Teenage scholars
Gotta earn those shekels!

Those horrible mean RAYCISS!

Whites have been discriminated against to make way for mediocre and unscrupulous diversity.

“Having received the questions and answers, you come to decide you would, in breach of your oath of secrecy and that order, you would send the answers to some of your mentees, correct?” prosecutor Scott Hutchison asked Thursday.

“You’re correct about the act,” Clarke responded, “but with all due respect, Mr. Hutchison, I think it’s important you understand the moments that led up to that action – my experience with systemic racism, my experience with systemic unfairness and also my experience with the challenges and the barriers that Black members have endured, that Black members have felt.”

Translation: I'm black, oppressed, and black, and life is unfair, and black, so very very black. So, it's okay for me to lie and cheat to help other blacks.

Of course, what's truly super sad is:

Whatever the decision, the saddest part, perhaps, is that Clarke’s good intentions have so spectacularly backfired – the cheating scandal has tarnished her sterling reputation and has been seized upon by racists to question all non-white hires.

Black woman lies and cheats: GOOD INTENTIONS!

Sane people question how diversity Didn't Earn It: RAYCISS!


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