A debt-powered economy

Airlines, hotels, restaurants, and car companies are going to suffer in the following quarters. When people are squeezed to the point where a giant proportion of their incomes is going to rent, mortgage, and food, then they don't have any money left for weekend trips, vacations or new cars.

Money printer dead

The two-year easy money bull market is officially over:

The S&P 500 slipped into bear market territory on Monday as rampant inflation and the increasing likelihood of a recession spooked wary investors. [...]

“With the Fed out of policy tools to stimulate economic activity and runaway inflation, all signs currently point to an extended period of stagflation – high unemployment coupled with high inflation – which we haven’t seen in earnest since the 1970s,” said Liam Hunt, Writer and Analyst at GoldIRAGuide.com.

Western propaganda falling apart

Logistics always favored the Russians:

The US weapons manufacturers got their extra billions. More importantly, China has learned about the possible non-military retaliation if they choose to attack Taiwan. Now, the Chinese will be better prepared.

A magical universe

Even with all the fake math, we still got the highest official inflation rate of the last 40 years. That dubious 8% is just for one year. Zoom out a bit and most people have easily seen a 50% increase in food prices since the beginning of 2020. With super-high oil prices, retailers will have to bump up prices even more later this year. November should be fun for the Democrats.

The mythical White Supremacy

The average Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Jew makes more money than the average White guy in America. The logic of "equity" sooner or later results in the battle of retarded coloreds versus the intelligent coloreds.

Did someone say unaffordable?

The median household income in my city in Canada is roughly $75,000 (US$60,000). The median price for a detached house in the last quarter was $1.1 million (US$873,000). So, that's 14.6x!

A median apartment goes for $650,000. That "affordable" option gives us 8.6x!

Whatever helps the regime

A man can identify as a woman and, sometimes, a recession is not a recession:

Perhaps, it's a transitory recession!

Top minds in charge

No skin in the game for these vultures:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledged Tuesday that she and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell “could have used a better word” than “transitory” when describing the expected run of inflation in the U.S. economy. She added that she was hopeful it would soon be on the decline.

One of the top economists in the world couldn't see this coming:

She told CNN last week that she did not fully understand the impact that unanticipated large shocks and supply bottlenecks would have on the economy.

It's curious that the article doesn't explicitly mention one of the major reasons for high inflation: the easy money policy of the Fed for the past two years. They let the money printer loose. The crypto world exploded with massive returns. The stock market doubled from its crash and grocery stores started increasing prices in a big way in early 2021. These idiots should have started increasing the interest rates a year earlier. Now, that the poor have been crushed and the middle class is getting squeezed, their reply is: COULD HAVE USED A BETTER WORD!

The least these assholes can do is resign.

Here's your spike

Three major reasons for high oil prices in America:

  1. Increase in demand due to the end of lockdowns.
  2. US domestic supply restrictions.
  3. Money printer go brrrr.

It would have been absolutely shocking had the price of oil gone to the same level as it was in 2019 (roughly $65). That would have been possible if OPEC had gone totally nuts and pumped huge amounts of oil in the global market. Given the price crash to $20 two years ago, OPEC isn't losing sleep now when oil is hovering around $120.

What will we do without these experts? It's funny how basic economics is referred to as "dubious". We knew it would happen and now we know the exact magnitude: the price of oil has roughly doubled from three years ago.

The elections later this year should be interesting.

The Force is dead

It's impressive how quickly Disney destroyed Star Wars. They could have made over a billion dollars a year forever from the franchise through movies and tv shows but social justice and DIE-versity was more important than providing fans a rich, entertaining experience. They simply cannot create; all they know is how to diminish and demolish.

My generation's Star Wars will be next. Tolkien's magnificent work will be perverted.

You, Me And World War III

The Fake President of the US can't help but poke the bear:

The most important Amendment

The logical conclusion:

If the police don't arrive and save us from violence, how can this event support the argument for restricting guns? This is the very situation that makes the most responsible people want to own guns. It reminds me of the summer of 2020, when there were riots, and the police stood down.

The Leftists huff and puff about BIG BAD GUNS in the US but the people can see that the police is not going to help them when shit hits the fan. That's why their gun control legislation never gets anywhere.

The Diversity Utopia

A mostly peaceful subway ride:

Cernovich is 100% correct on this matter.

Fact check of the year

The size of the government is absolutely monstrous.

The funny thing about 8 or 9 months is that both figures are wildly optimistic. If the US government was retarded enough to confiscate all that eeevil billionaire wealth today, then it would have to sell roughly ~$3 trillion to get cash. Four points:

  1. This would lead to one of the most spectacular stock market crashes in history.
  2. Who the hell in their right mind is going to buy billions of dollars of equities when they know that the government will simply confiscate their money when it feels like it?
  3. Whose neck gets it when the billionaires are toast? The big bad multi-millionaires!
  4. Capital is going to leave America at a staggering rate.

More pain

Add to that the staggering price increases for rent, food, cars, and oil, it'll be a miracle if the US didn't experience a recession.

Welcome to Clown World

Now comes the story of Zac Kriegman, who, until not so long ago, was a director of data science at Thomson Reuters. Kriegman’s crime? Questioning the Black Lives Matter narrative.

Kriegman is a person who loves numbers and statistics. As you’ll read below, he didn’t just voice an opinion to his colleagues. He made an argument after having done extensive research. He thought logic would win out. He was wrong.

Truth doesn't matter to the Enemy of the People.

You will own nothing!

Enjoy your pods, peasants!

The housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area has gotten so bad that one startup is now offering renters the chance to live in a “bunk bed pod” with 13 other people for just $800 a month.

I lived in a student house with 9 other people and we had 3 washrooms and that was sometimes a problem. The luxury apartment above is for 13 people and it has 2 washrooms! How is that going to work?

Math is hard

Two things I've heard often from coworkers on the topic of stocks:

  1. This company's share price has gone down 90%. So, it must be a good time to buy, right? Example: Tilray went from $300 to $30. The pain wasn't over. It dropped to $3.
  2. The share price of Company A is higher versus that of Company B. So, B is a better buy, right? Example: Apple is expensive ($145) but BlackBerry is cheap ($5).

I learned about the stock market in high school in the previous century. Most of these people are older than me and they still don't have a clue.