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Cultural enrichment is imminent

Some chips can't handle the heat

DIE, a decade of complacency, declining revenues, and unstable chips:

Intel released guidelines to its board partners regarding default BIOS settings to alleviate stability issues that some 13th and 14th Gen Core i9 CPU owners are experiencing. The new guidelines encompass recommended settings board makers should use to increase stability.

I immediately thought of this:

One major factor with these instability reports is that they don't happen to everyone, with only what appears to be a relatively small subset of chips being affected. Apparently, the silicon lottery has become enough of a factor that certain chips on the "losing" end of the spectrum are impacting CPU stability even when users aren't overclocking.

Intel needs to be more strict with its branding of Core i9 chips. They've pushed their silicon to the point where customers can't even rely on it. Worse for them, AMD can offer higher performance with cooler chips.


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