New India economics update

There has been a lot of talk lately about Canada’s dismal growth, but now a new report warns that we could be stuck in it for another two decades. The study from Canadian financial firm Omnigence warns that Canada is headed for a “protracted bout of stagflation” in which the country will continue to suffer low growth and higher inflation.

Obviously, Canada needs to import a few billion immigrants RIGHT NOW!

Canada is expected to have the lowest real growth rate among countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development over the next three years, but that doesn’t take into account its rapid rise in population, says the report.

When you look at GDP per capita — “the only metric that matters in the real world” — Johnston argues that Canada has been experiencing “early onset” stagflation for almost a decade. After years of rising steadily, that metric has been flat in U.S. dollar terms since 2013.

Yeah, that's what happens when the political elite imports millions of people with their billions of dollars to prop up the housing market. We get positive! GDP growth but the average Canadian suffers a significant decline in living standards.

Canada has the highest share of investment in housing in the OECD, making it overly reliant on real estate for GDP growth.

“Simply put, Canadians spend far too much on housing, use excessive amounts of leverage to do so, at prices that are far beyond any reasonable interpretation of affordability,” said Johnston.

Ruled by foreigners

Colored invader rapes German women. Punishment? Sensitivity training!

After an Afghan asylum seeker in Germany admitted to raping and assaulting numerous girls over the course of three years, a judge ruled in August that the migrant would not get any jail time. Instead, he would receive probation and sensitivity training, Fox News Digital can confirm.

Germans sing, "Germany for the Germans!" That's completely reasonabl--GO TO JAIL!

The Big Lie

The entire system showers colored people with billions of dollars of cash while White people pay the bills. Yet, the systematic RAYCISSM that morons blather about is supposed to benefit Whites.

Save yourself from DIE-versity!

One of the ironic consequences of diversity hires in the medical field will be the spectacular incomes of White and Asian doctors with degrees from American institutions. All the wealthy people in the world know that these are the top-notch professionals in their fields. They will make millions because of global high demand.

It will be so funny when affluent lords in Africa reject all the black doctors in America and specifically fly over White doctors for their treatments!

1 in 4 going to the food bank

Quite a few food banks in Ontario have banned international students because they abused the system. Worse, some students posted videos about the "free food" they got. Two of them, a few weeks later, uploaded a video about their brand new, shiny car! Shameless and honorless. If Canada was ruled by serious people, then these students would have been deported for fraud.

Is this White Privilege?

What a diabolical setup:

  • Crush the many competent and qualified White and Asian candidates.
  • Accept mediocrity of color.
  • Enhance the stature of the remaining White and Asian doctors.
  • Zero patient confidence in colored doctors in the future. They'll be mocked and avoided by those who are not retarded.

It'll be amusing to see the remarks about VITE SOUPEMACY! when smart patients start asking for White or Asian doctors for themselves and their children. The precious few intelligent and competent black and latino doctors who should have been role models will unfairly be lumped in with the mediocre diversity.

This is MCGA country!

That's how it works in Clown World. Cry about RAYCISSM, The Enemy of the People pumps the story, and after a few months, get cash!

I wonder how much money those firebombed churches will get ...

Don't be soft

He's perfectly aware that nothing will happen to him. A livestreamed public flogging would provide sufficient incentives for such future scholars.

The New New Delhi

The family of the three-month-old boy killed in a wrong-way crash on Highway 401 the same year he was born are mourning his death, remembering the “joy and happiness” he brought them.

[...] Aditya and his grandparents were killed in a crash on Highway 401 in Whitby, Ont., at the end of April.

An Indian baby and his Indian grandparents were killed by an Indian driver who was speeding after robbing a liquor store. This happened in Canada.

Don't come to Canada

Many shady employers pay cash to employees. The minimum wage is $16.55. So, the workers get around $10/hr. All illegal, of course. However, it's going to be tough to beat this one:

A new job posting for a role at a Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart location is causing a stir this week due to the fact that it boldly seeks a worker to perform what many feel should be paid duties, but for free.

Loblaws, which owns Shoppers Drug Mart, made a profit of $2 billion last year. Millions of imported workers that suppressed wages for years just wasn't enough. Now, they want foreign slaves to work for $0.

"I receive alot of emails and LinkedIn messages asking for volunteer opportunities, but I don't respond. However, I saw that volunteer is an option on LinkedIn when you post for a job, and I just wanted to try it to see if I can help anyone gain Canadian experience (as other kinds of jobs do usually) knowing that I have full staff now," he says.

How convenient. Of course, he would never ever trim his paid workers for those lovely Paid-In-Experience slaves volunteers.

Auto go bye bye

Canada's record breaking transformation:

Auto theft insurance claims for replacing stolen vehicles in Canada skyrocketed to a record-breaking $1.5 billion last year, according to latest data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

The industry association says 2023 marks the second year where costs topped $1 billion, averaging $556 million annually between 2018 and 2021. Last year’s increase represents a 20 per cent jump from 2022, which previously held the record. [...]

Canada’s most populous province has been hit the hardest, according to IBC. Ontario auto theft claim costs climbed by 524 per cent between 2018 and 2023.

It would be interesting to overlay the graph of higher auto theft claims with the one regarding increased immigration into Canada. The correlation would be quite something.

“In many cases, stolen vehicles are exported to these markets by domestic and international criminal organizations,” the report stated. “The proceeds are then used to finance drug trafficking, arms dealing and international terrorism.”

Scam artists go for gold

Foreigners are definitely doing the jobs that so many Canadians refuse to do:

Parmpal Sidhu, a 54-year-old man from Brampton, Ont., who worked in the warehouse, has been arrested and charged with theft over $5,000 and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. Meanwhile, a Canada-wide arrest warrant has been issued for Simran Preet Panesar, 31, also from Brampton. Mavity said Panesar worked as a manager and led police on "a tour" of the cargo facility after the theft, then resigned from Air Canada last summer.

Over $20 million worth of gold and cash was stolen! The other men who've been arrested and charged: Amit Jalota, Ammad Chaudhary, Ali Raza, Archit Grover, and Arsalan Chaudhary. Of course, if you notice anything, then you're a very-bad, horrible RAYCISS!

Those horrible mean RAYCISS!

Whites have been discriminated against to make way for mediocre and unscrupulous diversity.

“Having received the questions and answers, you come to decide you would, in breach of your oath of secrecy and that order, you would send the answers to some of your mentees, correct?” prosecutor Scott Hutchison asked Thursday.

“You’re correct about the act,” Clarke responded, “but with all due respect, Mr. Hutchison, I think it’s important you understand the moments that led up to that action – my experience with systemic racism, my experience with systemic unfairness and also my experience with the challenges and the barriers that Black members have endured, that Black members have felt.”

Translation: I'm black, oppressed, and black, and life is unfair, and black, so very very black. So, it's okay for me to lie and cheat to help other blacks.

Of course, what's truly super sad is:

Whatever the decision, the saddest part, perhaps, is that Clarke’s good intentions have so spectacularly backfired – the cheating scandal has tarnished her sterling reputation and has been seized upon by racists to question all non-white hires.

Black woman lies and cheats: GOOD INTENTIONS!

Sane people question how diversity Didn't Earn It: RAYCISS!

Teenage scholars

The fruits of die-versity:

A teenage girl was 'loaned out' by her 'lover boy' boyfriend to be sexually abused by his friends in Belgium who filmed the attack on their phones and shared images on social media, according to reports, in a case that has shocked the country.

The 14-year-old girl was abused by ten minors on up to three occasions between April 2 and April 6 over the Easter holidays, prosecutors say.

No names, of course. Though, we do get this predictable detail:

Prosecutors arrested ten suspects aged between 11 and 16 - all reported by local outlets to be boys of 'immigrant origin' - and hauled them in for interrogation.

UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, ...

Absolutely shocking news from the UK:

High levels of immigration have failed to enhance the economy and have worsened the housing crisis in the UK, according to a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). [...]

"Large-scale migration has not delivered the economic benefits its defenders argue it should – with the era of mass migration coinciding with a significant slowdown in GDP per capita growth," former Conservative minister and co-author of the report, MP Neil O’Brien, said.

And he stressed, "It has also put significant strain on public services and infrastructure: migrants may bring skills with them but they cannot bring additional roads, school places, or GP surgeries. Unprecedented levels of migration have put upward pressure on rents and house prices."

It's the same insidious policies across most of the West. Import millions to drive down middle class wages while the real estate market spikes which shuts out the younger generations from owning a basic home. Couples have to work full-time jobs just to pay their rent. Add in the inflation over the past four years, and they can't even save for a down payment.

Meanwhile, certain immigrants have no qualms about lying. They provide fake income documents to the bank, get a giant mortgage, and then illegally rent out the house to over a dozen new immigrants. Viola! They've got cash flow to pay the mortgage. After a few years, they pull the same stunt and get a second house and so on.

I heard a story about a friend of a co-worker who had to wait for over a year to see a dermatologist. She could have had cancer but she couldn't know for sure for more than twelve months. And this was in 2010. In the meantime, Prime Minister Zoolander of Canada has imported over five million high-skilled scholars into the country. Their talents are being utilized by Tim Hortons, McDonald's, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Uber, ...

Those very bad no good men!

Yeah, construction firms must be shredding entire boxes of job applications from women every day!

On the subject of strength, this brought back a funny memory. My mom brought me a jar and told me to open it. She started turning around to attend to other matters when I swiftly twisted the lid and motioned the jar back with a prompt. She abruptly flipped and swore at me! I was confused. She told me that she had tried for many minutes and then it was no issue for me. She was just very irritated.

How does one spell die-versity?

The suspected hitmen accused of killing B.C. Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar have been arrested, the RCMP confirmed Friday.

The RCMP took three Indian nationals into custody on Friday morning, almost a year after Nijjar was gunned down at the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Surrey, B.C.

You've got to hand to the globalists and their supporters: these Indians definitely did the job that Canadians just won't do!

Cultural enrichment is imminent

Ukraine will import millions of Indians and African men. The sex ratio is going to be insane. Sexual assaults will go through the roof. Of course, anyone who opposes this is RAYCISSS!

Anglo vs. Indians

Frauds, scams, fake credentials, and now looting liquor:

These thieves ought to be hanged right outside the LCBO store and that man deserves a medal. The scoundrels with their commentary should be publicly named and shamed.

Won't you feel sorry for the Jews?

The colored puppets turned out to be pretty vicious:

This is America!

Lovely story from NY:

A high school soccer game at a public field in East Harlem was canceled after a group of migrants refused to leave the pitch so the kids could play.

“I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f–k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want,'” said Erik Johansson, the coach of the Manhattan Kickers 17-year-old boys travel team.

The real estate mirage

Yeah, the math just doesn't work in major cities. Here's an extreme example:

As I've written before. Let's see some numbers about the house that my retired barber bought and compare that to the reality of today.

  • Time: Early 70s.
  • Profession: Barber (with stay at home wife)
  • Annual income: $20,000
  • Loans: From dad and friends
  • Price of house: $55,000
  • Loans paid off in 3 years!

An example in the news from last year:

  • Annual income of professional couple: $200,000
  • Looking at house near Toronto
  • Price of house: ~$1.2 million
  • Bank refuses loan!

So, a barber working alone could afford to buy an average house fifty years ago in Canada. Today, an educated, credentialed, and hard working couple working full time while making 10 times the income of that barber can't even get a mortgage! And note this is comparing the same Greater Toronto Area of Canada.

I would bet a $1,000 that the barber could sell his house for an easy $1.5 million in the red-hot real estate market now.

Bend over or get out!

The wealthy will quietly shift their capital out while the middle will get squeezed hard.

I'm sure Harvard will be paying more, right?