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Women suffer

Men are faster, stronger, taller, and faster than women. Putting them together in a sport is going to result in long-lasting injuries for women:

McNabb indicated that, to this day, she is still recovering from her injuries, and continues to face other health struggles as a result of what happened, such as impaired vision, partial paralysis on the right side of her body, constant headaches, anxiety and depression.

Women teams should stand together and refuse to compete against this nonsense.

"My ability to compete was taken from me. Having to play against biological males is not a level playing field and it is most definitely not safe," McNabb said, after calling out the North Carolina High School Athletic Association for allowing transgender females who are biological males to compete against women.

Zaman in the zone

Two days ago: Pakistan chased 288 in 48.3 overs. Zaman hit 117.

Today: Pakistan chase 336 in 48.2 overs. Zaman smashes 180 not out.

Anything under 350 from the Kiwis isn't a threat for this team.

Zaman has come a long way from his Champions Trophy triumph in 2017. The heir to Saeed Anwar has scored three consecutive centuries in ODIs. He has scored almost 300 runs in two ODI games with three left to go in the series. He'll be an important part of the top order in the upcoming World Cup.

Zaman, Haq, Azam, and Rizwan should be a big threat in the grand tournament. Add in Iftikhar, Shadab, Shaheen, Naseem, and Rauf and they have a not-too-shabby bowling unit.

More money for less

Nvidia's high-priced mediocrity coming soon next month:

Retailers listing these MSI pre-builts with these graphics cards and 8GB VRAM in the specs isn’t exactly out of the blue; we have covered news of leaks of the GeForce RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti previously. However, there remained a tiny glimmer of hope that Nvidia and its partners might do something to prevent the release of a stunted Ada Lovelace generation 060 desktop family.

Didn't Nvidia's previous model at this tier have 12GB of VRAM?

In 2023, 8GB of VRAM is increasingly perceived as insufficient for the mainstream PC gaming enthusiast. Nvidia released the GeForce RTX 3060 with 12GB of VRAM in early 2021, and even the RTX 2060 was updated with that amount of VRAM during the height of the cryptocurrency speculation bubble.

Yup. New games are already crashing or are unplayable at atrociously low FPS with 8GB and here Nvidia cuts their VRAM from two years ago!

Also, the second-tier card in their previous generation was seriously underwhelming.

3090: 24GB
3080: 10GB
3060: 12GB

So, your game needs 12, 14 or 16GB of VRAM? Had no choice but to pay top dollar for the 3090. At least, their shareholders are happy.

Prime Minister Zoolander

Millions of people across Canada couldn't exercise in a gym, eat in a restaurant or drink in a bar, meet others at a conference, watch a movie in a theater, enjoy a ballet or an opera, take a train, travel on an airplane, or even continue working at their jobs if they didn't take multiple shots of an untested "vaccine".

Just a few, gentle incentives.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood...

The most important Amendment

The wisdom of the Founding Fathers:

That's why there is this constant push for gun control in the US. However, the riots and mayhem over the past few years must made turned a lot of undecided people as the gun sales demonstrate.

So much drama for $8

Reminds me of some of my past co-workers. They would spend tens of thousands on the wedding, vacations, the car lease, and so on but then cheap out on their new laptop purchase. They would save a few hundred dollars and then complain about the muddy colors and the low brightness of the screen. It was so strange to see a person who burned $80,000+ on a wedding day to turn around and then subject himself to a crappy computer for years.

Another Leftist Utopia

It's so easy to talk about and support asinine Leftist policies. Then, those rules and regulations hit you in the face again and again and again ...

Reminds me of Venezuela where the socialists gained power and the close party supporters got free housing and cheap healthcare. Life was so good! Then, soon, they got enrolled in one of the best weight loss regiments that socialism has to offer: no food!

Attack on Whites

Dilbert was right:

A North Carolina 6-year-old and her parents were shot Tuesday night by an angry neighbor who fired at them after a basketball rolled into his yard, a report said. Kinsley White was wounded along with her mother, Ashley Hilderbrand, and father, William White, when a gunman opened fire around 8 p.m. in Gaston County after he became enraged about the bouncing ball, according to WSOC-TV.

The daughter is learning some harsh truths.

“We don’t even know the man,” Kinsley told the station, adding, “Why did you shoot my daddy and me? Why did you shoot a kid’s dad?”

[...] Neighbors told the station that Singletary allegedly kept shooting until he was out of bullets. “He looked at my husband and my daughter and told them, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Hilderbrand told the station.

How the media reports news:

Barbie and the bomb

Makes sense. Retards, however, couldn't wait to vehemently diagree.

Daily food budget

Bulk buying and cooking can get my daily cost under $5. So, a family of four could do it for $10-$20. Though, it would be extremely difficult for them, in an urban area, to get their food cost to under $10 a day especially given that food prices have shot up nearly 100% since the start of 2020.

Relevant anecdote: Recently bought an orange to try. Heard it was good. Price? $4! Sadly, it wasn't that amazing.

The slippery slope to hell

I've been posting about this for some time.

The wicked logic for pedophilia is being setup in slow motion. If kids can consent to injecting drugs (vaccines) and mutilating themselves (trans surgery), then they can decide who to have sex with. Surely, you're not against LOVE!?!

Of course, those who paid attention could easily see that the logic for homosexual marriages and transsexual surgeries eventually leads to the normalization of pedophilia:

Silicon lottery

The variance is incredible. I was thinking around 10%, maybe 15.

Imagine if two different reviewers got such CPUs. One would call it amazing and the other would conclude that it's garbage and they would both be right! Hopefully, the variance is reasonable on their high-end parts.

Comrade compromised

A Black professor made up bullshit data to make White people look bad:

A criminology professor at Florida State University suddenly left his $190,000-a-year position after being accused of fudging data to make racism seem more common.

Eric Stewart has had six of his studies - one of which dates as far back as 2006 - retracted amid allegations that he fabricated data by altering sample sizes.

Pickett co-authored one of those papers. Pickett realized that Stewart was adding fake data to get the "proper" conclusions.

Stewart told administrators that Pickett's claims 'lynched me and my academic character' and said that was particularly significant given that five of his six studies were race-related, and Stewart himself is black.

Eric Stewart had the research that showed that the White public was not hostile towards minority groups. Instead of publishing this reality, he chose to malign White people and now cries about RAYCISM because he got caught. Makes one think about other "research" that demonstrates the phantom White prejudice towards non-Whites.

Fox gives us the screenshots:

Police say it appears two men fatally shot a 66-year-old handyman in Kenner simply because they wanted to kill somebody.

The victim -- 66-year-old Lawrence Herr of Metairie -- was fixing a mailbox in front of a home when police say Tahj Matthews, 23, and Maurice Holmes, 25, fatally shot him.

Strange, how they didn't kill someone close in their neighborhood. Instead, they drove around to find Lawrence Herr. One wonders what their criteria was for targeting him?

Something, something, ban it!

Good on Musk for showcasing the lying weasel.