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The Maleducation of the Masses

The useless universities and the programing from the media leads to these results:

The Yahoo/Maru survey polled 1,517 Canadians between April 23 and April 25. It found COVID-related supply chain issues narrowly topped the list of potential causes, with 29 per cent pointing to the pandemic's lasting grip on global trade. [...]

A similar number of respondents (28 per cent) chose "profit-taking by companies and speculators" as the chief cause of runaway inflation.

It's unfortunately predictable that close to 90% didn't even mention money supply. An economics background is not necessary to grasp the concept. One just has to get the logic in this simple sentence:

[..] the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve are expected to continue hiking benchmark interest rates in a bid to tamp down inflationary pressures.

So, doesn't that mean that the record-low interest rates of the recent past is a major reason for the highest inflation in the last forty years?

Shhh. Ignore that logic, it's COVID, greedy corporations and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!

Winter is coming

More pain for the average person:

"We take a lot of the raw materials and blend them together into the finished goods, the final product of fertilizer that farmers will be putting on their crops," explained Carson. Those raw materials include three main nutrients: NPK -- nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also known as potash. The three top exporters of these nutrients are Russia, China, and Canada.

Canada has got a truck driver issue thanks to the federal vaccine mandate, China banned its specific export last year, and, of course, Putin VERY BAD!

The result? The price of fertilizer is up 128% from one year ago. It went up more than 20% in just one month of the war in Ukraine.

Absolutely staggering. Food prices are going to increase a lot more in the coming months.


Yup. There's no social cost to thrashing a rich White guy. However, when the target is a colored Muslim, then there can be accusations of racism and Islamophobia. They aren't moral or logical; they're dumb, virtue-signaling cowards.

Potatoes are awesome!

Tasty, versatile, and incredibly inexpensive.

Baked "fries" with tallow is one of my favorites. Season with pepper, Himalayan salt, and oregano. Serve with roasted garlic. For extra decadence: dip in sour cream.

Ugly "luxury"

What over half a million buys you in one of the big "affordable" cities in Canada. The shower in the open, just a couple of feet away from the bed, in the master bedroom is so bizarre. The noise and the humidity would be so annoying.

The tone is set from the very first photo. Three jarring colors! Uneven and irregular windows! Steps from a prison! A 3-D front face! Behold!

Ugly motherfucker

The famous quote from Arnold in Predator comes to mind.

Black Swan

A terrifying day for humanity:

According to a new study, archeologists have found evidence of the largest earthquake in human history, which caused a 5000-mile-long megatsunami that devastated coastlines for a millennium, LiveScience reported. [...]

The tsunami sent car-sized boulders crashing up to 620 miles inland, according to a statement by the University of Southampton, making nearby coastlines uninhabitable for 1,000 years.

A tsunami like that today would end tens of millions of lives in a few hours. Those living in-land would suffer as well since the mental talent and the physical infrastructure of the global trade -- ships and ports -- would be gone. How does any country even prepare for such a possibility?

There is no equality

Yup. I've briefly dealt with many carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians, cable technicians, and construction workers over the past three decades. All men.

Oh, speaking of inequality...

The wicked speak

Vox Day:

After nearly two years of harsh lockdowns and vaccine mandates, Australia’s Prime Minister declares that if you suffered any adverse effects from the vaccines they forced on you, it’s your fault. After all, you didn’t have to work, or go to school, or go to the supermarket.

Yeah. Here, in parts of Canada, the government mandated vaccine passports for shopping at Walmart. The polling data must have been intensely negative because the Quebec government got rid of that rule a few weeks later. Still, quite a few people buckled under pressure and got the jabs. Big Pharma gets $$$ and the government accrues power while the vaccinated sheep suffer the consequences.

Starting death

I know that walking is good for the body but I dislike it for its own sake. If there's a reason for it, then I'll do it. A 30-minute walk around the city for nothing? Nope. A 30-minute walk to get groceries? Sure!

For most, it's part laziness and part avoidance of pain. One time, an older colleague told me about going to the gym and doing dumbbell curls. She did the motion with her arms with a sad face and said, "I didn't like it!" The weight? Five pounds. I had to resist from laughing.

Now, imagine telling her about barbell squats and deadlifts! When asked in real life, I mention the benefits of the big lifts. To my knowledge nobody has taken the hint. These are people who lose important strength every year. Climbing stairs to the second floor makes them hyperventilate. Basic strength training would immensely improve the quality of their lives but they're set in their ways.

Painful lesson

If I eat only vegetables for lunch, then the hunger pangs strike hard five hours later. However, if my meal is a salted New York steak cooked with butter, then I'm good for a solid ten hours. Dinner is usually a few glasses of water after that protein-powered lunch. Too many people hear "just eat fewer calories to keep weight in check" and they cut out the calorie dense  and relatively pricey proteins but, of course, it doesn't work.

Fools and their fortunes

The Second Amendment is the most important one:

More than a dozen Los Angeles gangs are targeting some of the city’s wealthiest residents in a new and aggressive manner, sending out crews in multiple cars to find, follow and rob people driving high-end vehicles or wearing expensive jewelry, according to police.

In many cases, they’re making off with designer handbags, diamond-studded watches and other items worth tens of thousands of dollars — if not more — and then peddling them to black-market buyers who are willing to turn a blind eye to the underlying violence, police said.

In some cases, suspects have been arrested but then released from custody, according to police, only to commit additional robberies.

Would it make sense to walk around with tens of thousands of dollars in cash in your hand? Yet, that's what these dumb wealthy people do when they wear luxury watches or carry ugly, expensive handbags. Just don't do that and since the police have proven to be worth shit, spend a little on powerful dogs, guns, and bodyguards. It's not like you can't afford to.

Something Trump, something Putin

New York City officials said a suspect was being sought after 10 people suffered gunshot wounds among 16 injured during a chaotic incident during Tuesday morning's commute at a subway station in Brooklyn.

This is the total description of the suspect:

Officials said that the gunman who fled was wearing a construction vest and a gas mask.

Since his race was omitted, we can conclude that it's not a White guy.

The New York Post provides the real details:

The suspect, described as a black male, approximately 5 feet 5 inches with a heavy build, is still on the loose.

No country for White men

[...] the federally funded Canada Research Chair program, which doles out roughly $300 million every year to 2,000 academics, adheres to an identity quota system. Universities risk losing funding for positions if they haven’t hired the designated number of research chairs by 2029 in each “identity category” (women, visible minorities, Indigenous people and people with disabilities). As a result, some resumes are going straight into the trash.

The entire system of academia in Canada is openly, explicitly anti-White:

Similar requirements were listed for the University of Toronto’s positions in management, education, dentistry, engineering and medicine. Queen’s University only wants women for geotechnical engineering, nuclear waste storage and applied artificial intelligence. Western University doesn’t care about the researcher’s area of study in one opening, but requires that the candidate have a disability. A McGill posting prefers those who say they have a disability or are Indigenous.

The message for White people is simple: DIE.

The NIMBY morons

Yup. It's the same in Canada. Forget roads and rails that take kilometers of area; the construction of simple real estate is slow as molasses. For example, a car dealership was sitting empty in the city. The land was bought; the new owner wants an apartment building in its place. The tiny dealership was torn down five years ago. The construction for the apartments hasn't even started. Locals aren't happy about the upcoming "tall" building and the city is dragging its feet.

In that time, rent and house prices have almost doubled.

Avoid dictatorships

Dubai is so modern and shiny and the tallest building in the world is there. It wouldn't hurt to visit such a wonderful place! How bad can it be?