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Assistant Pig-What!?

Larry Correia replies to a ridiculous review. A sample:

[...] I’m incredibly fucking sorry that I’m not some indy guy cranking out an unedited 30,000 word “novel” once a month, and instead I actually put some effort into this particular series instead of just phoning shit in based upon your arbitrary timeline. But then again, I don’t but in and tell you how to do your job as assistant pig ejacultor down at the spooge farm. So how about you have some common fucking courtesy and don’t tell me how to do my job?

That was definitely fun to read. Brought back memories of a great series.

It pays to shop around

Called "price discrimination" or the "two-price system," it's a long-standing technique used by retailers and service providers to squeeze the most profit out of their customers by selling to different people at different prices.

"The goal is to increase sales and profits," said Jean-Paul Lam, an associate professor of economics at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ont.

Yup. In my area, Loblaws has Fortinos and No Frills grocery stores. Fortinos is where one finds greater variety and higher prices. No Frills, well, it's in the name. Still, it's somewhat amusing when the exact same product is on sale at both stores. For example, a two liter coke bottle: $2 at Fortinos but $1 at No Frills.

Mary Briggs of Mississauga, Ont., thought she would take advantage of a 20 per cent seniors' discount at Shoppers Drug Mart, a drugstore chain owned by Loblaw Companies Ltd. But she found that even after the discount, the drugstore price of $15.99 for the Tide Pods she wanted was more expensive than the $10.99 at the Loblaw-owned Independent Grocery.

"Why two companies owned by Loblaws have such a large price difference is the question," Briggs said in her email.

Because enough people pay the higher price. Besides, what, exactly, would be the point of having stores with different names if all the prices were the same?

A small Wakanda

An excellent idea:

Spaces designated for students from marginalized backgrounds are spreading across Canadian universities, as officials say they are a necessary and overdue response to decades of racism on campus.

It's a start. Universities ought to have a campus just for colored students. Even better, just have a university for diversity: call it DIE U.

Is it 42?

Important scientific research:

Beer scientists at Budweiser headquarters are reportedly hard at work researching how many cans of Bud Light it would take for Dylan Mulvaney to pass as a woman.

One. No. Two. No, Dr. Pedro Morganstein noted in the test log. Three? Ugh, no.

Dr. Morganstein reportedly passed out twenty beers later, still believing Dylan Mulvaney was a man.

Learn to code

Hollywood went all-in on diversity because colored actors are cheaper and they get leftist woke points for being anti-White. The fashion industry is now taking this one step further by using AI:

The star of Levi’s new campaign looks like any other model. Her tousled hair hangs over her shoulders as she gazes into the camera with that far-off high-fashion stare. But look closer, and something starts to seem a little off. The shadow between her chin and neck looks muddled, like a bad attempt at using FaceTune’s eraser effect to hide a double chin. Her French-manicured fingernails appear scrubbed clean and uniform in a creepy real doll kind of way.

The model is AI-generated, a digital rendering of a human being that will start appearing on Levi’s e-commerce website later this year. The brand teamed with, a digital studio that makes customized AI models for companies like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, to dream up this avatar.


“It is not feasible for brands to shoot nine models for every single product they sell, because they’re not just hiring models, they’re hiring photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists for those models.” AI-generated images don’t need glam squads, so brands can cut costs they would spend on set by using fake avatars.

Yup. These companies sure do LOVE diversity. All their avatars are coloreds!

Anyway, it'll certainly be amusing to see the new Hollywood superstar who will be not-White, not-straight, and not-real. I'm sure all the unemployed colored actors will appreciate seeing their likeness on the screen.

Clown World hates women

When it comes to deadlifts, I've seen guys lift 425, 405, 375, 355, 335 at my local gym. The strongest woman, that I saw, lifted 315. The next best? 185 lbs! It's not even close.

A Canadian coach showcases the absurdity:

Avi Silverberg, the head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting for more than 10 years, entered Saturday’s Heroes Classic tournament in Lethbridge, Alberta, after identifying as a female.

Video shared by athlete activist group the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) shows him walking up to the platform still fully bearded and wearing a regular men’s singlet.

He then casually bench-pressed nearly 370 pounds — beating the current Alberta women’s record by almost 100 pounds.

The Left in all its glory

Diarra was shot twice during a tussle with suspected thief Charles Rhodie at Carolan’s West 31st Street garage early Saturday before using the accused man’s weapon to shoot him back.

Diarra was initially charged by cops in the case, including with criminal possession of a weapon for having Rhodie’s gun at one point, but Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office Sunday dropped the raps. Rhodie still faces charges including attempted murder.

The guy got shot twice for protecting his business. Instead of giving him a medal, the police handcuffed him to his hospital bed.

Another incident, less serious, but the same mentality: