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A matter of economics

Elon Musk has often stated that his goal is "to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport". The big problem for him is that it's, at present, economically unfeasible:

Switzerland may become the first country to limit the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in a bid to ensure energy security this winter, German daily Der Spiegel reported on Thursday.

Under the proposed action plan, which is yet to be adopted, the use of EVs in the country could be banned except in cases of “absolutely necessary journeys.” The government also plans a stricter speed limit on the highways.

Tesla, and other EV makers, would have little problem selling their cars to the masses if the price of oil kept going up and electricity remained relatively cheap. More and more people would opt for the EVs because of simple economics. Unfortunately, in the past 15 years, the price of oil has decreased from a staggering peak of $190 to $80 while electricity has tripled in price (in Canada). The situation is much worse in Europe. In Italy, it's now shockingly more expensive to juice up an EV vs. filling up a normal car with petrol.

There will always be a niche market for EVs. They're relatively low maintenance and the speed and torque for in-city driving is superb. However, given the economics, the average guy won't be able to afford one in the near-future. The above average fellows can have a fun EV and a regular vehicle for covering larger distances.

Not another conspiracy

The vaccines and the rules around them helped:

  1. Big Pharma, of course. They made billions of dollars from "vaccines" which likely damaged and killed millions.
  2. Government. The tracing apps and vaccine passports provided governments with immense "voluntary" surveillance data.

This was easy to see from the beginning. It's not like it's something new.

The basic formula repeats: PHARMA $$$ + STATE POWER = YOU FUCKED.

No savings in the end

A dumb move by the Canadian government:

Freeland abruptly decided last month to cease issuance of real return bonds, a useful inflation hedge for pension funds and other investors with long-term liabilities. Among the reasons stated for the decision was the bonds are illiquid and in low demand. Keohane said the securities rarely trade because institutional investors value them too much to give them up.

Also, the part about "low demand" is false.

Furthermore, because these long-term holders don’t trade the bonds, the only way to buy them is when the government issues them. And whenever that happens, they are snapped up.

[...] the decision to eliminate new real return bond issuance deprived market participants of a way to express their inflation views, with some members indicating the decision “may create a perception that the government may not have full confidence in containing inflation,” the group said.

[...] several members said demand for the real return bonds has increased in the current higher inflationary environment and is expected to increase further with the aging of the Canadian population, according to the minutes. They also pointed to the fact that Canada is now the only G7 country not issuing new sovereign inflation index-linked bonds.

The Canadian government is aware that higher-than-normal inflation will persistent for some time. So, of course, they are not interested in paying a rate of return that's adjusted for inflation.

In the end, this will backfire. Capital has a global reach. If Canada refuses to offer real return bonds, then people and institutions can simply go elsewhere. Eventually, the vanilla bonds will have to offer higher rates to entice buyers.

What is lost

America before enrichment:

I used to love going to Rosedale, Southdale, and occasionally, the Galleria, at Christmastime. From the time I was a little boy, they were vast and magical Winter Wonderlands, where children could roam freely and window-shop. I used to wander alone from one end of the mall to the other, with particular attention paid to B. Daltons and Games by James.

The Crazy North

In 2000, the average house in the biggest city of Canada went for $250,000. A basic couple working together and making $100,000 a year could definitely get a mortgage and own that home after a couple of decades of reasonable payments.

Today, the average house in Toronto sells for almost $1.5 million! A couple who makes $200,000 can't even qualify for a mortgage for that house!

The Winter Storm of 2022

An enormous storm is battering a vast swath of the US and Canada, knocking out power to more than 1.4 million homes and businesses, grounding thousands of flights and dashing hopes for delivery of last-minute holiday gifts.

Heavy snow while the temperature plunges.

Its speedy march across the continent is causing violent temperature swings. New York City was 55F (13C) at dawn. By 10 p.m., it’s forecast to be around 10.

Yesterday, it was a nice, warm 0C here in Ontario. Tonight, it'll feel like -26C thanks to the wind chill.


The average person is squeezed:

New figures show grocery inflation in Canada surged again in November as the price of basics like bread, eggs and dairy products shot up. Statistics Canada says prices for food purchased from stores rose 11.4 per cent last month compared with a year ago, up from an 11 per cent gain in October.

The agency says prices for groceries have now risen at a faster pace than overall inflation for 12 months in a row.

Starting from early 2020 to late 2022, food prices in Ontario, Canada have increased by approximately 75%. It's likely that from 2020-2023, prices for food would have doubled in Canada. Add to that the higher oil prices and an insane real estate market. The younger generations are truly getting crushed. The middle class is shrinking. Soon, it'll be the rich and the not-rich.

No corn for you!

You won't like him when he's hungry:

A man shot a Kentucky Fried Chicken employee Monday evening in St. Louis in a dispute that intensified when the restaurant ran “out of corn,” police say.

No other description in that first sentence. Conclusion: it's a colored man; most likely, black.

The suspect took off from the restaurant after the gunfire. Police described the suspect as a Black man, around 40-50 years of age and thin built with a scruffy beard. He was last seen wearing a blue jean jacket with a gray hood and sleeves.

World record train wreck

All one can do is laugh: 00302110041 3.

15 all out. Damn. What makes this even more shocking is that the opener was part of the team that won the World Cup last month. This isn't some high school team that got slaughtered. These are elite players!

Anyway, they were so close. So close to having extras as the top scorer! If only the number 10 "batsman" hadn't smashed that one boundary!

Test between Australia and West Indies. Australia needed 34 runs in the fourth innings. They got them. Extras? 19. Yup, more than everyone else combined! That's just silly.

Most don't get it

This relates to the Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA*) saga in 2015 in Canada. The nominally right-wing government increased the contribution room from $5,500 to $10,000 for the TFSA. The liberal opposition was successful in portraying this policy as a benefit for the rich! 

Think about it. Who benefits more from an extra $4,500 in tax-free investment growth every year? A rich guy worth tens of millions of dollars or a middle class man saving for the future? Yet, the normal Canadian idiot bought this stupid logic.

An example: A 20-year-old who just starts working and saving doesn't use the TFSA for a decade. If the contribution room was $10,000 per year, then he would have a combined $100,000 available to invest tax-free at the age of 30! If he got an inheritance, then he could invest it and shield decades of returns from taxes.

Sadly, the liberals brought the limit down back to $5,500 in 2016.

* The name is just horrible. It should have been called the Tax Free Investment Account.

How to buy votes

At least three guaranteed income initiatives in the San Francisco Bay Area openly discriminate against white residents, limiting or entirely preventing their participation in programs that dole out no-strings-attached cash.

The programs—all of which are publicly funded—violate both the United States and the California state constitution, lawyers say, as well as civil rights laws that ban race discrimination in contracting and by the recipients of government funds.

Of course, anyone who opposes these programs is a horrible, no good, very bad RAYCISSS!

Liberal abortion

Policies and procedures do make sense. It's important to be proper when one is murdering children.

So dark

MAID service in the North:

As Canada's MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) system continues to alleviate the pain of patients and the financial strain on the nation's healthcare system, a recent innovation is expected to further improve results: Parliament just announced a punch card that allows patients to receive a free suicide after 10 doctor visits.

The next part made me laugh:

Critics have contended that the new approach preys on disabled and impoverished Canadians who may see assisted suicide as their only option, but the criticism has already been quieted since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of anyone who spoke out against his regime's policies in the comments section of the healthcare website's blog, or on Twitter, or elsewhere.

It's funny because it's true

Fried Bankman is not so useful anymore:

"Authorities have raided one of Mr. Bankman-Fried's mansions searching for evidence of money left to line our pockets, as $39 million was just not enough." said a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee. "As we speak, agents are holding the suspect upside down and shaking him in hopes that a few crypto coins might fall out."

Learn to code

Cerno tried:


It was a win-win for the political-pharma partnership. The politicians accrued power and ruined lives while the drug companies made major bucks and ruined lives. It wouldn't be surprising when the same politicians and their relatives get nice, lucrative jobs at the Big Pharma firms in the near-future.

Fried Bankman

All those media puff pieces couldn't save him:

The former CEO of failed cryptocurrency firm FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been arrested in the Bahamas at the request of the U.S. government, U.S. and Bahamian authorities said Monday.

The arrest was made Monday after the U.S. filed criminal charges that are expected to be unsealed Tuesday, according to U.S. Attorney Damian Williams. Bankman-Fried had been under criminal investigation by U.S. and Bahamian authorities following the collapse last month of FTX. The firm filed for bankruptcy on Nov. 11, when it ran out of money after the cryptocurrency equivalent of a bank run.

Transferring billions of dollars from your crypto customers to your hedge fund is fraud. The government couldn't ignore it any longer. Let's see how the media changes its tune.

Absolutely outrageous!

Ben "The Legend" Stokes keeps on writing history:

The tense victory in Multan made it eight wins in nine Tests for England since Stokes became the full-time captain in the format.

Context for their previous two victories:

England arrived in Pakistan at the end of last month for their first tour of the country in 17 years having won only two of their previous 24 Tests there, a figure they have matched in the last two weeks with victories in Rawalpindi and Multan.

[Emphasis mine.]

Also, nobody in the entire history of Test cricket has smashed more sixes than Ben Stokes. What he continues to achieve, in all three formats!, is just phenomenal.

Fail faster

Very true. I've seen the opposite a lot in my life. Many colleagues don't take put in the effort or take risks because the chance of zero payoff or failure is high. The solution isn't to avoid the painful failures but to go through them faster to achieve "good luck".

Those compassionate Canadians

Last year, more than 10,000 people in Canada – astonishingly that's over three percent of all deaths there - ended their lives via euthanasia, an increase of a third on the previous year. And it's likely to keep rising: next year, Canada is set to allow people to die exclusively for mental health reasons.

High taxes, crazy public debt, and insufficient doctors leads to a deteriorating health care system. One way to release pressure is to delete these pesky patients.

Erin Smith said her 71-year-old father, Rod McNeill, went to an Ontario hospital after suffering a fall. A month later, he had been euthanized. She says the doctors responsible didn't even get hold of his medical records from his own physician. He was subsequently euthanized for a condition - end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - that an autopsy shows he didn't have, she said.

Sheila Elson, the mother of a 25-year-old woman with cerebral palsy said a hospital doctor in Newfoundland actually told her she'd be 'selfish' if she didn't consider pursuing the euthanasia option.

Kill more, save more!

A 2017 Canadian study suggested medically-assisted dying could reduce health care spending in the country by as much as $137 million a year.

Can't wait for the inevitable videos from Clown World: Doctors and nurses dancing in the hallway. Subtitle: Saved another patient by ending her life! Oh yeah!

More time for fondling

Tony isn't too bright:

Tony Blevins, a former Apple executive, told The Wall Street Journal this week that he spent all night trying to take down a TikTok featuring him making a crude comment in September.

[...] "I race cars, play golf, and fondle big-breasted women. But I take weekends and major holidays off," Blevins says in the TikTok, which shows him getting out of his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, a supercar that can cost upwards of $500,000.

The video ultimately cost Blevins his career at Apple. Blevins, a vice president of procurement who had worked at Apple for over 22 years, was fired days after it was posted.

HR is not dumb. The real reason for his termination:

Blevins also told the publication he was let go without severance. He hasn't been replaced, he said.

This was just an easy and convenient way to get rid of an expensive employee in a downturn.

Damage control

PR for the richest man in the world!

Nothing burger!

Can't wait to see what these clowns repeat next.

Marginal utility at near-zero

After the house and two cars are paid for and your property and auto maintenance, insurance, and utility bills cost $100,000 a year, how much would you spend in a day?

$250? $500? $1,000?

Even at the luxurious level of $1,000 per day, you're total annual after-tax spending is under $500,000. Let's say you travel a lot. If you're content with not having a private jet, then your insane expenditures will still be under one million for the year. For you, going from $25 million to $50 million will likely result in zero! additional expenditures. You might just buy a property or two in a foreign land for safety and diversification but that's about it.

So, the math checks out. $20 million, especially at current interest rates, will last forever if your annual bills are under $1 million.

The Final Solution: Canadian Edition

When one needs that famously compassionate Canadian health care, the reply can be to GO KILL YOURSELF!

A disabled veteran in Canada has slammed her government for offering to euthanize her when she grew frustrated at delays in having a wheelchair lift installed in her home.

[...] After years of frustrating delays in getting the home lift, Gauthier says the caseworker told her: 'Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now.'

This wasn't just a single incident.

The worker who made the offer hasn't been named, but they are feared to have offered three other veterans who contacted VAC with problems the same 'solution', Global News reported.

It was definitely a shock.

'I was like, 'I can't believe that you will … give me an injection to help me die, but you will not give me the tools I need to help me live,'' she said.

Yup, because that's cheaper! Canadians have to comprehend that they are financially responsible for their health care and retirement. Government health care and pension should be counted as a zero! If they do miraculously get any proper medical treatment or pension payments in the future, then they should count it as a bonus. Otherwise, have savings for hospital visits in the US and keep filling up the RRSP and TFSA.

Continuing from the T20 final

The last time England won a Test match against Pakistan in Pakistan was 22 years ago. Thanks to their combined belief, aggression, ruthlessness, and willpower, the modern England defeated their defensive opponents.

Of course, The Legend keeps making history:

Having won ODI and T20 World Cups, and achieved 2019's miracle at Headingley, Stokes rated this success as one of the best. It is unquestionably the best embodiment of him as a captain. Not just for his bravery, nor the tactical calls that paid dividends, such as keeping the reversing old ball in play until midway through the 95th over to quieten the scoring, then replacing it that so Leach could use the prouder seam to turn it off the deck and win the match.

I've seen many great players over the years: Lara, Tendulkar, Villiers but they couldn't collect trophies or push their teams to perform at an exceptional level. Ben Stokes is the best thing that ever happened to English cricket. Two World Cups and two epic Test matches in just four years.