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Lower standards for diversity

I wonder why the university didn't bother to address this super very bad professor for the last 40 years:

Maitland Jones Jr., a chemistry professor at New York University who also taught for four decades at Princeton, was fired in August after undergraduate students circulated a petition complaining that his course was too difficult.

The assembly line of idiots couldn't take it! I've known a few old teachers like that. Their style is brutal and their expectations are sky-high. The problem? The administration keeps accepting more and more mediocre students who can't handle the heat. Of course, most teachers get the hint and continuously dumb down their material. I personally knew a high school teacher who made her course too easy. A furious teacher from the department went to the principal and basically asked him, "Don't you think it strange that we're getting increasingly low-quality students while her class averages are going up!?" He simply dismissed the concerns.

Of course, it's much easier and convenient to blame, and then fire, the one professor who doesn't dumb down the material. Just ignore the overall lowering of standards, the inferior students, and rampant grade inflation. End result? Students who know nothing.

What matters is that the gravy train for the schools and universities doesn't stop.


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