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Wyoming has spoken

It's a mere flesh wound

Vox Day:

No one with any knowledge of military history believed for one single second that there was going to be a Ukrainian counteroffensive this summer. They don’t have the troops, they don’t have the artillery or the air support, they don’t have the supplies, they don’t have the transport, and they don’t have the command-and-control infrastructure. The pattern of false reporting is very clear. The globalist media reports periods of Russian rest and refit as glorious Ukrainian victories, then portrays every successful Russian offensive as Pyhrric victories akin to Stalingrad.

It's shocking how the Russians keep advancing when they've had zero ammo for about four months.

Seriously, one feels sorry for the average Ukrainian soldier. No matter how much the globalist media tries to sugarcoat the situation, the survivors see the reality of blood, death, and carnage.

Odessa will be key for Russia in the coming weeks. Gaining and keeping Odessa will be a nail in the coffin for Ukraine.


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