Are you not entertained!?

The 2020 Trumpslide is going to be fun!

Not getting Trump

Kartik Gada left this comment at Instapundit:

Never underestimate the lengths a cuckservative will go to rationalize surrender, and then virtue signal about that surrender (and then be baffled as to why neither the left nor right has any respect for their stance).

Ed doubled down twice in the same day.

We should just create a surrender-oriented video game for cuckservatives, titled 'Call of Surrender' or something, so that they can be sequestered there.

(Laughs.) The Cucks are truly cowards. These recent tweets by Trump were employing magnificent rhetoric and forcing the Democrats to vigorously defend the extreme Leftist clowns knows as "the squad". Trump is showing real Americans that he's on their side.

A lot of skeletons

Sex trafficking? Blackmail? Money laundering? Mafia connections? Royalty and powerful politicians implicated? This could be big.

The AfroNazis!


Is this not illegal?

The AfroFuture music festival in Detroit is charging white people double the price for a ticket compared with people of color, in a move they claim will ensure marginalized groups are given “equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community.”

What wonderful wokeness!

The festival, scheduled to take place August 3rd, offers different pricing structures depending on whether the attendee is white or a “person of color.” For white people, or “non-persons of color,” early bird tickets cost $10, compared with $20 for people of color. For those purchasing tickets closer to the event, white people will pay $40, compared with $20 for people of color.

Let's see if the laws are enforced.

AMD Ryzen Stuns


The Ryzen 9 3900X is a 12-core, 24-thread processor with a massive 64MB L3 cache. It runs at a base frequency of 3.8 GHz with a boost frequency of 4.6 GHz. It costs $500, placing it in direct competition with the Core i9-9900K. Then the Ryzen 7 3700X costs $330 and AMD suggests it’s taking on the more expensive 9700K. It's an 8-core, 16-thread CPU with a 32MB L3 cache and clocks ranging from 3.6 GHz to 4.4 GHz.

Just two years ago, AMD launched the first eight-core consumer processor. Today, they launched the first 12-core consumer CPU.

They'll be releasing their high-end, 16-core CPU for the consumer market in two months! Granted it's priced at $749, so almost nobody will buy it but still that's an impressive jump in just a couple of years.

The most stunning performance improvement:

The changes AMD made with the Zen 2 architecture have had a profound impact on WinRAR performance, for example. The 3700X is a staggering 84% faster than the 2700X, allowing it to comfortably beat the 8700K and almost match the Core i9-7900X. The 3900X also put on a show, though it was only 15% faster than the 3700X and couldn’t quite match the 9900K. Overall a remarkable performance uplift over the 2nd-gen parts.

Every YouTuber is going to love the new Ryzen CPUs:

We use Adobe Premiere on a daily basis, currently with a TR 2950X. Here we see the 3900X is 8% faster than the 2920X, so the 3950X will beat the 2950X when it’s released in a few months' time, we can’t even imagine what the 3rd-gen Threadripper series will deliver.

Ryzen is faster, cheaper, and uses less power than comparable Intel CPUs. Unless you're a hardcore gamer who cares about every extra fps, Intel has got nothing today.

A New Front in the Culture War

Vox Day:

Many of you are aware that we have been working on a larger-scale project than usual over the last few months. So, I suspect that few of you will be surprised to learn that what we have been assiduously working on is putting together a production team for the first Arkhaven film as well as a new film production company, Viral Films Media. This is the Rebel's Run Teaser Trailer from Galatia Films and VFM.

The Right cries, complains, and whines about the bias in pop culture. Vox Day is actually using his time and energy to build an alternative institution to take on Hollywood which promotes the cancer that is social justice. If you want to support him, then, at least, go watch the movie when it comes out.

Grandpa Hitler

Vox Day on Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor is upset because he talked to CNN and - surprise, surprise - he discovered that they are going to make him look bad on TV. [...] People have occasionally asked me what I think of Jared Taylor. Since I never paid him any attention at all, I did not have an answer for them. Now I do. I think he is stupid, naive, and attention-seeking.

What part of "don't talk to the media" is hard for these idiotic narcissists to understand? This sort of thing is precisely why I don't do interviews with anyone anymore. I learned my lesson after that Sad Puppies interview with Wired in 2015.

Jared Taylor is familiar with the media treatment of right-wingers and nationalists. Yet, he went ahead with his CNN interview. Stupid sums it up.

The commies didn't listen!

This portrays the Chinese-in-charge as not very smart:

China has increased the number of government-funded studies into the US and trade this year following criticism that gaps in the country’s understanding of America has left policymakers unprepared to deal with Donald Trump’s presidency and the subsequent trade war.

When Trump started the still-unresolved dispute last July, Chinese academics faced heavy criticism that they had underestimated the US president and his administration’s resolve to confront Beijing.

The following video was uploaded on April 29, 2011. Trump made his intentions regarding China very clear at least eight years ago! Nobody had to predict what Trump would do; one just had to watch and listen:

Gimme gimme gimme!

They get welfare and then work for cash. They pilfer money from Americans and then steal their jobs by working in the underground economy.

Ugly future

The debt won't be repaid. Social Security (aka The Grand Ponzi Scheme) will come to an end, likely in the 2030s. The young, new "Americans" have neither the desire nor the money to pay for the retirements of old White people. Those who didn't prepare and save will suffer.

Doesn't fit the Narrative

Blacks are oppressed. Whites are oppressors. Reality shall be ignored.

The End of the US

We'll see. Trump can probably pull off another win with razor-thin margins in key states in 2020 but still, the future looks bleak for America in the next two decades.

The Declining IQ in America

After a century of communism which resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people in the People's Republic of China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, North Korea, and Vietnam, the new "Americans" want to bring this lovely misery to the US:

Candi CdeBaca won a runoff race last week against former Denver city council president Albus Brooks, and she did it by promising to implement communist policies “by any means necessary.”

CdeBaca was among three candidates that unseated incumbents in the Tuesday runoff, preliminary results show, and she’s already drawing comparisons to Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old who unseated 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in New York’s 14th congressional district in 2018.

The average American is most definitely under financial stress. The combination of skyrocketing tuition, horrible low wages, and insane real estate prices has left most with zero savings and, worse, debt. It's ignorant and malevolent to suggest communism, of all things, as a solution to those problems.

That sweet public housing

Like all socialists in power, AOC lives like royalty:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) downplayed the amenities available in her expensive Washington, D.C., apartment building last week, saying her unit was comparable to apartments in a new public housing complex in New York City. [...]

"I move into this building, and it's marketed as a ‘luxury' building in D.C.," she said. "It's an efficient building, it's clean, it has public space, it has a rooftop garden—y'all watching my Instagram—it has clean air, it has clean water. And I think about this and I'm like, ‘Hm, this is what a luxury building is like.'"

She's absolutely shameless. A few details about her building:

The newly-constructed complex, built adjacent to a Whole Foods, also features both an indoor lap pool and a rooftop pool, a rooftop dog park and dog wash station, numerous gyms including a Peloton cycling studio and a yoga studio, a demonstration kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, private massage rooms with hydromassage beds, a golf simulator studio, a basketball court, a racquetball court, and a rooftop tennis court with a "parabolic hitting wall" in case you're alone with nobody to play with.

No helipad? Lame.