The ugliness of Clown World

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Hollywood went all-in on diversity because colored actors are cheaper and they get leftist woke points for being anti-White. The fashion industry is now taking this one step further by using AI:

The star of Levi’s new campaign looks like any other model. Her tousled hair hangs over her shoulders as she gazes into the camera with that far-off high-fashion stare. But look closer, and something starts to seem a little off. The shadow between her chin and neck looks muddled, like a bad attempt at using FaceTune’s eraser effect to hide a double chin. Her French-manicured fingernails appear scrubbed clean and uniform in a creepy real doll kind of way.

The model is AI-generated, a digital rendering of a human being that will start appearing on Levi’s e-commerce website later this year. The brand teamed with, a digital studio that makes customized AI models for companies like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, to dream up this avatar.


“It is not feasible for brands to shoot nine models for every single product they sell, because they’re not just hiring models, they’re hiring photographers, hair stylists and makeup artists for those models.” AI-generated images don’t need glam squads, so brands can cut costs they would spend on set by using fake avatars.

Yup. These companies sure do LOVE diversity. All their avatars are coloreds!

Anyway, it'll certainly be amusing to see the new Hollywood superstar who will be not-White, not-straight, and not-real. I'm sure all the unemployed colored actors will appreciate seeing their likeness on the screen.


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