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The ugly financial reality

No. The average house in my area goes for $1 million which means that I'll have to save, at minimum, $200,000 in 15 years. That's not hard. The main problem is that my income won't be high enough to qualify for a mortgage with only 20% down.

Without multiple jobs, business income or some sweet well-timed investments, it's definitely not going to happen.

Is this the patriarchy?

Add in tax, maintenance, and "upgrades", and that's easily $7 million over three decades for a house! We haven't even added in cars, vacations, and cute pets!

Not understanding Ford

The financial history of the average man is being dirt poor. People recovered from their 100-hour work week during their "free" time. Just over a hundred years ago, the middle class had near-zero access to cars, air conditioners, air planes, television, etc. Only ignorant fools think that their 30-40 weekly hours at the job is the end of the world.

The story of a future nurse

The biggest threat in America? White men with orange hair.

Police on Monday read a statement from Russell’s lawyer that confirmed the 25-year-old made up her claims that she was abducted from the side of the highway and held captive for two days.

[...] After initially claiming that she had been kidnapped by a white man with orange hair, Russell later confessed to lying about the bizarre story, Hoover police said Monday.

Internet in Japan

[...] Linux developer and V-Tuber Asahi Lina shared a crazy high benchmark for network speed using a Thunderbolt 10G adapter and a friend’s iPad Pro. When running a speed test using the setup, they managed to reach a whopping 2,475 Mbps download speed alongside an even more impressive 3,238 Mbps upload speed.

My current upload speed is 30Mbps. So, that's over 100 times faster!

What's even more shocking? The price!


Not Very Important Person

The premium theatre experience enriched by a scholar:

This is the shocking moment a 63-year-old Florida man is brutally attacked in a movie theater after asking a couple to leave his pre-booked VIP seat.

Horrifying footage showed the victim being pounced on by the suspect before being repeatedly pummeled during the vicious attack in Pompano Beach.

The video shows the elderly white man and his wife approach the attacker, politely ask them to move - then be violently assaulted as he tried to escape.

An absolute beast

My first laptop had a 2.1 GB hard drive. Today, we've got monster 62 TB drives that can transfer three times that in a second.

Solidigm has introduced its D5-P5336 drives that boast capacity of up to 61.44TB and feature a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface to enable read speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s. The device is designed to ultra-high-density read-intensive storage applications, such as AI inference on the edge or content delivery.

Capacity? Very high. Speed? Very high. Price? Don't ask.

You will own nothing!

Yeah, that's not an outlandish example. $1 million is the price of an average house in my city in Canada. Even tiny, old, creaking, crumbling houses go for over $500,000.

The Anxiety Trip

In the spring, I purchased a new electric Volkswagen ID.4, which has a range of more than 400 kilometres on a full charge, and thought this was the perfect opportunity for a road trip back to B.C. to move the rest of my belongings to Ontario.

From my home in Toronto, I decided on a 15,000-km route.

Not gonna happen.

Being self-employed and able to work remotely meant I didn't have a strict schedule for my trip, but it made me think that most people can't afford to add a day to their journey just to refuel.

Five minutes at a gas station or fifteen hours at your average electrical outlet?

I used to relish the freedom to pick up, grab some gear and head wherever my heart desired. Now, I feel like the car is in charge and I can only go where charging stations allow it.

"The car is in charge". Indeed.


New York Post:

A DoorDash delivery driver has been fired for cursing out a woman after she gratefully offered him a $5 tip for a $20 order of pizza, representatives for the company told The Post.

A fuck you for a 25% tip!? What exactly was he expecting? 50%?

Politically done

His instantaneous, demented response to "Where's the concern for the United States?" made my jaw drop.

Do you feel neutral?

Despite Canada's ballooning population from the federal government's ramped-up immigration policy, the head of the country's central bank says the impact on inflation is likely neutral.

The Central Bankster conveniently ignores the plight of the average person by looking at the overall picture. To my surprise, the article goes on to describe the competing forces:

On one hand, increased immigration adds to Canada's worker pool and is helping to ease some of the pressures on wages and operational constraints, Macklem says.

On the other hand, however, having more newcomers means more demand for consumer products and housing.

Yeah, Canada imports millions of cheap workers to keep wages low for decades but the costs of goods and especially the real estate prices have exploded. So, net, no inflation! We've reached the stage where a couple making $200,000 a year gets rejected for a mortgage in the biggest city because their combined income is too low!

Most of Canada: depressed wages, can't afford a house, lower chance of marriage and family, birth rates collapsing. Not to mention the enrichment by diversity.

Government solution? MORE IMMIGRATION!

There is no equality

2020: This year’s Women’s Twenty20 World Cup in Australia amassed a global unique audience of 89 million, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed.

2022: The International Cricket Council (ICC) today announced that the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 saw 6.58 billion video views across all ICC platforms, surpassing the Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 record by 65% and making it the most digitally engaged ICC event ever. [...] From a broadcast perspective, the overall cumulative global dedicated TV audience for Australia 2022 was 1.28 billion.

No matter how you slice it, men's cricket attracts an audience that is an order of magnitude greater than that of women's cricket.


Going forward winning a World Cup in men's or women's cricket will come with the same prize money. In a massive leg-up for the women's game, the ICC announced equal prize money for both men's and women's events today, following its annual conference in Durban. The decision includes Under-19 World Cups too.

What an absolute fucking joke.

The poor will always be among you

The most stark examples of individual failure are many multi-million dollar lottery winners. A local guy won around $10 million some years ago. He could have been set for life if he limited his daily spending to a $1,000. However, he was interested in burning tens of thousands of dollars every day. He ran out in about three years. Such poor people can literally have millions of dollars handed to them and in a short span they'll be dirt poor again. You, I or society didn't fail them. They are their own worst enemy.

The oppression olympics

Yup. The same happened with racial perks. An American senator was magically "Native American" for many years because of the bonus points in college and university admissions. For all the talk of "White Privilege", the US has seen insane level of colored privilege for decades. Why identify as White when you'll be severely punished for it. Now, the same is happening with LGBTQWTFBBQ. As governments hand out more cash for these "oppressed" and "marginalized" groups, there numbers go exponential.

Money printer goes kaput

You'll work forever, own nothing, and be happy!