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Not serious

50% of Millennials are dumbasses:

A new survey published by Acorns last week revealed that half of millennials think they'll need just $300,000 to "retire comfortably".

The funny thing is that they mostly guessed! They didn't even do this simple math: At a baseline annual spending of $50,000, one should have a minimum $1 million to retire today.

Most Millennials will be retiring many years later. Thanks to inflation, they'll need millions of dollars to retire comfortably in the US.

Unnecessary risk

Brutal. The tiny loss of muscle and reflexes happens every day but our pride, independence, and stubbornness won't allow for the harsh truth. The results can be ugly.

A sack of color

Amir is a professor at the University of Ottawa:

"There’s no rule preventing them leaving Canada." Incorrect grammar and totally false. Canadians are not allowed to board a plane if they don't provide proof of vaccination. So, unvaccinated Canadians cannot board an international flight.

The lying sack of shit self-identifies. Can't write, won't see the truth, hurls insults; most likely a mediocre diversity hire.

The King

Deadlift is definitely the king of strength training exercises. It highlights any weakness in the chain: ankles, knees, back, forearms, and wrists. Of course, too many avoid it because a heavy deadlift is a) not easy, and b) absolutely exhausting.

The most important Amendment

The logical conclusion:

If the police don't arrive and save us from violence, how can this event support the argument for restricting guns? This is the very situation that makes the most responsible people want to own guns. It reminds me of the summer of 2020, when there were riots, and the police stood down.

The Leftists huff and puff about BIG BAD GUNS in the US but the people can see that the police is not going to help them when shit hits the fan. That's why their gun control legislation never gets anywhere.

The Diversity Utopia

A mostly peaceful subway ride:

Cernovich is 100% correct on this matter.

Fact check of the year

The size of the government is absolutely monstrous.

The funny thing about 8 or 9 months is that both figures are wildly optimistic. If the US government was retarded enough to confiscate all that eeevil billionaire wealth today, then it would have to sell roughly ~$3 trillion to get cash. Four points:

  1. This would lead to one of the most spectacular stock market crashes in history.
  2. Who the hell in their right mind is going to buy billions of dollars of equities when they know that the government will simply confiscate their money when it feels like it?
  3. Whose neck gets it when the billionaires are toast? The big bad multi-millionaires!
  4. Capital is going to leave America at a staggering rate.

Won't you feel sorry for Moderna?

It will always be amusing to know that after Canada mandated vaccine passports for government employees, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, for travel, and in some places for simply shopping at Walmart, that we got the largest wave of infection! Many people were coerced into getting the 1st shot, 2nd shot, booster, another booster while being explicitly told that they wouldn't get infected ... and then they got infected.

Not to mention the horrendous side effects from the "vaccines". The general population is no longer interested in bending over for another jab. This can be seen in the numbers as compliance is significantly lower for each additional shot.

More pain

Add to that the staggering price increases for rent, food, cars, and oil, it'll be a miracle if the US didn't experience a recession.

Ontario Storm

The storm went through the most densely populated region of Canada:

A damaging derecho swept through southern Ontario and Quebec Saturday, toppling trees and power lines, overturning cars, cutting electricity and even tossing debris through windows. The storms have resulted in at least eight deaths.

Eight deaths. That number is shockingly low considering that cars were flipped, trees were uprooted, and powerlines went down.

A few minutes before it hit, the sun was completely covered, the light dimmed like it was 9 p.m. Then, all the windows started rattling. I looked outside and saw birds attempting to sit still but the wind knocked them away. The maximal level wind and rain lasted about five minutes; we, fortunately, didn't get the worst.

Looks like a coastal city getting hit by a hurricane!

When home is not safe:

A real estate "paper cut":


Those indolent peasants

Today during a press conference discussing Canada’s commitments to reduce carbon emissions, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed confusion over why more Canadians currently struggling to pay for rent, food, and other basic necessities of life are not purchasing outrageously expensive luxury electric vehicles.

It's one of the most tone-deaf messages from politicians across the globe: can't afford gas, just buy a cheap $50,000 electric car! Plus, the grids in California and Texas can't even handle the current demand. How the hell will they charge hundreds of thousands of new electric vehicles?

Welcome to Clown World

Now comes the story of Zac Kriegman, who, until not so long ago, was a director of data science at Thomson Reuters. Kriegman’s crime? Questioning the Black Lives Matter narrative.

Kriegman is a person who loves numbers and statistics. As you’ll read below, he didn’t just voice an opinion to his colleagues. He made an argument after having done extensive research. He thought logic would win out. He was wrong.

Truth doesn't matter to the Enemy of the People.

Diversity in Canada

A Yarmouth judge says there's nothing she can do to protect a teenage Syrian refugee whose father allegedly punched her in the face five times and lashed her as many as 50 times with a belt for texting with a boy.

The lovely refugee beat his daughter for over half an hour. The vicious violence resulted in a broken nose. Upon questioning, the Syrian parents replied:

Despite photos of the young woman’s injuries, her father denies the beating ever took place and her mother “saw nothing,” said the judge.

Ugly but so comfy

I went to the local mall to buy shoes a few years ago. The stores didn't even have my size. Went to a different mall, visited many stores, and finally a sales guy came back with a couple of hideous black monstrosities. I had tried a lot of ill-fitting and uncomfortable shoes that day and was prepped for disappointment... It felt like I was walking on a cloud! They were New Balance black joggers. A few years later, I tried in vain to find similar shoes. Settled for a different brand.

You will own nothing!

Enjoy your pods, peasants!

The housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area has gotten so bad that one startup is now offering renters the chance to live in a “bunk bed pod” with 13 other people for just $800 a month.

I lived in a student house with 9 other people and we had 3 washrooms and that was sometimes a problem. The luxury apartment above is for 13 people and it has 2 washrooms! How is that going to work?

Math is hard

Two things I've heard often from coworkers on the topic of stocks:

  1. This company's share price has gone down 90%. So, it must be a good time to buy, right? Example: Tilray went from $300 to $30. The pain wasn't over. It dropped to $3.
  2. The share price of Company A is higher versus that of Company B. So, B is a better buy, right? Example: Apple is expensive ($145) but BlackBerry is cheap ($5).

I learned about the stock market in high school in the previous century. Most of these people are older than me and they still don't have a clue.

Waiting for "skin in the game"

Black Swan yesterday:

Anti-fragile today:

The Coinbase stock price has crashed by roughly 85% in just over half a year. Definitely, not anti-fragile.

Bitcoin is down over 55% in the same time frame. Definitely, not an inflation hedge. Bitcoin has been the most incredible speculative "asset" of this century but its sheer volatility makes it unreliable for the average person. It could be near $0 or closer to $100,000 by the end of the year.

Aramco vs. Apple

The Saudis must be very happy with Biden's energy policies:

Saudi Aramco overtook Apple Inc. as the world’s most valuable company, stoked by a surge in oil prices that is buoying the crude producer while adding to an inflation surge throttling demand for technology stocks.

That's quite the change in under five months:

Earlier this year, Apple boasted a market value of $3 trillion, about $1 trillion more than Aramco’s. Since then, however, Apple has fallen nearly 20% while Aramco is up 28%.

The Housing Market Insanity

Here's a photo of a simple house that's a one-hour drive away from Toronto:

Dundas house

There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and it's 2,100 square feet. Not too small to be cramped and not too big to be ostentatious; it's just the right size for an average family.

It's on sale. Can you guess the asking price? $1.6 million*. The 20% down payment would be $320,000. The monthly mortgage payment? $6,700. That's $80,400 a year for 25 years! A husband and wife together would need to make a minimum of $200,000 income to even think of buying such a basic house.

Only the top 2% of households in the province can afford it.

* $1.23 million in US dollars.

The pain isn't over

One CEO can see what's coming ahead:

"I thought we may be able to have said that last year. When we started the year, we thought inflation would be up double digits. We have now revised that forecast to be more in the high teens. We are seeing it across a broad basket. We have seen it in our commodities like wheat and other things we cover. We are seeing it in our fuel costs and transportation. We are seeing it in packaging. So it's difficult for me to see the peak now."

I've seen a price increase of roughly 50% for food in the last two years. It's likely going to be another 20% by December. So, a staggering 80% jump in food prices in just 3 years. It wouldn't surprise me if we see an elegant and painful double for 2020-23.