Breathing Fire!
It's Okay To Be White

No trust

A lot of people are, obviously, writing about diversity. That's true. There's another factor: nearly zero consequences for criminals.

I remember travelling to Medina and Makkah in the 90s. These cities are filled with peoples from all over the world. Literally tens of millions visit them every year. One of the most memorable sights is the jewellery stores. They are many and they are absolutely glittering. One almost has to put on sunglasses to get a full view of all the gold.

I remember walking in front of the stores. The doors were open but nobody was present. The owners had left during the time for prayer. It was a golden opportunity for thieves! Yet, no one dared. Why? Because criminals prefer to not have their hands chopped off. Contrast that ruthlessness with the revolving door policies for criminals in the US. How absurd it is to read of another robber, rapist or killer who had been arrested 15, 16 or 17 times before his latest spree.


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