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"Poor you blacky"

The Coalition of the Coloreds has a few fractures:

I'm sure there must be some way of blaming White people for this.


Due to the liberal, psychotic policies of Prime Minister Zoolander, the population of Canada went from 35 million to 41 million in just nine years and that's only counting the legal immigration. There are, likely, two million criminals who didn't bother to leave Canada when their work permit, study documents or visitor's visa expired.

The traitor said this a few months back:


So, the asshole who played the main role in importing millions of people into Canada over the last nine years is, now, talking about "mental health challenges", "pressure", and "driving down wages".

The internal polling must be really bad.

No hope for you!

Highly Capable Cohort was RAYCISSSS! That's why it had to die.

In 2018, three years after Seattle Public Schools (SPS) hired an “equity specialist” to address so-called racial inequities, the students HCC served 13% multiracial, 11.8% Asian, 3.7% Hispanic and 1.6% black. (By 2023, it was 20% multiracial, 16% Asian, 8.2% Hispanic and 3.4% black.) Critics argue that because the HCC didn’t match the district’s diversity, the program was irredeemably racist and needed to be dismantled.

But parents, including those who are Black, Asian and Hispanic, argued against closing them down. They argued that SPS should work harder to identify minority students who are eligible for HCC, rather then kill the program entirely.

One father pleaded that the Seattle School Board “consider the disservice you would be doing to the minorities that are already in the HCC program.” He argued that the gifted program “does more for Black children, particularly Black boys, than it does for their peers.”

These uppity blacks need to know their place. Stay poor, hate YT, and vote for the Left.


I saw a fat cat jump in the air and smack a fly down to the floor. It played with the fatigued fly for a minute and then ate it. The level of power and reaction time for an overweight specimen of the species was quite impressive.