One Trilogy To Rule Them All

There were many teachers in my American high school who were huge fans of Star Wars. Some had watched it numerous times in the movie theater in 1977. I didn't get it.

I finally understood in the winter of 2001. The only movie I've watched more than twice in the theater: The Fellowship of the Ring. I still remember, a year later, watching The Two Towers and leaving the theater at midnight and getting shocked at the sight of a giant crowd (10,000, at least) that waited outside for the last showing.

The closest Hollywood has come to that level of hype, expectations, and satisfaction was the Avengers movies in 2018 and 2019. It has been a spectacular dive into the abyss after that. Still, Tolkien's trilogy is definitely superior to the best comics-based movies we've seen over the years.

It shows just how far they've fallen. I won't even watch Amazon's woke bullshit Rings of Vagina Powah! for free. Yet, paying $200 for a Lord of the Rings movie with a live orchestra is an easy decision.

Disney destroyed its empire

There’s nothing heroic about the final box office performance of “The Marvels.” The superhero sequel is officially the lowest-grossing installment in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After four weeks on the big screen, the comic book tentpole is running out of steam with $80 million in North America and $197 million globally.

Infinity War was the best MCU movie and then Endgame made billions. Other than the nostalgic Spiderman film, there's nothing else that holds a candle to those previous Avengers movies. It has been four years of diminished, woke, unoriginal crap. The most amusing part about these atrocious movies is the vicious and entertaining reviews.

2019 Semi-final rematch

India vs. New Zealand. Rohit Sharma had an unbelievable World Cup four years ago. He smashed five centuries in that tournament but then faced the Pythons the Kiwis in the semi-final. Now, India will face them again with the roar of a billion people behind them. Will India succumb to the intense pressure again or will the under-rated Kiwis make it to their third straight final?

My heart wants a New Zealand vs. South Africa final. These two teams have fought hard. Plus, we'll get a completely new World Champion. But my mind knows that the two strongest teams are India and Australia. Let's see.

Oh, and this made me laugh:

Telling lies

It's quite something that he admits to making up lies for the Narrative.

The oppression of standards

It's bizarre to see articles about actresses who're super stressed, upset, and often outraged about the beauty and fitness standards in the movie industry while leading men keep their heads down and spend many months in the gym to build chiseled physiques. It's also peculiar when women in the audience complain about "unnecessary" shots of sultry women in the current year while they drool over shirtless action heroes in the same type of movies.

Barbie and the bomb

Makes sense. Retards, however, couldn't wait to vehemently diagree.

The Dark Knight rests

The Voice of Batman is no more:

Kevin Conroy, the prolific voice actor who defined Batman for generations of audiences, died Thursday after a short battle with cancer, Warner Bros. announced. He was 66.

Conroy voice-starred in the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series from 1992-96, and continued on with the role through nearly 60 different productions, spanning 15 films and 400 episodes of television as well as video games. In recent years, he was a fixture on the comic convention circuit.

Mistakes were made

Can you forget and forgive?

Acknowledging past decisions that, while well intended, were destructive, and learning a ragtag team of rebels might win again, the Galactic Empire has proposed amnesty for anyone who may have gotten a little carried away and blown up several planets.

"This is supposed to be a happy galaxy. Let's not bicker and argue about who annihilated whose planet," wrote Grand Moff Ardus Kaine in a guest opinion piece published by The Atlantic after polls showed destroying Alderaan just to get a politician to squeal did not sit well with the galaxy's citizens. "Oopsies happen. Forgive and forget, I always say."