The state of California

Know your place, peasants

Americans are refusing to work weekends and are demanding pay raises en masse - emboldened by empowering self-help videos on TikTok and time spent at home during the pandemic.

The revelations, aired in a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, depict a rapidly changing corporate climate where staffers are more actively drawing a line between their work and personal lives.

I remember a meeting at my workplace during which a single, childless, super-dedicated employee was showcasing our new website and forum and then describing how she answers customer questions at 9 or 10 p.m. from home!

The rest of us said, "NOPE!"

Anyway, this part is quite precious:

Some firms fed-up of staffers' demands say they've begun outsourcing roles to India and Canada as a result, raising the specter of a jobs crisis should the long-predicted recession be a deep one.

Begun!?! They've been doing that for decades.

This lack of passion, ZED Digital President Sumithra Jagannath said, has forced her to outsource about 20 remote engineering and marketing roles to Canada and India, where she said it’s easier to find workers willing to go above and beyond. [...]

She added that since the start of the pandemic, an increasing amount of employees have asked for more pay when asked by their managers to do more work - which she remarked, for her, is a first.

More pay for more work! Isn't that something.

An Indian boss outsources jobs to other Indians because they accept lower wages have more passion! My dad, from Pakistan, who worked in Saudi Arabia also had this tremendous passion! He would often be appointed work during the weekend while getting exactly half the salary of his Arab colleagues. Of course, the Arabs would have the weekend off.


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