Who can handle the pressure?
Can't even handle the basic stuff

Won't you be outraged?

How could they lie!?!?!

A news presenter on Afghanistan’s TOLO TV wept as he read the announcement. Images of girls crying after being turned back from school flooded social media. Aid groups and many others remained baffled.

The Taliban have so far refused to explain their sudden decision to renege on the pledge to allow girls to go to school beyond sixth grade. Schools were supposed to reopen to older girls on Wednesday, the start of the new school year.

The following part made me laugh:

It's unclear whether a tussle among the Taliban on how to rule the country could have contributed to Wednesday's ban but Torek Farhadi, an analyst who has advised past Afghan governments, called it a misfire.

“They really messed up by not keeping their word,” he said of the Taliban.

During the 90s, the Taliban was

  • putting men in prison because their beards were short.
  • shattering audio/video equipment because it's against Islam.
  • destroying non-Islamic art, statues, and historical sites.
  • beating women in public if any part of their body was visible.
  • executing convicted women by shooting them in the back of the head in packed stadiums.

But, NOW, they've really messed up!


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