That liberty loving Left

Isn't it strange how Adolf Trump was "voted" out of office and the current not-president tells corporations to censor certain stories while the mainstream media can't stop licking boots? Direct from the source:

Standards are for White people

In England, if you call a football player a nigger, then the police will put you in jail. Of course, the same country has zero hesitation in sending their team to play in stadiums which were  recently built by hundreds of thousands of slaves. Such is life in the current year.

Math in Ontario

Students in Ontario will get Woke Math in grade 9:

Math, it continues, has been “used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges,” and explains that taking a “decolonial” and “anti-racist approach” to teaching math will outline its “historical roots and social constructions” to students.

“The Ontario Grade 9 mathematics curriculum emphasizes the need to recognize and challenge systems of power and privilege, both inside and outside the classroom, in order to eliminate systemic barriers and to serve students belonging to groups that have been historically disadvantaged and underserved in mathematics education,” the brief continues.

In other words: Fuck you, White people!

Teachers will be required to promote cross-curricular learning and human rights to create “anti-racist, anti-discriminatory learning environments.”

Of course. End result: More colored students in math classes who get anti-White propaganda instead of learning the core subject.

Fascist pig

Heidi Matthews clarifies her position on church burnings in Canada:

As Matthews explained to Campus Reform, “My tweet was meant to introduce into the discussion the well-worn political theory concept of the right to resist as an analytic frame that would help us think through the question of whether the destruction of some churches could be judged as justified, excused or necessary under conditions of extreme and systemic injustice and atrocity.”

“In other words, I did not state that burning churches is acceptable; I implied it might be,” she continued.

Can't wait for the time when White people start burning down mosques. I'm sure Harvard professors will be lining up to imply that it might be justified.

Deleting history

Like many nations, Canada’s wrestling with its less than tolerant past. But in removing statues, renaming schools, and now even the National Archives cancelling the country’s first leader, Canadians are playing a dangerous game.

Tearing down statues was just the beginning:

The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) site has a notice which reads:

Our current website contains information that was written many years ago. Unfortunately, it does not always reflect our diverse and multicultural country, often presenting only one side of Canada's history. LAC acknowledges that some of its online presence is offensive and continues to correct these issues.

This is why content that is redundant or outdated will be removed or rewritten. An "archived" notice will be placed on pages with older content that is still useful but will not be updated. In some cases, content may be removed from these pages.

History will be deleted because it's... offensive. In effect, everything before the current year should be discarded. Hello, Year Zero!

White Man Bad

Almost zero coverage for modern slavery. Look at Qatar. They bribed their way into showcasing the next Soccer World Cup tournament and then imported hundreds of thousands of workers slaves to set up the infrastructure. Where are all those progressives who love colored people?

The manufactured and sustained outrage is against White people for what a few of their ancestors did in the previous centuries. That's the unifying force of the malignant colored coalition.

Bitches be crazy

Harsha Walia, and her supporters, are unfamiliar with what words mean:

In a June 30 tweet responding to a news article about a pair of Catholic churches burning down, Walia wrote “burn it all down.”

The tweet set off a firestorm on social media, both from people who described the message as inflammatory and stoking hate, and others who defended the tweet, saying people have no right to police Indigenous people’s grief and rage.

The follow up is gold:

“It’s totally ridiculous to suggest I am actively calling for arson,” one tweet reads. “And yes, I do think deadly genocidal colonialism locally and globally needs to collapse,” reads another.

We knew that math is hard. Apparently, so is logic. A dedicated psycho adds:

If a White guy wrote "burn it all down" upon the news of a mosque on fire, then he would already be in jail under Canada's hate speech laws. All Walia will face is a few head shakes.

Thanks not-president!

Local man Henry Truckman was filling up his gas tank today in preparation for the holiday weekend. The 19-gallon tank in his 2016 Camaro cost nearly $95 to fill up, and he was feeling pretty down about how expensive gas is under the Biden administration—that is, until he pulled up Twitter and saw that a slice of cheese would cost him 16 cents less this year, thanks to Uncle Joe.

"Wow -- a whole 16 cents! Thanks, Biden!" he said, his mood having instantly shifted to one of joy and optimism. "This will change everything! I'd better drive home and tell the wife!" He happily drove toward his house, spending over $5 in gas to drive the 20 miles home.

The photo is fantastic!

The current year

My electricity used to be on a two-month billing cycle. The utility company changed it to a one-month schedule a few years ago. Now, my payments are approaching the same amount as they were before that change. In other words, electricity has doubled in price in a very short time. Add in the skyrocketing housing market, rent and the recent spike in food prices and real inflation is squeezing the average person. Of course, the government data shows a modest 1.314% inflation. So, it's cool.

The same holds true with crime statistics. If the police don't even bother recording the petty thefts, burglaries, and physical assaults, then did they really happen?

The poor are prey

The rich can afford their own security apparatus or they can easily move away. The rest will pay the price for such wicked policies.