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Suicidal altruism

Sweden is turning into a low-level warzone thanks to the blessings of diversity:

On a bitingly cold morning in Stockholm, two days ago, I stood among 200 mourners in a Muslim cemetery, set in a magnificent pine forest. They had come to bury a 15-year-old Afghan boy who had been shot dead, allegedly by a gangster of the same age.

Yet as his coffin was lowered into the frozen ground, it seemed to me that we were also witnessing the death of Sweden’s great multi-cultural dream. [...]

Last year, the country saw 63 fatal shootings. In the UK, whose population is six times the size of Sweden’s, there were 35 in 2021. This cradle of liberalism is, along with Croatia, the most trigger-happy nation in Europe.

They're definitely doing the jobs that Swedes just won't do:

One jaw-dropping film, captured for bravado on an accomplice’s mobile phone, shows a masked boy stalk into an apartment block, in a smart residential area, and pepper a door with 15 rounds from an AK-47 machine gun, neither knowing nor caring who might be behind it.

This is sad and funny at the same time:

The upsurge in violence in Sweden is said to be rooted in a turf war between The Kurdish Fox and a rival drug lord called The Greek.

If someone had asked you to name the country where two gangs called the "Kurdish" and the "Greek" were fighting, then would Sweden be your answer? It certainly wouldn't have been in my top three choices.


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