The truth hurts

About ten years ago, an economics class was asked about the average yearly pay of a teacher in their high school. The lowest guess was $200,000. One kid said $1 million!

Reality? Closer to $50,000.

Of course, these students don't want to work in a school when they graduate. They want a more flashy and prestigious job. They're confident that their starting salary will be far greater than what they think a teacher makes.

Most of these kids don't have a clue.

Squeezing blood from stones

Rossmann's point about the income tax introduction is most relevant. When it was introduced over a 100 years ago, it was for the filthy rich who had to pay a shocking single-digit-per-cent income tax! So, the top 5% paid it. Today, the middle class carries that burden and the rich basically have zero "taxable" income.

The wealth tax will play out the same way. The upper middle class -- teachers, professors, lawyers, doctors, OG bitcoin owners -- will be crushed under this new tax while the ultra-rich who have over $100 million+ will utilize their armies of lawyers and accountants to move their cash outside or simply have it not count as wealth thanks to the rules cooked up by friendly politicians.

It isn't 7%

Prices updated from what I wrote a few months ago:

Milk (4L): $4 --> $5
Butter (1 lb): $3 --> $4
Eggs (Dozen): $2 --> $3
Potatoes (10 lbs): $2 --> $4
Coke (6 x 710ml): $2 --> $3
TV dinner (300g): $2 --> $3.5
Peanut butter (1kg): $3 --> $5
Chicken legs (1 lb): $1.5 --> $3
Lean ground beef (1 lb): $3 --> $5

That's the change in my local sale prices in the last 24 months in Ontario, Canada. I doubt the US has it any better. The Federal Reserve increased the money supply by 40%. Prices are simply catching up. Imagine, if you made $20,000 a year before and prices didn't change at all but your income crashed to $14,000. That's the same reality. This is the largest tax increase on the poor since the late 70s.

Very pesky data

Vox Day:

Literally every argument for the Covid vaxxes has proven to be false. They don’t provide immunity. They are not safe. They don’t prevent hospitalization. And now it has been demonstrated that they now increase a Covid patient’s chance of dying.

We haven't even seen the full extent of the damage. It'll likely take years to fully materialize. That's why the millions of people who refuse the jabs are so dangerous to the pharma firms and the politicians who're trying hard to reduce the control group.

All about the $$$$

The company that paid the largest healthcare fraud settlement in US history is also selling mandatory vaccines for hundreds of millions of people across the globe! What could possibly go wrong?

Top thugs want their cut

According to the IRS, “If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year.”

Does this mean that the government will add looting to the GDP?

In the future: CNN reporting huge increase to the current quarter's GDP as joggers smash and rob multiple stores in the background. Of course, mostly peaceful.

Rejecting the shitholes

One of the great things about America: states! One can see which policies work and which don't when people sell their houses, pick up their money, and simply leave. Of course, the problem is that MPAI. They likely bring their retarded leftist ideology with them to the new locations.

Closer to reality

Yup. Big Pharma is in the money-making business -- not the making-you-healthy business. They got the perfect opportunity to force you to take their ineffective shots with zero liability. They'll continue to push for the third, fourth, fifth, and nth shots to make billions in profits. This retarded circus stops when sufficiently large numbers of people get fed up and say NO to the bullshit.

The hidden tax

The pain continues:

My latest utility bill was higher than the same month last year despite using less gas and electricity. That’s because gas prices for me are up 19%(!) and electricity is up 5% over last year. For me that’s annoying, for people closer to the edge it’s brutal and demands real sacrifice either in things like heating and cooling or somewhere else. Then there’s the increase in food and gasoline.

If you're living in a blue state, then the lockdowns and restriction would have likely reduced your working hours as well.

Worst of the G7

Destructive immigration levels and restricted housing supply leads to misery for young Canadians:

Canadian real estate is unaffordable, but you don’t appreciate how bad the reality is until you look at its G7 peers. The latest house price-to-income ratio data from the OECD shows all G7 countries are seeing affordability decline. However, Canada has consistently seen home prices outgrow incomes. Since 2005, no other G7 country has seen the gap between home prices and incomes widen this much. It’s not even close.

It's totally absurd given the sheer size of Canada. There is ample space to increase the number of dwellings by an order of magnitude but thanks to insidious government policies, it's becoming nearly impossible for the average guy to buy a house.

Is this even true?

It's shocking that a trained economist would say that inflation doesn't hit poor people the hardest.

Most of the not-poor have a) debt, b) money in the soaring stock market, and c) earning power; they can demand wage increases because of inflation. So, they basically win in all categories.

What about the poor? They've got a) debt, b) $0 in stocks, by definition, and c) no earning power; likely minimum wage. So, the only positive is their debt. They lose out big-time because their wages can't keep up with rent, food, utilities, car prices, and fuel.

Also, note, that their wages must go up by more than the inflation rate for them to not fall behind. For instance, if their marginal tax rate is 20% and the inflation is 40% in two years, then their income has to increase by 50% in that time! So, how many poor people have had that experience recently?

Sacrificing quality and lives

The Daily Beast: How Boeing Was Set on the Path to Disaster by the Cult of Jack Welch.

This excerpt describes the human condition:

[...] McNerney, touting the Welch philosophy of “more for less,” ruled out the new jet and opted, instead, for what became the 737MAX, a hybrid of yet another iteration of the old airframe and the vastly improved engine that would give airlines much higher efficiency. The new program would cost $2.5 billion; the clean-sheet jet would have cost $20 billion. (As it turned out, the MAX catastrophe has cost the company well north of $20 billion.)

They killed hundreds, lost billions of dollars, and burned their immense reputation in one shot. That's some big-brain "savings".

It's also grim that a CEO who pushed the alternative (by making a brand new jet costing $20 billion) wouldn't have received any credit for actually saving lives, money, and their prestige. Most likely, he would have been fired for his "unnecessary" and "wasteful" spending. That's the Wall Street mantra; they only care about the short term: lowering costs and rising stock prices.

Sugar and sloth

Staggering. Soon, only one out of every fourth person will be at a healthy weight. The food companies sell sweet poison and the pharma firms provide you easy pills to survive for a while. It's an insidious system. Though, at the end of the day, you have to wake up and decide to change your eating habits. It's not easy but that's life.

A few suggestions from experience:

  • Limit your meals to a six-hour window in a day. Even better, move to one meal a day if you can; drink only water for lunch or dinner.
  • Drastically reduce your intake of carbs (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) and sugary foods and drinks.
  • Fats and proteins are your friends: butter, eggs, chicken, fish, beef, etc.
  • Walk. An average of half-hour per day will make one lose roughly one pound per month. It doesn't sound like a lot but it definitely adds up over time.

Remember, this isn't a diet plan for a few months. It's a consistent effort for the rest of your life. It's uncomfortable and most likely painful in the beginning but the mind and body will adapt and improve.

Their gain, your loss

Big Pharma wants all the profits with none of the downsides. That's why they'll keep creating booster shot #2, 3, 4, and beyond while people suffer through reactions, heart problems and possible cancers down the road.

Pharma Profits

There are close to 50 million people in America who got Covid and lived. There's zero reason for them to get a vaccine. Yet, the system demands it. The reason isn't public health. $25 per shot, three jabs total, that's nearly $4 billion in pharma revenue.

"Transitory" Terminated

The Money Printer couldn't ignore reality forever:

The nation’s economic steward said it will back off of using the word “transitory” to describe the fast pace of price increases, as Federal Reserve policymakers acknowledge the increasing risk of more persistent inflation.

“We tend to use [the word transitory] to mean that it won’t leave a permanent mark in the form of higher inflation,” Fed Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress on Tuesday. “I think it’s probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean.”

The Destruction of Canada I

The approximate price increase of certain items in the past year.

  • Food: 25%
  • Housing: 35%
  • Oil: 50%
  • Computer graphics cards: 100%

So, what is the Canadian government doing?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new immigration minister plans to maintain, and even ramp up, Canada’s efforts to grow the nation’s labor force with foreign workers. [...]

Like other nations, Canada suffers from an aging native-born population and relatively low fertility rates but has been able to produce the fastest population growth in the Group of Seven in recent years. High levels of foreign-born workers, for example, have helped to mitigate wage pressures in Canada in recent months at a time when inflation has been surging.

It's shocking that the corporate media wrote that last sentence. "Mitigate wage pressure"! Millennials and Gen. Z are experiencing the worst inflation of their life and the government, a) keeps their wages low by importing millions of new workers, and b) skyrockets the prices in the inflated housing market. This makes it increasingly more difficult for young guys to marry and start a family. This ugly situation is used as the logic for ... more immigration!

What wonderful "vaccines"!

Finally, the basic truth is fit for print:

Vaccines have been quite effective at preventing cases of COVID-19 that lead to severe illness and death, but none has proved reliable at blocking transmission of the virus, Jones noted. Recent evidence has also made clear that the immunity provided by vaccines can wane in a matter of months.

The result is that even if vaccination were universal, the coronavirus would probably continue to spread.

Time to bend over and pay Big Pharma tens of billions of more dollars for their useless extra booster jabs.

For any agency engaged in public messaging, “it’s very hard to convey uncertainty and remain authoritative," Bhopal said. "It’s a pity we can’t take the public along with us on that road of uncertainty.”

Yeah, far too many people do mind when they're lied to about putting ineffective and dangerous drugs into their bodies.

How does one catch up?

As mentioned in the video, a woman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada bought a house for $250,000 in 1999. Today, that house is worth $1.6 million. Average prices went up 33% in 2020 which means that property went up in price by roughly $400,000 in the last year. How does a majority of the populace even begin to earn enough money to afford a basic house in or near Toronto? Answer: They can't. They have to live outside the major cities. The way it's going, they'll have to leave Canada to afford a house.

Of course, the politicians are pouring gasoline over the fire. The prime minister of Canada is bringing in a million new immigrants over the next three years.

Do you love Big Brother?

The Intercept: Inflation Is Good for You.

No, that's not satire. That's a real heading.

First, inflation lessens the real value of debt. In 2020, American households had around $14.5 trillion in debt from their mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and other sources. Inflation of 6.2 percent means that the real value of that $14.5 trillion is now just $13.65 trillion in last year’s dollars.

Who borrows more money? Your average worker or your average company? The wealthy and the big corporations have mountains of debt. So, they benefitted bigly. Also, thanks to the Federal Reserve aka The Money Printer, the stock market has more than doubled from March 2020. Elon Musk's Tesla stock, for example, has increased by over 1,000% in that time frame. 

As prices increased 6.2 percent over the past year, wages for regular people went up 5.8 percent. In other words, inflation barely touched their purchasing power.

Reality is different from government statistics. Real estate is up over 25%. Food prices are up 33%. Gas is up by more than 50%. Yet, miraculously, the government reports that inflation is 6.2%. The purchasing power of the average person in America has absolutely cratered. Let's Go, Brandon!

The new NPC script has been uploaded:

No mercy from the money printer

As I wrote a few months ago:

Eggs: $2 --> $2.8
Butter: $3 --> $3.5
Milk (4L): $4 --> $4.7
Coke (6 pack): $2 --> $2.8
Potatoes (10 lbs): $2 --> $4
TV dinner (300g): $2 --> $3
Peanut butter (1kg): $3 --> $4.5
Chicken legs (1 lb): $1.5 --> $2.5
Lean ground beef (1 lb): $3 --> $5

Milk and butter prices are set by the government in Canada. They're set to go up by roughly 30% by the end of March. The Federal Reserve increased the money supply by 40%. Prices are simply catching up. Imagine, if you made $20,000 a year and prices didn't change at all but your income crashed to $14,000. That's the same reality. This is the largest "tax increase" on the poor since the late 70s. 

The lies never end

Diversity is Strength! Transwomen are women! Inflation is Good!

The new, bizarre headline: How Covid became the unlikely hero of our inflation crisis. Funny, how good inflation swiftly turned into a crisis.

Average American

There are so many basic things that can go wrong: an old motherboard that finally dies, an apartment ceiling crack and crash, a medical emergency, work hours cut for a couple of months, etc. In most cases, thousands of dollars will be required on short notice. It could get worse: a car accident, total loss of job, a natural disaster, etc. Then, tens of thousands would be needed. Almost 70% of Americans don't even have over a thousand dollars in their savings account. That has to be stressful.

Money printer pauses

The Bank of Canada can't ignore reality forever:

The Bank of Canada says it expects inflation to be higher than it originally thought and suggested an interest rate hike could come sooner than expected. [...]

The Bank of Canada says inflation appears to be less temporary than it originally thought.

Less temporary! Yeah, that means prices are going to increase a lot more in the coming months. The pain isn't over.

The article has been up for over an hour and we still have this:

The real GDP growth forecast was lowered a percentage point to 5.1 in 2021, and by 0.3 percent in 20022 to 4.3 per cent 2022.

Come on, man! Fix those basic errors.

Canada in Clown World

Prime Minister Zoolander makes a move:

The Liberal Party of Canada under Justin Trudeau have carved out a new role in cabinet to tackle housing.

Ahmed Hussen becomes Minister of Housing, along with Minister of Diversity and Inclusion, after previously serving as Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.

Many are calling Canada's housing situation a crisis and it was a key election topic. Prices are up as much as 30 per cent or more in parts of the country.

I'm sure that Mr. Hussen will be pondering on how to combat the housing crisis as his government imports 1.2 million new immigrants over the next three years.

Broken promises

In 1913, the marginal income tax was 7% on income above $500,000. Thirty years later, the top marginal rate was a staggering 94% for incomes above $200,000. Of course, the rates for all income brackets had increased. The tax wasn't just for "the rich".

The same will happen with the wealth tax. The ultra-rich will simply shift their capital to avoid this tax -- their armies of lawyers and accountants will be handsomely paid for their valiant efforts. Pretty soon, the not-so-rich will have to pony up cash to the government for the inflated house prices, stock market returns, and obscene crypto gains. Few will be forced to sell their assets to pay these absurd taxes. The wealth gap will grow wider.

Of course, it's possible the historical record doesn't apply today. Our governments are, perhaps, forthright and frank. They will only tax the super wealthy. We can trust them. It's possible. Let's go, Brandon!

Absolutely shocking!

The man who is most responsible for printing trillions of dollars is telling us that inflation just might last a bit longer:

Global supply-chain constraints and shortages that have led to elevated inflation “are likely to last longer than previously expected, likely well into next year,” Powell said, while adding that “it is still the most likely case” that as those constraints ease.

From early 2020 to late 2022, a full-time minimum wage worker in America and Canada will have his real income cut by 25% or more. Buying a house was a dream. Now, renting a one-bedroom apartment is going to be tough for low-wage workers. Inflation is a hidden tax but it's really insidious for the poor.

No mercy from the money printer

In the past year, food is up by 20%, real estate spiked by 25%, and oil price has increased by over 33%. Oh, and just this month, the minimum wage in Ontario increased by a generous 0.7%! Even with a 10% growth in wage, the real incomes of most people would have decreased.

Huge tax increase for the poor

The highest inflation in Canada in a generation:

The Consumer Price Index in Canada jumped 4.4 per cent year over year in September.

Statistics Canada says it’s the fastest pace of inflation since February 2003, and up from a 4.1 per cent rise in August.

Parents must be in shock when they fill up their car at the pump.

Drivers continue to feel pain at the pumps with a 32.8 per cent increase in gasoline prices, but those scorching gains were 0.1 per cent lower than in August.

Don't worry, the core only went up 1.8%!

“The core-common component indicator remained at 1.8 per cent,” said Mendes.

“That's the measure that's most correlated with slack in the economy and will likely leave the central bank viewing the recent rise in prices as transitory.”

Yeah, tell that to the minimum wage workers in Ontario who got a splendid 2.5% increase in three years.

Money printer has no sympathy

Reason: High Inflation Is Here To Stay But the people in power won’t even say as much, let alone do something about it.

That is such a bizarre title for the article considering this excerpt:

Let us not forget that inflation is not about rising prices. The rising price level is the result of an inflated money supply—all those trillions of stimulus dollars now out and chasing harder after goods and services.

That is correct. The people in power are responsible for the staggering increase in the money supply. Why would one expect them to own up to it or do something about it? It's like pleading with a cold career criminal to help his numerous victims.

Lower than minimum

As worker shortages persist and government subsidies approach their end, a growing number of industry groups — largely in food services — are asking the federal government to let them host more temporary foreign workers to fill jobs.

Why do companies want foreign workers when there are plenty of unemployed people in Canada?

A federal audit in 2017 found that the program was rife with oversight problems that let lower-paid international workers take jobs that unemployed Canadians could fill, effectively allowing companies to build a business model on lower-than-legal wages.

Yeah. The minimum wage in Ontario went up by a staggering $0.10 this month to $14.35 per hour. Businesses can get foreign workers for $10/hr or less. What, exactly, is the point of having a minimum wage law when firms can easily bypass it?

Basic reality

It's both. If your job can be performed by millions of other people in the country, then it's low-skilled work. Given the Iron Laws of Supply and Demand, it follows that you'll also get low pay. It is what it is.

Behold the science

European Journal of Epidemiology: Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States.

When vaccine fiction meets reality:

[...] in a report released from the Ministry of Health in Israel, the effectiveness of 2 doses of the BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) vaccine against preventing COVID-19 infection was reported to be 39% [6], substantially lower than the trial efficacy of 96% [7].

Pfizer got billions of $$$ for this pfake vaccine and now they want more for their extra useless jabs. One wonders just how much they paid the politicians.

"Experiment on humanity"

A scientist presents lots of concerning patterns from the "vaccines".

Evil corporation run on Covid money:

The US has 44 million people who got Covid and survived. Assuming that full vaccination counts as two shots and only 20 million of those people are retarded, then at $25 a jab, that's $1 billion. No wonder, these pharma companies are completely ignoring natural immunity.