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The Azam-Rizwan Show

With a required run rate of 10, England, surprisingly, couldn't break the partnership of the best opening batsmen in the world. It's the highest ten-wicket win in history. This England team is definitely a contender for the World Cup next month. So, this is definitely a big win for Pakistan. Though, their weakness, the off-color middle order, wasn't exposed.

They had just completed the biggest 10-wicket win in T20 history and become the first pair to put a 200-run partnership in a T20 run chase, breaking their own record. But more than that, after relentless scrutiny and criticism, they had reminded their fans how brilliantly effective they can be.

Oh, they've been very effective. Babar had a few ugly matches which cost them the Asia Cup. However, the middle order simply didn't pull its weight. They nearly lost chasing 120 against Afghanistan! England and Australia have stronger players that can bail out the team when the top order fails.

A reader at Cricinfo sent the best comment:

Wajid Jawaid : "Don't worry England, we know this feeling. These two did the same to us. Love, India."

The template for the opposition is simple: break the opening partnership and expose the less experienced, weaker players who can't manage the spiking required run rate.


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