Worse than the holocaust
Is this White Soupemacy?

Clown World: Exhibit 23,765

Vox Day:

Clown World is devoted to inversion. When the “female figure skater” is neither female nor a figure skater, you know Clown World is involved.

True. This reminds me of Miss Greater Derry from last year. Here's some brief info:

The Miss Greater Derry Scholarship Program, set up by the Miss America Organisation, welcomes contestants between the ages of 17 and 24 who are judged on their 'their achievements in scholastic, aptitude, talent, character, community service and poise', according to their website.

So, one would think that the winner would be a local, beautiful woman, right? The winner was Brían Nguyen. Not local, not beautiful, and, definitely, not a woman.


Miss Greater Derry is a fat Asian man! It's a Clown World trifecta!


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