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Is this transitory?

Someone I know got a very sad McDonald's chicken burger combo late last year. Price? $15! That's now the baseline here in Canada. A dinner date at a restaurant can easily top $100.

The bizarre thing is that one doesn't even have to cook at home to save money. Rotisserie chicken at my local grocery store is often on sale for $8 and it tastes much better than expensive and atrocious fast food.

Kiwis make history

I was a little surprised when Ben Stokes enforced the follow on. Giving the bowlers a little rest and setting a mammoth target of 500 runs in the fourth innings would have been safer. Regardless, the Kiwis fought hard and flipped the result of the 2019 World Cup final.

1 Margin of New Zealand's win by runs in Wellington, the joint-narrowest win recorded in Test cricket. West Indies also won by one run against Australia in the 1993 Adelaide Test while defending a target of 186.

4 Instances of a team winning after following on in a Test match, including New Zealand's win against England in Wellington. All the previous instances came against Australia - twice by England (Sydney 1894 and Leeds 1981) and India in Kolkata in 2001.

Ben Stokes certainly didn't make a foolish decision.

0 Number of times England lost a Test match out of the 177 instances where they took a 200-plus runs first-innings lead before their defeat at the Basin Reserve. The previous highest first-innings lead resulting in a loss for England was 177 runs against Australia in 1961 at Old Trafford.

What a incredible game for Kane Williamson. He becomes the #1 scoring batsman from his country, beats England, and wins the Man of the Match award!

Know your place!

That famous system of White Supremacy in action:

Scott Adams looked at a poll of blacks and finally realized that too many of them are assholes. So, it's better to stay away from them. You see, the problem isn't that these blacks are assholes. The problem is that Adams pointed that out and reached the logical conclusion to simply not associate with them. Of course, the MSM doesn't have a concrete, logical rebuttal of this horrible LAAAYSISM!

So, they do what they've always done: CANCEL THE VERY BAD MAN!

Also, praise for the hyena:

Are you against love?

How about that slippery slope?

We went from gay tolerance, acceptance, and promotion to trans kids tolerance, acceptance, and promotion to now pedophile tolerance. Let's see how long it takes for the acceptance and promotion aspects.

Black History Month

You know that it's some serious jogging when the shorts come off!

How to ruin a country

Immigrants and their descendants should not be allowed to vote or run for office for at least a 100 years.

Yeah. Imagine, if the British said the same thing in India 150 years ago:

  • The principal in this school is BROON!
  • The police chief in this town is BROON!
  • The royal prince in this region is BROON!
  • The richest man in this country is BROON!

So, in the name of inclusion all these positions will now be held by White people.

No skin in the game

Two thoughts came to my mind as soon as I read about the earthquake that hit Turkey:

  1. Over 10,000 dead.
  2. We'll see who was corrupt and constructed shoddy buildings.

Life in jail at the very least:

Fear, honor, and interest

Read the history of Athens, Sparta, Persia, the Peloponnesian Wars, and the absolutely unbelievable conquests of Alexander. Tough to blame Christianity for that. Now, look at the significant wars in the previous century: WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, The Persian Gulf War. Over a hundred million died in those conflicts and not even one had a religious angle.

This will leave you deflated

Brent Eldridge had heard that prices for natural gas were high this winter, but nothing prepared him for how bad it could be.

So dramatic. What was it? 50%? 75%? 100%?

When he opened the envelope from Long Beach's utility department, he couldn't believe the total: $907.13, nearly eight times higher than his bill at the same time last year.

Okay, that's bad. Almost 700% increase in the gas bill in just one year.

Are you a Nazi?

Yup. A lot of the policies of Donald Trump were similar to that of JFK but that didn't stop the Leftists from portraying his as evil.

It is somewhat amusing when certain liberals are shocked that they've become the spawn of Satan when they refuse to parrot the latest Narrative. I remember that Christina Hoff Sommers was stunned when college students were calling her -- a two-time Obama voting Democrat -- a Nazi because she didn't support modern-day feminism to the fullest extent.

D.I.E in action

Diversity = Fuck White People.

The sad part is that significant numbers of Whites support such atrocious politicians.

Hurts the wrong people

It would have been so easy for the MSM to cover this incredible story but they've got to protect their politicians.