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Grape deflation

Monthly rent for one-bedroom apartment in my building: $1,700

After-tax full-time minimum wage income per month: $2,500

Add in utilities, insurance, food, and public transportation and you've got nothing.

Someone told me to try a specific orange earlier this year. It was $4 something for one! The really sad part? Didn't even taste that amazing.

DIE-versity in London

Mostly peaceful carnival:

Last weekend was supposed to be a joyous Bank Holiday celebration of Caribbean culture — all steel bands, carnival processions and sequined costumes for adults and children alike, a riot of noise and colour. [...]

Thugs with machetes were filmed running through the streets amid a terrifying air of menace. More than 300 people were arrested for violence, sexual offences and possession of drugs and dangerous weapons.

They'll be out soon to jog around London.

Democracy in the North

An overwhelming majority of Canadians want to decrease the rate of immigration. Yet, the leaders of the big political parties ignored the issue in the previous election. In fact, Trudeau has increased immigration quotas again and again. Canada now imports 500,000 people, a small city, into the country every year. 

Sugar on grass

Over the years, a few people at work were genuinely surprised when they saw me eating salad without any dressing.

Really, zero salad dressing!? That's like eating grass!

Oh, I'm just used to eating it like this.

Putting sweet, calorie-rich syrup on vegetables defeats the whole purpose of that healthy portion of the meal.

Clown World logic

Yeah, let's continue to suppress wages by increasing labor supply and inflate the real estate market by pumping up the insane demand for housing. Result? Cheap housing!

Even high school students who take economics must be scratching their heads.

The competency crisis continues

Britain’s National Air Traffic Service (NATS) was forced to restrict the flow of aircraft on Monday as it works to address a technical issue, it said, with airlines and airports warning of delays and cancellations.

Is this another benefit of diversity?

Several passengers took to social media to say they were stuck on planes on the tarmac waiting to take off on what is a busy travel day due to Monday’s public holiday in parts of Britain.

One Reuters witness being held on the tarmac at Budapest said their pilot told passengers that they faced an 8-12 hour delay.

That feeling!

I got a cone from an ice cream truck at the beach in Khobar many years ago. It was half vanilla, half strawberry. I still remember just how amazing it tasted.

The temperature that day? Oh, around 48C.


Hey, the Big Pharma sponsored new shows have reliably informed me that vaccines are super safe and anyone who disagrees loves eating horse paste.

Seriously, it's all about the $$$$. The vaccine schedule in the US is utterly insane. There's something like 70+ shots recommendation for a child. The combined impact on the health of the kids can't be denied.

The land of sloth

It's puzzling that the very people who see the ugly consequences of obesity on a daily basis are themselves morbidly obese. One would think that with their knowledge and expertise, they would at least be closer to their ideal weight.

Holes to the max!

We're soon going to have more planes falling out of the sky.

Boeing has found another significant manufacturing flaw in its 737 Max aircraft and it’s likely to throw a curveball at deliveries of its most popular aircraft.

The company says fuselages from its largest contractor, Spirit AeroSystems, have random extra holes drilled in the rear pressurization bulkhead.

That was tough. I refrained from making bonus holes jokes.

The oppression of standards

It's bizarre to see articles about actresses who're super stressed, upset, and often outraged about the beauty and fitness standards in the movie industry while leading men keep their heads down and spend many months in the gym to build chiseled physiques. It's also peculiar when women in the audience complain about "unnecessary" shots of sultry women in the current year while they drool over shirtless action heroes in the same type of movies.

The most important Amendment

New York Post:

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her eight-comrade “squad” of anti-cop lawmakers have shelled out more than $1.2 million in campaign funds on private security since taking office, records show.

Leading the way is Cori Bush (D-Missouri), who has reported spending more than $730,000 on private security – including $75,000 she funneled to her own husband – and Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), whose $272,000-plus tab includes security upgrades at her district offices.

It's quite a sight to behold when leftist politicians are on the podium, ranting about gun control and how nobody should have "weapons of war" as they're surrounded by dozens of heavily armed security guards. Strange that the supposedly unbiased journalists never ask them about that.

Sarah Hoyt knows what's up:

[...] know your place, peasant. You’re supposed to suffer crime and poverty, while the komissars relax in security and wealth.

Double enrichment

It's shocking that she lived after that brutal impact. That's basically attempted murder.

Despair in Canada

After graduating from university, she'll be making only 25% more than minimum wage. Her after-tax monthly pay will be roughly $2,800. If she lived in a basic apartment in Toronto by herself, then her entire income would be consumed by rent. Even if she shared the place with a friend, she would have $1,400 left over for food, utilities, internet, phone, transportation, etc.

After the doubling of prices over the past four years, it's no wonder that she's crying. Salaries and wages won't go up much though, thanks to Prime Minister Zoolander who will be importing over half a million new people every year. In fact, he'll soon be announcing an increase in immigrant quotas to keep wages low as the average young Canadian gets crushed under higher prices.

Blood turns to lard

Wow. That's $70 a day on delivery food! The list includes donuts!?

So far, this year, my DoorDash, UberEats, and all other food deliveries combined equal to $0. I've ordered a few times online and then simply picked up the meal.

Tech "drama"

The sheer volume of mistakes! The insane 4090 results in Cyberpunk should have been a huge red flag. Also, how does a huge organization get the basic specifications like PCIe lanes or L2, L3 cache wrong? Isn't that just a copy and paste job?

What really shocked me was when they used an incompatible graphics cards in their negative review. Nobody from the staff stood up to Linus! He idiotically saved a few hundred bucks but severely tarnished his reputation.

Enjoy your free health care!

The normies are understanding the costs of free health care the hard way:

If you or your loved one has a serious health issue in Canada, then waiting can be lethal. It's better to make an appointment in the US, pay some serious cash, and get immediate results. On average, over 100 Canadians travel to the US every day for hospital visits. So, even when more than 36,000 Canadians are getting treatments outside the country every year, Canada still has artificial shortages of doctors and nurses!

The Narrative today

It was shocking when big, strong, powerful men decided to compete in women sports and almost all the women athletes went along with it!

Struggle intensifies

Her comment about classes in the last ten seconds is spot on:

A former colleague of mine bought a house in 2002. The price of the house? $100,000. Her salary at the time? $40,000.

Today, in the same city, the average house price is $1 million. Her salary has merely doubled.

Couples who make over $200,000 can't get a mortgage for the average-priced house around Toronto. We've already reached the level where multiple families will have to share and own parts of the house or we get multi-generational mortgages where the parents leave the house to be paid off by their children.

The benefits of diversity

White people are learning the hard way:

Police have failed to solve a single burglary in neighbourhoods across nearly half of England and Wales in the past three years, amid warnings the offence is being decriminalised. An analysis of police data from 30,100 neighbourhoods found that in 48.2 per cent, no break-ins had been solved in the three years ending March 2023.

It comes ahead of an official report by Andy Cooke, His Majesty's chief inspector of constabulary, who has warned the failure to stop burglars and thieves threatens the police's bond of trust with the public.

The police is too busy arresting teenage girls for calling someone a lesbian.