Dilbert was right
I can't even ...

Comrade compromised

A Black professor made up bullshit data to make White people look bad:

A criminology professor at Florida State University suddenly left his $190,000-a-year position after being accused of fudging data to make racism seem more common.

Eric Stewart has had six of his studies - one of which dates as far back as 2006 - retracted amid allegations that he fabricated data by altering sample sizes.

Pickett co-authored one of those papers. Pickett realized that Stewart was adding fake data to get the "proper" conclusions.

Stewart told administrators that Pickett's claims 'lynched me and my academic character' and said that was particularly significant given that five of his six studies were race-related, and Stewart himself is black.

Eric Stewart had the research that showed that the White public was not hostile towards minority groups. Instead of publishing this reality, he chose to malign White people and now cries about RAYCISM because he got caught. Makes one think about other "research" that demonstrates the phantom White prejudice towards non-Whites.

Fox gives us the screenshots:

Police say it appears two men fatally shot a 66-year-old handyman in Kenner simply because they wanted to kill somebody.

The victim -- 66-year-old Lawrence Herr of Metairie -- was fixing a mailbox in front of a home when police say Tahj Matthews, 23, and Maurice Holmes, 25, fatally shot him.

Strange, how they didn't kill someone close in their neighborhood. Instead, they drove around to find Lawrence Herr. One wonders what their criteria was for targeting him?


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