Prime Minister Zoolander shows his colors
Not taking the fourth

The science has evolved!

Starting January 24th, the provincial government of Quebec imposed strict vaccine passport requirements on big stores like Walmart and Costco:

Large stores in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec require vaccine passports. It applies to stores that are larger than 16,000 square feet but does not include grocery stores or pharmacies. The government of Quebec’s policy is an attempt to convince holdouts to get vaccinated.

This has not been easy to implement for retailers like Walmart, IKEA, Costco, and other big box stores.

And now, not even a month later, Quebec announces that they fucked up:

Quebec will drop its vaccine passport requirement for all public spaces by March 14, the government announced Tuesday.

Health Minister Christian Dubé explained the decision at a news conference, saying the COVID-19 situation in the province has improved enough to gradually ease the measure.

As of Wednesday, Quebecers will no longer need to show a vaccine passport to enter liquor and cannabis stores as well as larger retail outlets.

So, for huge retailers, the vaccine passport lasted a grand total of... 23 days. Surely, those Big Bad Truckers had nothing to do with this turnaround.


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