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I've had similar experiences with my local banks.

  1. Scheduled a meeting to open a chequing account. Got to the bank five minutes early. Noticed a casual, happy atmosphere where the staff is chatting and merry. Time comes and I notice that one rep is rushing around to get the paperwork in order for ... me! It took her about eight minutes to get ready. This wasn't some complicated product; I was opening a basic account!
  2. Another bank, another appointment. The rep is telling me the benefits of the retirement savings plan. She tells me the amount I can take out for buying my first home. The problem is that number changed a few years earlier. I calmly and politely tell her that but she's adamant and stubborn. I double-checked at home and her info was five years out-of-date!
  3. I had investment accounts in Canadian dollars and wanted to open corresponding US$ accounts. The bank told me to come in and fill out forms. I had read that a phone call to the investment center from the bank rep. with my personal info about the CDN accounts should be sufficient. The rep. didn't know. I went to the appointment, she called the relevant number, gave them my info, and done! Filling out dumb forms was totally unnecessary.

Oh, in all three cases, women! I do my own research before dealing with banksters who're greedy, lazy, and incompetent.


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