Customer psychology

Very interesting:

Cineplex, the biggest movie theater chain in Ontario, started adding an "online booking fee" for buying tickets on their website. It was basically a price increase of 15%. Also, tax used to be included in the price. Now, it's added at the end. So, customers get a total 30% price shock. A movie ticket that was $20, is now $26.

Walking targets

Yeah, it's strange to see when tiny women walk around with their blinged-out iPhones, pricey jackets, and dumb luxury purses. Literally, with a few seconds of effort, a thug can snatch away thousands of dollars of merchandise from these scared victims.

No equality

Yeah, it's one of the most controversial opinions one can hold today: diverse peoples are different.

It has been almost 100 years since black gold was discovered in the Middle East. The Arabs still need to pay thousands of White professionals from the US, Canada, Europe, and Australasia to design and maintain their massive oil infrastructure. Also, it's not like they do the harsh, physical labor to build any of that. They simply import tens of millions of low-wage workers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

Once that oil runs out, it'll be back to sand and camels.

Real estate lunacy

The real estate market here in Ontario, Canada is insane but this tiny house is basically double the price of a similar home on the edges of the Greater Toronto Area!

Think about it: for a household with an income of $1,000 per day, that house would still be out of reach!

Retard wins!

A few seconds of research or call a rich dude a retard?

Banksters in distress

Funny, yesterday, got an email from a Canadian bank about my pre-approved line of credit. $15,000 for a sweet 9.15% interest rate. I don't even have a chequing account with them; just a credit card.

The middle gets crushed

Yeah, I've heard several stories of professional couples who are begging mom and dad for money because they can't make their mortgage payments. If their hours are cut, then they'll be forced to sell. These are households making ~$150,000. Those making less are locked out of owning a house.

Fixed, low rates on debt for the 0.1%. Low supply of housing. Middle class forced to sell because can't pay mortgage. So, rents go up. The top 0.1% gets 5% from T-bills and increasing rent payments from the squeezed middle. Simple and diabolical.


If he truly knew himself, he would have made one simple purchase which would have allowed him the luxury of not fucking it all up. 30-year T-bills!

Monthly spending budget for the next 30 years? $4 million. Nice.

The crazy expensive North

The commute part is also depressing. I had a one-time meeting in Toronto many years ago. I took a ride with a colleague. It took us two hours to arrive at the place and we were in a car! The other option was bus-train-subway-bus which would have been closer to three hours!

A person who has an 8-hour workday in Toronto but lives outside still has to burn 12 hours for work every day. If you look at the long run, that's years stuck in the car, bus, train, or subway. So, even living close to Toronto is not economically feasible in many cases.

Anyway, it could be worse:

At least 100 migrants, six properties and several companies are now at the centre of a complex Immigration New Zealand (INZ) probe. [...]

INZ has now provided an early insight into the major investigation, revealing it involved a total of 115 Indian and Bangladeshi nationals living in "overcrowded and unsanitary" conditions across six Auckland homes.

That's 20 slaves workers per house. Assuming that each idiot paid $20,000 for a better life, that's a cool $2.3 million dollars for the scam artists.

Winter is here

This is some serious deflation:

Subway launched a three-inch sandwich in Pakistan, the first time the fast-food chain has launched a mini version globally.

The bite-size sandwich, which appeared on Pakistani menus and social media posts with little fanfare last month, provides “value” to Pakistani customers, a spokesperson for Subway told Bloomberg News on Wednesday. The US-based chain’s main offerings are six-inch and 12-inch sandwiches.

Pro-tip: Switch over to centimeters.

Leftist utopia

I've been reliably informed that opposing cheap labor is totally LAYCISSS!

A tradesman known as “Parrow” who described himself as an “old timer” said he has been going to the Home Depot on Merrick Boulevard in Queens to pick up construction, plumbing and home improvement work for “20 plus years” but is now struggling.

“If you can get the work cheaper you are going to use those guys. You are not going to pay $200 when you can get [for] $40. Anything you give them, they’ll take it.

“I’m an old guy…get the f—k out of here. I’m not taking it.”

Blacks and Hispanics overwhelming vote for Democrats who open the borders for super-cheap labor which has a greater financial impact on Black and Hispanic voters!

Another old timer who has been picking up work from parking lots for four years accused hiring managers and contractors of taking advantage of the undocumented migrants.

According to him, one man offered to pay just $50 for the day to pour concrete.

“I wouldn’t do that for less than $300,” he said.

It's bizarre to see significant numbers of Indians working at service jobs across Ontario. Many are international students. They often work full-time and don't complain about working conditions or not getting overtime pay. I heard of one who worked double shifts -- nearly 20 hours -- without a word. Another issue is that they are not qualified; they are not licensed. I've seen Indian women who work as security guards. They weigh around a 100 pounds. Recently, one of them was attacked by a druggie. She is in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Dishonest employers hire them because they're cheap. Unfortunately, many young Canadians who could gain valuable job experience and extra cash are getting locked out.

Ackman on bonds

A very informative and incisive post by a savvy investor who manages billions of dollars:


Selling pipe dreams to ignorant Indians:

A person working full-time in Canada typically earns an average salary of 120,000 CAD per year. The average salary in Canada ranges from 30,200 CAD to 534,000 CAD.

Where is this mythical average salary of a half million dollars in Canada? No wonder the number of Indian students has exploded in Canada. I knew an Indian guy who studied at a university in Ontario and after looking for a job for a year, he decided to leave Canada. He simply couldn't find work in his field. This was twenty years ago!

It's much worse now. A one-bedroom apartment, outside Toronto, rents for $2,000 while a full-time minimum wage job nets you $2,600 per month. Of course, one can break the law and live like a sardine in a can as one of twenty people in a house and save on rent but that's just atrocious and depressing.

Anyway, it was amusing to see the average salaries of the eleven provinces of Canada.

Trudeau's Canada

Rent is too damn high:

Although the pace of increase has come down ever so slightly, the price of rental accommodation in Canada continues to go up, with the average new tenant now being asked to pay $2,117 a month.

In my city, a two-bedroom apartment rented for $800 per month ten years ago. Now, that average rent is approaching $2,400!

Forget about buying a house, just renting is becoming insane:

Kranjec works two jobs yet still spends more than half of her income on rent. Her main job could be done remotely, so she contemplated moving to a part of Ontario with cheaper rent, but quickly realized those options were also limited.

The Liberals imported millions of people in the past few years. The result? Explosion in real estate, spiking rent, and depressed wages.

Must be nice

Yeah, that's a subset of a bizarre societal outlook. It's strange when those who make $5,000 a month look down upon those who can pull the same in a week. They'd rather take a shit salary in an airconditioned office than make bank doing a dirty job.

Democracy in the North

An overwhelming majority of Canadians want to decrease the rate of immigration. Yet, the leaders of the big political parties ignored the issue in the previous election. In fact, Trudeau has increased immigration quotas again and again. Canada now imports 500,000 people, a small city, into the country every year. 

Clown World logic

Yeah, let's continue to suppress wages by increasing labor supply and inflate the real estate market by pumping up the insane demand for housing. Result? Cheap housing!

Even high school students who take economics must be scratching their heads.

The competency crisis continues

Britain’s National Air Traffic Service (NATS) was forced to restrict the flow of aircraft on Monday as it works to address a technical issue, it said, with airlines and airports warning of delays and cancellations.

Is this another benefit of diversity?

Several passengers took to social media to say they were stuck on planes on the tarmac waiting to take off on what is a busy travel day due to Monday’s public holiday in parts of Britain.

One Reuters witness being held on the tarmac at Budapest said their pilot told passengers that they faced an 8-12 hour delay.


Hey, the Big Pharma sponsored new shows have reliably informed me that vaccines are super safe and anyone who disagrees loves eating horse paste.

Seriously, it's all about the $$$$. The vaccine schedule in the US is utterly insane. There's something like 70+ shots recommendation for a child. The combined impact on the health of the kids can't be denied.

Holes to the max!

We're soon going to have more planes falling out of the sky.

Boeing has found another significant manufacturing flaw in its 737 Max aircraft and it’s likely to throw a curveball at deliveries of its most popular aircraft.

The company says fuselages from its largest contractor, Spirit AeroSystems, have random extra holes drilled in the rear pressurization bulkhead.

That was tough. I refrained from making bonus holes jokes.

Despair in Canada

After graduating from university, she'll be making only 25% more than minimum wage. Her after-tax monthly pay will be roughly $2,800. If she lived in a basic apartment in Toronto by herself, then her entire income would be consumed by rent. Even if she shared the place with a friend, she would have $1,400 left over for food, utilities, internet, phone, transportation, etc.

After the doubling of prices over the past four years, it's no wonder that she's crying. Salaries and wages won't go up much though, thanks to Prime Minister Zoolander who will be importing over half a million new people every year. In fact, he'll soon be announcing an increase in immigrant quotas to keep wages low as the average young Canadian gets crushed under higher prices.

Blood turns to lard

Wow. That's $70 a day on delivery food! The list includes donuts!?

So far, this year, my DoorDash, UberEats, and all other food deliveries combined equal to $0. I've ordered a few times online and then simply picked up the meal.

Tech "drama"

The sheer volume of mistakes! The insane 4090 results in Cyberpunk should have been a huge red flag. Also, how does a huge organization get the basic specifications like PCIe lanes or L2, L3 cache wrong? Isn't that just a copy and paste job?

What really shocked me was when they used an incompatible graphics cards in their negative review. Nobody from the staff stood up to Linus! He idiotically saved a few hundred bucks but severely tarnished his reputation.

Enjoy your free health care!

The normies are understanding the costs of free health care the hard way:

If you or your loved one has a serious health issue in Canada, then waiting can be lethal. It's better to make an appointment in the US, pay some serious cash, and get immediate results. On average, over 100 Canadians travel to the US every day for hospital visits. So, even when more than 36,000 Canadians are getting treatments outside the country every year, Canada still has artificial shortages of doctors and nurses!