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The joys of public health care

That famous compassionate health care of Canada:

Prickett feels he should have been transferred on the day of his accident to London Health Sciences Centre, the largest hospital in southwestern Ontario. It has the facilities and surgical expertise he needs to repair his leg — except, he said, a bed shortage in London had prevented him from leaving Wiarton.

"It blows my mind that in Ontario, we have these facilities and I can't get a broken bone fixed. I have to lie around with a broken bone in my body for four days," he said Wednesday. "It's so frustrating. I have no control.

Yup. The bizarre solution that many propose is more government spending to fix this problem. This is especially moronic as Ontario has the highest non-federal public debt in the world: CAD$455 billion. The government has no money. It must spike taxes today or crush your progeny with more debt to cover the bills.


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