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One Trilogy To Rule Them All

There were many teachers in my American high school who were huge fans of Star Wars. Some had watched it numerous times in the movie theater in 1977. I didn't get it.

I finally understood in the winter of 2001. The only movie I've watched more than twice in the theater: The Fellowship of the Ring. I still remember, a year later, watching The Two Towers and leaving the theater at midnight and getting shocked at the sight of a giant crowd (10,000, at least) that waited outside for the last showing.

The closest Hollywood has come to that level of hype, expectations, and satisfaction was the Avengers movies in 2018 and 2019. It has been a spectacular dive into the abyss after that. Still, Tolkien's trilogy is definitely superior to the best comics-based movies we've seen over the years.

It shows just how far they've fallen. I won't even watch Amazon's woke bullshit Rings of Vagina Powah! for free. Yet, paying $200 for a Lord of the Rings movie with a live orchestra is an easy decision.


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