Very Bad Word!
Don't believe all women

There is no equality

Yup. Consider the phrase that women utter a lot: BE A MAN! They use that as a wrapper for all sorts of ridiculous female preferences.

Now, try to imagine a scenario where a guy tells a gal: BE A WOMAN!

It's not even an argument of whether the male preferences or standards for women are sensible or not. It's simply outrageous to even consider that women should have to meet any sort of criteria to satisfy men.

So, a basic woman says that she wants the following in a man:

  1. Minimum 6ft. 3in.
  2. Between the ages of 28-35.
  3. $250,000 annual salary, at least.
  4. Must pay on every date, of course.
  5. Have a luxury car. No Hondas, Toyotas, Kias, etc.
  6. Own a house that's around, oh, 4,000 square feet.
  7. Buy business class seats when taking her on vacation.
  8. Plan fun, exciting, romantic activities on a weekly basis.

And the basic audience nods in agreement.

A man says that he wants a woman who is:

  1. Kind.
  2. Pretty.
  3. Interested in having kids.
  4. Good at cooking delicious food.


If you think that the list of female preferences above is silly, then take a look at this:

The best part was when one female stated that she wanted her man to have a $1.5 million Bugatti but she would settle for a $500,000 Ferrari.


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