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Why won't you just die!

I missed this from 2021:

McDonald's will soon be serving its customers a friendly reminder to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The fast food chain has partnered with the Biden administration on its “We Can Do This” campaign to help share vaccine information with its customers across the country and the restaurant plans to spread the word in multiple ways over the coming months.

If the fries and soda won't kill you, then the vaxx will!

"User friendly"

I was at an Asian restaurant last year. We had an online menu on which we could order the food. The problem? Scrolling through the immense menu on a tiny phone screen was so inefficient. I looked as somebody else was suffering through the process and simply told a waiter to bring the physical menu.

The insidious tax of inflation

Yup. Here, in Ontario, Canada, any income over ~$100,000 is taxed at a marginal rate of ~44%. That's provincial and federal combined. If you own a property, then the municipal taxes are extra! So, basically, to keep level with a heavily massaged inflation rate of 10%, one will need a wage boost of 15%. That's not happening when companies are limiting bonuses and firing workers.

Cuck Face gonna cuck

What Prime Minister Trudeau has done over the past few years:

  • Implemented vaccine passports which meant that the unvaccinated couldn't: travel via air plane or train, watch a movie in a cinema, visit a museum, attend a concert, eat in a restaurant, work in a school or federal government, etc.
  • Freezing the bank accounts of those who dared to stand against Trudeau and his tyranny.
  • Increased immigration levels to the point that Canada is admitting half a million people a year. This puts downward pressure on wages and makes the housing situation worse to the point that a couple that makes $200,000 together can't afford an average house in and around the biggest city in Canada.
  • "Go kill yourself!" The government has no money and the health care system is broken. It can take over a year to see a specialist for a major health concern. The compassionate liberal government has decided that a simple suicide is a win-win! The government saves money and you don't waste any more oxygen!

One would think that the main opposition party would have something concrete to say about the above.

“These flags and the hyper-aggressive rhetoric that often accompanies them are slowly normalizing rage and damaging our democracy,” O’Toole wrote in a year-end blog post outlining his wishes for the New Year.

Yeah. That's the concern of the biggest Cuck Face of Canada.Cuck Face

Please, be kind to the politician who is destroying your life and your country.

Big Mac index

A sad-looking chicken burger combo at my local McDonald's costs ... $15!

I can buy a fully cooked chicken at my local grocery store for $15. It often goes on sale for half price. That's three big meals for $7.5. Just pre-heat and done!

Welcome to Canada

A knew a few people at my workplace who were landlords. They got mortgages, bought a second property, and rented it out. There's risk because of rising interest rates. Also, you can end up with non-paying tenants. Your expenses explode at the worst time:

Just last year, Marco had two houses to his name, but for months has been sleeping in his car — all because his tenants, whom he's been unable to evict, haven't paid their rent.

Marco, 33, lost his marital home in a separation agreement in January. He still owns an income property — a two-suite house in Collingwood, Ont. — but says his upstairs tenant hasn't paid up since June; the one downstairs hasn't since February.

"I'm covering all housing expenses, the mortgage and property taxes and can't afford to rent in the terrible financial situation I'm in," he said. "I'm drowning in debt."