Orange Man Bad

CNN has learned to manufacture news in the most cost-effective manner possible:

Strapped for cash and failing in ratings, CNN has discovered an innovative new way to cut costs: simply rerunning articles from a year or two ago and replacing the phrase "Russian collusion" with an updated term, "Ukrainian scandal."

"This is a green, Earth-friendly way to recycle news stories," said a CNN rep. "We have discovered a completely carbon-neutral way to produce indefinitely renewable outrage."

The God-Emperor

So many liberals and talk show hosts salivated at the entertaining possibility of Trump running for president before the 2016 campaign got under way. They begged Trump to run -- thinking that Hillary would easily crush him. Instead, Trump won! He became the first man in history to become the US president while having exactly zero military and political experience.

In three years, Trump has set the board. He got his tax cuts. He got two judges on the Supreme Court. He's getting troops out of Syria. He's pushing China for better trade terms. He's curt with Europe about its mediocre NATO spending. He's getting Mexico to behave on the border. The economy is booming and the stock market is reaching all-time highs.

All the leftists can do is call him A VERY BAD MAN and complain about BS. Trump will win in 2020 and he's going to win BIG!

Fractured Canada

The first black prime minister of Canada gets another term.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won a second term in a stronger-than-expected showing in Canada’s national elections, claiming a “clear mandate” Tuesday despite a Parliament and nation increasingly fractured along regional lines. [...]

With results still trickling in, the Liberals had 157 seats — 13 short of the 170 needed for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons — while the Conservatives had 121.

The following result is quite stunning:

While Trudeau claimed a mandate, his party won fewer raw votes nationally than the Conservatives did, and failed to win a single seat in the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, where the Conservatives dominated.

So, Trudeau's Liberals got:

  • 13.7% of the vote in Alberta.
  • 11.6% of the vote in Saskatchewan.
  • fewer national votes than the Conservatives.

Those two provinces must really loath Trudeau. For reference, Conservatives got 69.2% in Alberta and 64.3% in Saskatchewan.

Canada will vote for Zoolander

Assuming the polls are accurate, the Liberals will win the most seats. They will likely form an alliance with another party and Trudeau will continue to be the prime minister.

On the most important issue of the day -- immigration -- his conservative opponent is in total agreement. It doesn't matter if Trudeau loses. Canada is still fucked. Millions of more insolent and imbecile migrants, skyrocketing tuition costs, crushing personal and public debt, and exploding real estate prices will be the norm for years to come. It's sad to watch the slow-motion suicide of this country. Those who don't learn from history, learn from pain.

Truth is "hate"


The halaal ban hammer

Malaysia's largest Islamic party is pushing for Oktoberfest events across the country to be banned, renewing a familiar culture war in the Muslim-majority country. [...]

"If non-Muslims want to drink alcoholic beverages, they are welcomed to do so in their homes without promoting the activity and organising large-scale events."

That's how it starts. A few years later, they'll be calling for the ban of alcohol in the entire country. Mere possession of a beverage will land one in jail.

The soft, cuddly, moderate Malaysian Islam will soon be dead:

A governmental Islamic body ruled in 2016 that products named "hotdog" would be denied halal certification, due to the perception among some Muslims that dogs are forbidden in Islam.

In 2014, Malaysia's High Court ruled non-Muslims could not use the word "Allah" in their publications, despite the fact Malay-speaking Christians had used the term in their holy texts for centuries.

Inequality Forever

NPR: Poor People Are Still Sicker Than The Rich In Germany, Despite Universal Health Care.

The solution is simple: We need to make the rich people more sick for EQUALITY!

As an American health care reporter traveling through Germany, I wanted to learn not only what works, but also where the system falls short. So when I arrived here — in one of the country's wealthiest cities, with one of its largest concentrations of doctors — economists and researchers directed me to two of the poorest neighborhoods: Veddel and Billstedt, both home to high populations of recent immigrants.

Entering these areas felt like stepping into another city, where even though people have universal insurance, high rates of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, depression and heart disease persist.

The same people who don't have the self-control to build wealth also don't see how their diet and (lack of) activity impacts their health. They can win a $10 million lottery tomorrow and then, again, be poor a few months or years down the road. Similarly, opening free hospitals and clinics near them won't magically make them healthy.

Pumping the GDP

The average Syrian imports won't make the same as the average Canadians. Worse, they, like other immigrants, will send billions of dollars back home to their relatives every year. And that's just the sorry economic picture. The increasing cultural, political, and societal chaos is much worse.

"American" "Education"

Quality and grades are so RAYCISSS!

Faculty workshops designed to persuade teachers not to grade based upon merit are popping up at universities from Washington, D.C. to the potato capital of the world.

One can't help but laugh at this:

This workshop is reminiscent of one held in February at American University, designed to teach faculty “how to assess writing without judging its quality.”

Titled “Grading ain’t just grading” and promising to help teachers rethink “writing assessment ecologies toward antiracist ends,” the workshop warned that “the practices of grading writing” maintained “White language supremacy.”

As one guy in the comments says, we should just let minorities print their own diplomas. Of course, that would stop the gravy train of universities. 

Slaughter in Syria

The King of the Monsters has entered the arena:

The footage, dubbed "Slaughter in Syria," shows the monster, named "Gojira" or "Godzilla" by people screaming in the video, rising from the ocean to attack coastal cities throughout the region. Desperate locals try to fend off the monster with depth charges, a huge electric fence, tanks, and fighter jets. But mostly it doesn't work and they just scream a lot.

Some experts believe we created the monster through too much nuclear testing and some drone strikes and feel we should study the monster. As these experts were opining on the matter in Syria, Godzilla appeared again and destroyed them with his atomic breath.

I blame Trump.

The preservation of civilization

Vox Day:

It's not enough to know about things. It's not even enough to know how to maintain them. It is vital to learn how to design, develop, and build things if civilized society is to be preserved.

That reminds me of this hauntingly beautiful line:

Much that once was is lost, For none now live who remember it.

One of the building blocks:

The Junior Classics campaign is going extremely well, having hit 300 percent of goal in less than 24 hours. You can acquire a digital set, a hardcover set, or a deluxe leatherbound set by backing the campaign.

You can back the campaign here. I'll buy the hardcovers in the future but I couldn't help getting the digital editions now since they're so shockingly inexpensive.

Truth is "hate speech"

The Oulu District Court of Finland on Thursday sentenced Sebastian Tynkkynen, a member of the Finnish Parliament, to pay a 50-day fine, about 4,050 euros, for anti-Muslim agitation, Finish media reported.

The verdict applied to the text and images shared by Tynkkynen from the populist Finns Party in his Facebook account in 2016. Tynkkynen, aged 30, posted pictures of alleged perpetrators of terrorist attacks and stated in the title that "they have one thing in common: they all serve Allah."

Finland is punishing a man for simply stating the truth.

This was not the first verdict Tynkkynen received. He was convicted of ethnic agitation against Muslims and sentenced a 50-day fine in January 2017 for another posting which claimed "the less Muslims in Finland, the safer."

Again, true.

That's the poisonous atmosphere in Finland: the terrorists aren't the issue; the problem is those people who point out the common factor of these merchants of death.

The slippery slope to hell

The normalization / acceptance of pedophilia is in progress and if you oppose that, then you are an evil pedophobe!

Lethal weapon

America is now safe from a dangerous and vicious 12-year-old girl:

A 12-year-old Overland Park girl formed a gun with her fingers, pointed at four of her Westridge Middle School classmates one at a time, and then turned the pretend weapon toward herself.

Police hauled her out of school in handcuffs, arrested her and charged the child with a felony for threatening.

Public education is child abuse.

Shocking the Swiss

The Office of the Attorney General of Lucerne has opened an investigation into an Iraqi imam at the Dar Asalam mosque in the town of Kriens. The man is alleged to have advised followers to beat their wives if they disobey them. [...]

He also reportedly called for respect for sharia law.

The West imports millions of Muslims and then it's shocked when they follow their wicked religion. The problem isn't the Muslims; it's the revolting idiots who opened the gates.

Treacherous Canadians

Muhammad Haseeb, a university graduate in engineering, has been awarded over $120,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in a discrimination in employment application against Imperial Oil.

This is a horrible decision.

The case involved a hiring policy requiring applicants to prove they were eligible to work in Canada on a permanent basis. Haseeb would have been eligible for a work permit for a job at Imperial Oil but he was neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident. In his application, he stated — falsely — that he was in fact eligible to work on a permanent basis. This led to a job offer. But when Imperial Oil asked for proof of citizenship or permanent residency, he could not provide it. As a result, Imperial Oil rescinded the offer.

Apparently, that perfectly reasonable discrimination is now illegal.

The employer distinguished between candidates based on whether or not they were Canadian citizens. The tribunal ruled that this distinction was not a bona fide occupational requirement. Though it is legitimate not to hire someone because they lied, if the reason they lied was to avoid discriminatory treatment, the tribunal held, the lie is justified and the question illegal.

This means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can apply to a Canadian company for a job and LIE ON THEIR APPLICATION, get a job offer, reveal the lie, get rejected, and then sue the company for a human rights "violation".

This is big FUCK YOU to Generation Z in Canada. Their wages are stagnant and they're drowning in debt from universities and colleges. Yet, the government is punishing companies for discriminating against non-Canadians and non-citizens. All this will do is put more downward pressure on wages and salaries for young Canadians.

A small battle in a larger war

According to Elforkani, the louder call to prayer is partly a response to the social debate about the visibility of Islam in the streets, which flared up again this summer after the introduction of the burka ban. By making Islam that bit more visible in the public space, Amsterdam residents will get more used to the religion as something normal and unrest will disappear, he believes.

Islamic logic: Blaring a cacophony of demonic noise five times a day will lead to less unrest!

Imam Elforkani of the Blauwe Moskee on Henri Dunanstraat expects that the mosque's intention to use loudspeakers will cause a discussion, but not much problems. "Amsterdam is a tolerant city, right?" he said to Parool.

What a snake. Saudi Arabia bans non-Islamic places of worship. Zero churches, synagogues, and temples. Where's the "tolerance" in Islam?

The cost of lies

Think about how many Muslims are working in police forces across Europe and North America. The cops could be investigating terrorist plots or child rapists and these Muslims could tip off their "brothers" or destroy evidence. How would the police even know? This should be obvious: Muslims have no allegiance to the infidels. They only care about their tribe and coreligionists.

The French are learning this the hard way.

Mickaël Harpon, who stabbed three police officers and a woman civil servant to death before he was killed at Paris police headquarters on October 3rd, was a radical Islamist with a top secret security clearance and access to all computers in the police prefecture’s directorate of intelligence, known as the DRPP.

The DRPP is responsible for the surveillance of suspected radical Islamists. Yet Harpon continued to work there, even as he showed signs of radicalisation. This mind-boggling fact has shaken President Emmanuel Macron’s administration. Interior minister Christophe Castaner admitted the state “dysfunctioned” but denied there was a “state scandal”.

How not to help the poor

As minimum wage goes up, employers have the following options to stay in business:

  1. Fire a few workers.
  2. Reduce employee hours.
  3. Increase the prices of products.
  4. Some combinations of the above.

Sometimes, that's not enough.

Just as predicted, the $15 minimum wage is killing vulnerable city small businesses, with the low-margin restaurant industry one of the hardest-hit as it also faces a separate mandatory wage hike for tipped staffers.

In Sunday’s Post, Jennifer Gould Keil reported on the death of Gabriela’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar — closing after 25 years.

What's insidious about all this is that the poor workers who were paying the bills making $12 an hour are now getting the true minimum: $0. Also, it'll be very difficult for them to find a similar job as other restaurants are also firing workers!

Other eateries share the pain. In an August survey of its members, the NYC Hospitality Alliance found more than three-quarters have had to cut employee hours, more than a third eliminated jobs last year and half plan to cut staff this year.

“It’s death by a thousand cuts,” the Hospitality Alliance’s Andrew Rigie told The Post, since “there’s only so many times you can increase the price of a burger and a bowl of pasta.”

Servants of Moloch

Ignoring strong opposition from New South Wales citizens, lawmakers in the upper and lower house quickly passed the bill with very few amendments. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, MP Alex Greenwich, the lead sponsor of the bill, and other pro-abortion politicians cheered and hugged each other in celebration Thursday after they voted to strip away basically all protections for babies in the womb.

“Abortion has been decriminalised in NSW. I am sorry this has taken so long,” Greenwich said after the vote.

Margaret Tighe, president of Right to Life Australia, says:

[...] the law does not even give babies who are born alive after botched abortions full protections. She expressed concerns about inadequate conscience rights protections for pro-life medical professionals as well.

A woman in NSW can murder her baby for any reason. Well, almost any reason:

Pro-abortion lawmakers rejected a long list of amendments, including measures to ban the sales of aborted baby body parts and to require pain medication for unborn babies capable of feeling pain, ABC News reports. They did pass amendments to protect unborn babies from sex-selection abortions and to add at least some conscience protections for pro-life medical workers.

Murdering your unborn child: TOTALLY OKAY.

Murdering your unborn child because she's a girl: THAT'S NOT OKAY! Because that choice would be going too far!

The Halaal Mafia wants your dollars

Saudi Arabia is allowing foreign men and women to rent hotel rooms together without proving they are related, after the conservative Muslim kingdom launched a new tourist visa regime to attract holidaymakers.

Who the hell would want to vacation in a country where the mere possession of an alcoholic beverage earns one a beheading!?

Saudi Arabia has been relatively closed off for decades and until recently unrelated men and women, including foreigners, could be severely punished for mixing in public. Strict social codes have been relaxed in recent years and previously banned entertainment has flourished.

But an influx of tourists -- the authorities are aiming for 100 million annual visits by 2030 -- could push boundaries further and risks conservative backlash.

Welcome to Mordor! Now, you die!

The Folly of Price Controls

Also, the quality of the real estate deteriorates. Apartments could have thin drafty windows, chipped paint, inefficient appliances, a leaky roof, and scores of vermin but people will still line up to sign the lease.

Why should the landlords sink money into fixing anything when they can't increase the rent and there's a ridiculous waiting list?

The city’s queue for rent-controlled housing is so long that it’s being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records. On average, it takes nine years to be granted a rent-controlled property – and that jumps to two decades in some of the most popular neighbourhoods.

Rent control (maximum price) is the opposite of minimum wage. They both sound good and quite a few people even benefit from them but overall they severely distort the market and cause a lot of problems. Unfortunately, such policies appeal to ignorant voters who don't, or can't, see the second order effects.

Trump murders Romney

Followed by another shiv:

Mediocrities Welcome!

Everyone knows that one of the most important qualities of an engineer is a vagina:

Women applying to study engineering and information technology at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) next year will receive 10 more entry points than their male counterparts, in what the university believes is a first of its kind bid to remedy the under-enrollment of women in these fields.

Totally agree. Women are absolutely dumb, utterly hopeless, and catastrophically mediocre. We need to give them extra points. Otherwise, they'll just lie down, sob in some corner, and cry about the patriarchy.

Civil engineer and Victorian general manager of Engineers Australia Alesha Printz, 40, told SBS News she believed the move would send a strong message to young women that they were welcome in the field.

Of course, there will be awful haters who have to ruin the party:

"If you think the best way to get more women into engineering is to lower the standards, aren’t you kind of openly saying you think female engineers aren’t as good as male engineers," [...]

Importing the shitholes

The fruits of open borders:

A 12-year-old Jewish student was forced to kneel down and kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate, while a five-year-old boy was allegedly called a "Jewish cockroach" and repeatedly hounded in the school toilets by his young classmates.

All these incidents will continue to significantly increase in the West:

  • young girls groomed and raped by gangs of "Asian" men.
  • women harassed and abused for wearing revealing clothing.
  • homosexuals assaulted for merely existing.
  • Jews humiliated and battered.
  • non-Muslims to be excluded from certain housing, shops, jobs, and events.
  • calls for non-Muslims to follow Islamic law ... or else.

The least violent option is to send the Muslims back.

Islam respects women!

Summit News:

One of the masked Antifa radicals who harassed an elderly lady with a rolling walker during a protest in Hamilton, Ontario is Syrian migrant Alaa Soufi DaLua.

So brave! Standing up to Hitler and Eva Braun:

The Hands of Hate!

If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about white nationalists, it’s that they have hands. And something they’ve been doing a lot with their hands lately is sending out secret messages in support of white supremacy. If you see anyone doing any of these hand gestures, you can be certain they are a racist and should report them to the nearest racism reporting facility (usually Twitter).

What America needs right now is common sense hand control.

No Whites Allowed

Edinburgh University has been slated for hosting an event where white people will be banned from asking questions - which has been described as 'blatantly racist'. A Q&A event - Resisting Whiteness 2019 - will bar Caucasian guests from speaking from the floor. There will also be two 'safe spaces' - one of which white people are banned from entering.

White people should take this progressive approach in their countries and simply ban the coloreds; let them stay in their "safe spaces" back home.

How to destroy a country

The new Italian government is made up of traitors:

During just the past several weeks, the number of migrant arrivals to Italy has increased incrementally: 59 migrants arrived on September 6; 67 arrived on September 9; 121 arrived on September 14; 259 arrived on September 15; 275 arrived on September 18; and 475 arrived between September 19 and September 25, according to the IOM. Overall, the number of migrant arrivals in September 2019 is up by more than 100% over the number of arrivals in September 2018.