Creepy and demented
The Maleducation of the Masses

Winter is coming

More pain for the average person:

"We take a lot of the raw materials and blend them together into the finished goods, the final product of fertilizer that farmers will be putting on their crops," explained Carson. Those raw materials include three main nutrients: NPK -- nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also known as potash. The three top exporters of these nutrients are Russia, China, and Canada.

Canada has got a truck driver issue thanks to the federal vaccine mandate, China banned its specific export last year, and, of course, Putin VERY BAD!

The result? The price of fertilizer is up 128% from one year ago. It went up more than 20% in just one month of the war in Ukraine.

Absolutely staggering. Food prices are going to increase a lot more in the coming months.


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