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The Destruction of Canada

Darshan Maharaja provides incredible details about the fraud and scams of the student visa system in Canada through the Indian perspective. His observations about Brampton where various diners and bakeries are closing, only to be replaced by another generic Indian restaurant, was quite illuminating.

The primary problem is the traitorous politicians who looked the other way from all the illegal activities, just so that their precious GDP didn't suffer a decline.

This is what the MSM should be covering but they mostly serve the Leftists who are in control of the system.

There are three videos, so far.

Second video:

Third video:

If you think that the title is hyperbole:

For the Indian community in Brampton—and across Canada, really—this catch-and-release system came painfully close to the bone last week when an accused, Arundeep Thind, walked out soon after his arrest by Canadian police. Not only that, thumbing his nose at the Canadian justice system and sending a warning to his alleged victims, Thind later shared a photo of himself sitting triumphantly in a Peel Regional Police cruiser soon after walking out, posting a chilling message: ‘Putt bach ke’.

Indians in Canada extorting other Indians in Canada. A few shootings have taken place. Your money or your life. Welcome to Canada!

Meanwhile, the desi business community is now living under more fear than ever. Speaking to a local Punjabi news channel, Prime Asia TV, an anonymous victim of extortions voiced those concerns.

“Saddi families daryian hoiyan, sadde employees dare hoye aa. We are at that stage today that either we leave the country or risk our lives to carry on. How come that guy they arrested (Thind) got to have his photo clicked in a police cruiser, with the door open and a smile on his face? Ki dikhana chonda ki bai meri police jeb de vich hai? Je fad ke banda chadna hi hai, then why are we paying taxes?”

There is a distinct possibility that the next news story about this saga will have this literal comment: Sadde dil te chhuriyan chaliyan!

Also, earlier this month, the police in Toronto arrested a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old for stealing a car that had a child and a baby inside. No mention of names or race. Of course, the older teenager already had outstanding warrants.


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