Steam survey says!

I bought 16GB of RAM in 2012 for CAD$120.

Steam just released its monthly hardware survey, and there are a few noteworthy trends worth commenting on. While the majority of Steam users have 16GB of RAM (47.08%), a good number are quickly migrating to 32GB.

Of all the components in the PC, RAM is by far the easiest to upgrade. When premium graphics cards go for over $1,000, there's no sense in getting or not upgrading 16GB of main memory. Given all that, this was quite shocking:

While we cannot explain the increases for computers with less than 8GB RAM, the small jump in 8GB systems could be explained by the existence of ultrabooks and gaming laptops that still come with just 8GB of RAM out of the box — something we will never recommend that you buy, unless you plan to upgrade it swiftly.

The increase in systems with 8GB RAM could also be attributed to Apple, especially as all its Macs and MacBooks start with that default quota, except for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro. Even though Apple claims 8GB equals 16GB on PCs, many say that it’s nowhere near enough for professional workloads.

That was a shit move by Apple. When phones come with 12GB of RAM, using 8 on a computer is absurd.

Savagery in Savage

The Religion of Peace in its full glory:

In Savage, Minnesota, a distressing incident unfolded at Hidden Valley Elementary School, where a nine-year-old girl was reportedly attacked by classmates for not being Muslim.

That's how diversity rolls. If your skin color is different or if you are a non-Muslim, then you're perfectly suitable for target practice.

In Saudi Arabia, my younger brother would come home from school on his bus which would drop him off a block or two away from where we lived. The Arab kids knew the schedule. They waited and threw stones at him. I had to accompany him to deter the vicious Muslims.

Now, the same savagery is in the United States.

Reflecting a broader societal issue, Larson emphasized the disparity in how such cases are perceived and addressed, suggesting that if the roles were reversed, with Christian students attacking a Muslim child, the public and media outcry would be significantly greater. This points to a perceived double standard in the handling of similar cases, depending on the backgrounds of those involved.

Of course. It's the same with blacks in America. A White guy, especially an officer, shoots and kills a black thug and its 24/7 news. Blacks harass, threaten, assault, and kill dozens of Whites every week; it's a paragraph on page 7.

On the related subject:

"Feels like a scam"

What the hell is going on with all these tech companies? The Sony earphone battery issues, the Nvidia melting connector problems, and Asus screwing their customers by not honoring their warranties.

I used Asus motherboards for my last five computer builds. Likely not for the next one.

Quesadillas are the best

Reminds me of the first time I went to Taco Bell. Looking at the menu, thinking, "It's all the same!"

UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, ...

Absolutely shocking news from the UK:

High levels of immigration have failed to enhance the economy and have worsened the housing crisis in the UK, according to a new report from the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). [...]

"Large-scale migration has not delivered the economic benefits its defenders argue it should – with the era of mass migration coinciding with a significant slowdown in GDP per capita growth," former Conservative minister and co-author of the report, MP Neil O’Brien, said.

And he stressed, "It has also put significant strain on public services and infrastructure: migrants may bring skills with them but they cannot bring additional roads, school places, or GP surgeries. Unprecedented levels of migration have put upward pressure on rents and house prices."

It's the same insidious policies across most of the West. Import millions to drive down middle class wages while the real estate market spikes which shuts out the younger generations from owning a basic home. Couples have to work full-time jobs just to pay their rent. Add in the inflation over the past four years, and they can't even save for a down payment.

Meanwhile, certain immigrants have no qualms about lying. They provide fake income documents to the bank, get a giant mortgage, and then illegally rent out the house to over a dozen new immigrants. Viola! They've got cash flow to pay the mortgage. After a few years, they pull the same stunt and get a second house and so on.

I heard a story about a friend of a co-worker who had to wait for over a year to see a dermatologist. She could have had cancer but she couldn't know for sure for more than twelve months. And this was in 2010. In the meantime, Prime Minister Zoolander of Canada has imported over five million high-skilled scholars into the country. Their talents are being utilized by Tim Hortons, McDonald's, Burger King, Wal-Mart, Uber, ...

Those very bad no good men!

Yeah, construction firms must be shredding entire boxes of job applications from women every day!

On the subject of strength, this brought back a funny memory. My mom brought me a jar and told me to open it. She started turning around to attend to other matters when I swiftly twisted the lid and motioned the jar back with a prompt. She abruptly flipped and swore at me! I was confused. She told me that she had tried for many minutes and then it was no issue for me. She was just very irritated.


I've been in a major quake that was a 5.5. It was followed by 20 mild aftershocks in two days. I felt about five of them. This is a whole different level of stress and anxiety:

Taiwan was rocked by a series of strong earthquakes on Monday and Tuesday. According to the Central News Agency, there were an astonishing “103 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher” recorded between 5.08pm Monday and 10.27am today. Despite two quakes measuring magnitude 6.0 and 6.3 early Tuesday, only “a small number of cleanroom staff were immediately evacuated,” from TSMC fabs, reports DigiTimes.

These people will feel "phantom earthquakes" for a while. There won't be any real quake but their brain is going to play tricks on them.

No limit to stupidity

These people almost got nominated for Darwin Awards:

An unsettling video shows a group of people carelessly ripping bear cubs out of a tree to snap some selfies in North Carolina.

The group of about six people was caught on video Tuesday pulling three scared black bear cubs out of a tree over a fence at a Buncombe County apartment complex, ABC 13 News reported.

During the video, several of the individuals were seen posing with the cubs, with one person even dropping one while holding it.

I wouldn't even approach domesticated kittens or puppies to avoid scaring them or triggering an overprotective mommy. So, this is just beyond me.

The real estate mirage

Yeah, the math just doesn't work in major cities. Here's an extreme example:

As I've written before. Let's see some numbers about the house that my retired barber bought and compare that to the reality of today.

  • Time: Early 70s.
  • Profession: Barber (with stay at home wife)
  • Annual income: $20,000
  • Loans: From dad and friends
  • Price of house: $55,000
  • Loans paid off in 3 years!

An example in the news from last year:

  • Annual income of professional couple: $200,000
  • Looking at house near Toronto
  • Price of house: ~$1.2 million
  • Bank refuses loan!

So, a barber working alone could afford to buy an average house fifty years ago in Canada. Today, an educated, credentialed, and hard working couple working full time while making 10 times the income of that barber can't even get a mortgage! And note this is comparing the same Greater Toronto Area of Canada.

I would bet a $1,000 that the barber could sell his house for an easy $1.5 million in the red-hot real estate market now.


No money for you!

How can I ever settle down and give them grandchildren if there isn't any money in the pipeline to support them? Do they want to go on holiday more than they want me to be able to have and bring up children?

I'm not alone in agonising over where my parents' hard-earned money is going. According to a survey by an online wealth management advice firm called Moneyfarm, two in five adult children feel their 'blood boiling' at the idea their parents are blowing their inheritance on luxury holidays.

Many years ago, my mother was showing her jewelry to my sisters. She was asking them about their preferences because, eventually, it'll be theirs. The conversation shifted to my dad. Hey, what do you want to give us? In a somewhat vicious manner, he stated that we'll get nothing from him.

Once you finish high school and college, there'll be no money for you. Get lost, you're on our own.

He wasn't kidding.

Another friend admits she puts phone notifications from her mum on silent when her parents go 'gallivanting abroad' — because all the pictures of dreamy destinations make her jealous. And resentful.

'My inheritance is currently being drunk through a straw in a coconut in the Caribbean,' she says. 'It's going to be slim pickings at this rate.'

100% increase in four years

A six-pack of coca cola bottles went for $2 in Canada four years ago. Now, it's $4. So, this story tracks well:

A restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District is catching attention online after recently bumping the price of its signature burrito from $11 to $22.

Still, the following would definitely make one cry:

[...] the price of nearly everything he uses to make his food has gone up. Like onions for example. “Before COVID, they were like $9 a sack at Restaurant Depot, I used to pick them up. During COVID, and after, it was $40 dollars. Right now, it’s $80,” said Lopez.

An 800% increase for the price of onions!?

An important distinction

Vox on usury:

The thing that is important to understand is that while one can provide a loan, and one can legitimately receive interest on that loan, the collateral provided as a guarantee against default on it must be real, specific, and, of course, proportional to the value of the combined principle and scheduled interest of the loan.

As he mentioned earlier, student loans are wicked. This is especially galling in the US and Canada. Teenagers who are legally not trusted with a can of beer are too often crushed under a mountain of debt. I remember a literal burger flipper at my university cafeteria who was working many hours to pay off his predatory student loans.

Life is tough

It's tougher when you're stupid:

A Nova Scotia senior is planning to return to work at the age of 77 amid the strains of high living costs. “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but it doesn’t look pretty,” Janet Brush says.

She lives on a fixed income and estimates she spends nearly half her money on rent alone.

This 77-years-old woman doesn't have a condo or a house!? Also, she lived through the most incredible stock market period over the past 40 years and she doesn't have enough money for retirement!? I know high school teachers who saved, invested, and have over a million dollars in their registered retirement plans. What the hell did she do with her earnings for all this time?

“I can’t go stocking shelves at Sobeys or flinging hamburgers — I can’t do that anymore,” Brush says. “I’ll have to rely on my intellectual skills, I guess.”

Good luck.

End of an empire?

McDonald’s CEO admitted the burger giant’s sales have taken a hit as jacked-up menu prices have turned off core customers — and signaled the chain plans to focus on “affordability” this year.

I've seen some crazy prices but this shocked me:

Over the summer, a franchisee in nearby Darien, Conn., was called out for charging $17.59 for Big Mac combo meal. That location also sold a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon meal that came with fries and a soda for $19, according to viral posts.

One quarter pounder meal for $19!? I was in Toronto last month and ordered three combos at a Thai take out place for US$17. Those were three huge meals with rice, noodles, chicken, shrimp, broccoli, etc. It's not only that cooking at home is significantly cheaper relative to McDonald's, other places have more reasonable prices.

It isn't the work ethic

It keeps getting worse:

The reason Gen Z and millennials are “getting angry and entitled and whiny,” Scott says, isn’t because they’re any less willing to work than previous generations, but because they’ve got nothing to show for it.

“What’s sh-tty is, we’re holding up our end of the deal,” Scott says. “We’re staying in school. We’re going to college. We’ve been working since we were 15, 16 years old…doing everything that y’all told us to do so that we can what? Still be living in our parents’ homes in our late twenties?”

It's so strange when Boomers say that the younger generations are lazy. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the cold math which illuminates the ugly reality.

An example from a different era:

  • Time: Early 70s.
  • Profession: Barber
  • Income: $20,000
  • Loans: From dad and friends
  • Price of house bought: $55,000
  • Loans paid off in 3 years

An example from last year:

  • A professional couple making $200,000
  • Looking at house near Toronto
  • Price of house: ~$1.2 million
  • Bank refuses loan!

So, a barber working alone could afford to buy an average house fifty years ago in Canada. Today, an educated and credentialed couple working full time while making 10 times the income of that barber can't even get a mortgage!

The same applies in the US:

To afford the median-priced home of $433,100, Americans need an annual income of roughly $166,600. However, the median household earns just $74,580, according to the brokerage Home Bay, and entry-level positions pay around half of that.

Incomes have been stagnant while the housing market has exploded. Decades ago, one income was enough for a nice house. At the turn of the century, two were needed. Now, a couple busting their butts looks at tiny condos.

Oh, and we haven't even looked at student loans, food prices, car expenses, the rising cost of health insurance, ...

It was inferno

When will the oppression end!?

A woman has revealed she was 'virtually gang raped' by four male avatars in Meta's Horizon Worlds - and she said the trauma is similar to a real-world assault.

Speaking to, psychotherapist and start-up co-founder Nina Patel said that her attackers may have felt ‘disinhibited’ due to being in a virtual world.

This brings back some ugly memories: the first time I played Counter-Strike. I was ruthlessly murdered 17 times in just a few minutes. I didn't even have a proper moment to mourn any of my brutal deaths. Literally shaking. Worse than the Holocaust.

Hopefully, the police can bring the culprits to justice!

Canada becomes Trash-can-istan

That's not even counting the over one million people who have decided to overstay their visas because the Canadian government is interested in more labor to drive down real wages. The smartest Canadians are leaving to work in the US while the federal government imports millions of Indian "students" who're interested in working 40+ hours a week. Wages are stagnant while the housing market is one of the most expensive in the world. A one-bedroom apartment that used to rent for $600/month a decade ago is now approaching $2,000 in my city.

Whites are being replaced by Indians. The change has been swift and jarring. In just one year, half a dozen minimum wage employees are gone from two local stores. All the new workers are Indians. Worse, they're shockingly incompetent. Their error rate with me has been about 50% in the past few months. This isn't rocket science. They're cashiers!

Pump up those profits!

I got 16GB RAM in 2012. Today, Apple offers this trash:

The combination of low RAM (8GB!) and a tiny SSD (256GB!) is spectacularly atrocious. In some cases, the performance goes up by 600% by simply doubling those metrics. Of course, Apple knows that this is a garbage setup. Those in the garden will have to pony up some serious cash to get a decent product.

Have you thought about killing yourself?

This year, Canadian patients faced a median wait of 27.7 weeks for medically necessary treatment from a specialist after being referred by a general practitioner. That's over six months—the longest ever recorded. It's a slight increase from last year's median wait—and a 198% increase from the 9.3-week median wait that patients faced in 1993, the year that Fraser began tracking wait times. Some patients have it worse than others.

Patients in Nova Scotia face a median wait of 56.7 weeks—more than a year—for specialist treatment following referral by a general practitioner.

Note those two key words: medically necessary. Those "medically unnecessary" treatments must really make these numbers look even worse.

A decade ago, a friend of a colleague wanted to see a dermatologist about her strange skin condition. The secretary cackled when she showed up for her appointment a few months later. It was pointed out to her that the appointment time was exactly one year later. It wasn't 8 weeks but 60 weeks of wait time!

Pukka scam artists

The NFL gets the low-trust cultural enrichment:

Western equalitarians are far more culturally solipsistic than they can possibly understand; they literally cannot imagine that other people with other cultures genuinely prefer their own way of doing things.

There were a few occasions when other students in university asked me about my alcoholic drink of choice. Their reactions were always amusing when they learned that a) I don't drink, and b) where I used to live the punishment for mere possession of alcohol is death.

The police in Saudi Arabia would arrest the guilty and, a few weeks later, behead that person in public. One of the unintentionally funniest questions I got was, "Do you mean literally behead ..."

"Yeah, as opposed to what, figuratively behead the person?"

Many replied that I was simply making shit up. They thought that drinking booze was merely frowned upon in Islamic lands. Killing people for that was just inconceivable to them. I told them that they could simply do a few seconds of online research.

Cheap labor

Housing crisis gets worse. Public transportation is overwhelmed. Hospital wait times are in multiple hours and good luck getting specialist appointments in the same calendar year.

The recent numbers of Indians has been quite stunning. A local store had a few White cashiers. I noticed that, now, all the four workers are Indians. I had bought some items and a few sandwiches with a BRIGHT RED DISCOUNT sticker. The Indian paaji scans everything and says that'll be $xx.xx. I asked about the deal. He looks at the red stickers and says, "Oh, yeah!" The next week he was training an old Indian woman about the intricacies of the cash register. Of course, he was speaking Punjabi.

I'm sure the White people who lost their jobs are happy to be not thought of as racists.

The White minority

I checked my recent emails about promotions from my Canadian bank. People depicted: black women, a black couple with a black daughter, an old White woman, a photo of three hands holding holding Starbucks coffee cups (two black, one White), a black guy who is reading from an iPad, an Asian women with a toy dog, etc. If you showed these to an unlearned foreigner, he would think that Canada is 90% black.

One Trilogy To Rule Them All

There were many teachers in my American high school who were huge fans of Star Wars. Some had watched it numerous times in the movie theater in 1977. I didn't get it.

I finally understood in the winter of 2001. The only movie I've watched more than twice in the theater: The Fellowship of the Ring. I still remember, a year later, watching The Two Towers and leaving the theater at midnight and getting shocked at the sight of a giant crowd (10,000, at least) that waited outside for the last showing.

The closest Hollywood has come to that level of hype, expectations, and satisfaction was the Avengers movies in 2018 and 2019. It has been a spectacular dive into the abyss after that. Still, Tolkien's trilogy is definitely superior to the best comics-based movies we've seen over the years.

It shows just how far they've fallen. I won't even watch Amazon's woke bullshit Rings of Vagina Powah! for free. Yet, paying $200 for a Lord of the Rings movie with a live orchestra is an easy decision.

Eat inflation

At the turn of the century, a foot-long sub was $5 at Subway in Canada. Earlier this year, someone went to a Subway, got a 6-inch combo and a different 6-inch sub for a friend and paid $25. So, a foot-long sub, a drink and two cookies for $25. I went to a grocery store today where two fully cooked chicken legs were priced at $5. Let's say that a salad (or two cookies) and a drink bumps that up to $10. That would be a more healthy, satiating, likely tasty, and significantly cheaper meal than the insane offerings at Subway.

Chaos is their motto

Yup. There's always a few who just relish the opportunity to inflict pain. It can be a classroom, family function, or a work event. The location doesn't matter; their psychotic behavior is constant.

I knew a student in high school who was a menace. Stealing stuff, swearing at other students, cheating on tests, insulting staff in the dorm, disrespecting teachers, etc. At the end of the semester, the administration asked all the relevant staff members about the possibility of his expulsion. Their recommendation was unanimous! That was an easy decision.

Disney destroyed its empire

There’s nothing heroic about the final box office performance of “The Marvels.” The superhero sequel is officially the lowest-grossing installment in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After four weeks on the big screen, the comic book tentpole is running out of steam with $80 million in North America and $197 million globally.

Infinity War was the best MCU movie and then Endgame made billions. Other than the nostalgic Spiderman film, there's nothing else that holds a candle to those previous Avengers movies. It has been four years of diminished, woke, unoriginal crap. The most amusing part about these atrocious movies is the vicious and entertaining reviews.

Customer psychology

Very interesting:

Cineplex, the biggest movie theater chain in Ontario, started adding an "online booking fee" for buying tickets on their website. It was basically a price increase of 15%. Also, tax used to be included in the price. Now, it's added at the end. So, customers get a total 30% price shock. A movie ticket that was $20, is now $26.

2019 Semi-final rematch

India vs. New Zealand. Rohit Sharma had an unbelievable World Cup four years ago. He smashed five centuries in that tournament but then faced the Pythons the Kiwis in the semi-final. Now, India will face them again with the roar of a billion people behind them. Will India succumb to the intense pressure again or will the under-rated Kiwis make it to their third straight final?

My heart wants a New Zealand vs. South Africa final. These two teams have fought hard. Plus, we'll get a completely new World Champion. But my mind knows that the two strongest teams are India and Australia. Let's see.

Oh, and this made me laugh:

Banksters in distress

Funny, yesterday, got an email from a Canadian bank about my pre-approved line of credit. $15,000 for a sweet 9.15% interest rate. I don't even have a chequing account with them; just a credit card.

The crazy expensive North

The commute part is also depressing. I had a one-time meeting in Toronto many years ago. I took a ride with a colleague. It took us two hours to arrive at the place and we were in a car! The other option was bus-train-subway-bus which would have been closer to three hours!

A person who has an 8-hour workday in Toronto but lives outside still has to burn 12 hours for work every day. If you look at the long run, that's years stuck in the car, bus, train, or subway. So, even living close to Toronto is not economically feasible in many cases.

Anyway, it could be worse:

At least 100 migrants, six properties and several companies are now at the centre of a complex Immigration New Zealand (INZ) probe. [...]

INZ has now provided an early insight into the major investigation, revealing it involved a total of 115 Indian and Bangladeshi nationals living in "overcrowded and unsanitary" conditions across six Auckland homes.

That's 20 slaves workers per house. Assuming that each idiot paid $20,000 for a better life, that's a cool $2.3 million dollars for the scam artists.

Leftist utopia

I've been reliably informed that opposing cheap labor is totally LAYCISSS!

A tradesman known as “Parrow” who described himself as an “old timer” said he has been going to the Home Depot on Merrick Boulevard in Queens to pick up construction, plumbing and home improvement work for “20 plus years” but is now struggling.

“If you can get the work cheaper you are going to use those guys. You are not going to pay $200 when you can get [for] $40. Anything you give them, they’ll take it.

“I’m an old guy…get the f—k out of here. I’m not taking it.”

Blacks and Hispanics overwhelming vote for Democrats who open the borders for super-cheap labor which has a greater financial impact on Black and Hispanic voters!

Another old timer who has been picking up work from parking lots for four years accused hiring managers and contractors of taking advantage of the undocumented migrants.

According to him, one man offered to pay just $50 for the day to pour concrete.

“I wouldn’t do that for less than $300,” he said.

It's bizarre to see significant numbers of Indians working at service jobs across Ontario. Many are international students. They often work full-time and don't complain about working conditions or not getting overtime pay. I heard of one who worked double shifts -- nearly 20 hours -- without a word. Another issue is that they are not qualified; they are not licensed. I've seen Indian women who work as security guards. They weigh around a 100 pounds. Recently, one of them was attacked by a druggie. She is in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Dishonest employers hire them because they're cheap. Unfortunately, many young Canadians who could gain valuable job experience and extra cash are getting locked out.


Selling pipe dreams to ignorant Indians:

A person working full-time in Canada typically earns an average salary of 120,000 CAD per year. The average salary in Canada ranges from 30,200 CAD to 534,000 CAD.

Where is this mythical average salary of a half million dollars in Canada? No wonder the number of Indian students has exploded in Canada. I knew an Indian guy who studied at a university in Ontario and after looking for a job for a year, he decided to leave Canada. He simply couldn't find work in his field. This was twenty years ago!

It's much worse now. A one-bedroom apartment, outside Toronto, rents for $2,000 while a full-time minimum wage job nets you $2,600 per month. Of course, one can break the law and live like a sardine in a can as one of twenty people in a house and save on rent but that's just atrocious and depressing.

Anyway, it was amusing to see the average salaries of the eleven provinces of Canada.

Trudeau's Canada

Rent is too damn high:

Although the pace of increase has come down ever so slightly, the price of rental accommodation in Canada continues to go up, with the average new tenant now being asked to pay $2,117 a month.

In my city, a two-bedroom apartment rented for $800 per month ten years ago. Now, that average rent is approaching $2,400!

Forget about buying a house, just renting is becoming insane:

Kranjec works two jobs yet still spends more than half of her income on rent. Her main job could be done remotely, so she contemplated moving to a part of Ontario with cheaper rent, but quickly realized those options were also limited.

The Liberals imported millions of people in the past few years. The result? Explosion in real estate, spiking rent, and depressed wages.

Grape deflation

Monthly rent for one-bedroom apartment in my building: $1,700

After-tax full-time minimum wage income per month: $2,500

Add in utilities, insurance, food, and public transportation and you've got nothing.

Someone told me to try a specific orange earlier this year. It was $4 something for one! The really sad part? Didn't even taste that amazing.

Sugar on grass

Over the years, a few people at work were genuinely surprised when they saw me eating salad without any dressing.

Really, zero salad dressing!? That's like eating grass!

Oh, I'm just used to eating it like this.

Putting sweet, calorie-rich syrup on vegetables defeats the whole purpose of that healthy portion of the meal.

That feeling!

I got a cone from an ice cream truck at the beach in Khobar many years ago. It was half vanilla, half strawberry. I still remember just how amazing it tasted.

The temperature that day? Oh, around 48C.

Blood turns to lard

Wow. That's $70 a day on delivery food! The list includes donuts!?

So far, this year, my DoorDash, UberEats, and all other food deliveries combined equal to $0. I've ordered a few times online and then simply picked up the meal.

Struggle intensifies

Her comment about classes in the last ten seconds is spot on:

A former colleague of mine bought a house in 2002. The price of the house? $100,000. Her salary at the time? $40,000.

Today, in the same city, the average house price is $1 million. Her salary has merely doubled.

Couples who make over $200,000 can't get a mortgage for the average-priced house around Toronto. We've already reached the level where multiple families will have to share and own parts of the house or we get multi-generational mortgages where the parents leave the house to be paid off by their children.

The ugly financial reality

No. The average house in my area goes for $1 million which means that I'll have to save, at minimum, $200,000 in 15 years. That's not hard. The main problem is that my income won't be high enough to qualify for a mortgage with only 20% down.

Without multiple jobs, business income or some sweet well-timed investments, it's definitely not going to happen.