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World Cup 2023

A few amazing stats:

50 Balls needed for Kevin O'Brien for his century against England in 2011, the fastest in men's ODI World Cup until the 2023 edition. His record was bettered twice in the tournament - first by Aiden Markram with a 49-ball hundred against Sri Lanka, and then by Glenn Maxwell, who got a century off 40 balls at the same venue against Netherlands. Six of the top ten fastest ODI World Cup hundreds have come in this edition itself.

That's the most astonishing part of this World Cup: the absolute ferocity of the centurions. Imagine, if England didn't implode in this World Cup, we would seen even more centuries from their formidable batsmen.

The gulf between two finalists

Yesterday, Australia smashed 388 runs. New Zealand take the game to the very last delivery. They scored 383! That's the most incredible chase for a team that ended up losing. It shows why the Kiwis made the last two World Cup finals.

Today, India scored 229 runs. That's a solid T20 score. England should have chased that with plenty of overs to spare. Instead, the World Champions lost by an unbelievable 100 runs! Root and Stokes, the two rocks, scored a combined zero. Forget fighting for a semi-final spot, they're officially the worst team in the entire tournament.

That difference between the chases by England and New Zealand is stunning.

The likely semi-finalists: India, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. There's potential for drama as a few other teams like Pakistan can bump into the top four but that'll require a series of convincing wins.

More misery for England

The World Champions have lost four out of five matches.

The light at the end of the tunnel was a train. England have spent the last four weeks travelling around India talking about responding to setbacks and awaiting the statement performance that has never arrived. If their defeats to New Zealand, Afghanistan and South Africa were bad, this might have been the worst of the lot.

Ben "The Legend" Stokes top-scored but nobody really provided a decent partnership. The sad thing is that these aren't hard fought victories for the opposition. England is imploding again and again and again. They definitely have the batting firepower but it's simply not clicking.

Their next match is against the only undefeated team of the tournament.

So very polite

Hey, I'm convinced. Those masked guys with mostly peaceful AK-47s are definitely super nice to Jews.


I would have gladly bet against anyone who told me that the World Champions would be ranked dead last half-way through the tournament.

England dead last

Technically, Pakistan or England have a small chance of making the semi-finals by winning all of their remaining matches. However, they both can't make it together because they'll face each other next month. Given their miserable form, it's highly likely that the semi-finalists will be India, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. 

A New Zealand vs. South Africa final would be spectacular as we would get a totally new World Champion. The Kiwis will have definitely earned that one.

These Vite Soupemacisss are out of control

A shocking annihilation

England won the ODI World Cup in 2019. They won the T20I World Cup last year. Now, it looks like they'll be crashing out of the current one. Chasing 400 runs against South Africa, they're at 68/6! Every single batsman failed to stick around. It's likely that they'll lose by a margin of 250-300 runs. Forget World Champions, I haven't seen minnows being crushed in this manner.

What makes this surreal is that South Africa lost to the Netherlands a few days ago!

England will have to win all of their remaining five matches to have a shot at making the semi-finals. No pressure.

England lost by 229 runs. Their worst defeat in history.

Warner ignites

The absolutely murderous opening partnership was enough for Australia. The only tiny negative for them is that they didn't smash over 400 runs. Pakistan did fight but they needed an individual century or two to chase this down. Azam's shot straight to the captain wasn't smart. Also, their lack of big hits made the difference.

Sixes by Australia: 19
Sixes by Pakistan: 6
Difference of runs: 78
Margin of defeat: 62 runs

Kulaks go to gulags

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Welcome to the real world

The most glaring foreign peoples examples is Jews in American politics. They'll vote to not build the RAYCISSS wall along the Mexico border while enthusiastically sending American money to Israel for the wall around her borders. It's strange that the media doesn't question them about that glaring logical inconsistency ...

World Champions crumble

A historic day for Afghanistan cricket:

Afghanistan claimed the most famous scalp of their international history, and in the process provided the first big shock of the 2023 World Cup, by routing England's world champions by 69 runs in a spin-and-seam masterclass under the Delhi floodlights.

Their dominance was set in motion by a fearless display of power-hitting from the 21-year-old Rahmanullah Gurbaz, whose 80 from 57 had promised so much more until a run-out sawed him off in his prime. But Ikram Alikhil marshalled Afghanistan's lower-order with a precious half-century on his World Cup debut, whereupon they set about making a target of 285 seem as dim and distant as England's hopes of defending their title must now feel.

Plus, the team that has the grandest history in World Cups is currently at the bottom of the table! If things don't turn around, then for only the second time both Australia and England won't make it to the semi-finals.

Real estate lunacy

The real estate market here in Ontario, Canada is insane but this tiny house is basically double the price of a similar home on the edges of the Greater Toronto Area!

Think about it: for a household with an income of $1,000 per day, that house would still be out of reach!

India dominate

The top four Pakistani players scored 155 and got out. The rest managed 32 runs! It would have been a pretty decent T20I total.

Sharma hit six sixes which was six more than what the opposition managed. Game over.

India, New Zealand, and South Africa are almost locked in for the semi-finals. England, Australia, and Pakistan will have to fight it out for the fourth spot. It would be bonkers if we got an India-Pakistan final.

India vs. Pakistan

On Saturday, Ahmedabad won't just be the epicentre of Indian cricket, but world cricket, with 132,000 people - a decent chunk being celebrities, industrialists, politicians, friends of politicians and, of course, cricket administrators - congregating at what they say is the world's biggest cricket stadium to witness a match that makes the cricket economy - bilateral non-relations notwithstanding.

No other team in cricket history will have a louder crowd than what India will get in nine hours. They, of course, start as strong favorites. The famous Pakistani bowling has to show up for them to have a chance at an upset. Afridi and Rauf will have to make the breakthroughs. Also, the winner of this match will definitely make the semi-finals.

How the turn tables

Opposing the barbarian invasion, questioning the details of the holocaust, saying nigger, calling a female police officer a lesbian, and now banning flags of hate. We're reaching the point where the government should simply declare what's legal to say and wear.

So surreal

Nobody defeated Australia in the 2003 and 2007 tournaments. Nobody has won more World Cups than Australia. Yet, somehow, today, South Africa crushed them by 134 runs. They've lost two matches in a row. It's not that they're horrible. Just that the rest of the world has upped the game.

Poor Aussies

The competition for the semi-final spots just got more intense between the six:

  1. England
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Pakistan
  6. South Africa

A blessing in disguise

Super White:

Stanley Zhong, 18, is a 2023 graduate of Gunn High School in Palo Alto.

Despite earning 3.97 unweighted and 4.42 weighted GPA, scoring 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT's and founding his own e-signing startup RabbitSign in sophomore year, he was rejected by 16 out of the 18 colleges he applied to.

Google offered him a full-time job. It's a win-win. Google gets a spectacular, young employee while Stanley doesn't have to burn four years of his life to get a pointless degree.

Special Alert

Alert of Color:

The so-called 'Ebony Alert,' signed into law Monday by Governor Gavin Newsom, is a completely separate notification system from the already existing Amber Alert.

Authored by state Senator Steven Bradford, many online have called the new law - which goes into effect on January 1 - a new kind of segregation.

The alert will be used for black people between the ages of 12 and 25 and notifies law enforcement and California Highway Patrol to search for the individual.

The text of the alert will be accompanied by a simple BEEP! IYKYK.