Fortune favors the bold

Parasite-powered Alphas:

Wolves infected with a common parasite are more likely than uninfected animals to lead a pack, according to an analysis of more than 200 North American wolves1. Infected animals are also more likely to leave their home packs and strike out on their own.

The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, makes its hosts bold — a mechanism that increases its survival.

Fascinating. The scientists were stunned by the findings.

For Meyer, the moral of the story is that parasites can be major players in ecosystems. “Parasites might have a much larger role than anyone generally gives them credit for,” he says.

Most fail at 1

It's a retweet from them and a likely repost from me:

Think of all the perpetually poor people in your life. How many of them possess just that first trait?

Norwegian treat

Jarlsberg is one of the best tasting cheeses around and it's healthy!

In a scientific battle of the cheeses, Norwegian researchers said Tuesday that a small daily portion -- 57 grams, or roughly 2 ounces -- of Jarlsberg, which originated in Norway, may help prevent bone thinning from osteopenia and the more severe condition, osteoporosis, without increasing harmful cholesterol.

I'll remember to add a little bit extra in my omelet tomorrow.

Ugly "luxury"

What over half a million buys you in one of the big "affordable" cities in Canada. The shower in the open, just a couple of feet away from the bed, in the master bedroom is so bizarre. The noise and the humidity would be so annoying.

The tone is set from the very first photo. Three jarring colors! Uneven and irregular windows! Steps from a prison! A 3-D front face! Behold!

Ugly motherfucker

The famous quote from Arnold in Predator comes to mind.

Not taking the fourth

The comedian who collapsed on stage after bragging about getting her third booster shot told Dr. Drew during an interview that she probably won’t be getting a fourth shot.

She fainted on stage with perfect timing. The audience laughed. She survived and learned her lesson the hard way. I wonder how many weren't lucky? What if one faints while on a hike, taking the stairs, riding the bike, or driving a car? A lethal car accident, in such a case, couldn't even be counted as a consequence of the dreaded vaxxes.

Canada is colossal

I've heard stories from colleagues about visiting relatives who wanted to tour locations in Canada while not having a clue about geography. For example, someone's parents were interested in going to the local mall and then a drive over to see Niagara Falls later that day.

They were in Montreal! That's a fourteen-hour round trip. The parents were even more bummed to learn that driving to Vancouver was totally out of the question.

100% success

Middle East in Canada?

Summer temperatures in the mid to late 40s is normal in the Middle East. I once experienced 52 degrees Celsius in one miserable Arabian summer. However, this is definitely not normal for Canada:

That's brutal. People here consider days with 30+ temperatures as a heat wave. They're not ready -- mentally and physically -- for such scorching, life-draining heat. Worse, the infrastructure isn't there -- many don't have air conditioners which become a necessity in such circumstances.

Between last Friday and Wednesday, the BC Coroners Service saw a 195 per cent increase in the number of unexpected and sudden deaths it typically sees in a five-day period. During that time, 486 deaths were reported. That number is usually closer to 165, officials say.