A train wreck

There was a psycho girl from Pakistan who lived in the US. She blogged about her crazy leftist beliefs. I would simply provide excerpts and critique her logic and reasoning abilities. Her response? She cried like a little girl and wrote that I was a "cyber bully".

That was definitely amusing.

She had to look at her blog stats, click to arrive at my site, and then read my devastatingly brutal words about herself. All she could conjure up was: U R CYBER BULLY!

It was quite surreal to witness such a combination of mental retardation and emotional weakness. Eventually, she decided to nuke her blog. Sad!

So very progressive

The logic of equality means that women lose:

Last year, Hoffman was a mediocre cross-country runner on Seattle Academy’s boys’ team. During freshman year, Aspen Hoffman competed as a boy and finished 72nd in the League finals. Now, as a sophomore competing as a girl, Hoffman broke Seattle Academy’s school record in the girls’ 5000-meter category and ranks 1st in League.

The parents are pussies.

Parents are terrified to even raise concerns about Hoffman’s presence on the girls’ team. Another parent noted, “parents are upset but they know it has to go to the state committee, which isn't politics, it's the state high school board, and unless there's any kind of pressure put on them to change the rule nothing's going to happen.”

You'll drink water and you'll be happy!

No fooling Betty:

Betty Henry, a consumer in London, Ont., has been using E.D Smith's Pumpkin Pie Filling for 50 years to make pies for Thanksgiving. She says she noticed a difference in the filling as soon as she opened the can this year.

The pie filling used to list vegetable oil as the third-largest share in the ingredient list.

In the new version of the product that Henry used this year, vegetable oil had been moved to sixth place. And taking its place at third? Water.

The company watered down the product and then, to add insult to injury, spiked the price by 50% in under two years.

The price of the pumpkin pie filling has increased by more than 50 per cent since January 2021. At that time, the pie filling was $3.99. In October 2022, it had gone up to $6.03 at Loblaws stores in Toronto. Both versions of the can were 540 millilitres.

It's understandable when businesses have to increase prices. Shrinking the product packaging has become standard practice. Still, uncool. However, boosting the water content while keeping the same product name is scummy.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

2019-07-14: ODI World Cup final win against the Kiwis.
2019-08-25: Test match win against the Aussies. Yes, that one.
2022-11-13: T20 World Cup final win against Pakistan.

Ben Stokes had played 42 T20 matches before today. Shockingly, he hadn't scored a single fifty in over ten years! He finally decided to slay that statistic in the World Cup final. The calm and cool cricketer has his trifecta. Ben Stokes has played three great matches in all formats. The ODI final, the Ashes last-wicket victory, and the full redemption for his devastating loss against West Indies in the T20 final in 2016 by making his highest score against Pakistan today.

Many columns will be written, documentaries will be made, and movies will be shot about Ben Stokes: one of the greatest cricket players from England.

Is there anything more he can do? Well, there is only one achievement left: winning the Test championship. If I had to bet ...

The greatest English team ever?

Is this English team on the path to greatness or will the Pakistanis spoil their party?

After all, for England's white-ball agenda-setters, this Melbourne match is a date with destiny of a subtly different magnitude. At some point in the next 48 hours, weather permitting, we shall know if England have managed to become the first men's team in history to hold both the 50-over and 20-over World Cups simultaneously, and by dint of that achievement, whether they have conferred on themselves a measure of greatness that a select few teams in history can claim to have achieved.

They've definitely been the most improved team of the past six years. They're handling pressure and making it to the finals of major events. Hopefully, we get a proper 40-over match. It would be such a loss for the players and the fans if the miserable rain were to ruin this historical contest.

Exceeding the minimum balance

So, the banksters at JP Morgan Chase must have known about the Ponzi scheme but didn't do anything about it.

The Dark Knight rests

The Voice of Batman is no more:

Kevin Conroy, the prolific voice actor who defined Batman for generations of audiences, died Thursday after a short battle with cancer, Warner Bros. announced. He was 66.

Conroy voice-starred in the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series from 1992-96, and continued on with the role through nearly 60 different productions, spanning 15 films and 400 episodes of television as well as video games. In recent years, he was a fixture on the comic convention circuit.

30 Years Later II

England treated Australia with utter contempt in the semi-final of the 2019 World Cup. Today, they did much worse to India:

Since that defeat to Ireland, where they kept second-guessing themselves, England have batted and bowled with ultimate clarity. The selection of Hales was one of ultimate clarity. He came with solid experience in Australian conditions. They needed that experience. Buttler made the call. And now here is the payoff.

A player who, for a long time, came to be known as a disruptive force within the England team was given a second chance. And he's repaid their faith with an innings that broke the biggest superpower in the world of cricket.

Hales equalled India's tally of sixes all by himself - seven - reducing their bowlers to rubble.

The Indians have made a terrible habit of not winning major titles:

  • 2017 Champions Trophy final: Pakistan crushed them.
  • 2019 World Cup semi-final: smothered by the Kiwis.
  • 2021 Test Championship final: Kiwis, again.
  • 2021 T20 World Cup first match: losing by ten wickets to Pakistan.
  • 2022 T20 World Cup semi-final: annihilated by England.

India's major problem? Their bowling attack is not strong enough to win gold. They wouldn't end up with multiple ten-wicket defeats if they did.

On Sunday, we should get a proper battle. The fierce, fire-breathing English batsmen vs. the dangerous, volatile Pakistani bowlers. "The Legend" Ben Stokes vs. "The Falcon" Afridi. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the scores were level after 40 overs?

Debt is not your friend

Highest inflation in 40 years + job losses + increasingly higher interest rates + crypto crash + stock market bubble pop + real estate downturn = PAIN

30 Years Later

Pakistan started its 1992 World Cup campaign with two losses. If other matches didn't have unexpected outcomes, then they would have been knocked out of the tournament. I watched the Inzi-powered Pakistan beat New Zealand in the semi-final to face England in the final in Melbourne, Australia. Of course, Pakistan won.

Pakistan started its 2022 T20 World Cup campaign with two losses. If other matches didn't have unexpected outcomes, then they would have been knocked out of the tournament. Today, Pakistan beat New Zealand in the T20 World Cup semi-final and, it's likely, that they'll face England in the final on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. Of course, ...

Magical words don't work here

It's impossible to hide the vaxxed body when someone dies from SUDDENLY. Just like it's difficult to hide the crime when relatives have guns pointed at their faces.

Shut your mouth!

The the best policy at any workplace: don't share your political opinions.

Thrilling and Spectacular

Going through high school, university and later, I watched three World Cups where Australia slaughtered their opponents. Starting from the semi-final in 1999, the Aussies went undefeated in their next two magnificent campaigns.

Now, in 2022, the Australians (who else?) were defending their World title. Given their glorious history, fighting attitude, and home advantage, somehow, they couldn't even make the semi-finals!

This World Cup started with a bang and then it got so much better.

  • West Indies eliminated; couldn't even make the main event which has 12 teams.
  • New Zealand crush Australia by 89 runs. Total humiliation! This simply doesn't happen in a global tournament!
  • A full 40-over match between India and Pakistan. What a classic. Whatever the Indians are paying Kohli is not enough.
  • Ireland beats the mighty English. The favorites lost against a small team.
  • Another 40-over match where Pakistan shockingly loses to Zimbabwe.
  • New Zealand clash with England and lose.
  • Pakistan dominates South Africa to keep their chances alive.
  • Australia huff and puff against Afghanistan. They win but it's not enough. Their atrocious net run rate costs them.
  • Did someone say choke? Netherland, for the first time in history, defeats South Africa! Pakistani and Bangladeshi fans are saying their prayers. It's a quarter-final!
  • Every single team has lost, at least, one match.

This has been one of the most incredible cricket World Cups of all time. My prediction from last month for the final four:

  1. Australia
  2. England
  3. India
  4. Pakistan

Off by one. New Zealand definitely earned their place by annihilating Australia.

Beyond the margin of fraud

Voters in America are not happy:

As Republicans continue to expand their leads in polling across the country, Democrats are worried that the leads may soon grow beyond the normal margin of Democrat cheating.

"Yeah, normally our big-city vote harvesting machines and slimy election procedures are good for a bump of a few percentage points, but Republican poll numbers may have even grown beyond that," said a visibly nervous DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, (they/them). "I don't understand why people care more about feeding their kids than they do about voting in literal mega-MAGA, far-right, Nazi, alt-right, white supremacist, Nazi, fascist-adjacent Nazis. It could be the end of democracy!"

Lean Genetics

I knew a guy like that in university. He ate insanely huge meals. Fries, snacks, sugary juices, desserts, sodas, more snacks. It was surreal because he looked like a tall toothpick. It was like his body didn't know how to store calories. Not an ounce of fat on him. It would definitely be interesting to see the genetic and hormonal differences that make these people so efficient.

Very Bad Person

Are you an ELECTION DENIER!? Are you an INSURRECTIONIST!? Are you a TRUMP SUPPORTER!? OMG, literally a Nazi. Because we know that Nazis were famous for questioning their government.

Also, remember that there is no proof and there will be no proof of widespread election fraud. Just some very specific, targeted cheating in a few evenly divided states.

Avoid the cheap stuff

Big Sugar is definitely using cheaper and lower-quality ingredients in their bite-sized candies. I've noticed that with M&Ms. At first, I thought that it was unsatisfactory because of the small amount but nope; it just tastes off. I avoid almost all Hershey's. You couldn't pay me to eat that American garbage.

Various Japanese (Royce), Swiss (Lindt), German (Ritter Sport), and British (Cadbury) chocolates taste so much better.

Mistakes were made

Can you forget and forgive?

Acknowledging past decisions that, while well intended, were destructive, and learning a ragtag team of rebels might win again, the Galactic Empire has proposed amnesty for anyone who may have gotten a little carried away and blown up several planets.

"This is supposed to be a happy galaxy. Let's not bicker and argue about who annihilated whose planet," wrote Grand Moff Ardus Kaine in a guest opinion piece published by The Atlantic after polls showed destroying Alderaan just to get a politician to squeal did not sit well with the galaxy's citizens. "Oopsies happen. Forgive and forget, I always say."

Fascist America

The Democrats portray the opposition as against democracy. It's quite the projection. They silence their opposition online and conjure up magical votes to get Creepy in power. Their panic over twitter shows that they don't have total control over Elon. Given how closely divided the US is, even a small shift in the Narrative could mean huge election losses that are outside the margin of fraud.

How to destroy a country

What's better than importing one million people every three years? Opening the gates to one million every two years, of course!

The federal government is planning a massive increase in the number of immigrants entering Canada, with a goal of seeing 500,000 people arrive each year by 2025.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser revealed the new targets on Tuesday, saying the move was necessary to ensure Canada's economic prosperity as the country struggles with a labour shortage resulting in 1 million job vacancies.

It's simple economics. The job vacancies are because of low wages. Canada is a big place. The average young guy is not going to move to a different part of the country for a job that pays close to minimum wage. However, there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who would be more than happy to make $15/hour in Canada.

The average house close to Toronto (45 min. car ride, 90 min. train one-way) costs $1 million. Young people here can't afford to pay $5,000 a month for a mortgage for decades. However, new immigrants don't complain as ten of them live in a 3-bedroom apartment while each pays $200/month in rent.

The real estate situation will get worse in the long run as demand escalates while the supply can't keep up. Oh, and that's just the economics downside. The whole cultural enrichment aspect can't be denied.

Most Canadians understand this at some level. That's why they oppose increasing immigration. Unfortunately, nobody in the political spectrum stands up to this nonsense of inviting hordes of warring foreigners.

No mercy

Government increased its power and Big Pharma is still making billions of dollars from the vaxx. In Quebec, vaccine passports were required to shop at big grocery stores early this year. The government mandated that you must inject yourself with poison to buy food!

We're supposed to forget and move on? No. Won't happen.