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The crazy expensive North

The commute part is also depressing. I had a one-time meeting in Toronto many years ago. I took a ride with a colleague. It took us two hours to arrive at the place and we were in a car! The other option was bus-train-subway-bus which would have been closer to three hours!

A person who has an 8-hour workday in Toronto but lives outside still has to burn 12 hours for work every day. If you look at the long run, that's years stuck in the car, bus, train, or subway. So, even living close to Toronto is not economically feasible in many cases.

Anyway, it could be worse:

At least 100 migrants, six properties and several companies are now at the centre of a complex Immigration New Zealand (INZ) probe. [...]

INZ has now provided an early insight into the major investigation, revealing it involved a total of 115 Indian and Bangladeshi nationals living in "overcrowded and unsanitary" conditions across six Auckland homes.

That's 20 slaves workers per house. Assuming that each idiot paid $20,000 for a better life, that's a cool $2.3 million dollars for the scam artists.

Winter is here

This is some serious deflation:

Subway launched a three-inch sandwich in Pakistan, the first time the fast-food chain has launched a mini version globally.

The bite-size sandwich, which appeared on Pakistani menus and social media posts with little fanfare last month, provides “value” to Pakistani customers, a spokesperson for Subway told Bloomberg News on Wednesday. The US-based chain’s main offerings are six-inch and 12-inch sandwiches.

Pro-tip: Switch over to centimeters.

Pretty please!

Hey, Russkies! Don't destroy our tanks, bro! K, bye!

America won the two world wars. It won't even exist as a country of fifty states when the Third World War is over.

DIE-versity in Baltimore

Prime candidate for the death penalty:

Baltimore police have issued an arrest warrant for 'a repeat violent offender' suspected of murdering a much-loved Forbes '30 Under 30' tech CEO, who was found beaten to death in her apartment building.

Pava Marie LaPere, 26, was killed by blunt force trauma inside her luxury Mount Vernon, Baltimore apartment, and her body was found by police on Monday.

Jason Deans Billingsley, 32, of Baltimore, is wanted for first degree murder, assault, reckless endangerments, as well as additional charges. Police do not believe LaPere knew him.

He was in prison. They let him out 20 years too early.

He was convicted 'for a violent crime' in 2011, with charges including attempted rape, and received a 30-year sentence. He was paroled in October 2022.

She supported Burn Loot Murder. She paid full price.

No bonding for you!

Your classic sibling fight:

The ICC has confirmed that the Indian government has approved visas for the Pakistan squad travelling to the World Cup, less than 48 hours before the team is due to fly out to Hyderabad via Dubai. The approval came on Monday, hours after the PCB had written to the ICC expressing its displeasure at the delay in the issuance of the visas. At the time they had sent the email, approval for the visas had not been given.

But the delay had already caused the Pakistan team to cancel plans for a pre-World Cup team bonding trip to the UAE.

The Indian government was simply delaying the visas to ruffle some feathers. They're not going to say NO to hundreds of millions of dollars and damage the grand tournament by denying a former title holder. They got the Pakis to cry a little and then promptly stamped the passports.

"Shoe-sized IQ crew"

Decoy Voice just got another subscriber:

It was strange to see the Japanese police approach these guys a few times but then ... zero consequences. Looks like they've got months of video evidence to bring the hammer down.

Anyway, the most absurd part of the video was when the Black guy said, "You're harassing me for no reason." Now, that was rich!

Leftist utopia

I've been reliably informed that opposing cheap labor is totally LAYCISSS!

A tradesman known as “Parrow” who described himself as an “old timer” said he has been going to the Home Depot on Merrick Boulevard in Queens to pick up construction, plumbing and home improvement work for “20 plus years” but is now struggling.

“If you can get the work cheaper you are going to use those guys. You are not going to pay $200 when you can get [for] $40. Anything you give them, they’ll take it.

“I’m an old guy…get the f—k out of here. I’m not taking it.”

Blacks and Hispanics overwhelming vote for Democrats who open the borders for super-cheap labor which has a greater financial impact on Black and Hispanic voters!

Another old timer who has been picking up work from parking lots for four years accused hiring managers and contractors of taking advantage of the undocumented migrants.

According to him, one man offered to pay just $50 for the day to pour concrete.

“I wouldn’t do that for less than $300,” he said.

It's bizarre to see significant numbers of Indians working at service jobs across Ontario. Many are international students. They often work full-time and don't complain about working conditions or not getting overtime pay. I heard of one who worked double shifts -- nearly 20 hours -- without a word. Another issue is that they are not qualified; they are not licensed. I've seen Indian women who work as security guards. They weigh around a 100 pounds. Recently, one of them was attacked by a druggie. She is in the hospital with a fractured skull.

Dishonest employers hire them because they're cheap. Unfortunately, many young Canadians who could gain valuable job experience and extra cash are getting locked out.

The state of America

This is what happens when deterrence is lost:

“You think this juvenile [expletive] is gonna do some [expletive]? I’ll be out in 30 days, I’ll bet you,” Ayala told the cops, according to KLAS.

“It’s just ah, [expletive] ah, hit-and-run — slap on the wrist.”

Police had not yet told Ayala about any hit-and-run charges, and he was only arrested for a warrant and obstructing a peace officer, the outlet reported.

He is not being illogical. The legal system is such a joke when it comes to punishing colored criminals even when photographic and video evidence is present.

For example:

Another one:

Back to the original story in which the mother of the black murderer chimes in:

“My son’s side of the story will be told, ‘the truth,’ not the inaccuracies the media will try to portray,” Keys’ mother said in a text to the station.

It's those sad socio-economic factors again.

Ackman on bonds

A very informative and incisive post by a savvy investor who manages billions of dollars:


Selling pipe dreams to ignorant Indians:

A person working full-time in Canada typically earns an average salary of 120,000 CAD per year. The average salary in Canada ranges from 30,200 CAD to 534,000 CAD.

Where is this mythical average salary of a half million dollars in Canada? No wonder the number of Indian students has exploded in Canada. I knew an Indian guy who studied at a university in Ontario and after looking for a job for a year, he decided to leave Canada. He simply couldn't find work in his field. This was twenty years ago!

It's much worse now. A one-bedroom apartment, outside Toronto, rents for $2,000 while a full-time minimum wage job nets you $2,600 per month. Of course, one can break the law and live like a sardine in a can as one of twenty people in a house and save on rent but that's just atrocious and depressing.

Anyway, it was amusing to see the average salaries of the eleven provinces of Canada.

George for George

Yeah, those who gave in and supported the destruction of statues and monuments of those eeevil Confederates can't say much when normal Americans from history start getting cancelled. They should have never given that inch.

George Washington was a slave owner. His face is on the one-dollar bill. Why should weak, feeble, and fragile blacks have to look at the demonic face of that slave owner everyday when they make simple financial transactions? Only a matter of time when such historical figures start getting deleted. Of course, they'll be replaced by DIE-versity. Most likely, George Washington will be replaced by Goerge Floyd.

F-35 Saga

What happened here? Possible scenarios:

  1. DIE-versity pilot. F-35 go bye bye!
  2. China or Russia took down the F-35.
  3. They genuinely lost it! Perhaps, it's under water.
  4. There is some other story that they are trying to cover up.
  5. The lost F-35 fighter jet was apparently carrying the only known copy of Jeffrey Epstein's client list. The F-35 didn't kill itself!

Horrow show in Colombo

I read 50 and thought that Sri Lanka was still going for the loss of zero wickets and then I noticed that ... the Indians were batting!

Right now, 44 overs left and the required run rate is 0.02. India needs 1 run from 44 overs. Man, what a humiliation. Five Sri Lankans got out for ducks; two were golden. Can't even think of another final in cricket history where one team crashed and burned like this.

Doesn't get much closer

252/7 followed by 252/8. 42 overs each! What a game! The Sri Lankans fans certainly got their entertainment tonight.

Pakistan lost to both India and Sri Lanka who will meet in the final. This shouldn't hurt them as much as the last World Cup in which they beat England and New Zealand and then got knocked out to watch the epic final match between ... England and New Zealand.

To be fair, in the Sri Lanka game, they couldn't play two of their main fast bowlers which likely tipped the balance in such a spectacularly close game. Hopefully, all the main players are fit for the World Cup. Just like four years ago, England, Australia, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand are the top sides to watch.

Telling lies

It's quite something that he admits to making up lies for the Narrative.

The delusion goes to 11

I started laughing at the mental image of a bitchy, overweight woman who stands and hollers, "I AM THE TABLE!"

Trudeau's Canada

Rent is too damn high:

Although the pace of increase has come down ever so slightly, the price of rental accommodation in Canada continues to go up, with the average new tenant now being asked to pay $2,117 a month.

In my city, a two-bedroom apartment rented for $800 per month ten years ago. Now, that average rent is approaching $2,400!

Forget about buying a house, just renting is becoming insane:

Kranjec works two jobs yet still spends more than half of her income on rent. Her main job could be done remotely, so she contemplated moving to a part of Ontario with cheaper rent, but quickly realized those options were also limited.

The Liberals imported millions of people in the past few years. The result? Explosion in real estate, spiking rent, and depressed wages.

The Legend

Ben Stokes is ready to defend the World Cup title:

182 Ben Stokes' score against New Zealand is now the highest for England in ODI cricket, surpassing Jason Roy's 180 against Australia in 2018 at the MCG.

It says a lot about their bench strength when Roy's place in the team is not guaranteed! Their current batting line-up is extraordinary: Bairstow, Malan, Root, Stokes, Buttler, and Livingstone! They are followed by Ali, Curran, and Woakes who can also smash a few runs. Imagine if they all fired in a single match. We could see 500 runs in an ODI!

How can she slap!?

"An insignificant man from an insignificant country." Justin "Prime Minister Zoolander" Trudeau gets bitch-slapped in this video from India:

Must be nice

Yeah, that's a subset of a bizarre societal outlook. It's strange when those who make $5,000 a month look down upon those who can pull the same in a week. They'd rather take a shit salary in an airconditioned office than make bank doing a dirty job.