Fuck you, White men!

Nasdaq is going to push Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) on White people:

Nasdaq is pushing for greater diversity among the more than 3,000 companies listed on its exchange. [...]

Under the proposal, the majority of companies will be required to have at least two diverse board directors: one woman and one person who identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ. If a company cannot meet these requirements, it will not be delisted, but it will need to explain why it cannot satisfy the goals. Failure to publish board data, however, could result in delisting.

According to the article, more than 75% of companies don't meet this retarded diversity standard. The new colored, BBQ, vaginas that will get hired will surely be looked upon as bright and competent.

Historically strange

Fake News doesn't even mention the possibility of fraud:

Joe Biden marked an unexpected and unwanted milestone this month when he won a clear popular-vote majority in the presidential election but saw his party suffer substantial losses in the House of Representatives.

That unusual combination of results—the first time it’s happened in more than 120 years—crystallizes the core challenge Democrats face in translating their consistent victories in the popular vote into congressional power.

Let's take a look at another "anomaly":

Those are just the few that were caught. Given Biden's "victory" margin of 33,600, more fake votes were used to drag Creepy over the finish line.

Unnecessarily fragile

I had a pizza slice at work a few years ago. Afterwards, after thoroughly washing my hands, I went to get a paper towel but the sensor on the machine was broken. I could easily see a gigantic roll of paper in the container but there was no peaceful way of getting it out. Something so basic as a backup button or lever was absent from the design. "Technology" had made the whole simple process more aggravating.

The following is much worse.

Vacuum doesn't work. The door bell doesn't work. A cooking appliance doesn't work. Why? Because Amazon servers are down! Who the hell decided that an internet connection or a web server was necessary for these devices?

When diversity intensifies

There is no equality -- only conflict, resentment, and chaos:

Progressives all across America have declared war on Asians, meritocracy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Recently, the San Francisco Unified School District voted to replace their merit admissions process at Lowell High School, one of the best high schools in America and also happens to be 61% Asian, with a lottery-based system.

When Asian-American parents opposed the school district’s plans to enact its new “lottery” system in late October, the school district blasted the parents by stating they were “racist” and responsible for the “toxic culture” at the school. Parents were accused of furthering the “Asian supremacy” agenda by making their children work so hard; their children’s achievements were demoralizing African-American and Latino students.

You must have a heart of stone to not laugh at this:

When one angry Asian-American parent responded “Trust me, you’ll never catch up. If you need to lower-standards to get in, you’ll never beat us,” a near physical fight broke loose.

Another Asian parent screamed, “First you blame white people, now you blame us!? Grow up! Study harder or go home!”

That's all they've got: the blame game. White people raycisss; now give us money for your raycisss sins! As we can see, this Negro bullshit doesn't fly with other races.

Those raycisss rocks!

Clown World in the current year:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison plans to remove a large rock from campus after students complained that it is a symbol of racism because it was referred to in a local newspaper in 1925 using a word regarded as a racial slur.

The rock was described as a niggerhead 95 years ago!

There is no appeasing such perpetually offended assholes. They'll think of another bullshit reason to be upset and make new absurd demands next week. Americans should never have given in when these imbeciles started with their "racist" statues nonsense years ago.

Detailing Massive Fraud

2020 will end with a bang.

This is how the Fake News in Canada described the press conference*:

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani quoted an old movie, sweat through his hair dye and failed to offer any evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud on Thursday, during a wide-ranging and conspiracy theory-filled press conference from the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C.

"Failed to offer any evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud". How revealing! The fraud was very specific and occurred in a few big cities which are controlled by the Democrats. Rudy Giuliani presented plenty of evidence for that.

* Check out the full URL.

Honorary Whites

It's tough to maintain the SYSTEMIC RACISM that benefits HORRIBLE WHITE PEOPLE Narrative when they're being beaten by Asians in America. Solution? Lump those inconvenient Asians with Whites!

One school district in Washington state has evidently decided that Asians no longer qualify as persons of color.

In their latest equity report, administrators at North Thurston Public Schools—which oversees some 16,000 students—lumped Asians in with whites and measured their academic achievements against "students of color," a category that includes "Black, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, and Multi-Racial Students" who have experienced "persistent opportunity gaps."

So, the definitions have basically become the following:

White = Successful
Person of Color = Failure

Leftists: OMG, we must do something about the achievement gap between "White" people and the Poor Oppressed Coloreds. Let's start with more money for public schools ...

It's a problem that can never be solved.

Farming, in addition to math, is very hard

This is NOT from the Babylon Bee: Farm Tools Were Designed For Men. That’s A Problem For The Increasing Number Of Female Farmers.

[...] as a woman-owned and operated business, one of the biggest hurdles they face is their farm equipment.

Especially their John Deere tractor. It presents a myriad of problems all stemming from the fact that it was designed with a man’s upper body strength in mind.

Wait. Does this mean that women are ... weak!?

The tractor also has a safety bar that must be up while in use. Spurgeon estimates you need about 50 lbs of lifting power to get it up over your head.

“My body is completely exhausted by the end of the day,” Spurgeon says. “During the busy season, I’m out there when the sun goes up until it goes down, and then sometimes into the night. And that's like six days a week that we're doing that… it's really hard.”

An average guy has roughly double the upper body strength of your average women and that's without hitting the gym. Fighting basic biology is only going to make women more miserable.

Pain and poison

The logic of the Left is straightforward.

It's okay to punch Nazis
--> Trump is Hitler
--> This means that Trump supporters are Nazis
--> It's okay to punch Trump supporters!
In fact, they should be shunned from society. Public humiliation, loss of employment, and constant harassment should be their experience.

Of course, it's easy for all this to stop. Don't support Trump! Bend the knee for the enemy.

This is a war against most of the states in America. It's a war against 72 million people.

The Fire Rises

The glitches keep on coming:

Have you not noticed the weak wave of Democratic triumphalism has already died down? Have you not observed the way the media is beginning to hedge its statements? Have you not heard that the mainstream media is attempting to bury all of its live election coverage?

Can you not smell the fear?


We've gone from "no evidence of voter fraud" to "voting fraud is incredibly rare":

Math doesn't lie

The Democrats fraud operation went into high gear when most Americans went to sleep in the early hours on Wednesday, November 4. Fortunately, the sheer magnitude of the fraud shows up in the data:

What we are looking at will be time series analysis and you will see that it is extremely difficult to create convincing synthetic times series data. By looking at the times series logs of the ballot counting process for the entire country, we can very easily spot fraud.

Too many ignorant people are saying that, of course, most of the mail-in ballots went for Biden. That alone is no indication of fraud. True! However, the reality is that the Biden-Trump ratio of the mail-in ballots kept increasing in the close states!

Let's look at a basic scenario. Let's say that in a given US state, one million people voted with mail-in ballots. Assume that Biden gets a huge 70% of that vote. Now, we've got these one million ballots in front of us.

We select 10,000 and count the votes. What'll be the percentage for Biden? Let's say we select 20,000. How many will go for Biden? How about if we select 100,000 ballots? The percentage should be very uniform and very close to 70%.

If the votes were legit, then the percentage or the Trump-Biden vote ratio would have been nearly constant. But then, Trump would have been declared the winner. Instead, we got Biden after the most glaringly fraudulent US presidential election in history.

Those who think that Trump should be a nice boy and concede and Republicans can fight in 2022 and 2024 are, at best, mildly retarded. Texas is turning blue and the Democrats will have a more grand and insidious fraud machine in the years to come. How the fuck will any Republican win on the national stage? Trump must fight.

There is no end

Another term gets pushed under the RAYCISSS umbrella:

Mediocre selection

One can look at the PC he bought here. A few questions / observations:

  1. Why is he buying a six-core CPU in late 2020? We have 8, 10, 12, 16-core options that will last much longer.
  2. 8 GB RAM!? 16 minimum.
  3. 500 GB SSD? Considering that this a big dumb gamer PC, games will eat up space fast in the next few months. 1 TB minimum.
  4. GTX 1660? This graphics card came out in early 2019. Nvidia just released the GTX 3000 series. A GTX 3080 would have been a better option.

My PC is over three years old. I have a higher-core CPU, more RAM, and a larger SSD. Yet, this guy is still impressed with his bizarre PC choice. A newer and well-balanced computer would have been truly awesome.

Last question: How is this guy is a tech columnist for the New York Times!? It's not like he couldn't spare a few hundred bucks for a bigger dumber gamer PC.

Fake News

In the Age of Cheap Smartphones, the New York Times couldn't provide one photo?

The media often doesn't report the news; they manufacture it.

The ballot fairy loves Biden

A few thousand votes could have gone unnoticed but the Democrats had to use hundreds of thousands of fake votes. There will be plenty of evidence. 

How convenient:

Very fake polls

Ten days before the election, there was a poll that had Biden up by 17 points in Wisconsin. After the most extensive voter fraud in history, Biden is up 0.7 points. If you thought that polling "error" was bad:

Yeah, Gideon was supposed to beat Collins by 12 points to become the next Senator in Maine. Instead, Collins has defeated Gideon by 9 points! Were these idiots even polling or just pulling these numbers out of their asses?

No mercy for Intel

We've reached the point where Intel is selling "value" CPUs -- they're cheap and they do the job. AMD totally owns the high-end.

It's very impressive that AMD managed to cut power consumption while increasing performance by a significant margin. If this translates to mobile CPUs, then we should have quite a few excellent laptops next year.

The God-Emperor will fight

The Great Battle of our time:

As befits the already awful year of Our Lord, 2020, the presidential election is going to come down to a nasty street fight of lawyers, public relations spin, and positioning involving four states. Donald Trump has won all four, and now he must successfully defend all four wins from the very mail-in shenanigans he (and all of us) predicted would happen months ago. This is flesh and blood people versus theoretical pieces of mail. The people must win this.

Ballots for Biden!

Nothing to see here:

The "vertical votes" were just enough to put Creepy Joe ahead.

The Blue Wall is crumbling

11:30 p.m. EST: Trump will have ~245 Electoral College votes without The Blue Wall. So, the battle over the next few hours (days?, weeks!?) will come down to Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Democrats need HUGE fraud to pull a win for Creepy Joe.

Trump won Florida. He's leading in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. If he wins Pennsylvania, then we'll have four more years of epic entertainment.

I'll be eagerly waiting for the sequel to "detached from reality" compilation of The Young Turks soon. Not tired of winning.