Irish Lives Matter

Another traitorous political class shows its true colors:

Burn Loot Murder Black Lives Matter = Bold, brave, progressive, bend the knee.

Irish Lives Matter = Hateful, racist, right-wing, go to jail!

Obey or else

Muslims with their Qurans don't have to worry. This will only apply to those horrible White people in Ireland who don't approve of the destruction of their nation by the open borders invasion of migrant hordes.

No cure for stupid

I didn't think that Israel would be so explicit. They want to kick out two million people who are "animals" and like the "Nazis" because they voted for Hamas. Instead of telling Israel to fuck off, the vile and traitorous political class of the West is taking orders and opening the gates.

They've been trying for many years

Yup. Not just Trump but his supporters as well. It's simple math.

Trump = Hitler
Trump supporters = Nazis

And we all know that it was SUPER AWESOME to kill Hitler and the Nazis. So, it logically follows that ...

No shekels for you!

The Israelis soon realized that that position is not going to fly thanks to the diverse populations of the West who loath Jews. So, their "moderate" position is to simply kick out the millions of Palestinians from Gaza. Of course, anyone who publicly criticizes this agenda is quickly labelled a VERY BAD PERSON and fired.

Israel says no to DIE-versity

What happened to "DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH"? What's even funnier is that Muslim countries also refuse to take in Palestinians! Surely, Prime Minister Zoolander of Canada will open the doors to, at least, a million of these awesome, peaceful, tolerant, dynamite dynamic people of Gaza.

The Invasion of the West

Vox Day:

What those with no grasp of history fail to understand is that mass immigration is worse for a nation than a military invasion. Considerably worse. Because, as we have already witnessed from Afghanistan to Iraq, soldiers go home when the military occupation is over.

Immigrants don’t.

The excerpt is about Britain. It's the same here. Canada's population grew by over 1 million in 2022 -- a stunning 3% spike. That's the highest percentage growth rate in the developed world.

The only difference is that the Liberals are in charge in Canada. So, the largely dumb Canadians are getting what they voted for. Prime Minister Zoolander has vowed to bring in over 500,000 new immigrants annually. He definitely overachieved last year.

All about the bag

When signalling virtue is expensive:

Also, they cry about TRUMP THE NEW HITLER but then visit and gush about Dubai -- a shiny, soulless, Islamic state which uses hundreds of thousands of slaves to build and maintain the infrastructure.

The Nimrata Trifecta

Her Big Three policies that are political poison in 2024:

  1. Monetary support for Ukraine and for Israel - the very bestest nation on Earth!
  2. Importation of more migrants to further obliterate of what remains of the US.
  3. No anons online. So, it's easy to cancel and destroy the Bad Thinkers.

She gives off Hillary Clinton vibes.

Consequences for the uppity negro

Eric didn't stay in his lane:

The FBI seized Mayor Eric Adams’ electronic devices early this week as part of a federal probe into his campaign fundraising, The Post has learned.

The feds seized the electronics — which included at least two cellphones and an iPad — in connection to an investigation into whether Hizzoner’s 2021 campaign colluded with the Turkish government and others to direct money into his mayoral effort, sources told The Post after the news was first reported by the New York Times.

The time is soon approaching for Creepy Joe.

Hating Whitey

According to my daughter, this girl uses racially charged language in a lot of their interactions and has made many references to my daughter’s “whiteness” and how much “White people took from us” but before the assault, she considered them “friends”.

The young daughter definitely learned the hard way. Excerpt from this tweet:

Won't you feel sorry for these poor Jews?

I wonder which group was instrumental in opening the borders of Western Europe for the modern barbarians hordes. Who knows.

Also, what the meshugana!?

No equality

Yeah, it's one of the most controversial opinions one can hold today: diverse peoples are different.

It has been almost 100 years since black gold was discovered in the Middle East. The Arabs still need to pay thousands of White professionals from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australasia to design and maintain their massive oil infrastructure. Also, it's not like they do the harsh, physical labor to build any of that. They simply import tens of millions of low-wage workers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

Once that oil runs out, it'll be back to sand and camels.

They can't stop digging

It's their self-serving, unprincipled mindset that will lead to another holocaust. Jewish politicians in the US vote against funding to build the wall on the Mexico border while sending tens of billions of dollars to Israel for its own wall and weapons. This would be like a guy berating and mocking an acquaintance for smoking while stealing his money to buy a pack himself!

They supported hordes of DIE-versity for White nations while doing genetic testing for their own immigrants. Now, they are SHOCKED when the coalitions of the coloreds hate their rich, privileged, militaristic, genocidal asses!

You know, for a group considered to be highly intelligent, Jews really are spectacularly dumb.