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Clobbering the citizens

In effect, the average US household has to pay an extra $6,000 in "taxes" every year. Given the energy situation in Europe and the heat on Taiwan, those taxes will be increasing again.

You will own nothing

And you'll be happy:

The rectangular-shaped room is fitted with a shower, a sink, and a toilet. There is one window, and a shelving unit above the latrine. But this room isn’t just any old bathroom. It’s actually an apartment listed for rent in Hamilton’s east-end.

Just steps away from the shower, there is a kitchenette with a handful of cupboards, what appears to be a toaster oven and a mini-fridge — no full kitchen. To the back of the room, there appears to be space for a bed — as long as it is a small one. The whole apartment is 13 square metres (or 140 square feet — think of a 12 foot by 12 foot room).

[Emphasis mine.]

Prices in my neighborhood in Ontario in 2012 vs. 2022:

  • 1-bedroom apartment: $600 --> $1,500
  • 2-bedroom apartment: $800 --> $1,700
  • 3-bedroom apartment: $1,100 -->$2,200

So, a 140 square feet "apartment" for $550 is a steal!

Pushing vaxxes

Yeah, it's difficult to hide those remarks as they were made in front of the public on television. I do wonder about the inner turmoil of the above-average normies who swallowed the BS, got multiple vaxxes, and then got COVID anyway. Significant numbers of them must have learned their lesson as many are simply refusing to take further jabs to save grandma.

The New Normal

I remember the 1992 World Cup final. Pakistan scored 249 runs in 50 overs. England managed 227 runs in 49.2 overs. That was the normal scoring rate at the time.

Today, England smashed 234 runs in 20 overs! The hapless South Africans had to chase hard from the very first delivery. They managed 193 runs in 20 overs -- a run rate that's almost double that of the World Cup champions from 30 years ago but it still wasn't enough! Of course, the overall strategy is different because I'm comparing an ODI to a T20. Still, the contrast is quite stunning.

No skin in the game

That's the harsh reality. Forget paying back the bonus, these soulless CEOs can't even do the basic minimum: resign!

Wickedness on display

A 20-year-old is not legally allowed to buy booze in the US but pre-teen girls can decide to slash their breasts and boys can destroy their genitals. It's a bizarre juxtaposition but it makes perverse sense when you realize that the logical framework of pedophilia is slowly being built. If kids, as young as 8-years-old, can "ask" adults to mutilate their genitals, then surely they can "ask" adults to use their private parts for other purposes.

Better late than never

The majority finally comes around after supporting a year of tyranny:

Consider that last September amid the fourth wave of the virus, seven-in-ten Canadians (70%) said they would support a vaccine passport in their community to require residents to show proof of inoculation to enter larger public spaces; this concept is now supported by one-in-four (25%).

The most disgusting rule was in Quebec where the government mandated vaccine passports for stores like Walmart and Costco in January of 2022. The backlash was immediate and rule lasted less than a month.

Now, an incredible majority is against vaccine passports. I bet the major reason for this drastic shift in opinion is that the definition of "fully vaccinated" keeps changing. Many people went along with the two initial shots plus a booster in the winter. They've likely realized the absurdity of the whole situation as they're told to get the boosters till infinity. In short, they're against the passports because they no longer qualify as fully vaccinated.

Not another jogger!

One of the benefits of living in the most expensive city in Canada:

The most important Amendment

The US had a short vacation from the harsh realities of the world after the end of the Cold War. Debt and diversity have diminished its stature. Those who oppose the powers that be will be targeted. The reality is simple: unarmed people are easier to kill.

The stupid tax

While the growing expansion of casinos and state-sanctioned sports betting steal the spotlight, state lotteries have nearly doubled in size over the past two decades, driving a multibillion-dollar wealth transfer from low-income U.S. communities to powerful multinational companies.

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.

On a snowy April day, Standifer stopped by the Korner Party Store in this Detroit suburb, its largest sign advertising “Beer Wine Lotto,” to buy scratch-off tickets. She buys scratch tickets three times daily. Four years ago, she won $1,000 on a $3 ticket, but she hasn’t won big since. [...]

“Yesterday I spent like $130 and I won like $85,” Standifer said, meaning she lost $45.

Endless wars

American wars are simply a wicked method of transferring money from the taxpayer to the weapons manufacturers.

Have you got what it takes?

The overwhelming majority fail at 1.

Add up all the traits and, at most, 2% will become multi-millionaires.

Sadly funny theater

Prime Minister Zoolander doesn't care about grandma!

Despite heading one of the only Western governments to still mandate face masks on rail transport, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was conspicuously maskless as he shook hands during a Monday photo op aboard an Okanagan, B.C., steam train.

The prime minister was not breaking any laws; the Kettle Valley Steam Railway is a heritage railroad not bound by federal transport regulations. However, the visit led to cries of hypocrisy nonetheless as COVID presumably can spread just as easily on tourist trains as aboard VIA Rail trains.

I went to the local train station early this month and noticed two different trains with a platform in the middle. VIA Rail on one side and a GO train on the other. Both were heading towards Toronto. I was in the GO train where almost zero people bothered with a mask. Looking outside, one could easily tell that everyone on the VIA Rail was masked. SCIENCE!

Avoid hell

Yup. They have a few shiny buildings because their sand swims on oil. It looks like the 21st century but the mindset is from the 19th. The concept of human rights doesn't exist. Western governments won't even lift a finger if you get thrown in a cell on manufactured mischief. So, just don't go!

The same can be said for its lovely neighbor: Saud's Arabia.

MAiD service in Canada

The governments in Canada don't have enough money to treat all the patients in the health care system. Solution? Start killing those pesky and costly old people.

A 71-year-old widower was admitted to a Southwestern Ontario hospital after a fall. His family says during his admission he contracted an infectious diarrheal illness. He was humiliated by staff for the smell of his room, his family said. He developed a new shortness of breath that was not comprehensively assessed. In this context, a hospital team member suggested he would qualify for MAiD. The team said he had end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and it was terminal. The patient was surprised by the diagnosis but trusted the team.

Within 48 hours of his first assessment, he received a medically assisted death. Post-mortem testing showed he did not have end-stage COPD. His family doctor, when notified of his death, also stated he did not have end-stage COPD, but the team had failed to contact her when they were assessing his history.

The law of death is getting an upgrade:

Although considered among the most permissive euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation in the world, Canada is poised to introduce mental illnesses to the country's medical assistance in dying (MAiD) legislation.

Oh, you support trump and other right wingers? Marked as "mentally ill". No point in wasting resources when you end up in the hospital.

The joys of public health care

That famous compassionate health care of Canada:

Prickett feels he should have been transferred on the day of his accident to London Health Sciences Centre, the largest hospital in southwestern Ontario. It has the facilities and surgical expertise he needs to repair his leg — except, he said, a bed shortage in London had prevented him from leaving Wiarton.

"It blows my mind that in Ontario, we have these facilities and I can't get a broken bone fixed. I have to lie around with a broken bone in my body for four days," he said Wednesday. "It's so frustrating. I have no control.

Yup. The bizarre solution that many propose is more government spending to fix this problem. This is especially moronic as Ontario has the highest non-federal public debt in the world: CAD$455 billion. The government has no money. It must spike taxes today or crush your progeny with more debt to cover the bills.

Nvidia is so nice

Last year, new graphics cards were sold out almost immediately upon delivery in stores. People would wait in line overnight to get theirs. Of course, some of them were scalpers who would sell the card online for over double the retail price. I saw $1,000 3080s going for over $2,500.

Now, the shortage is over. The glut is here! Stores have to move inventory as the new series of cards will be launched in the upcoming months. Nvidia just couldn't see their prospective customers suffer with crazy high prices. So, now they're offering some serious price cuts!

Such overwhelming kindness. Oh, their stock is down 55% from the top. Sad!

Saying no to the vaxx

I couldn't travel on trains, take airplane flights, watch a movie on the big screen, eat in a restaurant or listen to a live orchestra because of Canada's vaxx mandates. It was nothing big. Though, there are people who're willing to lose a lot of money and invite reactions from monkeys when they publicly refuse the SUPER AWESOME FABULOUS vaccines.

Right on!

Celebrating the colored culture

Oh, those quaint colored people and their cute illegal hijinks!

Surely, these progressive, woke, feminists would show up to understand and praise a non-Muslim, White guy who was interested in getting a third wife to help out with household chores.

DSLR cameras are dead

When Nikon released the Z7, the Z7II, and finally the epic Z9, it was clear that DSLRs had been retired. They're simply too complicated and costly to produce. Mirrorless are smaller, lighter, and provide higher margins.

Japanese camera maker Nikon will withdraw from the single-lens reflex camera business and shift toward digital offerings amid intensifying competition from smartphone cameras, Nikkei has learned.

Nikon's SLR cameras have been widely used by professional photographers for more than 60 years and have come to be seen as synonymous with the Japanese company.

The D300 and the D800 were spectacular during their time.

BOC goes for the big one

I thought the Bank of Canada would go for a 0.75% increase like the Federal Reserve but they surprised almost everyone:

The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark rate by 100 basis points on Wednesday, a surprise move that exceeded economist expectations, as the bank attempts to set a firehose against scorching inflation.

The unexpected and supersized increase comes after two consecutive 50 basis point hikes, bringing the policy interest rate to 2.5 per cent. It is the largest increase since 1998.

It's going to get ugly very fast for those who're leveraged to the gills. At least, we'll get a slightly better real estate market.

The Enemy of the People

The Deep State and the media tried their best to bring down Trump with RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA and other manufactured stories. None stuck. When the Hunter Biden laptop story leaked, they jumped into action by blocking anyone online from reporting it and reframing it as a ... RUSSIAN PLOT TO HELP TRUMP!

Now that the economy is tanking and Creepy Joe is more of a senile walking corpse, they don't need to bring the hammer down on stories that make him look bad. The important question is: who will be the successor?

Death boosters

In a noticeable change in tone Friday, Health Minister Dorothy Shephard told the legislature she is concerned about unexplained high death counts in the province in the second half of 2021 and will attempt to get to the bottom of what happened.

"I think that everybody wants to know," said Shephard under questioning from interim Liberal Leader Roger Melanson.

We don't know it was the vaxx ... it was the vaxx.


There is no widespread evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 US president election; only some specific, fine-tuned, well-targeted illegal actions in a few relevant states to tip the scales in favor of Creepy Joe.

Putin defeats poutine

The Canadian government folds under pressure and reverses a part of its Russian sanctions:

Canada will return a repaired turbine to Germany that is needed for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and could help to ensure continued flows of energy until Europe can end its dependency on Russian gas, Canada's minister of natural resources said.

Ukraine's energy and foreign ministries said the decision amounted to adjusting sanctions imposed on Moscow "to the whims of Russia" and called for it to be reversed.

The Canadian government said in a statement on Saturday it was issuing a "time-limited and revocable permit" to exempt the return of turbines from its Russian sanctions and also announced new measures against Moscow in response to its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.

After all that, they still decide to posture:

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly said on Saturday in a statement that "Canada is unwavering in its support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity ... Canada will not relent in pressuring the Russian regime".

So brave.