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The survivors have learned an important lesson:

Multiple studies in the Northern Hemisphere show the sound of our voices evokes more terror than other apex predators and now new research in the Southern Hemisphere reaches the same conclusion.

Australian marsupials studied in Tasmania were at least 2.4 times more likely to flee from human voices than the sound of any other predator considered. [...]

From exploiting more than 300 times more vertebrate species than comparable predators, to our global scale ecological destruction, we humans are by far the most lethal mammals on the planet.

Last year researchers discovered mammals on the African savannah fear the sound of humans even more than lions, so McGann and team were keen to see if our voices also provoked the most fear in mammals that haven't evolved alongside many large predators.

They should be afraid. Though, I do wonder how the tigers in India react to human sounds. They likely salivate. It wouldn't exactly be easy to study that.

New New Delhi

Toronto Sun:

Metrolinx is reminding people not to cross the train racks at Union Station in downtown Toronto after a video posted by @whattrendingcanada on its Instagram account showed dozens of commuters getting off of a GO Train and doing just that amidst large exiting crowds on the platforms Sunday. [...]

At one point later in the video, you can see and hear what looks like a man in a Toronto Police uniform repeatedly yelling, “Off the tracks! Off the tracks!”

Basic rules are beyond these idiots.

What has India done?

Definitely not seasoned stunt men:

A 15-year-old boy is in hospital in life-threatening condition after falling from the roof of a moving GO train early Sunday morning, police say. It happened at around midnight as the train headed eastbound after leaving Union Station. Police say that the boy was with three other youths, all of which went onto the roof of the train while it was in motion.

Who is to blame? Shah Rukh Khan.


I don't know why but I really want to try booster shots.

Okay, I laughed a lot at the end:


I've been in a major quake that was a 5.5. It was followed by 20 mild aftershocks in two days. I felt about five of them. This is a whole different level of stress and anxiety:

Taiwan was rocked by a series of strong earthquakes on Monday and Tuesday. According to the Central News Agency, there were an astonishing “103 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher” recorded between 5.08pm Monday and 10.27am today. Despite two quakes measuring magnitude 6.0 and 6.3 early Tuesday, only “a small number of cleanroom staff were immediately evacuated,” from TSMC fabs, reports DigiTimes.

These people will feel "phantom earthquakes" for a while. There won't be any real quake but their brain is going to play tricks on them.

No limit to stupidity

These people almost got nominated for Darwin Awards:

An unsettling video shows a group of people carelessly ripping bear cubs out of a tree to snap some selfies in North Carolina.

The group of about six people was caught on video Tuesday pulling three scared black bear cubs out of a tree over a fence at a Buncombe County apartment complex, ABC 13 News reported.

During the video, several of the individuals were seen posing with the cubs, with one person even dropping one while holding it.

I wouldn't even approach domesticated kittens or puppies to avoid scaring them or triggering an overprotective mommy. So, this is just beyond me.


I saw a fat cat jump in the air and smack a fly down to the floor. It played with the fatigued fly for a minute and then ate it. The level of power and reaction time for an overweight specimen of the species was quite impressive.

Vaxxed to the max

No, no, no

Why do I feel like playing tetris?

They are so unsightly. I've seen a few in my city. What makes them worse is that they are often surrounded by normal, symmetrical, and aesthetic homes on all sides. They really stand out for all the wrong reasons. Don't know what the home owners were thinking when they refreshed their old properties to look so hideous.

"Shoe-sized IQ crew"

Decoy Voice just got another subscriber:

It was strange to see the Japanese police approach these guys a few times but then ... zero consequences. Looks like they've got months of video evidence to bring the hammer down.

Anyway, the most absurd part of the video was when the Black guy said, "You're harassing me for no reason." Now, that was rich!