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Crime Research: The Collapse in Law Enforcement: As Arrest Rates Plummet, People Have Been Less Willing to Report Crime.

Yeah, that's how we get "low" crime rates. There's a lot of data about arrests but this is still staggering:

With 31.8% of property crimes reported to police and only 11.9% of those reported crimes resulting in an arrest, that means that only 3.8% of all property crimes result in an arrest. For large cities with over a million people, only 1.4% of all property crimes result in an arrest.

No wonder, these criminals are so emboldened. They can literally rob dozens of places without worrying about cops. And when they do get caught, they're back on the streets in a few hours.

Update: Property rights don't matter.

Soon, people will "solve" crimes by themselves. Robbers and squatters will simply disappear.


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