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Cultural enrichment is imminent

Ukraine will import millions of Indians and African men. The sex ratio is going to be insane. Sexual assaults will go through the roof. Of course, anyone who opposes this is RAYCISSS!

Some chips can't handle the heat

DIE, a decade of complacency, declining revenues, and unstable chips:

Intel released guidelines to its board partners regarding default BIOS settings to alleviate stability issues that some 13th and 14th Gen Core i9 CPU owners are experiencing. The new guidelines encompass recommended settings board makers should use to increase stability.

I immediately thought of this:

One major factor with these instability reports is that they don't happen to everyone, with only what appears to be a relatively small subset of chips being affected. Apparently, the silicon lottery has become enough of a factor that certain chips on the "losing" end of the spectrum are impacting CPU stability even when users aren't overclocking.

Intel needs to be more strict with its branding of Core i9 chips. They've pushed their silicon to the point where customers can't even rely on it. Worse for them, AMD can offer higher performance with cooler chips.

What has India done?

Definitely not seasoned stunt men:

A 15-year-old boy is in hospital in life-threatening condition after falling from the roof of a moving GO train early Sunday morning, police say. It happened at around midnight as the train headed eastbound after leaving Union Station. Police say that the boy was with three other youths, all of which went onto the roof of the train while it was in motion.

Who is to blame? Shah Rukh Khan.


I don't know why but I really want to try booster shots.

Okay, I laughed a lot at the end:

Anglo vs. Indians

Frauds, scams, fake credentials, and now looting liquor:

These thieves ought to be hanged right outside the LCBO store and that man deserves a medal. The scoundrels with their commentary should be publicly named and shamed.

Won't you feel sorry for the Jews?

The colored puppets turned out to be pretty vicious:


I've been in a major quake that was a 5.5. It was followed by 20 mild aftershocks in two days. I felt about five of them. This is a whole different level of stress and anxiety:

Taiwan was rocked by a series of strong earthquakes on Monday and Tuesday. According to the Central News Agency, there were an astonishing “103 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher” recorded between 5.08pm Monday and 10.27am today. Despite two quakes measuring magnitude 6.0 and 6.3 early Tuesday, only “a small number of cleanroom staff were immediately evacuated,” from TSMC fabs, reports DigiTimes.

These people will feel "phantom earthquakes" for a while. There won't be any real quake but their brain is going to play tricks on them.

No limit to stupidity

These people almost got nominated for Darwin Awards:

An unsettling video shows a group of people carelessly ripping bear cubs out of a tree to snap some selfies in North Carolina.

The group of about six people was caught on video Tuesday pulling three scared black bear cubs out of a tree over a fence at a Buncombe County apartment complex, ABC 13 News reported.

During the video, several of the individuals were seen posing with the cubs, with one person even dropping one while holding it.

I wouldn't even approach domesticated kittens or puppies to avoid scaring them or triggering an overprotective mommy. So, this is just beyond me.

This is America!

Lovely story from NY:

A high school soccer game at a public field in East Harlem was canceled after a group of migrants refused to leave the pitch so the kids could play.

“I directly asked them to leave and some of them kind of took it into consideration, but then four or five of them said, ‘You know what, f–k it, we don’t have to leave, we can do whatever we want,'” said Erik Johansson, the coach of the Manhattan Kickers 17-year-old boys travel team.

The real estate mirage

Yeah, the math just doesn't work in major cities. Here's an extreme example:

As I've written before. Let's see some numbers about the house that my retired barber bought and compare that to the reality of today.

  • Time: Early 70s.
  • Profession: Barber (with stay at home wife)
  • Annual income: $20,000
  • Loans: From dad and friends
  • Price of house: $55,000
  • Loans paid off in 3 years!

An example in the news from last year:

  • Annual income of professional couple: $200,000
  • Looking at house near Toronto
  • Price of house: ~$1.2 million
  • Bank refuses loan!

So, a barber working alone could afford to buy an average house fifty years ago in Canada. Today, an educated, credentialed, and hard working couple working full time while making 10 times the income of that barber can't even get a mortgage! And note this is comparing the same Greater Toronto Area of Canada.

I would bet a $1,000 that the barber could sell his house for an easy $1.5 million in the red-hot real estate market now.

Bend over or get out!

The wealthy will quietly shift their capital out while the middle will get squeezed hard.

I'm sure Harvard will be paying more, right?

Child abuse

The assaulted girl could die from the trauma and blood loss. It goes to show the public education is child abuse in so many ways.

A small benefit of die-versity

The filim must have been quite bad:

Cineplex has cancelled screenings of a South Indian film following four drive-by shootings at theatres throughout the Greater Toronto Area the day it premiered.

It was nice of the scholars to spread their culture in four different cities.

York Regional Police say they were called to a theatre in Richmond Hill, Ont., on Jan. 24 after an employee arrived to find the windows had been shot at. The same day, police responded to similar incidents at theatres in Vaughan, Scarborough and Brampton.

If only Canada had common sense gun control ...

It's always 1984

You can definitely trust the lackeys of the State. They would never lie to you! Oh, and also, about that nasty tweet; explain yourself!

[...] don’t think that they’ll be mustered in your defense when you are openly slandered, libeled, defamed, and insulted, even when you have an iron-clad case against those who have clearly violated the law more egregiously than the thought criminals they are pursuing. Then, it’s suddenly “well, no actual harm done” and “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” and every other subjective excuse they think will somehow conceal the obvious fact of their shameless hypocrisy and double standard.

A dangerous batsman

Travis Head is winning more awards in India:

At the post-match presentation, Head was asked how he would bowl to himself. "I am not sure," he replied. "I think everyone has tried a bit of everything. I just clear my front leg and slog a little bit. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, never has been. But pleased with how I moved today and how I struck the ball."

Very perceptive. I would have described his match-winning innings in the World Cup final in the same way. He's no Anwar, Lara, Sangakkara, or Tendulkar but he definitely gets the job done. I'm sure his current team and the Aussies don't mind his inelegant style of winning trophies.

Very Bad Knives!

Aussies need common sense knife control.

Horrified worshippers watched online and in person as a bishop was stabbed at the altar during a church service in Sydney on Sunday evening, and three others were stabbed as people rushed to help. Police said there were no life-threatening wounds, and a man was arrested.

These knives are out of control!

Authorities did not immediately report a motive for the attack. Australians were still in shock after a lone assailant stabbed six people to death in a Sydney shopping mall on Saturday and injured more than a dozen others. There was no immediate indication the two stabbings were linked.

Strange, how these news stories ignore the Allah Akbar part of the attack ...

Getting closer to the end

Crime Research: The Collapse in Law Enforcement: As Arrest Rates Plummet, People Have Been Less Willing to Report Crime.

Yeah, that's how we get "low" crime rates. There's a lot of data about arrests but this is still staggering:

With 31.8% of property crimes reported to police and only 11.9% of those reported crimes resulting in an arrest, that means that only 3.8% of all property crimes result in an arrest. For large cities with over a million people, only 1.4% of all property crimes result in an arrest.

No wonder, these criminals are so emboldened. They can literally rob dozens of places without worrying about cops. And when they do get caught, they're back on the streets in a few hours.

Update: Property rights don't matter.

Soon, people will "solve" crimes by themselves. Robbers and squatters will simply disappear.

Public education is child abuse


She also abused other children who couldn't speak out. I wouldn't be surprised if every single victim is White.

Traitors in charge

Vox Day:

The idea that immigration “is good for the economy” is based on a false assumption and an incomplete equation. Moving every single person from China would “increase US GDP” too, but it most certainly would not be good for the economy.

It's the same in Canada. Companies here are firing people left and right. The unemployment rate is increasing. Meanwhile the liberal politicians have imported over a million people into the country over the last ten months!

So, stagnant wages, stretched infrastructure, rents exploding, and mortgages out of reach. But look: higher GDP!