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Titans clash

It's a rare final where the Aussies start as the underdogs:

It feels like a lifetime has passed since their first encounter in this tournament. Having called that game the final before the final before it was played, I was feeling sheepish within a week as Australia, after two resounding losses, appeared underprepared and undercooked and unsure about their best XI.

And then, Australia went on to win eight matches in a row. They'll meet India who have ten consecutive wins in this tournament. It should be a hard fought final. The Aussie bowlers will be important. They must restrict the explosive Indian batsmen. Sharma and Kohli are the two key wickets. The rest haven't been stressed in the last month. Plus, the pressure is on India. They've done great over the past ten years except win the big trophies.

India and Australia, two vastly contrasting nations, two of cricket's powerhouses, who have built the fiercest, most competitive, most absorbing rivalry of this century, which has produced some of the greatest matches in recent memory, and are, equally crucially, the most successful teams at the ODI World Cup over time, feel like the worthiest claimants for this edition's prize. India have looked invincible so far, but winning titles is in Australia's DNA.


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