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The Maleducation of the Masses

The useless universities and the programing from the media leads to these results:

The Yahoo/Maru survey polled 1,517 Canadians between April 23 and April 25. It found COVID-related supply chain issues narrowly topped the list of potential causes, with 29 per cent pointing to the pandemic's lasting grip on global trade. [...]

A similar number of respondents (28 per cent) chose "profit-taking by companies and speculators" as the chief cause of runaway inflation.

It's unfortunately predictable that close to 90% didn't even mention money supply. An economics background is not necessary to grasp the concept. One just has to get the logic in this simple sentence:

[..] the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve are expected to continue hiking benchmark interest rates in a bid to tamp down inflationary pressures.

So, doesn't that mean that the record-low interest rates of the recent past is a major reason for the highest inflation in the last forty years?

Shhh. Ignore that logic, it's COVID, greedy corporations and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!


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