Nazis embrace DIE
Waste of sand

Painful lessons

Most White people are ignorant of outside races and cultures. They think that others are decent, diligent, moral, sensible, hard working, and trustworthy. They are simply projecting their beliefs and personalities onto others.

Once, a colleague was telling me a story about her time at a university. She worked on a project with a Muslim guy, likely, from an Arab country. He invited her to dinner. She went with her husband. The food was quite delicious. She asked him about his wife. He said that she's eating in the kitchen.

What!? She cooked all this food and she's not here! We're two couples and we can't have a nice dinner together!?

He said that she can't "associate" with a non-Muslim. This co-worker soon realized that the Muslim wife basically never leaves the home. She is a prisoner who isn't allowed the privilege of merely talking to infidels.


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