The dumb Whites

A church in Sweden is attacked. Again.

A church in a migrant-heavy area of Sweden was targeted for a second time by a loud bomb blast that woke up shocked residents in the middle of the night. [...]

Police say the fact that this is the second time the church has been targeted – there was another explosion last fall – means there is probably “a motive against the church”.

The police in Sweden are super bright.

Sodertalje, a city 30 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, has a large immigrant population which was swelled by the most recent “refugee” wave. More than 50 per cent of the population now hail from migrant backgrounds.

Shithole achievement unlocked!

More misery to follow

The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities. [...]

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen is making a formal announcement today in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Yes, the Immigration Minister of Canada is Ahmed Hussen. Surely, he'll be working with Mr. Jack Russell, the prominent Immigration Minister of Somalia, for those immigrants who will gladly enrich the rural communities in Canada.

About 78 per cent newcomers to Canada settle in big cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver under existing federal economic immigration programs.

Time for maximum suffering.

That sweet public housing

Like all socialists in power, AOC lives like royalty:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) downplayed the amenities available in her expensive Washington, D.C., apartment building last week, saying her unit was comparable to apartments in a new public housing complex in New York City. [...]

"I move into this building, and it's marketed as a ‘luxury' building in D.C.," she said. "It's an efficient building, it's clean, it has public space, it has a rooftop garden—y'all watching my Instagram—it has clean air, it has clean water. And I think about this and I'm like, ‘Hm, this is what a luxury building is like.'"

She's absolutely shameless. A few details about her building:

The newly-constructed complex, built adjacent to a Whole Foods, also features both an indoor lap pool and a rooftop pool, a rooftop dog park and dog wash station, numerous gyms including a Peloton cycling studio and a yoga studio, a demonstration kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, private massage rooms with hydromassage beds, a golf simulator studio, a basketball court, a racquetball court, and a rooftop tennis court with a "parabolic hitting wall" in case you're alone with nobody to play with.

No helipad? Lame.

Brave New World

How does one even parody this nonsense?

A transgender killer who asked to be moved to an all-female jail has been caught romping with another female. [...]

She did not have a Gender Recognition Certificate, but the Transgender Case Board decided her lack of sex offences meant she posed little risk to female inmates.

This wasn't even the first time.

Last year it emerged that another trans convict, Karen White, 52, had duped prison officials in order to target females at New Hall women's jail in West Yorks.

Mogadishu, Minnesota

And let's not forget the big integration success story of the one Somali who actually became a cop... and promptly murdered a white woman who made the mistake of calling in a crime while on duty. Thank goodness all of those 80,000+ Somalis are LEGAL immigrants. That makes it all okay.

I can't imagine the hatred and contempt the young generation has for their virtue-signalling elders in Minnesota who'll leave behind a dreadful legacy of debt and death.

Enemies of the truth

Their own actions prove them to be vile liars. They project their souls when they throw around words like racism, intolerance, bigotry, xenophobia in describing the West while simultaneously leaving their shitholes to live in the West. Plus, they want to open the gates for tens of millions of their barbarian cousins to join them.

If the Western world was as horrible as they say it is, then why move here? Why inflict this "calamity" on millions of more people? Would it not be reasonable to stop the influx of foreigners to spare them the tough and terrible life in the West?

The Mayor of Londonistan

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has compared the language used by Donald Trump to rally his supporters to that of “the fascists of the 20th century” in an explosive intervention before the US president’s state visit to London that begins on Monday.

Sadiq Khan isn't a big fan of nationalists.

“Viktor Orbán in Hungary, Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France and Nigel Farage here in the UK are using the same divisive tropes of the fascists of the 20th century to garner support, but with new sinister methods to deliver their message. And they are gaining ground and winning power and influence in places that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.”

Khan spits venom on White countries and their leaders. Looking around the globe, one finds similar nationalist rhetoric and policies in China, India, Japan, Arab societies, African nations, etc. Yet, Khan and his ilk are silent when it comes to those "fascist" races.

It's almost like the Paki doesn't have principles.

Black and White

Dozens of "Canadians" leave Canada for Syria, join ISIS, murder people, and then return to Canada when the going gets tough. The government lets them roam free. The media is not interested.

A Muslim girl says that someone pulled her burqa in Ontario. The politicians couldn't wait to express their outrage over this heinous crime. The media covers the story 24/7. Soon, it becomes clear that the wicked girl manufactured the whole story!

We get more expressions of anger and disgust at a fake story of a Muslim girl than over real evil Muslims who've slaughtered multiple innocents. The contrast is breathtaking and infuriating.

The mob vs. John Cleese

Cleese has been clarifying his tweet and telling us that he has many "foreign friends". Sad!

Contempt for the Right

This is how the media describes an anti-establishment guy:

Nigel Farage demanded a seat at Brexit negotiations on Monday after his new party swept to victory in the United Kingdom's European Parliament election, warning that he would turn British politics upside down if denied.

Farage, a bombastic 55-year-old commodities broker-turned anti-establishment supremo, won by riding a wave of anger at the failure of Prime Minister Theresa May to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

Interesting use of language when describing a right-wing politician. Here, the word assault is neglected in favor of something out of a tropical vacation:

Critics accuse him of stoking anger over issues like immigration, and offering popular but simplistic solutions to complex problems like Brexit. One voter expressed his anger by showering Farage in a milkshake during a campaign appearance.

The costs of diversity

Something the MSM should have done:

Over half a million people a day avoid paying their "fare" share of transit by jumping the turnstile and other means. I went out and investigated how bad it actually is.

Of course, the law isn't enforced since it would impact those oppressed, colored, poor people. So, we get more of this:

I was in a streetcar in Toronto last year when I noticed something similar. A lot of people would waltz in the streetcar and not bother tapping their Presto smart card for fare deduction. I noticed over a dozen culprits in just half an hour. Strangely, every single one of them was colored.

So, this isn't only a NYC problem.

How to waste money

So stunning. So bold. So brave. These clowns deserve an Oscar!

A school is Chicago will spend tens of thousands of dollars reprinting its 2018-19 yearbook after several photos contained students posing with a hand gesture which has links to white supremacy.

Administrators at the Oak Park and River Forest High School announced it will spend a total of $53,794 to replace the 1,750 copies of “Tabula” after staff found 18 photos of students making an upside down OK hand sign.

A helpful fellow provides this guide towards "hate gestures" in our brave new world:

Idiot of the Year

What exactly did Alfred Purcell want to accomplish from the stunt?

Surveillance footage captured Alfred Purcell, 57, removing the 9mm bullet from the pocket of his pants at Southbridge High School on Thursday morning before he dropped it on the floor and quickly left the scene.

He returned to the area 10 minutes later and pretended to discover the ammunition, before alerting administrators and sending the school into lockdown.

Hello, early retirement.

Time to pay up!

The beast is hungry:

A proposed hike in Illinois’ annual registration fee for electric vehicles, from $17.50 to $1,000, is being called unfair by current EV owners, and a sales disincentive by manufacturers — just as the new technology is beginning to gain broader traction.

This is what happens after decades of out of control spending and debt accumulation: taxes go up! That, by the way, is a 5,614% increase in the registration fee.

Disavow Now!

The Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil:

It's amazing how little they know me, that they think persistence will work against me when SJWs have been attacking me relentlessly for at least 14 years. Their newest line is that Unauthorized is a scam, which indicates that they have no idea what the investment opportunity I have mentioned is about. Which, I'm sure is more than a little amusing to all of the Arkhaven backers.

I laughed at the update.

The Religion That Must Not Be Named

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the arrests of two men in Ontario charged with possession of an explosive device is not related to national security.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Police say officers searching the home found hazardous, explosive materials as well as a detonator device.

The two men – identified as Reza Mohammadiasl, 47, and Mahyar Mohammadiasl, 18 – were charged with possession of an explosive device.