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Very Bad Guns!

The solution is simple. France should ban guns. Like, duh.

Also, if you don't enjoy a small peppering of machine gun fire, then you're a RACISSS!

French dirt has no magic:

Once you let the barbarians inside the gates, you really shouldn’t be too surprised when they rape, burn, and sack the cities. That’s what they do. That’s how they live.

Peoples of the West are slowly learning this the hard way.

No homo

Think about it. How can a business discriminate against homosexuals? How would they even know? Do gays have sharp horns and a red tail? 

Most Canadians don't want the headache

More Canadian car buyers are rejecting electric vehicles, with nearly two-thirds saying they're unlikely to consider one for their next purchase.

Perfectly reasonable.

Driving distance per charge was the most common concern cited by respondents (63 per cent), followed by purchase price (59 per cent), and lack of available charging stations (55 per cent).

Just look at the most densely populated region of Canada: the Greater Toronto Area. Insane traffic, rain, and snow storms. Assuming that the public chargers aren't frozen in the winter, it'll take you only an hour to get a decent charge. Oh, there are three cars in front of your charger. So, that'll be a lovely three-hour wait in -30C.

Now, add to that, the very real possibility of losing electricity. That one day of the year would totally sour the experience of having an EV.

Some sanity in Clown World

The correct decision:

The US Supreme Court struck down decades of legal precedent that allowed colleges and universities to consider race as a factor in admissions.

Imagine how ludicrous it would be if Whites and Asians agitated for "affirmative action" in professional basketball. They would be mocked. Yet, it's perfectly acceptable to discriminate against them and admit mediocrities in almost all walks of life.

The challenger in both cases, Students for Fair Admissions, argued that affirmative action is illegal in public and private college settings because it penalizes equally qualified Asian-American and other minority applicants.

The group, led by conservative activist Edward Blum, claimed that UNC’s consideration of race violates the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause, which bars government entities and public universities from discriminating based on race.

It'll be amusing to read numerous stories in the near-future about how it's super duper RACISSS to end this racial discrimination.

The pendulum swings back

Vox Day on wickedness:

When they don’t like words, it’s “hate speech” and justifies everything from murder to disemployment and prison. When they tell you openly what they’re intending to do, it’s merely a presentation of a stereotype and should not be criticized or even quoted.

"We're coming for your children." "Recruit!" "Groom!"

They're so filthy and disgusting that no commentary is needed. Simply quoting them or replaying their public chants is sufficient condemnation.

Shitlib cries

White assholes like him open the gates for barbarians and then coddle them by using inane rationalizations. Even when directly and explicitly threatened, he cares more about not being thought of as a VERY BAD RACISSS than the safety of his relatives and friends. He has fully earned nothing but contempt.

Now, it's your turn

How things are going in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:

Ever since the encampments at central park and the development lots have been put up everyone on my street has been broken into at least once. For me, it's been three times. It's not a well off area, I'm struggling and now thousands of dollars in debt for the repairs and things that have been stolen.

A shitlib in the comments:

I’m a firm believer of turning a blind eye when I see theft of essentials in billion dollar big box stores like Walmart, but they’re now stealing from civilians who work hard to keep themselves afloat. However, people on the streets have nothing more to lose so they truly don’t care who they’re taking from anymore. They dispose their needles, pipes and garbage in parks my kids play in. They shoot up in playgrounds.

Hey, steal from the store, no big deal. Wait, you're stealing from my neighborhood. OUTRAGEOUS!

Funny, how rules, laws, and emotions pop up when it's your wallet. Will the shitlib ever comprehend that his years of coddling lead to this worsening problem?

You cannot be serious!

How disconnected from reality can one be?

"Most women are just as strong as most men." It's amazing the conclusions one reaches when the significant extra weight and muscle mass is completely ignored.

For those idiots who say SOURCE!?

90% of females produced less force than 95% of males.

At least, they're not racist!

A news story in which both sides are ignorant and mentally retarded:

An Afghan migrant, who is accused of nearly killing a mother and her daughter in a stabbing attack after the 16-year-old rejected his desire to enter a relationship, is currently standing trial in a German court for his alleged crime. Prosecutors say the 27-year-old man, Fuwad O., who had claimed refugee status, was welcomed as a friend by the mother and daughter in the German city of Speyer, but when the younger 16-year-old daughter turned down his advances, he stabbed her in a rage.

The motherly instinct finally kicked in as she jumped in front to protect her daughter. She got stabbed 13 times for her enlightened, liberal beliefs.

Seriously, wild animals have more sense than this. They fucking flee from predators -- not invite them over to maul their offspring!

Clown World: Euro edition

The inversion continues:

Not German. Not top at anything. Not models.

Are you a very bad customer?

The last fifteen seconds made me laugh. The contrast between his calm demeanor and the f-bombs was too much.

I went to a new burger place in my area last year and placed an order at the cash register where the machine asked for a tip which I paid. I thought that the cashier would bring my order to the table. I was wrong. She called out my number and I had to get my tray. Felt like a sucker.

Inflation: the insidious tax


Reality is racist

Diverse people are different. How controversial!

It's also a vote buying scheme. Offer perks and rewards to colored citizens and cheap foreigners and accuse Whites of being VERY BAD RACISTS if they object.

Of course, the whole thing will collapse because of internal contradictions. It's amusing to watch as Muslim-majority regions are so openly anti-LGBTWTFBBQ and now driving government policy but the enlightened progressives can't use their one and only WHITE SOUPEMACISS NAZIS attacks.

No rest for insulin

Five carb-loaded meals a day! Leg goes bye bye!

Should be a 9-0

Wearing a shirt with a simple biological fact is not protected. Also, spray painting someone else's property with disgusting "art" is protected.

Looking at the US is like watching a slow motion train wreck. It's sad, horrifying, and fascinating at the same time.

Shekels for sinners

So, in addition to attention, they'll get dollars:

The federal government has committed $25 million to create Canada's first-ever LGBTQ entrepreneurship program, an investment one trailblazer called a "game-changer."

Wait, how does one show membership in the LGBTWTFBBQ club?

The CGLCC currently runs a supplier diversity program that has a certification process in place for LGBTQ-owned businesses.

Schuurman said the organization would use a similar process to verify eligibility for the LGBTQ entrepreneurship program, including a list of qualifiers and proof points of sexuality and/or gender identity such as personal references.

Looks like the percentage of young entrepreneurs identifying as LGBTWTFBBQ will be going up soon.

TD trouble

I just visited the Toronto Dominion login page. It displays this at the top:

! Service Interruption

Please be advised that some Direct Deposits are delayed. We are working to ensure the deposits are made to your account as quickly as possible.

Yahoo Finance:

The bank is being inundated on social media with concerned customers raising concerns about being unable to pay bills and automatic payments putting their accounts into the negative.

TD says it is working as quickly as possible to resolve the issue, without providing details on the source of the problem.

Another headache for those who're living paycheck to paycheck. Now, they're going to be hit with late fees and overdraft charges.

Why won't they accept the propaganda!?

Kids in a Massachusetts school have had enough:

What was supposed to be a celebration of LGBTQ+ pride at the Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington was instead met with "intolerance and homophobia," advocates said at a Select Board meeting Monday night.

Nancy Bonassera, co-chair of the Burlington Equity Coalition, said that students were invited to wear rainbow clothing on June 2 in celebration of Pride Month.

"On that same day there was a counter-demonstration in response to what should have been a day to celebrate," she said. "Students wore red, white and blue clothing, chanted 'my pronouns are USA' and destroyed rainbow decorations at the school."

Shithole City

Of course, the culprits will be out next week to continue their reign of terror. The best option is to leave. No amount of money or food choices is worth dealing with joggers.

The future of big cities in America

Vox Day on SF:

That which can’t continue, won’t continue. A city can only survive so much ideological nonsense and demographic diversity before it collapses.

It's quite something to read of idiots who point to the official crime statistics to prove that it's not so bad while the police hang up on calls and victims eventually don't even bother calling the cops.

Interesting times

This is why the recent stock market rally is strange. Mortgage payments are exploding and a lot of firms can't service their debt. So, many people can't buy new stuff and lots of companies will fail. Recession guaranteed. It'll definitely get ugly by the end of 2024. Hopefully, World War Three doesn't kick into high gear when China goes after Taiwan or the US blows up TSMC facilities.

Have you considered suicide?

Attia talks about public and private combined as a solution to this problem. It'll likely end up as 95% single-payer. I think that the system is deliberately dysfunctional to make that solution seem sensible. The government has had decades to "fix" this and they've only made it worse. The private sector has made handsome profits and now the government will usurp incredible power by making decisions about who does and who doesn't get health care.

Remember that the state has trillions of dollars of debt. A lot of old, White people will simply be allowed to die. No point wasting precious resources. Eventually, it'll be like Canada where over a thousand people are compassionately killed by the state. So, given the size of the US, we'll see over ten thousand murders deaths in the public health care system.