No, no, no

Why do I feel like playing tetris?

They are so unsightly. I've seen a few in my city. What makes them worse is that they are often surrounded by normal, symmetrical, and aesthetic homes on all sides. They really stand out for all the wrong reasons. Don't know what the home owners were thinking when they refreshed their old properties to look so hideous.

"Shoe-sized IQ crew"

Decoy Voice just got another subscriber:

It was strange to see the Japanese police approach these guys a few times but then ... zero consequences. Looks like they've got months of video evidence to bring the hammer down.

Anyway, the most absurd part of the video was when the Black guy said, "You're harassing me for no reason." Now, that was rich!

You cannot be serious!

How disconnected from reality can one be?

"Most women are just as strong as most men." It's amazing the conclusions one reaches when the significant extra weight and muscle mass is completely ignored.

For those idiots who say SOURCE!?

90% of females produced less force than 95% of males.

No rest for insulin

Five carb-loaded meals a day! Leg goes bye bye!

Assistant Pig-What!?

Larry Correia replies to a ridiculous review. A sample:

[...] I’m incredibly fucking sorry that I’m not some indy guy cranking out an unedited 30,000 word “novel” once a month, and instead I actually put some effort into this particular series instead of just phoning shit in based upon your arbitrary timeline. But then again, I don’t but in and tell you how to do your job as assistant pig ejacultor down at the spooge farm. So how about you have some common fucking courtesy and don’t tell me how to do my job?

That was definitely fun to read. Brought back memories of a great series.

The most common addiction

The reason why we love french fries, crisps and chocolate bars so much has less to do with a lack of willpower and more to do with the brain learning to prefer such high-fat, sugary foods, according to a new study by German and U.S. researchers.

Why can't it be both? Fat sugary foods are highly addictive and it requires tremendous willpower to move away from them.

"Modern processed foods are therefore potent reinforcers and, as with drugs of abuse, animal models have shown that their frequent consumption rewires brain circuits, even in offspring born to mothers consuming a high-fat diet (HFD) during lactation.

"Also akin to addictive drugs, there is evidence that this rewiring promotes further consumption of highly palatable energy-dense foods."

They're cheap and they're everywhere!

It was always amusing when my colleagues commented on my salad portion during lunch. What!? No dressing! How can you eat that grass? The fact that so many people slather their healthy, zero-sugar, low-calorie veggies in sugar and fat showcases this major problem.

Eggs expired

This old woman has a list of 35 must-have requirements for a man! The unintended humor starts early: she wants to get married and have a baby. I'm sure there are millions of men out there who can't wait to start a family with this lovely 42-year-old.

Light Air

Very impressive delivery service:

A second pigeon wearing a tiny makeshift backpack presumably meant for smuggling drugs has been found at a corrections facility in Abbotsford, B.C., nearly two months to the day after a bird carrying a package of crystal meth was found at the prison next door.

Officers discovered the latest bird wearing its backpack inside Matsqui Institution during a routine search on the morning of Feb. 27, according to its union. The backpack, possibly made from cut-up jeans, was empty — leading guards to believe the bird might have still been in training.

There is no equality

Yup. Consider the phrase that women utter a lot: BE A MAN! They use that as a wrapper for all sorts of ridiculous female preferences.

Now, try to imagine a scenario where a guy tells a gal: BE A WOMAN!

It's not even an argument of whether the male preferences or standards for women are sensible or not. It's simply outrageous to even consider that women should have to meet any sort of criteria to satisfy men.

So, a basic woman says that she wants the following in a man:

  1. Minimum 6ft. 3in.
  2. Between the ages of 28-35.
  3. $250,000 annual salary, at least.
  4. Must pay on every date, of course.
  5. Have a luxury car. No Hondas, Toyotas, Kias, etc.
  6. Own a house that's around, oh, 4,000 square feet.
  7. Buy business class seats when taking her on vacation.
  8. Plan fun, exciting, romantic activities on a weekly basis.

And the basic audience nods in agreement.

A man says that he wants a woman who is:

  1. Kind.
  2. Pretty.
  3. Interested in having kids.
  4. Good at cooking delicious food.


If you think that the list of female preferences above is silly, then take a look at this:

The best part was when one female stated that she wanted her man to have a $1.5 million Bugatti but she would settle for a $500,000 Ferrari.