Jogging in America

Dilbert isn't surprised:

Surveillance video shows the man slowly walking up to Truong and then grabbing her while reaching for her belongings. She then drops all of her possessions on the floor when he picks up her phone – only to return for her envelope full of cash. She runs opposite of her attacker, but he catches her and body slams her to the ground, running off with the money.

Truong is now paralyzed as a result of spinal damage from the attack.

Understand the war

Yup. If you're White and on the Right, then the media will twist the story to make you look like a monster. In these two cases, it wasn't even a matter of who said or did what. There was literal video evidence which showed that these two young men were innocent!

A sad joke

Oh, it gets worse:

Much worse:

Over 100 million people were murdered in the previous century thanks to the benevolence of socialists. Instead of learning from the horrors of that evil, these monsters simply ignore the mountains of corpses and continue on their wicked path.

Too Big To Fail

More power for the government:

Those big banks will also be easier to control.

Oh, you oppose the current awesome leftist politician in power?

Your loan is denied. Your money is frozen. Eventually, your accounts are canceled because you're a VERY BAD MAN!

Of course, the NPCs will all squawk: Hey, if you wanted to keep your accounts, then you should have kept your fucking mouth shut!

Enemy of the People

Blacks killed White people? Boring!

Whites killing wheelchairs? 24/7 coverage of this new Holocaust!

Banksters Gone Wild

Vox Day on no-limit deposit guarantee:

Now the protection level has been made de facto limitless, which means that the next series of failures will threaten the collapse of the entire system. This is the fundamental problem with centralization, as it removes the protective limits of decentralization in a foolish, and inevitably futile, attempt to avoid the consequences of limited failure.

Yup. Banks have zero incentive to be prudent going forwards. They'll take even more risks. If they succeed, then they'll get praise and wealth via high stock prices. If they fail, then they'll keep their bonuses and the Fed will bail them out.


More people will die thanks to DIE:

It's just a matter of time. A passenger jet will fall out of the sky and kill hundreds because the pilot was hired on the basis of diversity. In addition to paying out millions, the owners should go to jail.

Interesting times

High inflation, lower real wages, the upcoming spike in taxes, and the probability that we're in the beginning of WWIII all point towards this reality.

More pain in 2023

Looks like the stock market is going to tank more as the average bloke sells whatever stocks he has to make his mortgage payments.

Update: Yup.

Small sanity in Clown World

This ought to be common sense:

A Vermont Christian high school forfeited a girls basketball game because the opposing team had a transgender player, the head of school said.

Vicky Fogg, head of Mid Vermont Christian School, said the team decided not to participate "because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players."


Clown World will kill you

Discriminating against White or Asian applicants to increase the numbers of colored nurses and doctors? BRAVE! PROGRESSIVE! SO INCLUSIVE!

Parents discriminating against likely mediocre colored nurses and doctors and seeking out competent Whites or Asians for their health questions? LAYSISM! BIGOTED! CANCEL!

A very bad idea

And what happens when the stock price tanks? Amazon is already down ~50% from its all-time high. Amazon was down 90% after the dot com crash.

Will low wage employees of Amazon have to put up additional collateral or extra cash in a future downturn to keep their house? Combine that with inflation and high interest rates and you've got severe financial fragility.

Extremely inferior

Funny, the same applies to the oil-rich countries in the Middle East. The rulers have acquired insane amounts of wealth over the past century but if the Americans were to leave then the Arabs would be back to sand and camels.