Just some late night racing

Hamilton police have charged a 23-year-old man from Kitchener in connection with a downtown crash on Monday that killed a 64-year-old man.

A few paragraphs later, we get the name:

Police have charged Abdul Wahab Jouria, 23, of Kitchener with dangerous driving causing death. The investigation is still ongoing, with police saying they believe speed and street racing played a part in this crash.

That famous Kitchener Man: Abdul!

Life is tough

It's tougher when you're stupid:

A Nova Scotia senior is planning to return to work at the age of 77 amid the strains of high living costs. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but it doesn’t look pretty,” Janet Brush says.

She lives on a fixed income and estimates she spends nearly half her money on rent alone.

This 77-years-old woman doesn't have a condo or a house!? Also, she lived through the most incredible stock market period over the past 40 years and she doesn't have enough money for retirement!? I know high school teachers who saved, invested, and have over a million dollars in their registered retirement plans. What the hell did she do with her earnings for all this time?

“I can’t go stocking shelves at Sobeys or flinging hamburgers — I can’t do that anymore,” Brush says. “I’ll have to rely on my intellectual skills, I guess.”

Good luck.

All over a coat!?

Visiting America, shopping in NYC, and then getting a bullet as a souvenir:

The NYPD is hunting a gun-toting shoplifter who opened fire inside JD Sports in Times Square Thursday night, wounding a Brazilian tourist. [...]

The gunman, described as a Hispanic make, also shot at police as he fled, according to officials, who have offered a $13,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. Officials said they are accusing him of the attempted murder of a police officer.

End of an empire?

McDonald’s CEO admitted the burger giant’s sales have taken a hit as jacked-up menu prices have turned off core customers — and signaled the chain plans to focus on “affordability” this year.

I've seen some crazy prices but this shocked me:

Over the summer, a franchisee in nearby Darien, Conn., was called out for charging $17.59 for Big Mac combo meal. That location also sold a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon meal that came with fries and a soda for $19, according to viral posts.

One quarter pounder meal for $19!? I was in Toronto last month and ordered three combos at a Thai take out place for US$17. Those were three huge meals with rice, noodles, chicken, shrimp, broccoli, etc. It's not only that cooking at home is significantly cheaper relative to McDonald's, other places have more reasonable prices.

Berry Berry Bad Parasite!

An Indian student in Canada decides to upload a video with this description:

Hello everyone, this video is about a day I went to a food bank in Canada, where you can get free food. I decided to shoot it and share it with you all.

The comments were quite spicy: shameful behavior, disgusting, thief, foodbank is for the needy not greedy. So, she turned the comments off.

The cherry on top is the video she uploaded next: Bought a New Car in Canada. Poor Canadians are learning about diversity the hard way.

What the $%!?

He's a few decades short of FU money there.

Law and Order

America will end as a country. Here's one big reason as to why:

Import the Third World, become...

Metro Transit, which provides public transportation for the Twin Cities metro area, announced last week that it is installing new signs at light rail and bus transit stations which outline acceptable behaviors from riders.

A few rules:

The expectations of riders include paying ride fare and wearing clothing. Paying for one fare equals paying for one seat, Metro Transit explains, telling riders to hold their belongings in their laps and not place them on an additional seat. [...]

Peeing and pooping while riding on Metro Transit vehicles falls under the “illegal” category, according to the signs. “Transit property is not a public restroom,” the new rules read. They also explain to riders that sexual assault is illegal. “Sexual contact without consent is forbidden,” the rules state.

The Twin Cities have been culturally enriched!

In September, crime on Metro Transit trains and buses was reportedly up 22% over 2022 and 50% over 2021, according to the Center of the American Experiment.

It isn't the work ethic

It keeps getting worse:

The reason Gen Z and millennials are “getting angry and entitled and whiny,” Scott says, isn’t because they’re any less willing to work than previous generations, but because they’ve got nothing to show for it.

“What’s sh-tty is, we’re holding up our end of the deal,” Scott says. “We’re staying in school. We’re going to college. We’ve been working since we were 15, 16 years old…doing everything that y’all told us to do so that we can what? Still be living in our parents’ homes in our late twenties?”

It's so strange when Boomers say that the younger generations are lazy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the cold math which illuminates the ugly reality.

An example from a different era:

  • Time: Early 70s.
  • Profession: Barber
  • Income: $20,000
  • Loans: From dad and friends
  • Price of house bought: $55,000
  • Loans paid off in 3 years

An example from last year:

  • A professional couple making $200,000
  • Looking at house near Toronto
  • Price of house: ~$1.2 million
  • Bank refuses loan!

So, a barber working alone could afford to buy an average house fifty years ago in Canada. Today, an educated and credentialed couple working full time while making 10 times the income of that barber can't even get a mortgage!

The same applies in the US:

To afford the median-priced home of $433,100, Americans need an annual income of roughly $166,600. However, the median household earns just $74,580, according to the brokerage Home Bay, and entry-level positions pay around half of that.

Incomes have been stagnant while the housing market has exploded. Decades ago, one income was enough for a nice house. At the turn of the century, two were needed. Now, a couple busting their butts looks at tiny condos.

Oh, and we haven't even looked at student loans, food prices, car expenses, the rising cost of health insurance, ...

Smell like curry

Welcome to Canada:

Someone just took the meaning of bed and breakfast to new heights. That’s because an ad posted to Kijiji shows a room for rent in Brampton for $350 a month.

Sounds like a steal, right? That is until you see the picture of the room and quickly realize it’s actually a bed in the middle of the kitchen.

Those are rookie numbers! He needs to pump those up. Put a bunk bed with three levels. Charge $500 each. There will definitely be diligent and honest international students who'll pay for that.

A sad decline

The democrats and their media puppets have branded Trump as the Hitler of our time. By logical extension, his supporters are Nazis. It would have been more prudent to attract them by listening to their valid concerns. A JFK or a Bill Clinton could definitely beat Trump. Instead, they've become the Party of Die-versity. In essence, they're anti-White.

Trump is the last great president before the civil war that will fracture America.

Just give Max the award

Cricinfo: ESPNcricinfo Awards 2023 Men's ODI batting nominees: the Gill, Maxwell, Klaasen and Head show.

Yeah, forget the best of the year, many consider it the greatest ODI batting performance of all time.

Australia were 91 for 7 in the 19th over, chasing 292. Afghanistan were on the brink of securing their first victory against Australia in all cricket. Maxwell, though, flipped the script with an astonishing assault - an unbeaten 201 off 128 balls, achieved in the face of cramps and muscle spasms that incapacitated him at the crease and made him rely solely on hand-eye coordination to launch boundaries as he did. Maxwell's double-century was the first in a chase in 4696 ODIs.

The psychological boost from that incredible win propelled Australia to their sixth title.

Not just Boeing

The crew at the airport didn't carefully check the Airbus:

A New York-bound Virgin Atlantic flight was canceled just moments before takeoff last week when an alarmed passenger said he spotted several screws missing from the plane’s wing.

It was an independent wing. It wants to soar by itself! It needs no oppressive screws!

Seriously, it begs the question: what the hell is the maintenance crew doing? If such a visible problem was ignored, then what other structural issues in the planes are creeping up?

Perverse incentives

It's so bizarre to see news stories of criminals in their early 20s who have been arrested over a dozen times. Yet, somehow, they are back on the streets attacking their next poor victim. It sends a clear and strong signal to other thugs that there are barely any consequences for their vicious activities. Just look at the "kids" who laugh, hit, and often kill pedestrians while driving cars. These murderers explicitly said that they'll be out in a few weeks or months because the justice system is a joke.

It was inferno

When will the oppression end!?

A woman has revealed she was 'virtually gang raped' by four male avatars in Meta's Horizon Worlds - and she said the trauma is similar to a real-world assault.

Speaking to DailyMail.com, psychotherapist and start-up co-founder Nina Patel said that her attackers may have felt ‘disinhibited’ due to being in a virtual world.

This brings back some ugly memories: the first time I played Counter-Strike. I was ruthlessly murdered 17 times in just a few minutes. I didn't even have a proper moment to mourn any of my brutal deaths. Literally shaking. Worse than the Holocaust.

Hopefully, the police can bring the culprits to justice!