Diversity is Death

This is the Muslim edition of Diversity is Death.

An Afghan murders his French sugar daddy:

The president of a pro-migrant association that delivered assistance to the homeless was found murdered at his home in Bretteville-en-Saire, east of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche), according to Actu.

Retired teacher and former director of Gonneville School, Jean Dussine, 63, was president of Itinérance, a group that helped vulnerable migrants. Dussine was found dead this morning at his home, believed to be beaten with an iron rod as he slept. Migrants, who Dussine was hosting, sounded the alarm when they found the educator’s dead body, according to Ouest France.

Since the brutal murder, a young twenty-year-old Afghan migrant, who Dussine had been housing, has been arrested and placed under local police custody.

Another story about an Afghan migrant but this time in Sweden:

A 20-year-old Afghan migrant is facing prosecution for allegedly raping a Swedish girl under the age of 15 whose family he had lodgings with.

The incident is said to have taken place during the night of April 13th earlier this year and involved the Afghan adult sexually abusing the young girl by performing various sexual acts on her over a period of around two hours.

One of the best ways to learn the glorious benefits of diversity is to have a Syrian refugee as a teacher in school:

According to classmates, a “teacher” with Syrian nationality from the Refugee Teachers Programme grabbed a pupil in the 6th grade by the neck and pressed him against the blackboard. The reason for this is said to have been that the student allegedly did not follow a command.

Surely, the Germans will react with the utmost consideration and mercy in the coming years. After all, they were superb role models in the previous century.

Debt Deflation

I exchanged a few Canadian dollars into US dollars at the end of February. I thought that the pandemic with its tremendous downside would decrease the price of oil and lead to a stronger US dollar. Still, I was shocked by the sheer speed with which it appreciated. The US to CAD exchange rate had been in the range of 1.29-1.36 for over a year and then in under a month, it went from 1.31 to 1.46! It wouldn't surprise me to see that by the end of this year, a) the USD to CAD exchange rate cracks 1.5, and b) the Grand Financial Casino aka the US stock market is down by a significant amount; let's say SPY under 200.

Also, as one reader at Vox Day writes, the dollar will continue to get stronger. The economists in charge have pumped up staggering amounts of debt for decades. The debt-powered GDP growth can't last forever. This just might be the beginning of the end.

The Excellent Eco

Umberto Eco was a supremely knowledgeable and magnificent writer. His Foucault's Pendulum was maddeningly chaotic and confusing but ends with profound clarity. As an Agatha Christie fan, his The Name of the Rose was rich and glorious. It must have been quite an experience for Taleb to have met the great man.

Those tolerant Muslims

Muslims enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization while gleefully starting fires to burn the whole tree down. This is why diversity is death.

No CNE in 2020

A once-in-a-century pandemic leads to the cancellation of the Canadian National Exhibition:

The Canadian National Exhibition has cancelled its 2020 event, marking the first time since the Second World War that Canada's largest fair will not be held.

The annual fair had been scheduled to run from Aug. 21 to Sept. 7 at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

"Safety always comes first at the CNE, and the decision to cancel our event is the right decision during this critical time to protect the health of all Canadians," said John Kiru, president of the Canadian National Exhibition Association, in a statement.

I went there last year. Physical distancing at an event of that scale is basically impossible. It's very sad but the organizers had no choice.

Organizers say the CNE generates $128 million for the Ontario economy each year and attracts more than 1.4 million visitors.

The pain isn't over.

Famous Jogger

Ahmaud Arbery had a history of, er, jogging:

Won't you feel sorry for these poor Muslims?

Garbage people shocked at getting garbage food:

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city would be delivering 500,000 free meals to Muslims during the month of Ramadan. [...]

Still, when Rima Begum opened the iftar meal she received from the city, she recoiled in disgust. Oozing from a sealed silver bag was a mush of corn, chicken and potatoes.

"It reminded me of how when I was a kid you would learn about astronaut food," Begum told Middle East Eye. "I wouldn't eat this; I wouldn't give this to my family," she said.

Two questions:

  1. When did it become the responsibility of the government to send food to the enemies of civilization Muslims?
  2. Was Rima really expecting good quality, nutritious food from assholes who made the food pyramid and created the most obese country on Earth?

Oink Oink!

A Winnipeg woman said she will continue to advocate for body positivity after being the subject of misogynistic comments in a private group chat involving NHL players. [...]

In it, the group of men made comments about different women's online photos, including Zajac's, writing comments like "oink oink," "she's actually disgusting" and "I honestly hope their [sic] fat so I can just degrade them." The men also insulted other NHL players.

That last sentence is very illuminating. Nobody cares that they insulted men. Men are strong and they can take it. However, women are weak, fragile, and deeply insecure. So, any negative commentary about them won't be tolerated. Equality!

University of Manitoba men's hockey player Jeremey Leipsic, Brendan's younger brother, was also on the chat. In an emailed statement sent to CBC News, the Bisons said they kicked him off the team Thursday.

Making fun of a whale in a private chat is now a firing offense in the current year.

The Halaal Dominion of Canada

The useful infidels go after a blasphemer:

A "disturbing, Islamphobic tweet" on the city of Brampton's decision to allow mosques to broadcast the call to prayer has prompted the Peel District School Board to remove one of its school council chairs and launch an investigation into comments it says are "never acceptable."

Ravi Hooda doesn't know that it's THE CURRENT YEAR!

"Our noise by-law originally passed in 1984 and only included an exemption for Church bells," Brampton mayor Patrick Brown said in a tweet. "It will now include all faiths within the permitted hours and decibel levels. The Muslim community can proceed with the sunset azan because it's 2020 [and] we treat all faiths equally."

"What's next? Separate lanes for camel & goat riders, allowing slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice, bylaw requiring all women to cover themselves from head to toe in tents to appease the piece fools for votes," replied a user by the name of Ravi Hooda.

Funny, his legitimate questions went unanswered. Anyway, the reaction was swift. He was removed from his local school board and then fired by his real estate company. His sorry grovelling didn't help:

Hooda said he removed his tweet and immediately put out another one apologizing "unconditionally," but that the action hasn't made much difference.

Never apologize!

There will be war

Shocking news from Denmark:

As many as 76 percent of immigrants and descendants from Muslim countries, including Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan and Somalia, think it should be illegal to criticize Islam, the study “Freedom of Speech in Denmark” from the Danish Ministry of Justice has found.

The over 800-page thick report was commissioned by former Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen in 2017 and took three years to compile.

For the sake of comparison, merely 18 percent of the Danish population aged 16 to 74 hold the same opinion.

The Danish Immigration Minister states the obvious.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that transplanting people from one culture to another is more difficult than one had imagined, he believes.

Yeah. Learn from your errors. Send the evil clowns back to their shitholes.

Those peaceful Pakis

This Muslim is just exploding with tolerance.

“Beheading is the only punishment for those who mock the Prophet Muhammad,” Ali Muhammad Khan tweeted this week in the Urdu language, UCA News reported Friday.

In his remarks, Mr. Khan was addressing reports that Ahmadis, members of an Islamic revival movement founded in Punjab, had been given representation on a newly established National Minorities Council in Pakistan. Among their beliefs, Ahmadis hold that Muhammad was not the last prophet.

“Separate the head from the body. Separate the head from the body. Allahu Akbar!” Khan wrote.

That last bit reads like lyrics from a Paki rap song.

Separate the head from the body!

Separate the head from the body!

[Video of heads rolling down a hill in a super peaceful manner.]

Allah Akbar!

[Cue bhangra dance.]

[Repeat times 10.]


"Edmonton Men"

A tip from a government of Northwest Territories employee led RCMP to arrest three Edmonton men for drug trafficking after the trio were denied entry into the territory Tuesday, according to police.

Edmonton men?

Police charged Mohammed Hamza Mahmood, 27, Ismail Hassan Farah, 24, and Farah Ahmed Aden, 23, with trafficking and possessing cocaine and cathinone along with obstructing a peace officer.

Ah, yes. Those are some famous Canadian surnames.

Taiwan defeats the Coronavirus

How many new cases in Taiwan over the past five days? Zero.

Few governments around the world are likely to emerge from the pandemic with a stronger standing than before. Taiwan is one of them -- and that’s not good for China.

Taiwan was forced to contain the outbreak without official help from the World Health Organization and other international bodies, thanks to China’s longstanding push to isolate the democratically ruled island that it claims as its territory. For weeks, leaders in Taipei struggled to evacuate residents from the virus epicenter in Wuhan, as Beijing rejected basic conditions such as having Taiwanese medical personnel aboard the aircraft. [...]

Despite those hurdles, Taiwan has led the world in its fight against the virus, with only about 400 infections and six deaths for a population of 23 million. By comparison, New York state -- with slightly fewer people -- had almost 300,000 cases and more than 22,000 deaths.

Restaurants are open. The schools weren't shut down. Taiwan didn't obliterate its economy. Therefore, it's strange that so many passionate people don't use Taiwan as a model example of No Lockdown.

What Taiwan did:

  • Two-week quarantine for recent travellers.
  • Schools teach kids to wash their hands thoroughly.
  • Banning the exports of masks, hand sanitizers, digital thermometers, etc.
  • Mandatory masks for everyone! By late March, Taiwan was producing over 10 million masks a day.
  • Personal distancing measures in public transit, schools, cafeterias, malls, etc. The virus simply doesn't get the chance to spread.

Also, it helps to have an intelligent, homogeneous population that follows the common sense rules.

Sweden vs. Neighbours

Sweden's experiment is quite costly. The death rate per million in Sweden is six times higher than its two, next-door neighbours. That ugly ratio is going to get worse for Sweden. According to the recent daily stats, three people died from the virus in Norway.

Sweden's latest one-day body count? 124.

Country Confirmed Deaths


per million

Sweden 21,092 2,586 256
Denmark 9,158 452 78
Norway 7,738 210 39
Finland 4,995 211 38

High lethality

That's almost 21,000 excess deaths in 46 days in NYC. The worst flu season of the last decade killed an estimated 80,000 people in the entire Unites States. It's quite possible that Corona will end up killing more people than that in NYC before the year is over.

First time! In history!

All he had to do was look at the US a few years back when quite a few "healthy" doctors and nurses were quarantined. Why? The quarantines -- 21 days! -- were an "overreaction" when a couple of doctors returned from Africa with the Ebola virus and one of them died.

A holy month to remember

Life in the largest Muslim country:

THOUSANDS of Muslim men are seen attending a packed Friday prayer service despite concerns of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Faithful Muslims flocked to the Lhokseumawe mosque in the religiously conservative province of Aceh, Indonesia, to mark the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

We've been reliably told that the coronavirus only infects infidels. Muslims are totally safe. No need to worry. Science!

There are currently 8,211 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Indonesia and 869 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Experts anticipate with no coherent lockdown plans, the numbers will escalate.

Assault on the body

One month ago when the country went into lockdown to prepare for the first wave of coronavirus cases, many doctors felt confident they knew what they were dealing with. Based on early reports, covid-19 appeared to be a standard variety respiratory virus, albeit a contagious and lethal one with no vaccine and no treatment. They’ve since seen how covid-19 attacks not only the lungs, but also the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver and brain.

This novel coronavirus is vicious:

Lewis Kaplan, a University of Pennsylvania physician and head of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, said every year doctors treat people with clotting complications, from those with cancer to victims of severe trauma, “and they don’t clot like this.”

“The problem we are having is that while we understand that there is a clot, we don’t yet understand why there is a clot,” Kaplan said. “We don’t know. And therefore, we are scared.” [...]

Although there was no consensus on the biology of why this was happening and what could be done about it, many came to believe the clots might be responsible for a significant share of U.S. deaths from covid-19 — possibly explaining why so many people are dying at home.

She couldn't resist the apple

Yup. Men usually don't buy stuff because it's sooo delicious, sooo cute, or it was 50% off! That's why the marketing is geared towards women.

Damaged survivors

Yeah, it's scary. You'll most likely recover if you get the virus but you'll also have complications. Just how serious? Well, we'll be learning that the hard way. That's the nature of a novel coronavirus.

Taleb on Sweden

That's the nature of the risk with herd immunity. The politicians in Sweden chose a more functioning economy over a few extra alive and healthy.

Population: 38 million
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~2,000

Population: 10 million
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~2,000

Norway + Finland + Denmark
Population: 16.5 millon
Deaths from Coronavirus: ~720

The numbers for Sweden are only going to get worse.

Pampered Pelosi

Let's showcase premium ice cream in a $24,000 freezer while Americans are suffering through the worst economic time in a century.

It truly was a stunning display of ignorance, poor taste, and mediocre politics. Nobody close to her thought that this was a very bad idea?

Deadly weekend in Nova Scotia

One man went full psycho and murdered over a dozen people:

RCMP say 17 people are dead, including one of their officers, after a man who at one point wore a police uniform and drove a mock-up cruiser went on a rampage across northern Nova Scotia in one of the deadliest killing sprees in Canadian history.

Police said Sunday night the suspected shooter, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman, was killed after being intercepted by officers in Enfield, N.S.

The Sweden Experiment

Sweden, for now, is defending its lax approach to the Coronavirus. Lena Einhorn is definitely not amused:

Lena Einhorn, a virologist who has been strongly critical of Sweden's strategy, told the Sunday Telegraph she was in disbelief that Dr Tegnell could present this week's figures as good news.

She said: "In Finland on Thursday the cumulative number was 13 dead per million inhabitants, in Sweden it was 130 per million inhabitants. Finland: 75 dead, Norway: 152 dead, Sweden: 1,333 dead.

"And yet Anders Tegnell is saying 'we are feeling very hopeful'. What are they hopeful about?"

Also, according to the experts, Sweden could get to "herd immunity" next month. My understanding is that over 50% of the population would need to be infected for that to happen. If that's true, then many more thousands will die in Sweden in the coming weeks.

All within the state

Their propaganda factories are threatened by those parents who home school their kids. So, their solution is predictable: put those parents in jail and force their kids into the factories.

Just like the flu, again

The Coronavirus has infected fewer people than the flu while killing more people than the flu in the US! How the fuck can its mortality rate be lower!? Let's take a look at how the percentages were calcuated:

The influenza mortality rate = (deaths/people infected) * 100%

The Corona mortality rate = (deaths/total US population) * 100%

What kind of horse shit comparison is that? Let's use the correct formula to get the mortality rate for Corona in the USA at this moment in time:

The Corona mortality rate = (deaths/people infected) * 100%

= (39,014/738,830) * 100%

= 5.28%

Yeah, just like the flu.

Diversity is strength!

Sweden is dealing with higher cases of Corona from immigrants:

Immigrants from Somalia and some parts of the Middle East are heavily over-represented among those infected by COVID-19 in Sweden, according to the Public Health Authority.

During its recent press conference, the agency said that this particularly applied to Somalis, but also immigrants from Iraq, Syria, Finland, Turkey, Iran, the former Yugoslavia, and Eritrea.

“We have an over-representation of people born abroad”, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said, singling out those with Somalia and Iraq as the country of origin.

Just like the flu

Many have made asinine comparisons to the flu. See, the flu killed X last year whereas Corona has killed less than X. Therefore, not as bad as the flu!

What they don't notice is that a) the Corono R0 is extremely high, and b) Corona just made its debut; it needs a few weeks to warm up:

A few concrete numbers from NYC:

New York had 4,749 deaths as a result of influenza and pneumonia in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control (statistics for 2019 were not available). The New York City Department of Health said that roughly 2,000 of those deaths happen within the five boroughs every year.

If divided equally over the course of a year, slightly under 400 New Yorkers died each month in 2018 from the flu or pneumonia, around 167 of whom were in the city. It is consistently one of the top five causes of death in the state and NYC.

Total deaths from the flu in NYC in 2018: 2,000

Deaths, so far, from the Coronavirus in NYC in 2020: 11,477

Poor instincts

Like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi is also totally tone-deaf: