There is no widespread evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 US president election; only some specific, fine-tuned, well-targeted illegal actions in a few relevant states to tip the scales in favor of Creepy Joe.

Human sacrifices

When Mexican police found a pile of about 150 skulls in a cave near the Guatemalan border, they thought they were looking at a crime scene, and took the bones to the state capital.

It turns out it was a very cold case.

It took a decade of tests and analysis to determine the skulls were from sacrificial victims killed between A.D. 900 and 1200, the National Institute of Anthropology and History said Wednesday.

The Aztecs and similar tribes were brutal, vicious, and wicked:

[...] experts said Wednesday the victims in the cave had probably been ritually decapitated and the skulls put on display on a kind of trophy rack known as a "tzompantli." Spanish conquistadores wrote about seeing such racks in the 1520s, and some Spaniards' heads even wound up on them.

Black Swan

A terrifying day for humanity:

According to a new study, archeologists have found evidence of the largest earthquake in human history, which caused a 5000-mile-long megatsunami that devastated coastlines for a millennium, LiveScience reported. [...]

The tsunami sent car-sized boulders crashing up to 620 miles inland, according to a statement by the University of Southampton, making nearby coastlines uninhabitable for 1,000 years.

A tsunami like that today would end tens of millions of lives in a few hours. Those living in-land would suffer as well since the mental talent and the physical infrastructure of the global trade -- ships and ports -- would be gone. How does any country even prepare for such a possibility?

Won't you be outraged?

How could they lie!?!?!

A news presenter on Afghanistan’s TOLO TV wept as he read the announcement. Images of girls crying after being turned back from school flooded social media. Aid groups and many others remained baffled.

The Taliban have so far refused to explain their sudden decision to renege on the pledge to allow girls to go to school beyond sixth grade. Schools were supposed to reopen to older girls on Wednesday, the start of the new school year.

The following part made me laugh:

It's unclear whether a tussle among the Taliban on how to rule the country could have contributed to Wednesday's ban but Torek Farhadi, an analyst who has advised past Afghan governments, called it a misfire.

“They really messed up by not keeping their word,” he said of the Taliban.

During the 90s, the Taliban was

  • putting men in prison because their beards were short.
  • shattering audio/video equipment because it's against Islam.
  • destroying non-Islamic art, statues, and historical sites.
  • beating women in public if any part of their body was visible.
  • executing convicted women by shooting them in the back of the head in packed stadiums.

But, NOW, they've really messed up!

Are you not entertained?

This was easy to see:

77% of the infected were fully retarded vaccinated. They've likely already infected tens of thousands of more people. There are few, if any, tests done during Christmas or Boxing Day. So, the upcoming numbers in late December will be absolutely epic.

A few Covid numbers from Canada:

May 2020. 1st Wave. Active cases at peak: ~35,000
January 2021. 2nd Wave. Active cases at peak: ~85,000
April 2021. 3rd Wave. Active cases at peak: ~89,000
September 2021. 4th Wave. Active cases at peak: ~47,000

After the lockdowns, two-shot vaccines, the never-ending boosters, required face diapers, and mandatory Covid passports for gyms, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, air travel etc., these were the numbers yesterday for Canada:

December 29, 2021. 5th Wave. Active cases: 207,418. New cases: 93,410.

There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of the infected are fully vaccinated. They got their shots to participate in society and, somehow, we're witnessing the largest number of infections ever.

Have the Canadians learned anything or will they drop their pants and bend over for their nth shot early next year?

Latent strength

Yeah, a few stats are stuck in my head. For example, Henry Ford had built an incredible assembly line for aircraft in the US. It was run 24/7. He wanted it to output 1 in every 60. Unfortunately, the factory could manage only 1 in every 70.

That's one aircraft every 70 minutes. How were they tested? The plane would come out of the factory, get fueled and then flown away. No crash? Then, it works!

Germany had less than 2,000 Tiger tanks against the American, British, and Canadian troops on the Western front. America built and shipped over 50,000 Sherman tanks. 

Just reading about American logistics makes it clear why the Axis Powers were doomed.

Don't give an inch

Of course. The proper response to TEAR DOWN STATUES was to build more of them. Now, that the wicked logic is set, soon every White historical figure will get cancelled.

I'm still waiting for George Washington to become problematic. He owned slaves! Why is his face on the one-dollar bill!? How can the coloreds in America be subjected to this trauma every day!? Remove his face, tear down his statues, and change the name of cities and states! If you oppose this, then, obviously, you're a horrible racist Trump-lovin' Nazi!

Broken promises

In 1913, the marginal income tax was 7% on income above $500,000. Thirty years later, the top marginal rate was a staggering 94% for incomes above $200,000. Of course, the rates for all income brackets had increased. The tax wasn't just for "the rich".

The same will happen with the wealth tax. The ultra-rich will simply shift their capital to avoid this tax -- their armies of lawyers and accountants will be handsomely paid for their valiant efforts. Pretty soon, the not-so-rich will have to pony up cash to the government for the inflated house prices, stock market returns, and obscene crypto gains. Few will be forced to sell their assets to pay these absurd taxes. The wealth gap will grow wider.

Of course, it's possible the historical record doesn't apply today. Our governments are, perhaps, forthright and frank. They will only tax the super wealthy. We can trust them. It's possible. Let's go, Brandon!

Refusing to see evil

The Black Book of Communism. A few stats from page 4:

U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths
China: 65 million deaths
Vietnam: 1 million deaths
North Korea: 2 million deaths
Cambodia: 2 million deaths
Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths
Latin America: 150,000 deaths
Africa: 1.7 million deaths
Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths

This isn't ancient history. That's from the previous century. One can literally interview millions who suffered through those wicked times and survived. Instead, the leftist globohomo media and "intellectuals" simply ignore the mountains of corpses.

A most progressive book burning

This is where the logic of tearing down statues leads to:

A book burning held by an Ontario francophone school board as an act of reconciliation with Indigenous people has received sharp condemnation from Canadian political leaders and the board itself now says it regrets its symbolic gesture.

Still waiting for the day when "problematic" figures get replaced on the currency in Western countries. It must be so traumatic for coloreds to look at their historical abusers every time they do a transaction with notes. This must stop. We must do better!

Deleting history

Like many nations, Canada’s wrestling with its less than tolerant past. But in removing statues, renaming schools, and now even the National Archives cancelling the country’s first leader, Canadians are playing a dangerous game.

Tearing down statues was just the beginning:

The Library and Archives Canada (LAC) site has a notice which reads:

Our current website contains information that was written many years ago. Unfortunately, it does not always reflect our diverse and multicultural country, often presenting only one side of Canada's history. LAC acknowledges that some of its online presence is offensive and continues to correct these issues.

This is why content that is redundant or outdated will be removed or rewritten. An "archived" notice will be placed on pages with older content that is still useful but will not be updated. In some cases, content may be removed from these pages.

History will be deleted because it's... offensive. In effect, everything before the current year should be discarded. Hello, Year Zero!

It never ends

Gimme, gimme, gimme MOAR!

Americans should have sent all their ex-slaves back to their continent right after the Civil War. Then, those Blacks could have built Africa into a bright, shining Wakanda!

Poisoning minds

He asks a question at 00:16 in the video, "Naurah suna hai, gustakhee nabi ki ek sazah..."

The kids join in to finish the ugly chant, "Sur tan say judah."

It's catchy because it rhymes in their language.

English translation: "Have you heard that slogan? There's one punishment for disrespecting a prophet..."

"Separate the head from the body," say the kids in response.

Remember that their prophet was polygamous, owned slaves, raped women, ordered the slaughter of thousands of people, etc. If you dare disrespect him, then you deserve to die. This is what they're taught. This is Islam.

White Man Bad

Eventually, the diversity will start crying about the trauma of dealing with the US currency. Coloreds have to look at images of slave owners whenever they want to buy something! These symbols of WHITE SUPREMACY must be removed immediately! They should be replaced with portraits of colored, retarded, disabled, overweight, non-Christian homosexuals. You know, for inclusivity!

How to get a shithole

The various governments in the US have already stolen and given away trillions of dollars in the past few decades. This new law will simply make the process more visceral:

If someone trespasses by pitching a tent on private property or walks out with a handful groceries from the corner market or steals power tools with the intent of reselling them online in order to pay for a basic need like food or rent, the city of Seattle may be OK with that.

A few centuries ago, England had the death penalty for thieves who stole above a certain amount. Today, lawmakers are discussing doling out zero punishment for theft.

Religion of Peace intensifies

Muslims got through the Gates of Vienna:

Gunmen opened fire on people enjoying a last evening out in Vienna before a coronavirus lockdown Monday in a terror attack that left at least two dead — including one of the attackers — and 15 wounded, authorities said.

"We are victims of a despicable terror attack in the federal capital that is still ongoing," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said hours after the gunfire erupted.

"One of the perpetrators was neutralized, but several perpetrators appear to still be on the loose," he said. "They seem to also, as far as we know, be very well equipped with automatic weapons. So they were very well prepared. It's definitely a terror attack."

Won't you feel sorry for all those Muslims who'll get dirty looks tomorrow?

It's not okay to be White

Few Years Ago: Remove statues and images of White people who fought on the side of slavery.

Today: Remove statues and images of White people because ... they're White

The University of Rhode Island recently announced plans to remove two murals depicting World War II veterans because it lacks “diversity and a sensitivity to today’s complex and painful problems,” according to the university.

Kathy Collins, vice president of student affairs, told CBS 12 she received complaints because the two folk-art murals portraying life in the GI Bill era of the 1950s “portray a very homogeneous population” and that most of the people depicted in the murals are “predominantly white.”

They're going to remove images of people who literally fought against the Nazis. It doesn't matter that they were "good" Whites. The fact that they were White is enough to have them removed and, eventually, deleted. 

Tearing down history

Holy Cow, the cancel culture has sunk even further. Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, Alexander Graham Bell, Ben Franklin, Woodrow Wilson, and many more names from American history are now personas non grata in Washington DC. A committee formed by the mayor has recommended taking their name off city-owned buildings. They also recommended removing federal assets such as the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument.

Yup. Everything white has to go. Trump explicitly asked about this a few years ago. What's amazing is the speed with which they went after Washington and Jefferson. This is what happens when you give them an inch. Soon, they'll be going after White historical figures who weren't loudly anti-slavery because SILENCE IS VIOLENCE!

I'm still waiting for them to start crying about the literal money in America: OMG, black people have to deal with images of horrible White slave-holders everyday when they buy something! America should replace those evil images with diverse angels who dindu nothin'.

Antifa in action

It's a brilliant strategy:

Leftists announced a bold new tactic to eradicate fascism from the land today: marching in lockstep through the streets and accosting anyone who doesn't chant their slogans and perform their special salute. [...]

As for citizens who don't perform the special salute, mobs are organizing camps for them to be reeducated in. Should people not own a car to drive to the camps, they will be sent via public transportation, possibly a train.

No cellphones for these citizens in the camps. That way they can concentrate.

Utterly incompatible

This story will get two wildly opposite reactions from Western and Islamic countries. The infidels will be shocked and be filled with pity for the girl. The Muslims will be wondering: why didn't they just kill the bitch?

The parents, uncle and aunt of a teenager of Bosnian Muslim origin will face trial in France on charges of violence against a minor for shaving her head because of her relationship with a Christian Serbian boy, prosecutors said Friday.

The girl, aged 17, had her hair shaven off and was also beaten in the eastern city of Besancon on Monday, judicial sources said.

That shaving the head part has a terrible history in France.

This was the punishment after the Second World War meted out to thousands of women who had relationships with Nazi occupiers in so-called 'horizontal collaboration.'

Guns. Lots of guns.

The police won't defend you when the hordes of joggers show up. The Americans are fortunate because they had astute forefathers who built that most important right into the core legal document of their nation. That's why the proper response to those who want to take away your guns is always: Molon Labe.

Nothing new under the sun

Vox Day:

There is a reason the Prometheans don't want you to study history and why the Shapiros and Pragers relentlessly lie about it and retroactively attempt to revise it. There is nothing new under the sun. If you know history and you recognize which patterns apply to current events, you will have a very good idea what is going to happen.

Yup. One of the biggest constants from history is that people don't learn from history. Too many modern Spaniards are opening their borders to millions of Muslims while their ancestors fought for nearly eight hundred years to kick out Muslims from their lands. Young bozos in universities clamor for socialism when it has resulted in over one hundred million deaths in the previous century. These people are literally asking for more misery, suffering, and death while being smug and utterly ignorant. 

Life is an eternal struggle against idiots.

Fake News is not new

Literally millions of people starved to death in the Ukraine region of the Soviet Union in a one-year period in the 1930s while the main New York Times reporter there ignored the mountains of corpses. Worse, he defended the brutal policies of Stalin and referred to the rumors of famine as "malignant propaganda".

Two Different Attitudes

Attitude #1:

Attitude #2:

#2 continued:

Being successful is definitely the best revenge. N. N. Taleb is smart enough to make serious money. His wealth could evaporate today and then very soon, he would be rich again.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of unproductive idiots who can't make money. Worse, they don't bother with learning history. If they did, then they would learn that their "amazing" ideas have been tried countless times and the results often involve mountains of corpses. When necessities are made "free", nobody provides them. Forget housing, such "free" societies can't even grow sufficient food! Tens of millions of poor souls have perished from painful starvation in just the last century because of this evil. 

Agents of chaos

The petty tyrants started with replacing or deleting hurtful words in books and destroying statues of bad people. Now, they want to outright ban problematic authors and smash statues of the American founding fathers and Christian figures. This is why resisting them at the first step was important.

No more niggers and wogs

Agatha Christie published her most famous work in 1939. The title of her book was Ten Little Niggers. The place it was set in was called Nigger Island. The story was constructed around a children's rhyme in which the word nigger makes ten appearances.

The book was heavily modified for the US market. The niggers were replaced by Indians. Of course, eventually, the Indians were also too offensive! So, the Indians were replaced by soldiers. Let's see how long the soldiers last.

I don't care that what Christie wrote was rude, offensive, hurtful, or problematic. I want to read her words -- not the continuously altered and degraded version offered by past and modern lunatics.

It was bad enough that assholes were going back and "sanitizing" classics by changing the words of the authors. Now, they've moved on to TV shows and movies.

An episode of Fawlty Towers famous for coining the phrase, “Don’t mention the war!” has become the latest “classic” British television programme to be taken down from a BBC-owned streaming service, as broadcasters continue to conduct a reappraisal of old British television content. [...]

The original broadcast also included a scene in which Major Gowen, a regular guest at the hotel, uses very strong racist language in relation to an anecdote about the West Indies cricket team. A decade ago many broadcasters began editing out this part of the programme, although the racist language can still be heard on the version hosted by Netflix.

It's the current year. Don't mention the niggers and wogs. So, many years ago, the censors cut out the "niggers and wogs" scene from Fawlty Towers. That was apparently enough to make the show non-offensive. Today, for who knows what reason, they've deleted the entire 30 minutes of that episode.

Tunguska Theory

The world was fortunate that this hit a forest:

A new explanation for a massive blast over a remote Siberian forest in 1908 is even stranger than the mysterious incident itself.

Known as the Tunguska event, the blast flattened more than 80 million trees in seconds, over an area spanning nearly 800 square miles (2,000 square kilometers) — but left no crater. A meteor that exploded before hitting the ground was thought by many to be the culprit. However, a comet or asteroid would likely have left behind rocky fragments after blowing up, and no "smoking gun" remnants of a cosmic visitor have ever been found. [...]

"The sky was split in two, and high above the forest the whole northern part of the sky appeared covered with fire," another witness said in a testimonial. Energy released by the blast was later estimated by scientists to be 185 times greater than that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, according to NASA.

Had this hit a densely populated area, millions would have burned in an instant inferno. Today, tens of millions. Entire nations could be wiped out in a few moments.

The researchers estimated that the Tunguska meteor likely measured between 328 and 656 feet (100 and 200 m) in diameter, and hurtled through Earth's atmosphere at roughly 45,000 mph (72,000 km/h).

20 kilometers per second. [Insert Mandarin's line from Iron Man 2.]

Diversity is Death

This is the Muslim edition of Diversity is Death.

An Afghan murders his French sugar daddy:

The president of a pro-migrant association that delivered assistance to the homeless was found murdered at his home in Bretteville-en-Saire, east of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Manche), according to Actu.

Retired teacher and former director of Gonneville School, Jean Dussine, 63, was president of Itinérance, a group that helped vulnerable migrants. Dussine was found dead this morning at his home, believed to be beaten with an iron rod as he slept. Migrants, who Dussine was hosting, sounded the alarm when they found the educator’s dead body, according to Ouest France.

Since the brutal murder, a young twenty-year-old Afghan migrant, who Dussine had been housing, has been arrested and placed under local police custody.

Another story about an Afghan migrant but this time in Sweden:

A 20-year-old Afghan migrant is facing prosecution for allegedly raping a Swedish girl under the age of 15 whose family he had lodgings with.

The incident is said to have taken place during the night of April 13th earlier this year and involved the Afghan adult sexually abusing the young girl by performing various sexual acts on her over a period of around two hours.

One of the best ways to learn the glorious benefits of diversity is to have a Syrian refugee as a teacher in school:

According to classmates, a “teacher” with Syrian nationality from the Refugee Teachers Programme grabbed a pupil in the 6th grade by the neck and pressed him against the blackboard. The reason for this is said to have been that the student allegedly did not follow a command.

Surely, the Germans will react with the utmost consideration and mercy in the coming years. After all, they were superb role models in the previous century.

H1N1 vs. COVID-19

The media will definitely try to, somehow, blame Trump for all this mess but that image about the panic level completely misses the big picture.

  • Assuming that the data is correct, the mortality rate of H1N1 was 0.021%. This means that 1 person out of every 4,876 infected would die from the virus.
  • Today, the mortality rate of the Coronavirus is at a staggering 4%. This means that 1 person out of every 25 infected is dying from this virus. COVID-19 is, at the moment, 195 times more lethal than H1N1.

Or in other words: If COVID-19 infects 60 million people in America, then more will die from it than the total number of Americans who were killed in all the US wars combined. This virus has the potential to be more lethal for America than all her wars over 250 years.

Everything within the state

Communist China in all its glory:

When my wife and I got off the plane, 18 years ago, to adopt our first daughter, we were taken aback by the split pants. Split pants are (or at least were, back then) pants the children wear that are open in the crotch area. That allows them to urinate or defecate unobstructed, onto the street or wherever they may be. The theory is that eventually they will learn to “aim it at the toilet” or something to that effect.

And it gets worse from there.

The full price of 1947

What I wrote on July 10, 2018:

When the Brits left India in 1947, the giant area was broken up into two separate countries: India and Pakistan. Why? Because the Muslims wanted their own nation! Now, 70 years later, the few Muslims in India have grown in numbers and power to demand ... their own nation!

The Hindus in India made a huge mistake in the late 1940s. They should have told every single Muslim in India: You've got your own country. So, please, fuck off.

Instead, the Muslims were appeased. They have already peeled off Pakistan (today, that would be Pakistan and Bangladesh) and now they want another slice of India. This is what happens when you try to appease evil. You condemn future generations to a bigger and bloodier conflict.

Recently, an Indian politician had the sense and the balls to agree with me:

An Indian minister known for fiery and inflammatory rhetoric has declared that India’s Muslims should have been shipped to Pakistan at the time of partition in 1947, arguing the move would have saved the country a lot of trouble. [...]

“It is the time to commit ourselves to the nation. Before 1947, [Muhammad Ali] Jinnah pushed for an Islamic nation. It was a big lapse by our ancestors that we're paying the price for,” Singh said.


The Wonders of Socialism

Speaking at The Independent Woodstock Literary Festival, Frank Dikötter, a Hong Kong-based historian, said he found that during the time that Mao was enforcing the Great Leap Forward in 1958, in an effort to catch up with the economy of the Western world, he was responsible for overseeing "one of the worst catastrophes the world has ever known".

Mr Dikötter, who has been studying Chinese rural history from 1958 to 1962, when the nation was facing a famine, compared the systematic torture, brutality, starvation and killing of Chinese peasants to the Second World War in its magnitude. At least 45 million people were worked, starved or beaten to death in China over these four years; the worldwide death toll of the Second World War was 55 million.

The Communist Chinese slaughtered 31,000 people per day during peacetime compared to a daily average of 25,000 dead during the six years of the most lethal war in history.

Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Mao's China were The Big Three Calamities of the 20th century. They were all socialists or, if you prefer, communists. The semantics don't matter to the tens of millions who were murdered.

The importance of guns

After the communists took over in Russia about a hundred years ago, they would enter towns in the Ukraine region and demand a set amount of their future crops or else. The big problem was that the communists were "asking" for more than 100% of their food. It was simply impossible for the poor farmers to comply.

Result? Arrests, public executions, and famine.

The preservation of civilization

Vox Day:

It's not enough to know about things. It's not even enough to know how to maintain them. It is vital to learn how to design, develop, and build things if civilized society is to be preserved.

That reminds me of this hauntingly beautiful line:

Much that once was is lost, For none now live who remember it.

One of the building blocks:

The Junior Classics campaign is going extremely well, having hit 300 percent of goal in less than 24 hours. You can acquire a digital set, a hardcover set, or a deluxe leatherbound set by backing the campaign.

You can back the campaign here. I'll buy the hardcovers in the future but I couldn't help getting the digital editions now since they're so shockingly inexpensive.

War is Coming

An African man pushed a German mother and her child in front of a high speed train. The mother survived but helplessly watched her eight-year-old son get murdered.

Vox Day:

I won't blame the Germans in the slightest when they start attacking both their own traitorous politicians as well as the migrants welcomed by them. And that's definitely "when", not "if". Nor will I fault that mother if she goes after every single CDU politician with a woodchipper. Their idiotic virtue-signaling has led directly to unthinkable horrors for the German nation.

Just looking at the history of the last one hundred years should be enough to convince any sane person that fucking with the Germans is a Very Bad Idea. Since most people are idiots, the whole world will relearn this lesson the hard way.

Education fail

Canadians don't know Canada:

Most Canadians don’t know their country as well as they may think, a new poll suggests.

The survey, released in time for Canada Day, asked a random sample of 1,645 voters 10 questions from the study guide given to those looking to become Canadian citizens.

The results weren’t great. Only 12 per cent of respondents got eight or more correct answers, the threshold to pass the test. The average score was five out of 10.

Note that these are multiple choice questions! 

“I did have a feeling that Canadians wouldn’t score that well and unfortunately that’s in fact the case,” Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, told CTV News Channel.

“These are things that you either should’ve studied in school, or if you didn’t grow up in Canada, taking a citizenship test, you should’ve learned about.”

Public education gets a big fat F.