up with steel pipes and sticks until they’ve started to bleed. The worst one was a strangling grip which resulted in marks on the child’s neck. But it’s also about sexual threats: “I’m gonna sex you” or “I’m gonna rape you”, Malin says to the Swedish Union of Tenants newspaper, Hem och Hyra.

One Swedish girl is terrified of leaving her apartment:

“One of my girls cry at night and want us to go to our trailer because she’s so scared. And we cannot tell them to stop either, out of fear for revenge. They will put trash in our letterboxes or attack my children even more when I’m not around. Or, if you tell them to stop, they show a lot of attitude. As an adult, to get spitted upon in the face and being told “I’m not listening to you because you’re a woman” and to be called words I never use, that is extremely offensive. It might sound strange for someone who has not experienced it, but you kind of lose everything when a child does such things to you and you don’t know what to do”, Malin says.

Send them back to their shitholes.

A Poisoned Park

For countries, refusing entry to Muslims is a good start but they can't forget that in a materialistic world one particular cult is very seductive. Islam is a poison of the mind that can inflict a member of any race:

A 23-year-old South Korean man is under investigation for allegedly seeking to join the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group, and preparing for a terrorist attack while he was serving in the army. [...]

The man surnamed Park, 23, was found to have stolen an ignition device for explosives while being trained at an army engineer school after joining an infantry unit near Seoul in October 2017, broadcaster KBS reported.

Oh Canada!

A pre-election survey conducted for CBC News suggests Canadians are divided on immigration, with clear limits on the kind of migration they find acceptable. [...]

More than three-quarters (76 per cent) of respondents to a survey by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue agreed that Canada should do more to encourage skilled labourers to immigrate to the country, while 57 per cent said Canada should not be accepting more refugees.

If Canadians had any sense, then they would completely stop immigration for at least a few decades and promote pro-family policies. Otherwise, there won't be a Canada in the near-future.

[...] the federal government is hoping to boost immigration numbers further. In targets laid out in last year's annual report to Parliament on immigration, the government calls for 330,800 admissions this year, a number that is set to increase to 350,000 in 2021.

"Immigration has been, and continues to be, good for Canada," said Ahmed Hussen, Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. "We are an aging society. We have a growing economy that needs a lot of new workers."

A Somali in Canada wants more Somalis in Canada. Shocking!

One of the big problems in Canada is an anti-family economic structure: skyrocketing tuition, ever-increasing student loan debt, rising real estate prices, and the heavy burden of high taxes. Even if all future immigrants were educated, smart, and possessed angelic personalities, soon they would change their behavior given the horrible incentives in the country. In other words, they will proceed to have very few children ... which would lead the government to demand even more immigrants!

The other problem is that immigration ultimately destroys a country. Having 2-3% foreigners can be healthy for a society but things fall apart when the gates are opened to millions of people who ultimately want to import and inflict their shithole mentality on the natives.

Hatred for the White infidel

An Afghan asylum seeker who allegedly attacked random members of the public with a knife was 'fuelled' by a desire to kill English people, a court heard. Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, is accused of swinging a 10ins kitchen knife at three 'total strangers' within a 10-minute period in Thornton Heath and Croydon in south London after 'demanding to know their nationality'.

Jurors at the Old Bailey in London were told he approached the first alleged victim, Nicholas Speight, in a Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath on January 8, tapping him on the shoulder. After Mr Speight confirmed he was English, Akbari allegedly 'took a powerful swing at him' with the blade.

It says a lot about the enriched state of London when a rabid Muslim has to ask people about their nationality to confirm that he's about to slaughter the proper infidel.

Something similar happened in Canada. A Muslim walked around with a gun in Toronto and shot multiple people last year. He murdered a teenager and a 10-year-old kid. His victims weren't random, though. He actually came upon a non-White guy and said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to shoot you". He probably thought that the possible victim was a Muslim.

He was shooting White people. His two victims were White females.

Traitors in charge

The police in London are monitoring a victim of Muslim terrorists:

The 'Lion of London Bridge' who was hailed a hero for fighting off knife-wielding jihadis during the terror attack said he is on an anti-terror watch list after being contacted by far-right anti-Islam supporters.

Roy Larner, 49, screamed, 'f*** you, I'm Millwall,' as he took on the knife murderers when they struck in June 2017 while he was enjoying a pint in the Black & Blue restaurant in Borough Market, in Southwark, south-east London.

But Mr Larner has since been placed on the Government's Prevent programme over fears that he could become an extremist after he was contacted by far-right yobs.

Getting slashed and almost murdered by Muslims is no reason to dislike the halaal hordes. Educate yourself, bigoted citizen!

He has had to attend de-radicalisation classes and police are monitoring him, the Sun reported. Mr Larner said: 'They treat me like a terrorist but I'm not political at all.

"British" family

Just your average "British" family that supports and fights for ISIS:

A British family of 12 who made headlines around the world when they fled to Syria to fight for ISIS have all died, MailOnline can reveal.

Three of the grown-up sons from the Mannan family were killed fighting for Islamic State, while seven more relatives, including three children between the ages of one and 11, were all wiped out in an airstrike.


Wait, rape is illegal!?

The cultural enrichment continues in Sweden:

An unaccompanied 17-year-old migrant boy is suspected of having raped a much younger girl in the foster family where he was placed. In his defence, he explained during the interrogation that this was perfectly legal in his home country, and no one told him otherwise in Sweden, the newspaper Lokaltidningen reported.

Of course, the "boy" shouldn't be punished because ...

The suspect's legal guardian pointed out that the 17-year-old does well at school. He also described the event as a “one-off” and stressed that taking the boy into special care would destroy his progress.

Won't you think of the rapefugees!

Extreme Cruelty

Using acid to attack a person is barbaric. A few Muslims are taking that savagery and pushing it to shocking levels:

Two women were forced to drink acid after severe torture by their in-laws in two separate incidents in remits of Bara Kahu police station.

One of the women died an extremely painful death, the other was hanging between life and death. However, the perpetrators of the heinous crime have yet to be arrested.

I had to re-read the following sentence to fully take in the halaal logic.

Mursaleen Akhtar was forced to drink acid by her husband, when she confronted him over his extramarital affair.

Those nice "Canadians"

Speaking of these new "Canadians", here's one passionate and tolerant Muslim who is telling us about the future of Canada in plain, simple English:

The dumb Whites

A church in Sweden is attacked. Again.

A church in a migrant-heavy area of Sweden was targeted for a second time by a loud bomb blast that woke up shocked residents in the middle of the night. [...]

Police say the fact that this is the second time the church has been targeted – there was another explosion last fall – means there is probably “a motive against the church”.

The police in Sweden are super bright.

Sodertalje, a city 30 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, has a large immigrant population which was swelled by the most recent “refugee” wave. More than 50 per cent of the population now hail from migrant backgrounds.

Shithole achievement unlocked!

More misery to follow

The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities. [...]

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is making a formal announcement today in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Yes, the Immigration Minister of Canada is Ahmed Hussen. Surely, he'll be working with Mr. Jack Russell, the prominent Immigration Minister of Somalia, for those immigrants who will gladly enrich the rural communities in Canada.

About 78 per cent newcomers to Canada settle in big cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver under existing federal economic immigration programs.

Time for maximum suffering.

The new Muslims

These fine gentlemen were attracted to Islam:

Two brothers shot by police near a campground after a high speed chase have links to bikie gangs and terror groups, it has been revealed. [...]

The two men, aged 19 and 30, converted to Islam in prison and are low-level people of interest to counter-terrorism police. The driver of the vehicle rammed the police car and violence exploded after the men jumped out wielding a knife and an axe, the Herald Sun reported.

Obviously, they forgot to learn about the super peaceful aspects of their new religion.

Halaal clowns

Muslims are raging against Nike:

A PETITION has been launched to stop an international sports brand from producing a trainer which it is claimed blasphemously has the name Allah imprinted into its sole.

Burnley and Pendle Friends League launched the petition, which has been signed by thousands of people in a matter of days, to stop Nike from making and selling the Air Max trainer, which allegedly depicts the Arabic word for Allah.

There really is no common ground with these people.

Mozaquir Ali, the group’s secretary, said Eid celebrations for many were spoiled for many Muslims in East Lancashire by the trainer depiction.

He said: “We are appalled and deeply hurt by this disgraceful action of Nike. “They have yet again hurt not only Muslims in Lancashire, or millions in the UK, but billions around the world.

“We now demand from Nike a total stop of the production and the sale of these trainers immediately and Nike must also make a public apology for the hurt they have caused.”