Sucking at the basics

The Independent falsely claimed that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three black men after he was acquitted of all charges Friday for shooting three white men in self-defense during the August 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots.

How does any media outlet make that error after over a year of coverage?

Journalist Glenn Greenwald said that the same error had occurred in numerous Brazilian newspapers as well as in a Dutch publication Friday.

The best one can say about these retards is that they're utterly ignorant and incompetent.

Teenage Hero

The jury has decided:

After minutes of deliberation, the jury in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse has rendered the verdict that the defendant is in fact "A total legend." [...]

After hearing eyewitness testimony that Rittenhouse was threatened and then physically attacked by several men, and watching the video footage showing him deftly defending himself, jurors could be heard murmuring amongst themselves, “Wow, based," “What a unit,” and “I want to buy that kid a beer when we’re done here.”


The Enemy of the People should pay for their lies.


Bankster rules

JP Morgan’s billionaire chief executive Jamie Dimon was allowed to skip Hong Kong’s strict 21-day hotel quarantine rules because he runs “a very huge bank” with “key business in Hong Kong”, the territory’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, said on Tuesday.

Covid doesn't infect billionaires or wealthy actresses. It's Science!

In August, the government also granted an exemption to the Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman, who had flown into the territory to film a TV series, prompting a brief outcry from frustrated residents who have been forced to pay out for expensive hotel stays.

What wonderful "vaccines"!

Finally, the basic truth is fit for print:

Vaccines have been quite effective at preventing cases of COVID-19 that lead to severe illness and death, but none has proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, Jones noted. Recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by vaccines can wane in a matter of months.

The result is that even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread.

Time to bend over and pay Big Pharma tens of billions of more dollars for their useless extra booster jabs.

For any agency engaged in public messaging, “it’s very hard to convey uncertainty and remain authoritative," Bhopal said. "It’s a pity we can’t take the public along with us on that road of uncertainty.”

Yeah, far too many people do mind when they're lied to about putting ineffective and dangerous drugs into their bodies.

How does one catch up?

As mentioned in the video, a woman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada bought a house for $250,000 in 1999. Today, that house is worth $1.6 million. Average prices went up 33% in 2020 which means that property went up in price by roughly $400,000 in the last year. How does a majority of the populace even begin to earn enough money to afford a basic house in or near Toronto? Answer: They can't. They have to live outside the major cities. The way it's going, they'll have to leave Canada to afford a house.

Of course, the politicians are pouring gasoline over the fire. The prime minister of Canada is bringing in a million new immigrants over the next three years.

Do you love Big Brother?

The Intercept: Inflation Is Good for You.

No, that's not satire. That's a real heading.

First, inflation lessens the real value of debt. In 2020, American households had around $14.5 trillion in debt from their mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and other sources. Inflation of 6.2 percent means that the real value of that $14.5 trillion is now just $13.65 trillion in last year’s dollars.

Who borrows more money? Your average worker or your average company? The wealthy and the big corporations have mountains of debt. So, they benefitted bigly. Also, thanks to the Federal Reserve aka The Money Printer, the stock market has more than doubled from March 2020. Elon Musk's Tesla stock, for example, has increased by over 1,000% in that time frame. 

As prices increased 6.2 percent over the past year, wages for regular people went up 5.8 percent. In other words, inflation barely touched their purchasing power.

Reality is different from government statistics. Real estate is up over 25%. Food prices are up 33%. Gas is up by more than 50%. Yet, miraculously, the government reports that inflation is 6.2%. The purchasing power of the average person in America has absolutely cratered. Let's Go, Brandon!

The new NPC script has been uploaded:

Kiwis fight against history


New Zealand's record against Australia in 50-over World Cups and the Champions Trophy reads: P17 W3 L12. But in T20 World Cups, it's P1 W1.

Yeah, that's still an advantage for Australia. Plus, they won the toss and sent in the Kiwis to bat. Wouldn't it be something if Australia fail to score more runs or ... less? Now, that would be surreal and spectacular.


New Zealand get to 172/4. Four less than what Pakistan managed when they lost to Australia a few days ago.

Australia 82/1 after 10 overs. Kiwis can't get wickets. The team chasing is going to win again. No surprise there. Australia will soon add another trophy to their vast collection.

On Nov. 11: Australia scored more than 176 runs in 19 overs. Today: The Aussies scored over 172 runs in 18.5 overs. That's some chilling efficiency at the big stage.

Australia has reached the finals of World Cups seven times in the past 25 years. They've only lost two.

  • 1996
  • 1999
  • 2003
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2015
  • 2021

New Zealand has a most unwanted record. They got to the finals three times in their entire history: 2015, 2019, and 2021. Zero trophies!

Ackman got hacked, man!

Bill Ackman starts to understand the Enemy of the People:

Our first hand impressions of Kyle were materially different from those we had previously formed based on media reports and opinion pieces that we had consumed. I have always been frustrated to read an inaccurate press report about a subject I know well, yet somehow I continue to believe other articles in the same newspaper about subjects I know less well.

Bill Ackman is a hedge fund manager. He's part of the liberal financial elite. He made an absolute killing last year when the stock market crashed in the first quarter; something like $3 billion. Today, the corporate media can't believe that Ackman sees through their lies:

Honorary Whites

The inconvenient colored people are joining the oppressor club:

So many Asians work hard, make money, get ahead, form long-term marriages, and build wealth. They make other colored people look so bad! Didn't Asians get the oppression memo? Why do they have to be such prosperous assholes?

No mercy from the money printer

As I wrote a few months ago:

Eggs: $2 --> $2.8
Butter: $3 --> $3.5
Milk (4L): $4 --> $4.7
Coke (6 pack): $2 --> $2.8
Potatoes (10 lbs): $2 --> $4
TV dinner (300g): $2 --> $3
Peanut butter (1kg): $3 --> $4.5
Chicken legs (1 lb): $1.5 --> $2.5
Lean ground beef (1 lb): $3 --> $5

Milk and butter prices are set by the government in Canada. They're set to go up by roughly 30% by the end of March. The Federal Reserve increased the money supply by 40%. Prices are simply catching up. Imagine, if you made $20,000 a year and prices didn't change at all but your income crashed to $14,000. That's the same reality. This is the largest "tax increase" on the poor since the late 70s. 

History repeats

In the semi-final of the 2010 World Cup, Hussey smashed sixes to chase down the Pakistani total. Today, Wade hit three consecutive sixes to take Australia to the final match.

Pakistan was at 70/1 at the end of their ten overs whereas Australia was 89/3. Australia, thanks to Warner, had kept up with the run rate which allowed the lower order to wait out for the proper deliveries. The Pakistani bowling unit didn't deliver. Only Shadab Khan had a spectacular night -- taking four out of five wickets. Of course, that's not enough to stop the Aussies.

Just like in the 2019 World Cup, we'll have a completely new champion. New Zealand has played exceptionally well over the past six years but history is not on their side. Australia has the psychological edge.

Top ranked defeated

The Kiwis make it to the last match of the World Cup:

Finalists in 2015, Finalists in 2019, Finalists in 2021. And a World Test mace in between whiles. These are the times of their lives.

It was an astonishing and brutal display at the finish:

Oh, and here's Sampath with a stat to see you into the night: "New Zealand chased down 57 runs in the last four overs, the most target runs successfully chased by any team in men's T20Is at the death overs.

The other semi-final is tomorrow: Australia vs. Pakistan. If the Pakistani bowlers can't contain the aggressive Aussies, then we'll get a rematch of the ODI final from 2015.

The lies never end

Diversity is Strength! Transwomen are women! Inflation is Good!

The new, bizarre headline: How Covid became the unlikely hero of our inflation crisis. Funny, how good inflation swiftly turned into a crisis.

Case vaporized

The truth is on video and it can't be denied.

The Final Four

October 19:

Pakistan will go to the semi-finals. England and Australia will likely make it. The winner of the Sunday match between India and New Zealand will fill the fourth slot.

That's how it played out. The two semi-finals:

England vs. New Zealand. A mini-rematch of the most epic day of cricket. The Kiwis have a score to settle but England go in as favorites.

Australia vs. Pakistan. Shoaib Malik saw what Australia did in the World Cup final in 1999. Then, he made his debut. Yes, he's been playing for 22 years! One of his teammates wasn't even born then! It's now or never for him. Of course, the one team that can't be underestimated in a global tournament is Australia.

Final? I'd like to see England vs. Pakistan for two reasons. They are the top two teams in the world and it'll be great to see the battle between the powerful English batsmen and the skilled bowling unit of Pakistan. The absence of Jason Roy boosts the chances for Pakistan.

Math is hard

The tuition is skyrocketing but the degrees keep losing value:

It's nearly impossible to study any scientific or engineering field without the knowledge of calculus. It's not only the advanced stuff. One can easily use calculus in first year university introductory courses in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, economics, etc. Calculus is a powerful tool in tackling many subjects. It helps in providing a much deeper understanding of how the world works. So, this goes beyond math. It'll degrade the entire educational experience. Everything that utilizes calculus will have to do without.

Stating the obvious

if New Zealand beat Afghanistan on Sunday in Abu Dhabi, India will be knocked out along with Afghanistan.

At the post-match press conference, Jadeja even quipped: "Toh fir bags pack karke ghar jaayenge, aur kya?" (Pack the bags and go home, what else?), if New Zealand win on Sunday.

New Zealand has been quite the nemesis for India in the last two years. The ODI World Cup, the Test Championship, and now the T20 World Cup.

The Empire Strikes Back!

8-core CPUs went mainstream in 2017. Now, 16 cores are king. Before the end of 2024, we'll have CPUs with 32 cores for the average consumer. The last time we got such performance increases was with the Conroe debut in 2006. Photo and video editors should benefit the most when the software takes advantage of the cores.

Shocking news from Virginia

Right now, with 88% of the vote counted, Youngkin is leading 51.7 to 47.6. That's going to be a lot of rescanning.

Update: 94% reporting. Youngkin 50.7 to 48.6. That's some serious rescanning.

This is CNN

"Our dear hero, the inimitable and faultless President Biden, puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. Then, he poops in them," said Brian Stelter as he assumed the position. "So what, ok? We've all done it. There's such a stigma around world leaders randomly taking a dump in their pants—and today, we here at CNN are going to do something about it. No matter when you tune in today, you will see one of our brave anchors dropping a deuce in their drawers."

So progressive. So brave.