No party for fake news

President Trump has canceled the White House holiday party for the media, making the decades-old tradition a victim of his increasingly contentious relationship with major news organizations.

Journalists who attended the events, which featured a catered buffet of lamb chops, crab claws and elaborate desserts, got to roam the decorated mansion with a spouse or other family member, a friend or a colleague, adding to the invitation's allure.

No sense in dining with the enemy.

Truth is hate speech

I can't help but smile at the guy. He looks tipsy while speaking about his love for White people. Of course, the triggered coloreds from inferior civilizations can't handle it. So, now, they're using the power of the mob to destroy his life.

The four granite pillars of Western Civilization:

  1. Athenian philosophy and democracy.
  2. Roman law.
  3. Christianity.
  4. White people -- more specifically the Anglo-Saxons.

These people or the progeny of the peoples who left their shitholes to enter White countries should, at a basic level, understand that what Whites have built is objectively better than the countries of the coloreds. Otherwise, why did they or their ancestors leave? But, of course, we don't live in a rational or moral world.

Yup. The cowards at Columbia University are "investigating" the incident.

Don't offend the faggots

Better yet, stop using twitter:

The anti-gay slur? Queer. That's so gay.

Unfortunately, the Offensive Black Man did the worst thing in response:

Memo to Murray: Saying nigger is still cool but if you go after the homos or the Jews, then it's GAME OVER!

The hills are dead

No Nazi symbols for you!

The hills are alive … with the sound of political correctness.

Nazi props were temporarily declared verboten in LaGuardia High School’s production of the Third Reich-set classic “The Sound of Music” prior to the show’s Thursday night opening.

The principal at the elite “Fame” school, Lisa Mars, ordered Nazi flags and symbols removed from the stage set of the beloved tale of the Von Trapp family, who fled the Nazis from their native Austria as Adolf Hitler took power, students told the Daily News.

That's definitely an "elite" level of stupid.

Anyway, here's a scene from the movie with, er, slight modifications.

The cortex is occasional

Politicians love socialism because it grants them near-total power over people:

She's practically salivating.

The next wave of history

At this point, due to the mass movement of peoples, civil war for control of the territory of the United States is not only not impossible, it is all but inevitable. There are three choices: subjugation, secession, and civil war. In the most likely scenario, we will see elements of all three, beginning with subjugation of the genuine Christian American nation, followed by secession, then what passes for civil war.

And the reason it will happen is because far too many people like Sarah Hoyt were permitted to not only become legal citizens, but were given a voice in government. Now the Fake Americans are more or less ruling over the people they invaded, and many people who came here because they wanted to live in an American society ruled by Americans don't like the inevitable consequences of their own collective actions.

It's sad and cruel. There are White people in America whose ancestors built a great country; they fought in the World Wars; their families made great sacrifices. Now, their young progeny is mocked on television, ungrateful and malevolent coloreds advocate their removal from "safe spaces", and they are openly and explicitly discriminated against in colleges, universities, and in the job market. I truly feel sorry for these Whites who were born in the US after 9/11. They will grow up to witness the destruction of their powerful nation and then see the world plunge into a series of terrible wars that will set new benchmarks in lethality.

This is what will be bequeathed to the true Americans.

Creeping sharia

Bizarre behavior from Twitter:

The new Twitter police:

So much cringe

This is like reading an account of an easily avoided car crash. I actually tend to believe that the nerdling Tyson didn't genuinely hit on these women, but he quite clearly wanted to do so, and worse, behaved in a manner that let them know the door was open if they wanted to initiate anything with him. All the talk about "friendship" and "restrained but genuine affection" and "special handshakes" is just dishonest Gamma speak for "I wanted to pursue her but was afraid to do so."

Never forget that women get far more creeped out by the guys who want to hit on them, but are afraid to, than by the men who openly pursue them. They react very negatively to male incongruity, and as a black man and media celebrity, Tyson's behavior would have struck them as bizarrely incongruous.

Now, Tyson will pay for not having a pair of balls.

US war with who!?

Vox Day:

Apparently the long-term plan of the Learned Elders of Wye to abandon ship and make the jump to China before the USA implodes isn't going so well. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard any public figure say, and I can still remember Rep. Hank Johnson's concerns about the island of Guam tipping over.

For a group that prides itself on its brains and Nobel prizes, the Jews are staggeringly dumb when it comes to self-preservation.

The forked-tongue intensifies

The dishonesty and deception is breathtaking:

I clicked on the link about slavery. There, one can download a book titled Islam and Slavery by Mirza Bashir Ahmad. Apparently, 77 pages are required to explain how Islam "ended" slavery. Initially, we get a few inane and specific reasons for the possible liberation of a slave. For example, on page 15:

"Asma, daughter of Abu Bakar (first Successor of the Holy Prophet), reports that the Holy Prophet ordered the setting free of slaves on the occasion of solar eclipses."

Surprisingly, we actually get Islamic law on page 17:

[...] it was necessary that there should be some sure and permanent means of securing the freedom of the existing slaves. To achieve that end Islam introduced a system known as Mukatubat. By this system, the master was bound to set free a slave who had made himself qualified for emancipation [...] on condition of the latter's earning or procuring a reasonable amount of money.

So, zero solar eclipses and no money? Tough luck, slave, you're still owned.

Oh, it gets worse. You see, the treatment of slaves under Islamic law is super awesome. They can only be set free under a few strict conditions. You can't just set them all free at once! That'll be chaos. Just look at the US (page 35):

Does not the white man of America practically treat his emancipated black slave as worse than even the meanest of slaves in the world? Does the emancipated "nigger" look upon himself as really free in America? Certainly the relations between the white emancipators and emancipated blacks in America are the worst specimen of inter-class relations found in the world.

The poor "niggers" in the US are treated worse than how Muslims treat their black slaves in Africa. Surely, the beaten, naked, and chained blacks in Libya are counting their blessings: Oh, at least, I'm not in America!

At page 47:

IF there is any teaching of Islam which may be represented as sanctioning slavery, it is its teachings with regard to the prisoners of war.

Hello ISIS!

The final nail in the coffin at page 64:

IT has been objected that the Holy Prophet by permitting Muslims to form conjugal relations with their female slaves has opened the door of self-indulgence to his followers.

Yeah, Muhammad with his filthy followers slaughtered non-Muslim tribes and took their women and children as sex-slaves. Muslim savages have continued with that tradition for the last fourteen hundred years.

Islam is vile, vicious and utterly barbaric. That's why Muslim creatures like Qasim Rashid have to constantly lie to hide its genuinely disgusting nature. Islam didn't abolish slavery. It merely codified it. Qasim links to a source that provides the sordid details about Muhammad and slavery but tweets that "he ended slavery in a generation." Nope, he made sure that the evil will live on.

Auto Jihad

Religion of Peace update:

Los Angeles police over the weekend arrested a man who was allegedly caught on video repeatedly trying to run over two men near a synagogue. [...]

Video from a security camera shows the driver apparently trying to hit two men dressed in clothing typically worn by Orthodox Jews on Shabbat. The driver, who has been identified as 32-year-old Mohammed Mohammed, reversed and tried to hit them again, according to the the local outlet.

Shocking! Shocking!

The forked-tongue lashes

A prime example for deporting all Muslims from the West:

If your religion tells you that it's moral:

  • for a husband to beat his wife,
  • to kill those who attempt to leave the religion,
  • to behead Jewish men and take their women and children as slaves, and
  • for a filthy old man to "marry" a girl and then rape her when she turns nine, 

then your religion is trash.

Do your part!

Vox Day:

It looks like we're about to find out whether President Trump proves worthy of the trust Americans have placed in him or if he's going to cuck like every American president since Eisenhower.

There are now 500 invaders from the 5,000-strong caravan in Tijuana who have broken past the Mexican lines and are rushing the US border. The US has fired tear gas at them, but done nothing else as yet.

Those evil guns again

This doesn’t happen anywhere else on the planet,” said California’s Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom. “We stand alone in the world in the number of mass shootings," echoed U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y. These were typical comments after an alleged shooter murdered 12 people in Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif.

People have been acting for a long time like the United States is the world’s hotbed of mass public shootings. Following a 2015 mass shooting during his administration, President Barack Obama declared: “The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.”

The media isn't in the business of telling the truth.

Of the 97 countries where we identified mass public shootings, the U.S. ranks 64th per capita in its rate of attacks and 65th in fatalities. Major European countries, such as Norway, Finland, France, Switzerland and Russia, all have at least 25 percent higher per capita murder rates from mass public shootings.

People are easily fooled by numbers. For example, let's say that last year 10 people were killed in mass shootings in Finland while 600 people died in mass shootings in the US. Most would instantly rank the US as significantly more dangerous than Finland. Yet, statistically, they're the same because the US has sixty times the population of Finland.

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The halaal coloreds include luminaries such as Masud Ali, Big Dawg, Aisha, and Ahmed. Obviously, they're doing the jobs that Americans just won't do.

That's the lesson for all minimum-wage employees in the US: don't call out disgusting dishonest darkies when they're scamming the business. Why? Because standards are for White people.

The Decline of America

Read the thread. The catastrophic ideas are utterly irrelevant to the offended vagina. What matters is that Fox News is trying to scare their White audience with these low-IQ, ignorant, ugly, colored, strong, independent, brown women. Worse, half of these vaginas women are supporters of a sex-slave-owning pedophile Muslims. That's, like, worse than Hitler.

Tarnished silver

Nate Silver, you funny guy! N. N. Taleb knows how to handle this idiot:

Here's a small sample of all those "good" forecasts leading up to the 2016 election:

Here's another beautiful collection of those lovely forecasts. The 2016 presidential election was a colossal failure for Nate Silver. He got basically everything wrong. Even during the election night, his ridiculous model increased Hillary's chances of winning as it became clear that the Witch was going to crash and burn. Instead of owning up to his bias and incompetence, he lies and sugarcoats his shitty forecasts.

No skin in the game

A wicked woman almost destroyed a young man:

The morning of September 22, 2017, Cristopher Precopia went to work at a lumber yard in Georgetown.

By the end of the day, he was in jail facing 99 years in prison.

What did he, allegedly, do?

She said he broke into her home in Temple. She said he sliced an "X" into her chest with a box cutter. She said it happened on Sept. 20, 2017 around 7:20 p.m.

Believe all wahmen!

On the night of the alleged attack, he was with his mother, Erin, at a Northwest Austin hotel about 65 miles from the accuser's home.

"I'm thinking, 'this is awesome. By the grace of God, she said it happened on the day when I can say totally, 100 percent, where he was at," Erin Precopia said.

There were sworn affidavits from several people who were with him that evening. There were pictures to prove it, and they were posted on Facebook. Timestamped. Geo-located.

The prosecutors dropped the charge. Here's the worst part of the story:

Editor's note: KVUE is not identifying Precopia's accuser because she hasn't been charged with a crime.

Put her in prison for 99 years. If justice is not served, then men in such situations will take matters into their own hands.

Evil rich who protect their property

What utter bullshit. The reality:


Anti-White, Anti-Right

In 2008, Georgia’s sixth congressional district was 85 percent white. Today, it is 60 percent white.

In 2008, Virginia’s seventh congressional district was 79 percent white. Today, it is 65 percent white.

In 2008, Virginia’s tenth congressional district was 80 percent white. Today, it is 65 percent white.

What do all three have in common besides a shockingly similar demographic change in the last decade?

How to lose an election if you're a Republican.

Shaming the White women

One response:

Standards are for White people.

Never go full retard

Then, another ridiculous tweet:

Excluding war!? Afghanistan is a war zone. You can be killed by a mine, grenade, rocket launcher, artillery, an AK-47, etc. All that is excluded from the statistics. Yet, Afghanistan is "safer" than the US in terms of (non-war) gun violence. What an utter loon.

The Return of the Pussy

Mortensen used the word on Wednesday night at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood during a conversation moderated by Film Independent programmer Elvis Mitchell. Mortensen was speaking about cyclical and generational use of hate speech, according to several audience members in attendance, and used the N-word specifically as an example of speech that’s no longer common in conversation.

OMG, he said NIGGER!

In his subsequent apology, Mortensen said, “Although my intention was to speak strongly against racism, I have no right to even imagine the hurt that is caused by hearing that word in any context, especially from a white man. I do not use the word in private or in public. I am very sorry that I did use the full word last night, and will not utter it again.”


Diversity is death

Brooke Tyler spanks the negro:

The emotional and societal pressure is being turned up on White women:

Vote like the darkies; otherwise, you're racisss! The negro isn't done:

America is doomed. The only question is: when will the fireworks start. The 2030s looks to be the smart bet.

US Midterm Elections II

Vox Day:

So, I called the House for the Republicans at 8:43 PM Eastern time. CNN was nearly in tears, Nate Silver had lowered the odds of Republicans holding the House from 1 in 15 to 1 in 2, and there had been an eight-point turnaround from the pre-election polls favoring the Democratic candidate for Florida governor. Of the two key early House races involving vulnerable Republican incumbents, the one in Virginia went Democrat, the one in Kentucky held.

Game over. Right?

Nope. History has been against the party of the president. It would have been a stunning victory if the Republicans had held the House. Right now, this is how it stands:

  • House: Democrats +33
  • Senate: Republicans +2

For reference, in 2010, the Magic Negro got the following results.

  • House: Republicans +63 (!)
  • Senate: Republicans +6

Though, "Better Than Obama" is quite a low standard. Anyway, it's not a stunning Blue Wave and it's not a complete victory for the God Emperor.

The more interesting question is: Who is going to challenge Trump in 2020? Will the Crooked One return? Will it be the 1/1024th Oppressed Woman? Will it be Bad Touch Biden? It doesn't matter who it is. One thing is certain. The entertainment value is going to be off the charts.

The Washington Examiner:

Almost without exception, voters punish the president’s party in congress when his first midterm comes around. Recent presidents have suffered much more severe chastisements after two years of unified party control. In 1994, Bill Clinton’s party lost 54 House seats and its House (and Senate) majorities. In 2010, Barack Obama’s party lost 63 seats and its House majority.

And so in the run-up to election 2018, it seemed pretty clear that Republicans would have to take their lumps. And for those who watched or read the news, and noticed the media’s evidently infinite revulsion to Trump and all Republicans, it probably seemed like those lumps would be quite bad.

But despite an extremely hostile news media, Republicans came through it pretty well. They won key governors’ races in presidential states like Florida and Ohio. They gained a handful of Senate seats, despite being badly outspent. They also won many of the House races they were expected to lose, giving them an easier path to regain their majority in the future.

In short, Republicans’ relatively strong performance in this extremely high-turnout midterm is a strong sign that the public is not nearly as annoyed about the Trump presidency as coastal elite liberals seemed to think they were.